4 Best Baby Monitors – 2024 Buying Guide With Reviews

Are you in need of what to help you keep an eye or ear on your baby at night, or when you are busy in the kitchen?

Then a baby monitor is what you need. With a baby monitor, you would be able to look after your baby even if you are not beside them or trying to sleep-train them. You don’t need to tiptoe into your baby’s room when they are taking a nap to check up on them, and accidentally wake them up when you have a baby monitor.

We have put together a list of the best baby monitor just for you.

1. VAVA Baby Monitor

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The VAVA baby monitor is about $159.99 and tries to see to the need of new modern parents. The VAVA monitor has a large screen of 5″ 720P IPS screen with camera and audio and is very clear and sharp both at day and at night.

The clarity of the screen is second to none, and you would see everything clearly from delicate movements to the softest breathing of your baby. The monitor has a large battery of 4500mAh battery, which is the highest so far and very long-lasting.

With the VAVA monitor, you can set the volume level, it has seven volume levels where you can increase the sound to hear your baby’s breathing or for heavy sleeping parents or reduce the sound to hearing just baby cries. However you choose, this monitor allows you to select the volume level.

This monitor has night vision mode, whereas you would be able to see your baby as bright as in the day time. This feature would allow you to check up on your baby even at night without having to move a muscle. This baby monitor can also help you monitor the temperature of your baby’s room.

The VAVA monitor has a long transmission range of about 480ft to 900ft, and you can also connect up to four cameras to your baby monitor so you can get different views.

With your VAVA monitor, you can hear, see, and talk to your baby wherever you are within your house.

2. Motorola Baby Monitor

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The Motorola Halo plus baby monitor has a display screen of 4.3 inches and costs about $299. One unique feature of this baby monitor is that you can still monitor your baby even when you are outside the house or states apart.

The Motorola baby monitor makes it possible for you to check up on your baby and watch them while you are at home, and even while you are not home. You can travel for business and still be close to your baby and see what your baby is up to with this baby monitor. You can also speak to your baby from wherever you are with your parent unit.

The Motorola baby monitor has a lot of soothing options, and you can soothe your baby by projecting a calming image, by using your voice (the two-way talk feature). You can also soothe your baby by using lullabies, soothing sounds, or bedtime stories, and you can also record your own stories or songs. All these are what you can get from the Motorola baby monitor.

It also has the ability to monitor the temperature of your baby’s room. This baby monitor also has the night vision with seven different colors, which you can use to track your baby even at night, or when the light is dim, it changes automatically to night mode and gives a clearer picture.

This monitor can be used for your baby even when they grow to toddlers. This monitor is expensive but worth every penny.

3. HeimVision Baby Monitor

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The HeimVision HM136 video baby monitor is a 5 inches display screen, and it costs about $119.99.

This monitor can be connected to up to 4 cameras at once, which can help you monitor more than one room at once. It has a 5 inches screen, and its battery capacity is about 2100mAh battery. With this monitor, you can zoom in two times without the need to change the lens.

This monitor also allows conversation between you and your baby, your baby can hear your voice through the monitor, and you can also listen to theirs. You can also put lullabies in this monitor to help soothe your baby, and also you can use this monitor to set timers and reminders.

With this monitor, you can see your baby clearly both at day and night, it has night vision inbuilt and has a transmission range of about 1000ft.

The monitor is portable, and you can carry it around because it’s also not massive. The camera can also rotate, you can adjust it while laying on your bed. Its sound is also loud and clear, and you can also change the sound.

4. Babysense baby monitor

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The Babysense baby monitor is a product of Hisense ltd and costs about $69.99. The Babysense monitor is also an excellent monitor to check up on what your baby is doing. The Babysense monitor is about 2.4” LCD, with high definition clarity both at night and daytime. The Babysense monitor makes it possible for you to hear your baby; clearly, it’s sound quality is very good.

It also has a night vision that enables you to see your baby clearly in dark areas, and it automatically switches to its night vision when it detects dim light.

Another feature of this baby monitor is that it allows you to put lullabies for your baby, to let them sleep, and even helps to set a timer for feeding, changing diapers, and other schedules you have for your baby.

The BabySense Monitor also has a long transmission range of up to 900ft in open space. When you are getting out of range, it also warns you, has a room temperature detector, and can also allow you to talk back to your baby through the monitor.


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It is essential to watch your baby and be able to monitor them even while busy. This list we have put together are some of the best monitors you can use. They make it possible for you to watch your baby all day both at night with clear visions.