How to Clean & Sterlize Baby Bottles in 5 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

It is absolutely necessary that the surroundings near a newborn baby are clean and germs free. When it comes to the baby bottles, it is even more necessary that the bottle is completely clean and sterile.

Cleaning might help to remove external debris visible to the human eye. However, sterilizing the bottle kills any leftover germs that may be stuck to the surface and other corners of the bottle.

Sterilize is a good way to keep baby bottles clean but its important to keep changing plastic baby bottles every 3 months. Have a look at Best Baby Bottles Online of 2024.

It is key that when you first purchase the bottle, you need to sterilize it at least once before using the bottle.

Also, a baby is prone to carry many germs especially when the baby is sick or prematurely born. It is also harmful if you don’t have access to clean drinking water. This builds up to harmful microbes on the bottle. There are many ways that you can sterilize baby bottles.

In this article, we have provided ways to sterilize your baby bottles. Keep a note of these methods and always keep the baby bottles sterilize. 

1. Sterilize Baby Bottles With Microwave

You can sterilize the baby bottles using a microwave. If you have a microwave, just start sterilizing using a clean one.

Fill your bottles with water about halfway. Then microwave this on high temperature for at least a minute or two. After this, remove the bottles from the oven and empty the bottles. Dry these bottles and use them.

Also, microwave baby bottle sterilizers are available in the market. These enclose the bottles in a plastic casing which gives the bottles very thorough cleaning. They are cheap too.

2. Sterilize Baby Bottles in Electric Steam

Buy the best baby bottle sterilizer to clean your baby bottle in the best way and if you are a person who is obsessed with bacteria and wants to see things clean and sterilized more often, then electric steam or baby warmer is the best choice.

These have very high temperatures and kill all sorts of bacteria that are probably hiding too. Of course, it is quite pricey but worth buying. These are the quickest sterilizers and very easy to sanitize bottles.

They are not only used to sanitize bottles but also helps to sanitize other bottles and their parts, nipples, kids teething rings, and toys. In this way, electric steam can be used for multiple purposes and very useful.

3. Sterilize Baby Bottles by Boiling Water

The cheapest and traditional method used to sterilize bottles is using water. Just take a pot and water, keep the bottles in the water after cleaning them upside down without any air bubbles. Then boil the water and allow the bottles to stay for 5 minutes.

Then remove the bottles and clean it with a baby bottle brush with little liquid washer pouring inside the bottle. Now wash it properly with clean water, keep them now on the baby bottle drying rack to dry. While removing the bottles from water use clean tongs.

In this way, heat kills the bacteria and keeps the bottles sterile without any traces.

4. Sterilize Baby Bottles by Using Sterilizing Tablets

When you are not equipped with any of the sterilized material as you might be out of home, then using sterilizing tablets is one of the best choices. These tablets are food-grade and chlorine-based.

They are efficient in removing the bacteria. This helps you to keep the baby bottles sterile without any hassle and comfortably use them while you are traveling to any place.

5. Sterilize Baby Bottles by Using Bleach

When you are out of all the equipment mentioned above, you can go with using bleach to sterilize the bottle. Using bleach is also efficient to kill all the bacteria.

For this, take approximately 1 teaspoon of unscented bleach with hot water measuring 16 cups. Place the bottles in the water without any air bubbles. Keep them for 2 to 5 minutes in this mixture and remove them with clean tongs.

Later dry them on a clean dishtowel. The bottles can be allowed to dry like that without rinsing. The remaining bleach will break with air and doesn’t cause any harm to the baby. 

Final Words

We have seen various methods used to sterilize the baby bottles which is very essential for the baby to stay healthy from the harmful bacteria.

If you are a person who is keen about killing all germs, then use one of the above methods to feed your baby in a clean environment without your baby falling sick. Be it the traditional way or the new methods, it is always essential that the baby’s health is taken care of.

So, follow the above-mentioned methods and always keep your baby bottles sterile.