Top 50 Best Baby Things To Buy in 2024 For Your Little Bundle Of Joy

Whether you are a soon-to-be mommy or already are, you can’t deny that checking out newborn baby accessories is a whole lot of fun!

I mean, I can say for myself — I enjoyed it. A lot!

And yes, it is also a pretty serious business.

When I first learned that I was about to become a parent, I had a lot to think about. My first priority was to buy the safest and most trustworthy products for my new baby. For this, I searched for the items that had been tested and tried by other parents or the products with excellent reviews.

The second thing I was concerned about was to stay within the budget while buying new baby stuff. Yeah, luxury is cool, but saving up for your kid’s future is also necessary.

So, yeah, I understand the struggles.

To help you make more informed decisions as well, here I am enlisting 50 best baby products you should buy this year for your infant. Keeping in mind “the priorities.”

Table of Contents

Let’s check Best Things to Buy for New Baby!

1. Fisher-price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing

If you are looking for a cradle ‘n a swing for your newborn baby, the Fisher-price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing will fascinate you. This 2-in-1 model works for both sleeping as well as playtime. I especially like the fact that it’s light in weight and the safe inclination will keep your kid from sliding off.

It also has about 12 soothing songs and 3 sound effects, which will keep the baby occupied. And mothers too, if they need a relaxing tune to fall asleep!

The automatic rocking system is also helpful — just press a button and your baby is in safe hands. No wonder it makes to the top baby items for new moms.

Key Features:

  • Automatic rocking motion
  • Battery-free operation, AC plug-in
  • Safe and secure inclination for sleeping

2. Arm’s Reach Mini Bedside Bassinet For Newborns

A perfect way to bond with your baby, this secure and durable bassinet by Arm’s Reach makes it possible to keep your infant close at night. I was impressed by the ventilation system. It’s very breathable and airy for babies.

I’d suggest to at least add it to your shortlisted items because it is a superb deal by a reputable brand.

Key Features:

  • 4-inch sleeping nest, 35-inch sides
  • Contains a bottom compartment and side pockets
  • Resistant plate and a strap for enhanced newborn safety

3. Love To Dream Best Baby Swaddle Up

The Love To Dream Swaddle up is one of the coolest new baby products I came across during my research.

First, it is a no-noise zip-up swaddle. You don’t have to worry about waking up the little one. Second, the baby burrito helps to keep your infant’s hands close, reducing the risk of nail scratches on the face. It’s something my friend pointed out, so it was a concern to me. Lastly, it offers enough room for movement around the hips. So your baby won’t feel uncomfortable at any point.

Bottomline, it is worth checking out!

Key Features:

  • Contains 93% cotton and 7% elastane
  • A dual zipping system that opens from top and bottom
  • Fits small babies (6.5 to 13 lbs) and medium babies (13 to 19 lbs)

4. Crazybee Snuggle This Muggle Romper For Baby Boys & Girls

Best way for new mommies and daddies to unleash their inner nerd! If you are a Potterhead like me, you’ll definitely add this super cozy and comfy romper in your best new baby gifts list.

Made with high-quality, 100% cotton, this cute outfit for your little pal is suitable for routine wear as well as occasions. Another point worth mentioning is that this newborn baby product is quite lightweight and it will prevent heating up issues.

But what really caught my eye was that it can be used for both boys and girls and is available in a variety of sizes — going up to sizes for 2 years old toddler! This is a plus-point for new moms looking for budget-friendly things to buy for new baby.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for warm weather due to soft, elastic and breathable material
  • Perfect for parties, photographs, family days and other occasions
  • Sizes available for kids aged up to 24 months

5. Puj Tub Best New Baby Accessory

I’ll be straight with you, sinks or bathtubs scared me to no end. It just didn’t seem safe. I couldn’t leave my kid unattended for a split second!

That’s when I learned about the Puj Tub. It’s seriously one of the best baby items for new moms. Place your baby on top of this safe and soft foam in a reclined position. They will stay cradled properly, with limited room to slip or move about freely.

It is a must-have for new babies especially if you’re a mom who’ve had a surgery. You don’t have to bend over or anything that might trigger pain.

Key Features:

  • Best suited for infants weighing up to 16.5 lbs
  • Free from harmful materials like PVC or BPA
  • Utilizes quality materials that resist mold formation

6. Babyzen YOYO Cool Stroller For Babies

Bookmark this compact and practical stroller to your best baby products list if you reside in a bustling city and love going out often.

I love that the YOYO stroller doesn’t only look cool, but it is actually quite light in weight and has a durable construction. If you travel often or love to go out for walks in the city or parks, it is handy and easy to fold stroller for kids aged 6 months or up.

The upright seat and 5 zone harness, plenty of space for storing items, the canopy and reclination system are just a few features that set this stroller apart from the rest. I bought this stroller for my kids and simply adore it! It is a great investment and really lives up to its price tag.

Key Features:

  • UPF 50+ Canopy for protection against sunlight
  • Can endure weight up to 39.6lbs
  • Removable and machine-washable seat

7. Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumping Equipment For Babies

This is a new baby product one of my friends recommended me to check out. She said her daughter gets really amped up whenever she’s in this door jumper and it’s a great way to promote independent movement.

If you want to improve your kid’s dexterity or want them to exercise in a safe and secure manner, this Evenflo Exersaucer is a perfect thing to buy for your baby. The door jumper has a framed seat that fully supports your baby and prevents sliding off by an enclosed spring and adjustable straps.

On the whole, it is quite soft and won’t make your child feel uncomfortable.

Key Features:

  • Machine washable seat, choose from 5 different colors
  • Suitable for standard doorways that are 3 to 6 inches in width
  • Endures weight up to 24 lbs

8. Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub Top Newborn Baby Product

Honestly, I couldn’t resist adding it to my list. Your kid won’t want to leave this brightly colored duck!

Munchkin is a trustworthy brand name when it comes to making newborn baby products. The most impressive thing about this tub is its innovative White Hot disc that turns white to cool down the water temperature in case it gets super warm.

Additionally, it has a textured base so there is no chance of sliding or slipping. Even if you are not around for a few minutes, you can be assured your baby is safe in this Munchkin newborn product.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for kids aged 6 to 24 months
  • Temperature regulating system to cool down water
  • Comfy, safe, and easy to store

9. 4Moms mamaRoo Best Bouncer For Newborns

The high-tech 4Moms mamRoo bouncer is among the best baby items for new moms who are seeking cool baby gadgets to up their mom-game.

This luxury bouncer offers movements similar to that of humans. This Bluetooth-enabled device has a built-in sound system that can connect to an mp3 device and play soothing tunes for your infant. The toy-mobile hangs safety and is within the kid’s reach so they can remain occupied with a rattle, balls, and mirrors.

All in all, it is one of the best things to buy for a new baby ensuring comfort and safety.

Key Features:

  • Remote system for motion and sounds
  • 5 speeds, 4 built-in sounds, 5 types of human-like motions
  • Endures up to 25lbs, one year warranty

10. Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub For Infants & Tots

The Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub by The First Years was voted among the top picks by BabyCenter’s Moms’ Picks in 2014. And let me tell you, it lives up to the hype!

The first thing I noticed about the Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub is its highly ergonomic design. It helps to adjust as your baby grows from a newborn to toddler. For infants, it has a sling that keeps the kid safely cradled and for toddlers, it has a comfy headrest for proper support. You can place toys inside as well as it offers a lot of room.

I was especially impressed by the secure construction. Not only does it have slipping-resistant pads, but is made from materials that prevent mold or mildew formation.

I would say this newborn baby product by The First Years is a must-have for all moms.

Key Features:

  • Endures up to 25 lbs
  • Usable in single or double sinks
  • Infant sling is machine washable and dries quickly

11. Infantino Squeeze Station For Infants Home-made Food

What’s better than preparing hygienic and clean baby food at your own home with ease? If like me, you prefer to make special juices, smoothies or fruit sauces for your babies, the Squeeze Station by Infantino is definitely one of the things to buy for babies or tots.

This device helps you fill up pouches with the above-mentioned puree-form products. Each device comes with 10 squeezable pouches, 3 tubes, and a press. All you have to do is place the pouch under the tube, pour in the puree, and squeeze it using the press till the bag fills up. Store the bags in a refrigerator and squeeze them in a bowl or let your toddler suck directly from it.

The station base has a friction-promoting construction so it doesn’t slip while you are using it. It can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher as well.

Key Features:

  • Free from PVC or BPA
  • Refillable pouches
  • Safe for on the go use

12. Ergobaby Ergonomic Baby Carrier Best Baby Item For New Moms

This is an award-winning baby carrier by Ergobaby. The dynamic model features an ergonomic design, which adjusts to your growing baby.

The best feature I like about this item that makes me recommend it to new moms is the availability of various carry positions allowing you to comfortably breastfeed your baby. In addition, the secure innovative construction keeps babies safe from harsh sunlight.

If you have had C-section, it offers remarkable lower back support as well, which is a superb bonus point.

Key Features:

  • Can be worn by mommies and daddies, adjustable waistband and shoulder straps
  • Made from cotton, machine washable
  • Weight endurance from 7 to 33 lbs

13. BabyBjorn New Baby Must-Have Soft Bib

It was one of the coolest new baby products I came across during my search for unique items. The soft bibs by BabyBjorn are made from safe and durable materials. Even if your baby chews on it, no problem.

The bib has a deep pocket that keeps the spilled foot within the bowl-like area. So perhaps the best feature is that your baby will remain clean even if they move around a lot!

In my opinion, the soft bibs are also worth adding to your best new baby gifts list!

Key Features:

  • Catches all spilled food with perfection in the pocket
  • Easy to clean
  • Free from hazardous chemicals (BPA)

14. Baby Brezza Best Food Maker For Mommies With NewBorns

The Baby Brezza Food Maker has a 2-in-1 mechanism to blend and cook food in one go. Within 10 minutes, you have quality, hygienic, homemade food ready for your baby.

Make purees from fruits, poultry, veggies, and fish by adding the chosen ingredients in the bowl and blending them together. Then steam them for a while to get the ideal consistency. The container is able to hold up to 2 and a half cups of food. A definite must-have for new mommies!

Key Features:

  • One step cooker and blender for making baby food
  • Dishwasher safe, blades are easy to clean
  • Nutritious food ready in 10 minutes

15. Earth Mama Diaper Balm

Prevent your newborn from nappy rash, bug bites, burns, cuts and other skin issues by applying the organic Diaper Balm by Earth Mama. It is made using 100% natural ingredients such as herbs and organic oils. The formula is proven to have great benefits for babies as well as adults.

Key Features:

  • Free from paraben, petroleum and other fragrant elements
  • Tested and approved clinically by dermatologists
  • Certified by Oregon Tilth

16. Hatch Baby Rest Night Machine

Another top baby items for new moms that is super cool and trendy is the Hatch Baby Rest Night Machine. It has a soothing and calming effect that lulls your little one to slumberland for a deep sleep experience.

The machine has a nightlight system and a sound mechanism that promotes a customized sleep environment for your newborn. You can connect it with an app to operate it remotely.

The innovative high-tech design works well for toddlers too. For example, as your baby grows, the programmed system alerts them at bath time or sleep time. I’d say it is a great investment if you prefer a touch of luxury or innovation in your lifestyle.

Key Features:

  • Free app available for iOS and Android
  • ABS plastic and LED lights that glow
  • Bluetooth connectivity

17. CuddleBug Baby Wraps For New Moms

The CuddleBug Baby Wrap is a superb thing to buy for a new baby, especially if you love to hold your baby close to you while you work. It is the perfect baby product to keep them close to your chest to ensure a hugging feel.

My friend bought this wrap for her newborn and she highly recommended it to all the new mommies. This childcare accessory is pretty ergonomic and allows complete dexterity when you go out grocery shopping, allowing you to carry stuff without the hassle of a stroller.

Key Features:

  • Breathable fabric, suitable for summers and winters
  • Nursing cover to aid in breastfeeding
  • Serves as a great postpartum belt

18. Playtex Diaper Genie Odor Fighter For Newborns

This genie pail is an incredible stink fighter! My sister runs a nursery and she bought this product (she needed it as she was complaining a lot about the stinking poop problem). According to her, it is one of the best products she has invested in for her nursery!

It is basically a dustbin of sorts but especially designed for diapers. The built-in carbon filter absorbs the odor and locks it inside. The clamp keeps it shut so the room does not stink up no matter how many diapers you dispose off in it. In fact, it can hold up to 270 diapers! Yeah, I’m serious.

Key Features:

  • Available in different colors to suit the theme
  • Front tilt bin to take the bag out and add a new one
  • No need to bend

19. Tommee Tippee Everyday Pacifier

One of the best newborn baby accessories I came across online was the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Everyday Pacifier. This set of 2 pacifiers is made from high-quality, toxin-free materials so it was quite reassuring that it will be safe for my baby.

I got these pacifiers because firstly, they have the proper orthodontic shape that complements the oral development. Secondly, the nipple is shaped similar to that of a bottle so the baby gets a familiar feel with this pacifier. The Tommee Tippee pacifiers are available in a variety of colors but usually, they send whichever are available.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for infants aged 0 to 6 months
  • Reversible design makes it easy for the infant to pop it in mouth
  • Symmetrical shape that promotes oral development

20. Skip Hop Diaper Bag Top Product For Newborns

Since I got this bag for myself, it has been an absolute relief. Firstly, it makes everything easily accessible. I don’t have to search for the bottle for five minutes while my kid wails in full volume. I pop them in the side pockets and it’s easy to whip it out whenever I sense my baby’s getting hungry.

The second reason why I love it is very lightweight. Sometimes I have to carry my baby in one arm and the bag in the other and it becomes a nightmare if the bag’s heavy. But with the Skip Hop Diaper Bag, carrying baby stuff is not a hassle at all.

21. SwaddleMe Essentials New Baby Gift Set

SwaddleMe Essentials Set is an excellent option for newborn baby gifts. And I am saying this because I gifted this set to my sister on Christmas and she absolutely loved it!

It has everything from a soft and comfy muslin blanket to an original swaddle, and bibs to blurb cloths to clear up the drool. All products are made from 100% cotton so they are pretty breathable and fit for all seasons. I especially like the blanket as it can be used as a cover during breastfeeding or even as a slightly larger swaddle.

In short, I’d suggest you buy this gift set for your loved ones. It contains items that’ll be useful on a routine basis.

Key Features:

  • Imported product set
  • 40 x 40 muslin blanket
  • Unisex design

22. Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

I bet this newborn baby product needs no introduction. Huggies is among the most popular infant accessories brand in the US. They are trusted by parents because of their high-quality, and affordable items.

This package comprises of 3 Huggies baby wipes packs with more than 600 sheets in all. Each soft wipe combines aloe vera and Vitamin E ensuring healthy and hygienic cleansing. Bets of all, they are free from fragrances and harmful elements – a factor that made me add this well-known item to my list.

Key Features:

  • 3 refill packs
  • Contain 99% water, aloe and vitamin E for a healthy cleansing
  • Hypoallergenic design makes it ideal for newborns

23. UPPABaby Cool New Baby Car Seat

One of the trendiest new baby products is the UPPABaby MESA car seat, 2015-2016 model. I tried it out at a friend’s house and I was beyond impressed by the easy-installation of the smart secure system. Besides, it has a side impact protection mechanism in addition to a comfy adjustable headrest that promotes enhanced support for the child.

If you are looking for an innovative design coupled with proven (and certified) safety, I’d suggest you check out this sock-knocking car seat!

Key Features:

  • One-handed stroller
  • Attaches directly without adapters
  • Includes infant insert (for newborns weighing 4 to 8 lbs)

24. Malarkey Kids Munch Mitt For Newborns

Your new baby stuff must include a teether to prevent your kids from chewing their fingers. The Malarkey Kids glove-like silicone teether is the best thing to buy for a new baby. It can fit on either hand with a velcro strap which is especially useful if your infant is unable to hold the teether.

The polka dots print will also catch your baby’s attention and improve their vision. In short, it is the perfect item to soothe infants’ sore gums.

Key Features:

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Develops hearing, vision and other senses
  • Pure food-grade silicone, free from toxic chemicals

25. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Feed Bottle

This is a Tommee Tippee product that my brother’s wife was crazy for. And honestly, I checked it out online and it seems like she isn’t alone!

It is a 5 ounce feed bottle, which is quite easy to fill up and maintain. You can use it in a microwave as well, although I’d advise against it. It is one of the best newborn products that can help with the transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.  Also, a point to be noted is that the nipple flow from this bottle is pretty slow compared to the traditional designs.

Key Features:

  • Nipple shape resembles a breast
  • Flexible material and easy to hold
  • Anti-colic valve near the nipple cuts excessive airflow

26. Spectra Baby Newborn Accessories Breast Pump For New Moms

I was really worried about finding a good quality, noise-less breast pump before my baby arrived. So one day, I voiced my concerns to my gynecologist. She recommended Spectra Baby Breast Pump and when I learned about it, it was clear why it was suggested by a professional.

First of all, it is a hospital grade product that resists mold or bacteria formation because of the closed pumping system. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning the tubes, which came as a huge relief to me.

Secondly, it has adjustable settings to suit the mom’s preferences. For example, you can change the settings to complement your body’s response or the milk flow rate. This is quite a unique feature. Third, I loved that it is practically noiseless, so I can use it discreetly.

I’d advise new moms to go for this breast pump. It is a superb investment.

Key Features:

  • Promotes hygienic pumping process
  • Quiet pump that comprises a timer and night light
  • Rechargeable battery

27. SwaddleMe Organic Must-Have Swaddle For New Babies

This is for the parents who are looking for a natural product for newborn babies that utilizes healthy materials. If you follow an organic lifestyle, this baby item is worth a look.

The SwaddleMe Organic swaddle caught my eye because of its eco-friendliness. The baby enjoys a soft, snuggly comfort in this certified organic swaddle, giving them a feel similar to mother’s hug. It has a hook/loop system for securely positioning the wings on opposite sides, keeping the burrito-like shape intact.

It’s definitely on my list the next time I have a baby!

Key Features:

  • Secure design that prevents startle reflex in babies
  • Imported, 100% organic cotton product
  • Harness slits to place it on sleepers or car seats

28. Leachco Podster Baby Seat Lounger

This sling-style baby seat caught my eye because of two factors. Number one, it provides extraordinary support to your baby, so they snuggle up quite comfortably and there is no risk of falling off the seat.

Second, it is very easy to clean. The cover can be removed and washed in the machine. My kid once puked all over the former seat and it got real messy. I had to throw it in the garbage! But once I got this baby seat, whenever there’s a mess it’s easy to clean up. So I’d definitely recommend it to new moms with infants.

Key Features:

  • Elevated system allowing proper digestion and breathing
  • Secure seat with adjustable tabs to suit growing baby
  • Soft material that promotes a warm caressing feel

29. Bumbo Best Floor Seat For Babies

I have the aqua colored Bumbo floor seat and I am a real fan of this product. My baby sits up straight in it at all times so it’s really helping with good posture. It is also very lightweight and portable so we usually take it along when we go to the beach.

The feature that really stands out though is that it has three-point harness allowing proper support to the kid, preventing falling off issues. It actually lives up to the price tag!

Key Features:

  • Most suitable for babies aged 3 months to 9 months
  • Excellent contouring support to keep them upright
  • Made from Bumbo foam

30. Disney Music & Lights Walker For Baby Girls

If you have a Disney themed nursery with a focus on pink merchandise, do check out this fab walker for little girls. The compact structure allows easy storage and portability, in case you plan to take it on a trip.

I really like the adjustable height feature to suit your baby’s growth. All in all, your darling will remain occupied with the adorable toys and activity tray while learning to walk in this safe and secure walker.

Key Features:

  • Engaging music and lights  and princess theme toys
  • Seat is machine washable
  • Sturdy wheels and grips for proper support

31. VTech Cool New Baby Phone

VTech Touch and Swipe baby phone is a super adorable thing to buy for your new baby. This cool new baby product comprises several pretend apps to keep your kid engaged while you carry on with the important work.

The apps light up, play music and respond in unique ways to keep the child interested, including sing-along songs that teach alphabets and numbers. I’d recommend this as a new baby gifts item as well to all moms out there.

Key Features:

  • Best suited for tots aged 6 months to 3 years
  • 12 apps, 15 melodies, save home number
  • Available in pink and blue colors

32. Winnie The Pooh Toy Mobile For Newborn

This cute toy mobile is one of my favorite items in the newborn baby gifts list. It is an eye-catching product comprising colorful Disney Winnie The Pooh characters, especially fit for a boy with a Disney theme nursery.

It can easily clamp to the crib rail. The soothing sounds of Brahm’s lullaby will instantly put the little one to sleep.

Key Features:

  • Imported product
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Designed for babies aged 0 to 5 months

33. Skip Hop 3 Stage Activity Chair For Babies

The Three-Stage Activity Center by Skip Hop delivers learning and fun in a simple and straightforward package. The cute removable toys, colorful combination, a keyboard and a safe place to sit gives it an elegant look.

If you are not a fan of songs and loud noises, I’d say this is a great substitute for the noisy seats.

Key Features:

  • Spot cleaning using a dry clean cloth
  • Can be transformed into a table once your baby reaches toddler age
  • Best suited for kids aged 4 months or more

34. Johnson’s Baby Powder With Aloe & Vit E Best For Newborn Babies

Johnson’s Baby Powder was a product I always carried with me in the diaper bag, aside from baby wipes. Aloe vera and Vitamin E are two essential ingredients included in the formula to cool down and wick away the moisture from your little one’s skin.

And the light baby-fragrance smells so nice, it actually makes me and baby smile (not kidding at all)! Bottomline, I can confidently say this clinically tested item is one of the best products for newborn babies.

Key Features:

  • Tested by dermatologists for allergenic content
  • Contains pure cornstarch
  • 4 ounce bottle

35. Amazing Baby Best Newborn Muslin Blankets

A friend of mine gifted me this Amazing Baby Muslin Blankets set and I was simply awed by its quality! It’s soft as cashmere and worked as a great comfy swaddle for my little one. One of the most striking things about it was that it only got softer as much as I used or washed it.

I have honestly never seen such premium quality multi-purpose swaddles, ever! So next time you’re confused, grab this set to gift to a newborn baby.

Key Features:

  • Multi-purpose swaddle can be used as nursing sheet, sunlight cover, and blanket
  • Exclusive designs available in various shades
  • Generous size

36. Joovy Scooter Double Stroller

I once heard a mom complain that most of the blogs don’t consider products for twins. And I absolutely agree with her! That’s why I decided to include this amazing Joovy Scooter specifically made for twins.

What makes me say it is one of the best baby products for moms out there is that it is perfectly customized to suit individual child’s needs. It has footrest for both, has durable construction that endures weight and a huge storage basket to carry tidbits. You can even pop in your electronics in the zipped pockets or drop your Starbucks latte in the cup holders.

All things considered, I think the price is justified for this cool new baby product.

Key Features:

  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Can endure up to 90lbs
  • Large wheels for easy maneuvering

37. Johnson’s Gentle Baby Wash For Newborns

No shampoo can compare to Johnson’s Baby tear-free gentle wash. It’s sort of a staple in every household with a newborn. This shampoo comes in a 28 ounce bottle and is a perfect way to clean your baby from head-to-toe using the premium quality, globally safe, and pediatrician and dermatologist tested formula.

I love that it actually lives up to its no-more-tears promise and is incredible for baby’s sensitive eyes. If nothing else, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is one of the most important things to buy for new baby.

Key Features:

  • Free from toxic chemicals like dyes
  • Especially made to suit sensitive baby skin
  • Hypoallergenic formula

38. Haakaa Manual Breast Pump For New Moms

This award-winning breast pump by Haakaa is one of the top baby items for new moms who are nursing. Made from food-grade silicone, this product is free from any toxic elements that can be hazardous for your baby.

For me, the plus point is that it is highly portable and you can carry it in your bag anywhere, even at work! No wonder lactation consultations recommended it to mommies.

Key Features:

  • Patented design
  • Noiseless and discreet
  • Easy to clean, can be washed in dishwasher

39. MAM Glow In The Dark Best Pacifier For Breastfed Newborns

I suggested this super cute pacifier to one of my friends and she was awed by its unique design. The best feature of these unisex silicone pacifiers is that they glow in the dark. So when you are done feeding your baby in the night, you can find it easily, pop it in their mouths and accomplish the mission without turning on the lights.

Secondly, the design is similar to a mom’s nipple; the infants feel like they are close to mommy. Also, it does not create any drool mess, which is a benefit you don’t find in most pacifiers.

It’s a budget-friendly cool new baby product that you should definitely add to your newborn stuff.

Key Features:

  • Set of 2 pacifiers
  • Suitable for newborns aged 0 to 6 months
  • Prevents skin irritation

40. Joovy Toy Room

This cute playard will be one of the best things to buy for your new baby. Why? Because it keeps your kid safe and secure, is sturdy and remains in position, and is made of high-quality fabric. Most importantly, it is easy to store so it fits into your travel bag without any hassle.

I’ve had my eyes on this fab looking toy room by Joovy for quite some time now, so it’s definitely on my list.

Key Features:

  • Strong steel tube
  • Available in two colors
  • Very easy to fold and unfold

41. Fisher-Price On-The-Go Carrier For Newborns

If you are a mom that has to travel frequently and looking for new baby stuff that’s easy to carry, this item will surely make it to your newborn baby products list.

This innovative carrier works as both a safe play area and a spot to catch up on them ZZZs! You can flatten it up and take it anywhere. It also has two cute hanging toys that are removable so your infant remains occupied while you do your thing.

It’s a unique design that caught my eye!

Key Features:

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Canopy that protects from bugs and sunlight
  • 2-in-1 design works both for napping and playing

42. The First Years Massage Teether For New Babies

Another must-have for new babies is this gentle vibration massage teether by The First Years. When I came across this item, the first thing I noticed was the bright colors. Trust me, infants love ‘em!

The second thing I love about it is that as soon as the baby bites on it, gentle vibrations start pulsating through it, serving as a massage device to soothe the irritation in gums. In addition, it has multiple positions to offer a solid grip and has a long-life battery.

In short, this massage teether is a cool new baby item that many of you moms would absolutely adore, both in terms of design and function!

Key Features:

  • Suitable for infants aged 6 months or more
  • Ring handle for grasping
  • Chewable star points offering vibrations for massage

43. 4moms Magnetic Feed Set Best Baby Item For New Moms

This 4moms high chair feed set is a perfect item for newborn baby gifts. Each set comprises of 1 plate, 1 fork/spoon set, and 2 small and 2 large bowls. I think it is a pretty decent, premium quality collection offered at a reasonable price.

I really like the magnetic accessories as it can help your child with independent eating. But it is necessary you have a high chair that supports magnetic attachment. So you can choose the 4moms high chair for that purpose or any other similar chair.

All in all, it is worth your money!

Key Features:

  • Safe for the top rack of dishwasher
  • Best for keeping mess at bay
  • Improves child’s self-feeding ability

44. Innoo Tech Baby Carrier Suitable for Breastfeeding

This soft tone, natural colors Inno tech Baby product is a gorgeous baby carrier for newborns. If you are a new mom seeking different ways to bond with your baby, I’d say you should check it out.

The design is made one-size-fits-all so any mother can wear it and keep her little one close by. It’s a super soft cloth that gives a hugging feel to the child. My sister got this luxurious baby wrap and it really does live up to its price tag!

Key Features:

  • Suits moms of all sizes
  • Best for reducing postpartum depression and bonding with baby
  • Keeps your hands free
  • Suitable for Breastfeeding

45. Moby Best Classic Wrap For New Moms

The Moby Classic Wrap is a snuggly substitute for the Solly Baby Wrap. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on the wrap, try this product for your little bundle of joy!

What makes it one of the best things to buy for a new baby is that it’s similar to a stretchable jersey that goes at your back and shoulders, rather than wrap up as a strap. Besides, you can use this baby wrap in two positions: either carry your baby on your chest or on your back.

This is definitely a feature you should be mindful of when selecting newborn baby accessories.

Key Features:

  • Suits all body types
  • 100% machine washable cotton
  • Endures weight from 8 to 35 lbs

46. Joovy Boob Bottle Newborn Baby Gifts

This Joovy Boob Bottle set would make an excellent newborn baby gift for infants transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feed. All items are made from premium-quality PVC and BPA free materials so there is no risk of toxins.

The one-piece vent is easy to rinse off and reduces chances of colic. Your baby gets a slow yet consistent flow of milk. It also contains various nipple sizes to suit the transition process as the baby grows.

In my opinion, it will be a superb gift item offering satisfying results and good value for money.

Key Features:

  • Each set has 23 bottle essentials
  • PPSU makes it easy to sterilize
  • Fantastic finishing for satisfactory results

47. Serta Crib Mattress For New Babies

A comfy mattress equals quality sleep equals a happy baby! It’s a no-brainer why I have included a mattress in this list of things to buy for a new baby.

Serta is a brand that needs no introduction. It has been around for years and to date, they are offering superior quality sleep items. This mattress contains a polyester core which is quite firm and long-lasting. The entire surface is lightweight so you can easily place it or unload it for cleaning.

I especially like that it utilizes hypoallergenic materials and has a waterproof vinyl cover that prevents stains. Also, it has an eco-friendly composition which is suitable for the environment.

Key Features:

  • Securely fits the crib
  • Greenguard Gold certified
  • 5 inch core foam

48. Ubbi Travel Wipe Holder

This Ubbi Travel Wipe Holder is a perfect diaper bag item to take on-the-go. No new mom will ever run out of clean wipes with this handy newborn baby product. Best of all, you won’t even know it’s in the bag because it is super light in weight and has a sleek look!

Key Features:

  • Keeps wipes moist and fresh
  • Trendy look and lightweight
  • Holds up to 22 wipes

49. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags For New Moms

If you are breastfeeding mom who works, I understand your struggles. Been there, experienced that. That’s why I’m including this ready-to-use must-have for new moms.

Medela Breast Milk storage bags is a set of 100 hygienic, sealed, toxin-free products that offers enough capacity to fill up. The design is pretty easy to store and you can put it in a freezer without taking up a lot of space. Additionally, the bag material allows instant thawing of milk.

I have personally used these bags and recommend it to every new mom I know.

Key Features:

  • Durable pouches
  • Re-sealable transport storage to keep unused bags organized
  • Self-standing ability

50. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

This soft cushiony seat is a fab new baby product recommended to me by a neighbor. She says it is very durable and secure and keeps the infant positioned safely in the seat. The two toys can be removed easily.

In case of any mess, you can use a wet cloth to remove the stains. Another important factor to consider is its convenient storage. If you travel often, it’ll be a great investment!

Key Features:

  • Comfortable and well-supported design
  • Easily foldable for convenient storage
  • Keeps the baby in an upright position


Hopefully, this list will help you make a proper checklist for things to buy for a new baby, preparing you ahead for the big day!