5 Best Baby Bottle Brush In India 2024 – Price & Review

Babies are extremely delicate and as a parent, it is our duty to keep them safe from the known and unknown disease when they are at an early age. There are several things that we can opt for to ensure the safety and well-being of the newborns.

However, if you are looking for the very basic things that you should invest in while taking care of the babies, then it would be none other than the baby bottle brushesThe baby bottle brushes are equally important as the sterilizers and if you are feeding your newborn with the feeding bottles, then we will recommend you to buy a reliable and highly effective baby bottle brush that can help you keep the bottle clean without any doubts in mind about the contamination or odor. 

5 Best Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush

As there are several cleaning brushes available in the market, you can easily choose any one of them to get the feeding bottles completely clean.

However, for the buyers who are willing to buy the product that is specially designed for the baby feeding bottles, If you are more hygiene conscious and do not like this kind of cleaning process then you can try using disposable baby bottles to feed your baby.

We are listing the five best bottle cleaners that are easier to use, have great build quality and are perfect in every aspect. So, let’s get started. 

1. Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush


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The first one in the list of best baby bottle cleaners is Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Brush. Along with the great size and extremely soft bristles, this brush is one of the most perfect feeding bottle cleaners available in the market.

So, if you were looking to buy a reliable and easy to use baby feeding bottle brush, then you should once try your hands on this amazingly designed brush for yourself. 

Some pros and cons that we came across while reviewing Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Brush are listed as follows. Go through them to know more about this amazing brush and clean the feeding bottle completely. 


  • Great design. Easy to hold and operate
  • Foam at the end ensures that every portion of the bottle is perfectly cleaned


  • None so far
Customer Reports

This is a great product to have with your LO using Dr. Brown bottles. This helps me reach all inside the bottle to make sure that it is cleaned and no breast milk fat/residues are left. Highly recommend for baby bottle cleaning!


This is my third baby bottle brush, and it looks like it’s gonna be my last! I tried 2 other brands; 1 lower-end price and another more expensive brush and I had issues with both. I love the sponge and bristle combo, it cleans more thoroughly. Also, as small as it may seem, the fact that the nipple attachment is connected to the bottom of the brush where you don’t have to unscrew it, just flip it over to use, makes my life that more convenient. When you wash bottles and sippy cups for both an infant and a toddler, those few seconds of convenience matter. This was my first Dr. Brown’s brand purchase and I love it.

2. U-Grow Soft Silicone Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush


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For the buyers who are looking forward to buying a reliable cleaning brush that not only looks great but also effectively clean the exteriors and interiors of the feeding bottle, the U-grow Soft Silicone Baby Bottle & Nipple Cleaning Brush will be an ideal choice.

Great design, easy grip, and extremely easy maintenance make the brush a great buy for every parent who is willing to provide their kids with the best hygiene.


  • Amazing design and perfect grip
  • Great value for money
  • Durable bristles that are soft to touch and easier to maintain


  • Rubber grip may be an issue for some users. 
Customer Reports
A K Vas

This brush is excellent. Bristles are flexible so scratch-free bottles for a long period n get into any size bottles. The handle is also thick and I find it easy to clean. It does a very good job. Quality is good. Happy with this product. Have purchased many of their products like sipper, bottle cleaning brush, Sippy cup cleaning set, baby silicone finger brush, feeding bowl, nail cutter, etc and none of them disappointed me with the quality or the ease of usage. If U grow I will buy blindly since knowing about them.


Awesome product. The bristles are very soft so no need to worry about scratches.It is very easy to clean my baby’s feeding bottles. The quality of the brush is really good and it will last for a long time. I have been searching for this kind of brush and this is just awesome. The color is also very good. The handle is very convenient. Overall it is a good product and worth your money.

3. Pindia Multicolor Sponge Baby Bottle Brush

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For the buyers who are after a reliable, easy to use foam brush that is effective than the brushes with bristles, the Pindia 3 Pc Multicolor Handy Sponge Brush Glass Cup Baby Bottle Cleaner would be an ideal product to go with.

With different colors and durable sponge, this set of the brush is one of the easiest to use and maintain a feeding bottle cleaning brush available in the market. 

A few pros and cons that we came across while reviewing this amazing baby feeding bottle cleaning sponge brush are listed below. GO through them and then decide whether this is a brilliant choice for your kids, or not. 


  • Easy to use
  • Fits any brand’s bottle and cleans it effectively
  • Uses soap and water efficiently


  • Durability may be an issue for some users
Customer Reports

Satisfied with the product.


I have bought this product for the third time now, though the quality could be better, the product is very useful and comes in handy to wash bottles and glasses. The sponge isn’t very durable but if used carefully will last at least 6 months. I’d buy this product again.

4. U-Grow Silicone Bottle & Nipple Cleaning Brush

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U-Grow Soft silicone baby bottle cleaning brush is another brilliant product from the brand and like the other products available in the market, this is also a greatly designed product that not only cleans the bottles effectively but also provides the users with an easy way to keep the bottles scratch-free. 

Some of the worthy positive and negative things that we came across while reviewing the  U-grow Soft Silicone Baby Bottle & Nipple Cleaning Brush are


  • Easy to hold and use
  • Comes with a nipple cleaner attachment
  • Fairly easy to maintain


  • None so far
Customer Reports

Have been using this bottle n teet cleaning brush set for almost a month now. The bristles are soft and don’t leave any scratches on the bottles (I use Philips Avent). The rotating head of the big brush makes cleaning bottles quite easy. Happy with the purchase.


This brush is really good. Looks exactly as in the picture. I was searching for a smooth brush to clean my baby’s bottle and nipple. This one is really smooth and my baby’s bottle is scratch-free now. The best feature of this product is that the nipple cleaner is fitted within the main brush itself. So you don’t have to keep a separate place for Ur nipple cleaner. Overall the quality of the product is awesome. I am happy with my purchase.

5. Synso Multifunctional Cleaning Brush

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For the buyers who are looking forward to buying a multipurpose combo deal that not only helps them clean the baby feeding bottles but also provides great help to clean other jars, glasses and cups, the SynSo Multifunctional Kitchen Washing Cleaning Tool Combo kit will be an ideal product to go with. The set has four different brushes and all have different designs and usability.

So, you just need to choose the right brush for the bottles and other things, and you will get the perfectly cleaned kitchen in no time.

A few pros and cons that are worth mentioning here are listed below. Go through them and know whether this is the right buy for you, or not. 


  • Easy to use
  • Every brush has a great build quality
  • Easy to carry and store


  • Sponge brush could have been better

Benefits of Using Baby Bottle Brushes

A few benefits that you can have while purchasing the perfect bottle cleaning brushes are listed below. Go through them and then decide whether you should invest in a brush, or use the traditional methods to clean up the baby feeding bottles. 

However, as the baby bottle brush is a common thing, most buyers don’t pay much attention to the product and just buy any bottle cleaner to clean up the baby bottles. However, ideally, you should research well and buy the most suitable bottle brush that cleans up the baby feeding bottle completely and is easier to maintain.

Here, we will be talking about the various benefits of using the baby bottle cleaner and will suggest a few products available in the market that you can try on to be assured of having a completely cleaned feeding bottle. So, stay with us until the end and buy the most reliable baby bottle brush for your kids. 

  • Completely cleans the bottle from the bottom
  • Made with special fiber that doesn’t scratch the bottle
  • Enhances the overall life of the feeding bottle

Along with the above-listed benefits, there are several other benefits that you can avail by choosing an ideal baby bottle brush.

So, instead of buying just any cleaning brush from the local store, we will suggest you search the online stores and buy the best one for the kids to get the best results. After cleaning it do not forget to dry them properly on the baby drying rack which is equally important.

Final Verdict

So, these were the five best baby feeding bottles available right now in the Indian market. The only thing you need to do now is to choose one of the most suitable ones out of these according to your needs and other preferences.

Just make sure that the brush you are planning to buy has a good grip and reaches the hard to clean places while using. This would be a great step for you as a parent to get assured of the complete hygiene and safety of the kids.