10 Best Baby Nail Clippers – 2023 Buying Guide & Reviews

We present to you the best products out there for kids that will be available at a nearby vendor. We were on the mission to make the lives of parents easier by finding the best products and making a list for them. We know that many parents are not a fan of diaper changes, or getting their hands dirty.

But one of the scariest things new parents suffer from is clipping nails, especially of the baby.

We know how parents dread cutting nails, but some parents constantly joke about keeping their babies in mittens. This is the only way they would not have cut the nails and the baby would not cut themselves.

On a serious note, we know that we need to do something about those razor-sharp claws growing beneath the mittens. This is a necessary job which is a must; therefore, we do not need a scratched face of that cute little munchkin.

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Henceforth, go to the nearest store and get your baby a nail clipper, so the job can be done! Even though they might have quite thin nails, but they are very sharp, so might hurt the baby.

Thus, we will warn any new parent to do their job on time, we do not want the baby to get scratch as they have no control of their limbs in the initial months. After gaining a little control of limbs lives of parents will be a little easier, as scratches would not be quite common.

No parents a baby to injure themselves with their nails, so having long nails is out of the loop. A scratched cornea is rare, but the possibility of it happening is still not totally out of the picture.

Thus, to rule out all the dangers from the baby being wet to the baby scratching their eyes. There is a natural instinct reaction of the baby closing their eyes if any object comes too close to their eyes. Thus, the baby’s eyes will close itself on the hand even coming a little close to them.

Why Cut our Babies’ Nails?

This question arises in many new parents’ heads because it seems to be one of the toughest tasks to do that is cutting nails. The baby is just so gentle, yet fragile and you would not want to hurt it, or see the baby hurt itself. Therefore, cutting nails is a necessity. No mom or dad wants to see their angel all scratched up, just because of their laziness by not cutting the nails.

Moreover, a tiny scratch can be a cause of an infection, so be aware new parents who just entered parenthood. Want to prevent scratches from nails? Well, our research tells and company statistics tell that most parents are quite comfortable when it comes to using baby nail clippers. On the other hand, there are a few parents who are more comfortable and can maneuver baby nail scissors around the baby’s nails.

Parents are quite aware of the baby nail scissors and baby nail clippers, but there is another method not a lot of parents know about. We would like to shed light on the fact that the nails can be shaped, trimmed, clipped, and dulled with a filer. Not a mainstream method, because it is quite tedious, but is a lot safer to use instead of clippers and scissors for nails. There is an added issue while filing the baby’s nails that they are quite thin along with being flexible, so it is a challenge that parents dread.

If you thought the innovators in the baby market are done but guess what? This is not it! There is another much more convenient option that parents love and we do too! A new, innovative idea such as an electric nail trimmer. An electric nail trimmer will allow the nail to be ground down to the right size without causing pain and unnecessary pains.

Perks of having a special tool for your baby

There are many perks when it comes to having a special tool to cater to all purposes. Many parents use a different tool for a different purpose; whereas owning more than one device is not a big deal. Moreover, you need to be educated about what works best for your baby, because not every tool will work the same way it does on a small baby. When your baby grows older it will require something that works best for their nails.

Also, you would have to invest in an array of baby nail trimmers, because they are growing with time and their nail structures develop. Thus, we will take a closer look at all the baby clippers and trimmers we have in store for you. Here we are presenting to you the best nail products in the market with our in-depth knowledge.

Why you should cut your baby’s nails

Some parents are not so fond of cutting their baby’s nail, because it seems to be the most technical thing they could do as a parent. Baby’s nails can not be cut around, so there needs to be a rational way to do it. We have heard many things from our knowledge, so we would like to share our bag loads of baby nail product knowledge with any parent who is interested.

Cutting baby’s nails makes them sharper

Here is a surprise one for new parents with zero experience. If you were thinking that not cutting the baby’s nails would make them sharper, well you are mistaken. There is no such thing as that, especially while parents file down nails. There is no such thing as them being sharper, if you carefully cut them to right point. Baby nails should not be longer than the finger area and should be cut right past the end of the fingers.

Therefore, cutting of the nails is essential, so the baby would not graze, or cut themselves with the razor sharp fingertips. No parent wants red marks all over their angel’s face. A baby should be in a protected castle away from all the troubles and harms of the world. Isn’t that what all parents want for their baby? So, do not start believing everything on the internet, not everything is true.

Just keep their hands covered

We know how parents are skeptical of everything in the initial weeks of their precious baby’s life, so parents reside to weird strategies. Wondering what kind of strategies, we are talking about? Well, to begin with they think the easiest way to protect the baby from the baby’s nails is to cover their hands. Coming back to the fact how they cover the hands of the babies? Well, we would love to elaborate all about it.

To start of they use mittens for the baby’s hands, or cuff clothing in which they tuck in the hands of the baby. It might sound a little absurd and funny at the same time, but parents also use socks to cover the hands. Yes, you heard us right. Socks! As weird as it sounds, but it is a good way to cover the baby’s hands in the initial weeks of their lives. Moreover, as cutting nails at such an early stage is not advised and protection is must. 

When the baby after a few weeks gains complete control of their hands, they will be more likely to cut their face with their uncut nails, more frequently. Thus, you can nit keep their hands hidden for a long time, so getting a hang of cutting their nails seems to be a more feasible option. You would not want to disturb your baby from all there is to explore in world out there, would you? Obviously not!

No parents want to be a hinderance in their little explorer’s way, so when they start using their hands on purpose, we have the solution. You want them to suck on their hands, and use their motor skills to the maximum. Don’t worry we have all the knowledge you require to help the little one be safely exploring all their magical powers under your supervision, obviously!

Baby nails should be bitten off rather than being cut

This a major no! Parents this is a major don’t. This ill-advised along with ill-suited for trimming the baby’s nails. Adult teeth on those nimble, delicate fingers? A big no! A reminder of how delicate the nail might be that instead of cutting the nail, you might end up tearing and damaging the nail along with cuticle. Tearing the nail is quite easy, and the baby will be in quite a lot of pain, so think before doing something of the sort.

Moreover, we want to give you a reminder of how adults mouths are loaded with germs. Germs which if enter the teared area will cause an infection, so do not do it. Also, nails and skin of the baby are quite fragile and a small bite with strong adult teeth will cause a lot of damage. No parent wants to hurt their baby with their lack of experience, so we do not recommend it. Thus, doctors have strongly recommended to trim and cut the nails of the baby.

Another biological fact, as the baby grows to be older and more active their nails will be worn down naturally, or just break off. This will make parent’s lives easier, because they do not need to trim them more frequently. Moreover, you just need to keep an eye out for those ragged edge, so you do not need to feel bad on cuts. No need to feel terrible on cutting your finger accidently, which will require time to heal.

If just for instance your nick, or cut the baby’s finger, then you need to follow the following steps: immediately, rinse the wound after applying pressure with a piece of tissue, or gauze. This makes the bleeding stop, but do not put any kind of bandage, or dressing on the cut, or wound. You do not want the baby to put the bandage in the mount and choke on it. Be careful while you are at.

How to cut your baby’s fingernails

Now, this is an important factor to cut nails of the baby, but the real question is how to go about it? Well, to start of the best way to cut nails is by not cutting the baby’s finger nail, or tearing. Moreover, we have devised ways in which cutting finger nails with ease is now possible in the most convenient ways ever.

Use special baby nail clippers or scissors

We want to ensure you that adult sized tools are not advised for the tiny sized fingers of the baby. Therefore, when using a scissors for the baby, they are specially designed with blunt ends. These blunt ends of the scissors will allow the baby to be safe at all time, as if at anytime the baby would be startled while cutting nails.

Do the trim while the baby is sleeping

The only time to cut the baby’s nails are to cut them while they are fast asleep. There is quite a simple way to guess and recognize the deep sleep pattern of the baby. How is that? It is quite easy to see when the baby is in that state, because the hands are completely open and relaxed. This will be followed by limp arms and legs.

Or choose the next best time

Parents who have babies that sleep for quite a little time and are light sleeper, so they know how important it is to not disturb. Therefore, we would suggest a time when the child is not sleeping instead choose a time when the baby is relaxed. So, we would suggest to clip, or trim nails after bath, or right after feeding the baby.

Find the light

This is one of the most precise work that requires a good lit room, so avoid poor lighting conditions as far as possible. Therefore, natural sunlight is the best way to cut, or trim nails. Thus, we would suggest them to sit near a window in the day. There are special clippers, or trimmers that have an automatic built-in light, which will help cut nails even with, or without sunlight.

Have a helper

You know what the biggest bonus is while having a baby? It is a helper, or someone who is experienced with babies. Another adult is what one needs in their life when it comes to doing all the stuff for the little baby. Wondering how? Well, you can trim the nails with ease, while the other person holds the baby calmly, so the baby does not fidget.

It is also an added bonus, if the other person can sing and calm the baby down. Or there are other different ways to keep the baby distracted while you trim the nail at ease. Another pro tip we would like to impart to a new parent that using a toy might backfire, because it will get the baby excited. This will make them reach out for the toy and cause a wind milling action of the legs and arms of the baby.

Push the finger pad away

You would have to multitask when it comes to cutting, or trimming the baby’s nail, as it requires a single press. Are you wondering what that is? Well, this technique allows no haphazard to occur, because one hand is used to press the finger pad. While the finger pad is pressed away from the nail, you have full access to cut the nail with a clipper, or scissors. It will be much easier to do if you have a helping hand besides you.

Do not go to short

This is an advice for old and new moms that sometimes frustration might kick in with vigor. Therefore, in the process do not cut the nails of the baby too short, just because you are clueless on how much, or how often you need to cut them. We strictly warn you to not cut the nail, or trim them short, as it will be easy, but painful for the baby later on. Don’t do it for your convenience!

We will advice you give those little nails of the baby a frequent trim, like thrice, or twice a week rather than risk cutting them short. This will be way better for the baby and not painful at all; moreover, you will get a hang out trimming and cutting nails.

Stop if you need to

Sometimes due to our previous habits of getting the job done we have an urge to do it whatever it takes. But this time we would suggest go with the mood of the baby, as a half done task is way better than causing the baby pain. If the baby is agitated and annoyed do not keep on attempting to get the job done. Instead leave it for another time. Do not try to cut the nail, or trim it when the baby would not hold still.

By the time baby grows up to the age of one year, then the frequency of the trims and cuts would not be that much. Moreover, while cutting the nail of the baby, you can involve them in the process and make it less of a hassle. The best way to go about trims and cuts of nails is to make it into a game. The easiest is to involve, or sing a song to get the job done with ease. Or you could make the game to keep the child still.

Challenges are always welcomed by babies. Then, reward the baby for being a cooperating individual in the game. Thus, cutting nails haven never been this easy.

What about those toenails?

Another fun fact for anyone who is reading this article that baby finger nails tend to grow at a faster rate. Whereas the toenails of the baby grow much slower, so you would need to cut them quite less often. If you are cutting the baby’s finger nail twice a week, or more, then cutting, or trimming toenails is half, or less than that.

We would like to shed light on how the toenails of a baby need to be cut. Be very careful when it comes to cutting the toenail, as never cut it shorter than the end of the toe. This will ensure that you do not need to cut them quite often and will not also get longer. The toenail is always in contact with different kinds of clothing, so keep the clothing in naturally loose forms. Moreover, finger nails are less likely to be in contact with many surfaces in the initial months of the baby’s life.

Baby nails are quite soft and malleable; therefore, they are quite easy to bend and curve. This same way the toe nail is a delicate structure of the baby, so do not think of it as an ingrown nail. There is a huge difference between a nail being ingrown and just soft. Babies are less likely to get any kind of ingrown nails either of the toes, or fingers.

The best way to the toenail of the baby is to cut them straight, just like you would cut your own toenail. Some times the toenails are sunken in the skin of the toe. Therefore, do not try to cut them by getting them out of the skin. If you seem to think the problem is serious, then go to your baby’s pediatrician.

Choose the Best Baby Nail Clippers for the Job

Baby gear is among the most important arsenal when it comes to having a baby around you. Therefore, investing in good baby gear will make you go a long way ahead. Over the past years there has been much innovation, as the nail cutting equipment has greatly evolved into much more sophisticated. The sophistication has helped parents with different needs to get the job done, as our parents, or grandparents did not have such a variety.

Right now, what we see in the market is an array of equipment just to cater to the little baby in the nail department. There are clippers, grinders, cutters and much more to facilitate every parent. Moreover, we have narrowed all of them down into the clipper category in our article. You can pick and choose, or just consider from these below.

Nail clippersNail scissorsFiles and emery boardsElectric nail trimmers

The shape of this technical device makes it user friendly, as it has the most convenient slight natural curve in it. This makes is quite convenient to grip the nail and trim, or clip it. Moreover, you need to be educated about the baby’s nail size, as having the right size of the clipper is the way to go. Also, if you choose a clipper that is too big, it will be easier for the delicate finger of the baby to get between the blade, instead of the nail.

Henceforth, parents think going for a smaller clipper size will be better, but it has some disadvantages as well. You see if the clipper is too small, then the finger nail would not fit the curve. Thus, picking the right size for your baby is essential. Another good news, now these clippers have added bonuses, such as lights, or/and magnifying glasses attached to them. This allows them to make the clipper to be used much better.

Now, apart from the baby’s nail size, you need to understand how the tool you are using show be best for you as well. Because if the clipper is too big, or small it will cause hinderance while trimming, or cutting the nails. Then, you are more likely to be prone in making an error, so the clipper right for your size is important.

Now, this is all up to the preference of the parent what they think best suits them when they are about to trim, or cut the nails of the baby. We have asked many moms what they are most comfortable in using. Well, the answers varied, as many said they preferred scissors, because of better control over scissors.

Moreover, scissors made by different companies for baby nail scissors make them blunt-ended. This makes them safer and much easier to use, because you do not have a constant reminder of cutting, or poking the fidgety baby. The scissors adults use to trim their nails is quite different and scarier in comparison to a baby nail scissor. Once again, the one scissors that suits best for your hand size should be bought and used.

Sometimes cutting nails for new parents can be scary, but an easier option to the problem is filing baby nails. Yes, you heard us right! Nail filing is a thing, but would not be apt for every time, but can be done. You question why it is not possible in every case? Well, the interesting thing is that all nails of the baby are not strong, so sometimes keeping contact with the baby is impossible.

Thus, not always can the edge of the nail be kept in contact to the nail filer of the baby. Moreover, filing is not easy as it seems, because it consumes a lot of energy and time of the parent. It is not essential that the baby will remain patient, so filing down the nails with the filler would take like a forever. Our research showed how moms tend to first clip, or cut the nails with a clipper, or scissors of the baby. Then, they would use a nail filer to smoothen the nails down.

Among the newest and most advanced innovations in the nail world of the baby, an electric trimmer it is. This electric trimming kit will help parents cut the nails of the baby with most ease and no fear of over cutting the nails over the nail bed. Moreover, it is powered by batteries and the technology it uses to cut the baby’s nails is tiny discs of sandpaper. This sandpaper kind of technical material helps in grinding the nails quite quickly and easily.

If you are wondering how this technology is the most advanced? Well, the features of a trimmer is that it has a wide range of speeds and different grits to set according to the parents’ needs. Thus, each trimming, or cutting experience is a specially personalized one for both the parent and the baby. These would be considered as all the advantages, but with perks there is a major downfall of this technology.

Well, in order to get an electric trimmer, one needs to pay a hefty price to get one for their baby, because a clipper or scissors for the baby is quite easy. In comparison to the standard clipper and scissors it is quite heavy. This is not it; it will also take time as it is grinding the nails instead of cutting the baby’s nails. Therefore, this powered device comes with its pros and cons.

10 Best Baby Nail Clippers Reviewed

Enough with general knowledge regarding baby nails, baby clipper, scissor, grinder and filers. Now, let’s take a closer look at the reviews we have lined up for you, after tedious research. Here is our take on the top ten nail clippers currently available in the market for the baby.

1. Little Martin’s Nail Trimmer

Little Martin’s Nail Trimmer


This is not any ordinary nail trimmer, but the best one we have seen available in the market. We have all the news and updates about this particular nail trimmer for your baby, so making a decision on what to get will be easier.

Just a reminder this is not like any of those older clippers your grandma would own, but this is Little Martin’s Trimmer. What is so unique and special about Little Martin’s Trimmer?

Well, it is start off Little Martin’s Trimmer is manufactured in San Francisco and this company is a startup company, which aims to target a much larger audience. Not only is it a startup company, but it is aiming to cater to the high-end buyer in the market. Little Martin’s Trimmer is a fancy trimmer, which is battery operated. Not only is quick, but it is easy to use single-handedly.

Moreover, it does not tend to make any noise while operating, so you can cut your baby’s nails while sleeping with Little Martin’s Trimmer without any problems. The company claims to manufacture a noise-free nail trimmer for babies.

Also, there are additional features that make Little Martin’s Trimmer the best among other products available in the market. It has an LED light, which is quite convenient when your baby is sleeping, so you do not need to keep the light on.

This way your work will be done for you without waking your baby from the day time nap. Wondering what Little Martin’s Trimmer is made with? Well, we have studied the design closely and come to the conclusion there are 3 sandpaper discs.

These discs are safe for the baby’s nail trimming and there are additional 3 discs for adult use as well. This way you can test the discs on yourself first, before testing it directly on the baby.

Other features of Little Martin’s Nail Trimmer

This not some other trimmer in the market, but the best one for baby nail trimming. Why? Well, to begin with, it has two brilliant speeds to choose from along with a rotation system, which can, either way, be reversed. Reversing the rotation is up to the demand and requirement of the parents. Moreover, Little Martin’s Trimmer comes in two quite cute colors, pink and blue.

It is not like the standard nail scissors and nail clippers that are horrifying to look at. It is quite cool looking. Apart from this, while we very reading reviews online we have gathered some of the information regarding the rotating head. Just a handful of reviews mentioned about the abrasion the baby’s fingers experienced as the rotating head of the Little Martin’s Trimmer touched the skin.

But we can assure you this nail trimmer, Little Martin’s Trimmer is still a safer option to use for a new parent as it does not have blades poking at your baby. This is quite serious if you have experienced the horror of cutting the baby’s finger, instead of their nail.

There are many horror stories of nail cutting that you can read online, so be careful when you choose the device for your baby’s nail, whether it is a nail trimmer or nail scissors.

A much-valued gadget at ease, Little Martin’s Trimmer. Furthermore, Little Martin’s Trimmer makers make another tool. This company has many other tools that moms use to kempt the nails of their babies.

The strategy is to start off with the nail clippers, or nail scissors to cut the nails. Then, parents use Little Martin’s Trimmer to smoothen the nail edges. The little bits can be trimmed off after all those tools being used. A much handy dandy model and more details about this electronic nail trimmer can be viewed on Amazon.

  • Safer than other tools: Little Martin’s Trimmer is among the best trimmers for new parents who scared and nervous when it comes to handling their baby’s little nails.
  • Reversible and two speeds: Little Martin’s Trimmer has four wonderful options to pick from, such as two different speeds and two different directions, which is amazing!
  • Lighted: Little Martin’s Trimmer with the LED light installed in it, cutting, or trimming a nail has never been easier. You can easily visualize what you are trying to trim, and where to cut the nail with precision.
  • Can be done by one: Little Martin’s Trimmer’s bonus is that if your partner is busy, or you have no help around you do the nail clipping and trimming all by yourself.
  • Quite: Little Martin’s Trimmer is quite a neat design, as it does not make a noise and is user friendly. It ensures that no one wakes up from the sleep while it is operating.
  • Comes in a kit: Little Martin’s Trimmer has an entire kit with all the necessary tools and accessories in the very handy dandy container of this amazing nail trimmer.
  • Good for older kids: The bonus of owning Little Martin’s Trimmer is that when your baby grows older they do want to get their nails trimmed with a cool looking device, so their nail trimmer does the job.
  • Heads wear out quickly: On reading some reviews, some parents complained how quickly the sandpaper discs wore out, which were quite expensive to replace.
  • Expensive: Little Martin’s Trimmer is hefty on the budget, because the initial buying cost is more than standard nail clippers and nail scissors. Also, you would have to change the batteries of this battery-operated machine along with sandpaper discs being worn out to be replaced.

2. Asunny Electric Baby Trimmer

Asunny Electric Baby Trimmer


We know how being a parent can be financially hard for some of the new parents out there. This is especially hard with our economy going down, but there is always a choice of choosing the baby gear you want for your baby.

This is very important when it comes to buying the product that you need for your baby, as either you can go for a cheaper model from a random company, or get a product from a known company with a guarantee of a good product.

So, it is up to the parents for opting for the familiar company name, or less familiar, less famous company to buy the merchandise they have been looking for. Thus, any parent who is on the hunt to buy an electric nail trim would definitely struggle between the two options.

We have previously talked about Little Martin’s Trimmer, but coming to Asunny Electric Baby trimmer, which is an equally good company.

Now, Asunny Electric Baby trimmer is quite similar to Little Martin’s nail clipper, but for a less amount of money. So, parents who want the best for their child and can not afford an expensive company, they can buy Asunny Electric Baby trimmer.

The loophole to the entire random company scene is that sometimes it can be of bad quality, and sometimes of excellent quality. It is a pure gamble.

Thus, if you are someone who wants to invest once in a good quality product then going with a company that has made a name in the market is the option to opt for. Asunny Electric Baby trimmer is among the best clippers, but just lacks the brand name attached to the company. Sometimes, parents are hesitant, so they go for a company with a brand name because the replacement of trimmer parts would be easier.

Other features

Moreover, trimmers or other products, such as scissors, filer, or grinders, which are cheaper are most likely to be imported from a cheaply manufactured company in China. This allows the company to produce the nail merchandise in bulk and then, these nail products for babies are sold in the US. There are sometimes issues with the instructions as they are missing, or inaccurately printed.

This way parents are constantly confused about how to use the model, or confused how to resolve the issues. The companies of cheaper brands need to fix their issues of missing, or incomplete instruction manuals. Thus, another problem that arises for lowly manufactured, or lowly priced company products is that they do not have websites. So, they sell their products at a nearby retailer.

But do not be afraid to test some other company’s product, because the market where they are present is a big teller of the truth. The company would have had many customers and their reviews can be dependable resource. Moreover, you can research upon the devices and look at reviews from dependable seller. Asunny Electric Baby trimmer is not a really famous company, but there are reviews.

Furthermore, the nail products have company, which are quite respondent to the customer concerns. Also, new moms are big fans of an electric nail trimmer of a new company with good products, but without investing a whole ton of money. Amazon is the place to get your electronic clipper model.

  • Safer than clippers and scissors: Asunny Electric Baby trimmer is the safest way to cut the baby nails for moms who want to cut a nail with ease.
  • Reversible and two speed: Asunny Electric Baby trimmer have two different speed along with two direction; thus, four different.
  • Lighted: Asunny Electric Baby trimmer has an LED light installed in it to make it much easier and convenient for parents to see and cut the nail with much precision.
  • Can be done by one: Asunny Electric Baby trimmer this way you do not require another helping hand 24/7 by your side when it comes to trimming, or clipping the baby’s nails.
  • Quiet: Asunny Electric Baby trimmer has a high rating from the users, as they have managed to product a nail product that allows parents to use the nail trimmer without waking up the baby.
  • Comes in a kit: Asunny Electric Baby trimmer has additional tool and accessories of the very compact tool kit.
  • Good for older kids: Asunny Electric Baby trimmer is a fun way to cut the nails of a older child with the most interesting nail trimmer.
  • Affordable: Asunny Electric Baby trimmer is among the cheaper electric model currently available in the market in comparison to the unknow company brands. Thus, it an affordable product that many of the families can have with ease.
  • No replacement option for the heads: Asunny Electric Baby trimmer has no additional sandpaper discs, which if worn out with time will not be replaced. This way Asunny Electric Baby trimmer has no assurance of giving back to the parents, like other nail company would.

3. BblüvTrimo Electric Nail Trimmer

BblüvTrimo Electric Nail Trimmer


Among the many companies currently in the market, bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer is a company with a different idea regarding the design of the nail trimmer. bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer has given a promising design, which has amazing results in trimming and cutting.

This is perfect for any parent who is fond of keeping their baby safe at all costs. Thus, bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer is a beautiful design for safety-minded moms which is the aim of this company.

Underneath the bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer there is a trimo filling disc. This company aims to have a design of a trimmer device with an ergonomic design. Moreover, the features of bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer gives it a slip-free edge that allows parents to use it with complete grip and maintain it while using it. This specific nail trimmer comes with four discs.

Yes, you heard us right! Four amazing sandpaper discs which allow the individual to use the nail trimmer at a different stage of your baby’s life. Let us take a closer look at the recommended ages of the discs to be used at, such as 0-3 months old, 4-6 months old, 6-12 months old and 1 year onwards. We would like to highlight the company making bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer does not include extra discs for adults, like the previously mentioned company did.

Other companies for baby trimming, or filling, or cutting that make products to cater to nail problems for babies has extra stuff to modify the model. This modification will enhance the company’s products, such as extra sandpaper discs are made available by the company. bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer has a cool innovative idea, such as holding the nail trimmer upright, which will if done will cause the trimmer to pause.

Other features of bblüvTrimo Electric Nail Trimmer

Now, as pausing of trimming and cutting of baby’s nails has been made easier with bblüvTrimo ElectricTrimmer. Nail trimming session has never been this easy. Coming back to other new features bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer has to offer, such as this company has established its company headquarters in Montreal. bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer they have managed to specialize nail products and many other baby gears for kids under the age of 2 years old.

Moreover, the bonus of buying a product from this company specifically is that their own website is the place to go to. You can easily contact the company’s customer care service via chat window, email, and phone call. For more details and customer reviews, whether good or bad you can check Amazon.

  • Safer than clippers and scissors: bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer is one of the safest baby nail cutting product out there in the market, which is obviously loved by parents.
  • Two speeds: The bonus of purchasing bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer that there are two different speeds to choose from, but there is no change of direction. The direction of the spin is not reversible.
  • Can be done by one:bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer is one of the few nail trimmers in the market that do not require a helping hand to cut the nails of the baby.
  • Quiet: bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer is among the very few nail trimmers, or nail devices, which would not wake the baby up from their day, or night naps. The one thing parents dread doing is getting their baby back to sleep.
  • Replacement heads available: bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer has a package of three discs that the company sells to replace the worn out discs.
  • Comes in a kit: bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer has a package that is double of the standard, because the tools and accessories are all present in the compact container.
  • Not lighted: bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer does not have a preinstalled LED light; therefore, it might be difficult to cut, or trim the nail in a difficult lighting, or in darkness.
  • Expensive: bblüvTrimo Electric Trimmer is an expensive end nail trimmer, which is much heavier on the pocket in comparison to clipper and scissors. Also, there is an added expensive of replacing the trimmer batteries and sandpaper discs.

4. Safety 1st Steady Grip Nail Clippers

Safety 1st Steady Grip Nail Clippers


Safety 1st Steady Grip Clippers is one the most convenient and most used clippers among parents, to make lives of parents while trimming, or cutting the nails of the baby easier. Safety 1st Steady Grip Clippers is the most basic way to cut the nail of that little pinky.

Thus, it is quite important to see a baby in comfort while cutting the nails, or clipping them off the baby. All it requires is a steady grip of the parents to clip the nail to perfection.

Furthermore, Safety 1st Steady Grip Clippers is not that safe to use, as there is a possibility to cut the skin of the baby while trying to clip the nail. This way you just need to have good control of nail devices, as with greater control you will have fewer accidents. Safety 1st Steady Grip Clippers is just like any other ergonomic handle device, whereas securing the grip of any standard nail clipper is important.

With the help of a lever, you can push down it against the cushioned surface and is easy to use. Now, this lever tucks into the device, which makes Safety 1st Steady Grip Clippers quite easy to store it.

Safety 1st Steady Grip Clippers is quite easier to keep safe instead of a regular nail clipper, as it is quite hard to misplace. Wondering why? Well, Safety 1st Steady Grip Nail Clippers is quite large in size, so visibility is quite obvious.

This company came into being around 1984, as Safety 1st Steady Grip Clippers was not the first merchandise of the company. But the Baby on Board was created first and it sold many products of the company. Therefore, the company had a range of products, such as car seats to baby thermometers, so Safety 1st Steady Grip Clippers was in order to protect the health factor. This is for well being and health for the baby.

Supporting an array of organizations and events by the company, which are opting to devote their mission to a child’s safety and protection. Moreover, this company has many other models of the clipper, for adults, children and babies that have various features.

These features include an LED light and one clipper from the company can fold up. At all times you can check at Amazon to get your nail products from this company from Amazon.

  • Ergonomic design: Safety 1st Steady Grip Clippers is among the easier to hold and maneuver it around the nail rather than any other standard clipper company products.
  • Works well on toddlers: Safety 1st Steady Grip Clippers is an excellent nail clipper which works great on any toddler, as well.
  • Inexpensive: the edge of Safety 1st Steady Grip Clippers if that it is an affordable nail clipper in the market in comparison with all the other companies. Also, this way you can purchase all the other baby products there are in the market for your baby.
  • Not lighted: Safety 1st Steady Grip Clippers does not like other clippers in the market have some kind of lights installed in it to make the design of the kind.
  • Not sharp: Some parents complain about Safety 1st Steady Grip Clippers’ not being sharp enough, so it prevents nails from cutting. This way we can prevent nicks from the baby happening.

5. The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper

This is the most basic design of nail clippers in the market, The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Clipper. The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Clipper comes with additional features that you might not find in any other nail clipper. They are the first companies to make a nail clipper, and The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Clipper has been approved by the American Red Cross.

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Clipper is made from stainless steel blades; whereas it is made from the ergonomic design. Moreover, The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Clipper has a 4x magnifying glass that will make cutting and trimming nails much easier and convenient for the parents.

But some parents are saying that whether a magnifying is a benefit or not, but they will make it quite easy to fold it into a small device.

This company has a history of going back to 1949 to produce baby products. Their first ever product manufactured was the baby pin for diapers. Furthermore, to get your trimmer, or scissor model you can order online from Amazon.

  • Ergonomic design: The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Clipper has the most convenient design as it is quite easy to grip and hold while clipping the nails of the baby. This clipper is one of a kind in terms of design.
  • Helpful magnifying glass: The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Clipper has an amazing magnifying glass which can be used for the convenience of parents to cut the little nails with ease of the baby. Moreover, it is quite helpful for the user to use for their aid.
  • Stainless steel blades: The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Clipper is made by a good known company which uses stainless steel for the product manufacturing. Thus, this nail clipper for the baby for maximum durability and cleanliness when it comes for baby products.
  • Sized for infants: The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Clipper is the size of an infant and especially manufactured by the company to cut, or clip the nails of the baby. But some parents have reported to use it for toddlers as well.
  • Inexpensive: The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Clipper is among the cheaper nail clipper models available in the market; therefore, you can get extra baby products for the munchkin.
  • Not lighted: The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Clipper does not come installed with an already present LED light, that some clippers might be manufactured with as companies want to please all concerns of parents.
  • Not sharp: Some parents have reported that The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Clipper does not have quite sharp blades, so the cuts are not as clean as one would expect. Also, this will enable the parents to make less mistakes as they prevent nicks.

6. FridaBaby NailFrida

FridaBaby NailFrida


This is among the famous baby product company, even someone who has been living in their shell would have heard about NoseFrida. If you are one of those people who are not aware of the NoseFrida we will educate you about it.

To start off this is a nasal aspiratory company that made parents fall in love with the merchandise. The creators of FridaBabyNailFrida took the world by storm in the initial years of manufacturing for nasal aspirators.

This company was on the mission to eliminate the fuss that babies made due to their lung passages being blocked. Thus, with time this company had dived into more areas of baby products, such as many other products are present in their catalog along with FridaBabyNailFrida.

There is a whole difference between other nail clippers and FridaBabyNailFrida because of two very unique features. Let us take a closer look at the cool, unique features.

To start off there is a special feature of spy-hole, which allows the individual clipping nails of the baby to peep into the whole while cutting. Moreover, this will enable the parent to make a smaller number of mistakes, so the best solution to avoid accidents.

The other feature we are head over heels for is the unique blade design. Yes, you heard us right that the amazing blade design makes us love FridaBabyNailFrida much more than others.

Wondering why? To start off it looks like a clipper, but the cool incentive while cutting any baby’s nail is that one end is a clipper blade and the other is scissors. A two in one design! This will allow a much cleaner nail cut, or clip to be made, which requires quite less amount of force while performing the process.

FridaBabyNailFrida has a beautifully curved filer board that is adored by most parents. Yes, an added bonus of purchasing this model.

The shape of FridaBabyNailFrida is in the shape of an S which makes it the perfect shape to cut the nails of any baby, no matter how tiny they are. Moreover, there is enough space for you to rub off the edges of the uncut, or cut nails.

Parents have reported that in the initial months of their baby’s lives they have just filed the nails, instead of cutting them. You can get your trimmer model from Amazon at any time.

  • Spy hole design: FridaBabyNailFrida has slit, or more like a window to make the visibility much easier for parents to see. This will allow parents to see the little, delicate nails of the baby and not cut too much.
  • Side to side cutting action: FridaBabyNailFrida has blades which are quite sharp that will work just like scissors, which will make much cleaner cuts and be easier to use.
  • No click: FridaBabyNailFrida is a side to side mechanism, so it does not make a lot of noise and cuts are quite easier to cut.
  • Works on toddlers: FridaBabyNailFrida is best clipper to be used on toddlers, as your baby when eventually grow up to be a strong kid.
  • Nail file included: FridaBabyNailFrida has a filer in the design, which makes cutting and filing the baby’s nails possible at the same time with the same device.
  • Easy to use: FridaBabyNailFrida has quite a convenient design, as it is quite wide to handle thus more easier to handle than a regular clipper.
  • Moderately priced: FridaBabyNailFrida has a tons of features, but the price is not that hefty on the pocket, like all the other not automated clipper, or scissors. This cost less than those electric nail trimmers currently available in the market.
  • Not lighted: FridaBabyNailFrida has no LED light, but there is a peephole which allows the individual cutting the nail to see it properly and cut it at the right size.
  • Too thick: Some parents have complained that the blades of this specific nail cutter is too thick for the parent to get under the baby’s nail.

7. Rhoost Nail Clipper for Baby

Rhoost Nail Clipper for Baby


Still on the loose to find a pair of scissors or clippers for your baby? Well, we might have exact;y what you are looking for. This nail clipper will surely woo you away with all the amazing features and diverse functionality.

Not only is the Rhoost Clipper a versatile clipper with great functionality, but it has a high score when it comes to good looks. This Deluxe baby nail clipper will be available on Amazon. You can order on Amazon, or check from a nearby retailer.

Moreover, if we talk more about this amazing, one of a kind clipper it has a vibrantly colored silicone with a beautiful combination of natural bamboo. This is not the only key types of material used, but polished steel is among them, too. Also, it functions pretty well, so do not think it is just for a showpiece. For more details regarding the design, you can check on Amazon.

We have tried narrowing down all aspects of the design, such as it is quite a high-end product in the nail clipper, nail scissors, nail filer and nail trimmer market. If you are wondering what the bamboo wood does for Rhoost Clipper? Here is a little sneak peek into the design. It not only adds to the beauty of the Rhoost Clipper, but it tends to increase the stability of the design as well.

There are two cool colors to pick from, they are teal and plum. This silicon handle is found to be in the two colors. Furthermore, while reading reviews of parents on Amazon and testing for ourselves, we have come to the conclusion it is easy on the hands along with being a spectacular nail clipper.

The company of Rhoost Clipper is an initiative of two women. These women started off the company with the goal to baby proof products in the market.

Also, the bonus of purchasing goods from this particular company is that there is a complete money-back guarantee on a wide range of baby products, be it nail clippers or other grooming products.

  • Ergonomic design: Rhoost Clipper has a wide base which allows it to be held with stability with a strong grip on the silicone handle. Not only is it stable, but an easy nail clipper model in comparison with other nail clippers.
  • Works on older children: Rhoost Clipper can be great when it comes to cutting and trimming nails of babies and older kids.
  • Affordable: Rhoost Clipper is not too much on the expensive end; thus, are in price range of every parent as they are a midge over the standard clipper cost.
  • No extra features: Rhoost Clipper has no additional features, such as an LED light, a magnifying glass, or any of the unique features that might be common in other scissors, or clippers of nails mentioned above.
  • Not for newborns: Rhoost Clipper on a few parent reviews have highlighted that it is not perfect when it comes to new born babies, as the nails are too thin and tiny.

8. Rubis Baby Nail Scissors

Rubis Baby Nail Scissors


Which parent would not want the best for their child? Not that we know of any, but if you are still confused and are on a hunt to find the perfect baby nail scissors. Then, we might have what you need right now.

Yes, you heard us right! Rubis Baby Scissors is manufactured by a Swiss company, which specializes in nail scissors design and manufacture. The company aims to design the most beautiful and sleek scissors, yet with full functionality.

Performance is another key aspect of the Swiss company, so Rubis Baby Scissors is designed with care and precision. Rubis Baby Scissors is not only functional scissors covering the practical side of the model but has the most distinct twist design. This design is ought to amuse your baby and the performance, you. Rubis Baby Scissors comes in a cute elephant pouch, which is adorable to look at.

Therefore, if you want to gift some parent who has been on the search to find the right baby scissors. Rubis Baby Nail Scissors might be the best gift to give to them. Not only is it a swiss based company, but it specializes in fine implements, which are manufactured in martensitic steel.

If you are wondering what martensitic steel is, then we have the answer. When a product is manufactured with martensitic steel it becomes acid-proof and rust-resistant.

If you thought this is it, then you are wrong, because the scissors are molded to perfection and later on hardened to quite a high degree. Moreover, the manufacturing company of Rubis Baby Scissors has expertise in the manufacture of tweezers.

These tiny tweezers are quite famous and in high demand with Rolex watches. Fides Baldesberger in 1984 took a keen interest in the company and saw the possibility and opportunity to make a fine tweezer, which could be used for grooming and work.

Another fun fact, the company manufactured a tweezer that has won many hearts and many awards alongside it. Thus, the company now has a wide range of grooming products. You can check out the grooming implements on Amazon, or just get your Rubis Baby Scissors delivery from Amazon.

  • Safety design: Rubis Baby Scissors is safer to use than regular nail scissors, because it has rounded tips.
  • High quality steel: Rubis Baby Scissors is not only strong, but it is manufactured from steel, which is sterilizable that is quite important for babies along with being rust proof and acid proof.
  • Durable: Rubis Baby Scissors will last quite a long time due to design and high end material.
  • Good for all ages: Rubis Baby Scissors can be used for older kids, or even grownups for a matter of fact.
  • Ergonomic: Rubis Baby Scissors has quite a sleek design, which fits well in the fingers and the slight curved blade makes it quite easy to maneuver.
  • Expensive: Rubis Baby Scissors is a little on the expensive end, as you can by less than a dozen nail scissors instead of it.

9. Simba Safety Scissors

Simba Safety Scissors


Simba safety scissors has won our heart and hearts of many moms. Even though it looks like a toy. But the reality about thus scissors is quite different. Reviews on many online forums and Amazon, itself has big thumbs up for this safety scissors. Moms are raving about these amazing scissors from this company. If we take a closer look at the design, we get why moms are totally head over heels for it.

Simba safety scissors have a clean and neat clear plastic case, which protects the scissors at all costs and keeps the blades in it, so it does not cut anyone. Moreover, it has the most adorable looking blades, because they are quite tiny.

Not only are they tiny, but they have rounded tips. This prevents accidents at all costs. Alongside manufactures catering to parents’ demands of durable stainless design with plastic handles.

If you are looking for affordability and functionality, simultaneously we have what you need. Simba Safety Scissors will fulfill all your desires of a cheap, yet completely functional model of baby scissors.

  • Safety design: Simba safety scissors has a unique safety design with short, rounded blades to ensure safe nail trimming, or cutting.
  • Stainless steel: Simba safety scissors is manufactured from stainless steel, which is great for durability purposes and hardness
  • Protective case: it will ensure there are no accidents when it comes to Simba safety scissors.
  • Inexpensive: if we look at other baby products it comes in the category of low to moderate range of baby nail products available on amazon.
  • Not durable: some reviews on amazon have claimed that Simba safety scissors’ blades seem to dull quite quickly and after regular use over the months it fell apart.
  • Only for infants: After a while parents tend to see Simba safety scissors as useless, because babies out grow it quite quickly.
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10. Tweezerman Baby Nail Scissors with File

Tweezerman Baby Nail Scissors with File


This company has made its mark as a company in high-end beauty tools; therefore, Tweezerman Baby Scissors has wooed moms away. They are highly pleased with the quality of the baby nail scissors and the cute, yet practical design.

Tweezerman Baby Scissors come with an amazing rounded tip, which is great to use on babies. These babies can be as old as two months. Talking about the design, let’s take a closer look at the manufacturing details.

It is made from stainless steel, with the cutest and funky pattern in yellow and black color. Moreover, the company manufacturing Tweezerman Baby Scissors highly recommends disinfecting the scissors with alcohol, or even hydrogen peroxide after every use. This company has been around for more than 30 years and offer a shipping service to your doorstep.

A bonus of purchasing products from this company is that the free sharpening of Tweezerman Baby Scissors is available. The individual can avail the offer by just paying for the shipping charges. Moreover, you can look at more offers on Tweezerman Baby Scissors on Amazon.

  • Safety design: Tweezerman Baby Scissors is completely safe as it has rounded tips.
  • High quality steel: Tweezerman Baby Scissors is made from stainless steel.
  • Durable: Tweezerman Baby Scissors is good for a long, long time.
  • Good for all ages: Tweezerman Baby Scissors can be used by kids and babies.
  • Bonus file: Tweezerman Baby Scissors comes with a package inclusive of a filer in shape of teddy bear design to smoothening the nail edges.
  • No case: Tweezerman Baby Scissors does not come in a case, so carrying it around makes it quite difficult.
  • Expensive: Tweezerman Baby Scissors is under the high price between the moderate range.

And the Winner is!

A baby nail clipper is one of the most important baby product a parent needs to have in their arsenal of baby products. Thus, finding the best product is a hectic job, which requires serious dedication, but we tried making it easier with our extensive research, we narrowed down the winner.

American Red Cross approved Deluxe Clipper wins the race. Because it is affordable, made from stainless steel, so will remain rust-free even in a humid climate.

Moreover, it can last the humidity of the bathroom and as it is made from stainless steel, it is quite easy to keep it clean by using alcohol wipes. Also, it is easy to handle and use with its ergonomic design, which fits like a glove in all hands.

This device has particularly high precision due to the great grip factor when it comes to the main function of cutting the nails of the baby. Apart from this, a magnifying glass can come in handy at any time.

If it is of no use to an individual using it, then it can be tucked away, so the parent is not distracted. If you believe in something high tech then, the option for bbluvtrimo is the smartest choice. Yes, because it has 4 grades of sandpaper discs, which make it easier for the parents to choose according to their baby’s nails.

Additional sandpapers are available in a pack of 3. An amazing design with easy to hold shape and preventing moms from cutting the baby’s delicate skin.

This will give you the hope of cutting nails with complete ease. If you are a scissors person, then Rubis has won the race by a great distance. These scissors have the most precise cut and long-lasting tool.

Moreover, deluxe is available at a reasonable price with all the cool features of a high-end nail product for babies. Also, it is made from stainless steel, which will keep those nasty scratches away and you happy.

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