7 Best Baby Bottle Nipples – 2023 Buying Guide & Reviews

A baby is one of the most important people of every home and under every one’s observation because everyone wants to take good care of them even it’s an infant or a child who is just ready to start his school.

Talking from the clothes they wear to their eatables and accessories, everything is very important to be taken care of because they need attention to health. Our first priority has always been to provide those things to the child which will be safe to use, healthy and do not cause any damage in any manner. Here we are talking about the baby bottle nipples…

Baby bottle nipples are among those few products which can affect anyone’s health really quickly and it needed to be under great care for the health of the kid. We will try to present few picks of the best baby bottle nipples, highlight the qualities they have, the things which are better in comparison and the characteristics they lack so you can choose the best bottle nipple for your kid because we know you are much concerned about it.

Best Baby Bottle Nipples


Silicon is the material used for the manufacturing baby bottle nipples. Silicon is chosen for its features which include being colorless, harmless, and tasteless material which is good for infants. The texture of silica gel which is the main part of silicon is very soft which gives the child a feeling like a mother’s skin. Also, silicon is suitable for dishwashing as it is not much affected by boiling water and to an extent, it is heatproof so sterilization is boiling water is not a problem for silicon made items.

Latex is also one of the main materials which have been appreciated for being used in manufacturing bottle nipples because it is soft in its nature and because of its flexibility. Also, it is easy to sterilize in boiling water. The only issue with latex is: latex is collapsing while the child is eating so it is less durable as compared to silicon.

There is a list of items mentioned below which contains the best choices for bottle nipples and the description of each item:

1. Dr. Brown’s Original Nipple

Dr. Brown’s Original Nipple


We would like to start our category for the best bottle nipples with one and only Doctor Brown’s baby bottle nipple which comes for different level babies but here we are going to talk about level one which are can be used for babies who are on breastfeeding mainly from birth to 3 months of the age. Being known for its shape and it is used to decrease burping, gas spit-up and colic.


These bottle nipples have been used traditionally because of its shape and technology used to make it. The nipple has internal natural like venting system that helps to eliminate the bubbles, making it easier for a child’s digestive system and proven to be healthy.

There are different levels for Dr. Brown’s Original Nipple which can be recognized by seeing the photos on the website and these baby bottle nipples ranges from Preemie Flow to Y-Cut. It allows choosing the perfect size for those traditional parents who are very concerned about their kid’s health.

The best feature for Dr. Brown’s Original Nipple is that it is designed in such a shape and with such material that, for the kid, it feels close to natural or traditional ways especially for babies on breastfeeding. Also, this bottle nipple can be used interchangeably with different brands of baby bottles.

  • Patented internal vent system for the kid’s better digestion
  • Good return to the price
  • Reduce gas and colic
  • These bottle nipples are dishwasher safe
  • These nipples were made to closely mimic the feel of breastfeeding which is good for child’s health
  • Customers stated these nipples work well with several assorted brands of baby bottles, making them interchangeable with your bottle supply.
  • The only con is the shape of the base of the nipple
  • The base of the nipple does not always create a leak proof seal

2. Gerber First Essential Latex Nipples

Gerber First Essential Latex Nipples


These are traditionally shape made Gerber First Essential Latex Nipples are famous for their shape and material which gives natural like experience to the child. This medium flow nipple is best suitable for babies age 4 months and older.


Gerber First Essential Latex Nipples have a natural feel which works well as a supplement for breastfeeding babies. These bottle nipples are best for those parents who just want to go out and leave their kid back to someone because these bottle nipples are easy and safe to use for their natural feel.

The other main feature of these latex nipples for which has outstanding performance among the category is, these latex nipples are best for those parents who want to transfer their little one from breastfeeding to the bottle.

These Latex nipples are BPA free which saves your baby from many harmful chemicals and also it has been proven that latex nipples are far stronger than silicon nipples. These latex nipples have a natural vented design which protects the kid from getting too much air while feeding which ultimately helps to reduce gas and colic. Also, these are made in standard sizes which can be used with most of the bottles.

  • Gerber latex bottle nipples have ribs and vent holes which reduce the risk of collapsing the material
  • Latex nipples are stronger than silicon nipples
  • Vented design to reduce gas and colic
  • These latex bottle nipples are BPA free
  • It protects the little one from intake of harmful chemicals
  • Gerber latex bottle nipples come in standard sizes which can be used interchangeably with most of the standard sized baby bottles.
  • It has been reported by the users that these latex nipple has only one hole which makes it difficult for the kid to intake the food

3. Similac Infant Nipples & Rings

Similac Infant Nipples & Rings


These are latex standard flow bottle nipples which can be used for babies of different ages which can be newborn to 12 months old child. These bottle nipples are mainly disposable nipples that are better suitable for those babies who are in daycare, outdoor, while traveling, in picnic or any babysitting services and if you want to provide extra care to your kid.

The Similac Infant Nipples comes in a pack of 10 in a pack which makes it suitable for busy mommies out there who like to use disposable bottle nipples. It is made with the best of the material and each nipple within a separate container which ensures that each time you use a new bottle nipple it will be safe even the pack is open.

  • Fits most standard bottles
  • These are latex nipples
  • Less likely to collapse because of material used
  • Each nipple is enclosed within separate container
  • Comes in 10 pieces in a pack making it more convenient
  • Each nipple is sterilized and enclosed in air tight container
  • Rings are included in the pack for quick setup for a hungry baby or while travelling
  • • Since these are made for 1 time use only, so changing bottle nipple each time can be costly

4. Phillips AVENT Nipple

Phillips AVENT Nipple


The best thing which made Phillips Avent Nipples make their way in this category is the material used to make these nipples and these bottle nipples have 3 holes to provide a steady flow of milk while feeding the baby. These bottle nipples are medium flow nipples that are designed to provide fewer bubbles while the child’s feed.

Phillips Avent nipple is suitable for babies age 3 months and older than that.


Colic can mainly be caused by the gas which is created when the little one is getting his feed from a bottle and get too much air and colic can cause lower abdominal pain which eventually results in prolonged crying. The main feature which we would like to highlight is that the Philip Avent nipples are anti-colic which are designed to reduce colic in small babies being produced while feeding.

Phillips Avent Nipples are made with silicon material. It is true that latex is far stronger than silicon but some experts have also proven silicon to be better because of its features which include: odorless, tasteless, heat resistant which allows washing nipples better while dishwashing and clear which allows you to see the food while feeding the baby.

  • This standard nipple works with all Philips Avent bottles
  • Anti colic nipples
  • Anti colic valves flexes to pull the air back into the bottle and stops from getting into kid’s tummy
  • Phillips Avent nipple is odorless and tasteless
  • Made with silicon which makes Phillips Avent Nipple to be dishwasher safe and heat resistant
  • Less stronger than latex nipples
  • More likely to collapse as baby feeds

5. LifeFactory BPA-Free Silicon Nipples

LifeFactory BPA-Free Silicon Nipples


LifeFactory BPA free silicon Nipples are fast flow bottle nipples that are well known for their faster flow because of the material used and design. These bottle nipples are suitable for babies over 6 months and it is Y- shaped.

These bottle nipples are manufactured in standard sizes which make them easy to be used with most of the LifeFactory bottles which make it convenient and faster to feed the kid.

The nipple has a vented design that stops much air to go is the little one’s tummy while feeding and which eventually makes lesser gas and stops colic. These bottle nipples are one of those nipples which are used for babies under transition from breastfeeding to bottle.

  • Y-cut design for faster food flow
  • Y-cut design can also be used for feeding cereal
  • These bottle nipples are made with 100% pure silicon
  • Also comfortable with some other brands of bottles
  • Sterilized and dishwashing friendly
  • Suitable for older babies only
  • Not recommended to infants or those babies who cannot control fast food flow while feeding

6. Enfamil Standard Flow Soft Disposable Nipples

Enfamil Standard Flow Soft Disposable Nipples


We call them busy mommy’s first choice.

These are disposable bottle nipples that are best if you want to buy disposable bottle nipples in bulk. These bottle nipples come as a pack of 25. Enfamil standard flow soft disposable nipples are suitable for babies from birth to 12 months of age. Also, these are made with the best of the material which makes it latex-free. Being latex-free it is best for newborn’s sensitive skin.

Although these nipples are sold as disposable but unlike expectations these can be disinfected by using a simple sterilizer which allows it to use for more than one time. These bottle nipples are manufactured on ready to go formulas which means that you simply need to open the bottle of formula, place the bottle nipple on the bottle and you are good to go.

Enfamil standard flow soft disposable nipples have been recommended for most of those moms and dads who are mostly busy and have very little time to feed their babies. It is also suitable for daycare, during travel, on picnics, or any other babysitting services.

  • Soft flow and latex free making it one of the best for newborn babies soft and sensitive skin
  • Suitable for babies from birth to 12 months of the age
  • East to be purchased in bulk as comes with a 25 of pack
  • Best for busy parents
  • Though being disposable, can be used twice
  • Easy to be used for ready to use bottles formula
  • Money and time saver
  • Some users reported that these bottle nipples become smelly after couple of use
  • Better to be used only once

7. Phillips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Nipple

Phillips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Nipple


The Phillips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Nipples are designed mainly for breastfeeding babies because of their shape and material used because it has a natural latch-on sensation which allows the child to feed more readily.


The main feature which makes it on number 1 in the list, Phillips Avent natural baby bottle nipple’s shape is similar to mother’s breast which makes it the best for babies who are on breastfeeding because it gives a natural latch-on sensation. Because of this natural feel, babies who are only on breastfeeding can easily and readily feed on the bottle even if it is their first time.

It is best for those babies who are in transition from breastfeeding to the bottle because the wide shape of the nipple makes it easier for the kid to switch. If you are a working mom and must substitute with bottle-feeding, it is important to choose a nipple that closely resembles the breast so that baby does not become accustomed to the bottle and refuse the breast. Most wide-shaped bottles mimic breastfeeding.

It can be a drawback of the nipple because a child who is normally being feed on the breast can be more comfortable with a bottle and can be a problem of gaining a preference for the bottle.

  • The avent has a natural latch-on effect
  • This bottle nipple uses Airflex vent to reduce gas, colic and spit up
  • Suitable for busy moms
  • Good substitute for babies who are dependent upon breastfeeding only
  • Good for babies on transition from breastfeeding to bottle
  • This nipple has a flexible spiral design that provides a natural feel when the child eats and makes it easier to practice baby-led feeding – allowing the kid self-latch to the bottle rather than forcing the nipple into kid’s mouth
  • Made with silicon
  • Nipple is odorless and tasteless
  • Users reported that the hole in this bottle nipple tears after some use
  • Nipple does not last longer

Things to consider when choosing a baby bottle nipple

Before going ahead with the list of best bottle nipple we would like to highlight the things which needed to be considering while choosing a nipple and those things which make a nipple best for your child’s bottle.

Since every baby is different and have specific needs which other kids don’t have, and the basis on those needs the best bottle nipple is chosen few of those are:


Since nipples for feeding are mostly used for babies from birth to 12 months of age and these are the most sensitive times for life because these are the initial stages and within these stages, a baby most likely gets infections, health issues and the kid is sensitive internally and externally.

After research, experts have recommended only two types of material for bottle nipples.

The size of the baby bottle nipple hole is also an important factor to be kept under consideration because the amount of the food flow depends upon the size of the nipple hole. Different brands of the bottle nipples are entitled to different levels from 1 to 4. Each level covers different age of the child.

For example, the best newborn bottle nipples are entitled as level 1 which covers the child from the age of 0 to 6 months.

There are reasons why the size of the nipple hole is important. If the hole is open to flow more amount of food than the kid can handle it will result in discomfort of the kid and can also cause the kid to choke. Also if the flow is less than the child’s needs, it will be too hard to suck the food and it will be fussy for him.

There are various shapes in which the baby bottle nipples come and there are reasons behind them which include traditional, flat and wide topped, and orthodontic. Traditional nipples are mostly long and perfectly rounded at the top. Flat and wide topped are made to resemble mother’s breasts and suitable for those babies who are mainly on breastfeeding and these help them to move from breastfeeding to bottle. While the orthodontic nipples are shaped more like a child’s mouth.

Spoiler title

Bottle-Feeding Safety Tips

When you are supplementing a child’s breastfeeding there are some safety tips that must be kept under consideration because violating these or if not kept care, can cause serious problems to the child’s health.

Cleaning Bottle Nipples

For a very long time, sterilization was the only method that was recommended to be used for cleaning bottle nipples. It is not a false method but there are some other ways that are also being used and proven to be safe to use which includes dishwashing the nipples. But one must see whether the item is dishwashing safe because not all of the baby bottle nipples are.

Also, it is recommended to wash hands with soap and water to keep care of the cleanliness of the people around while feeding as well. It is also recommended to throw and do not use any torn or damaged nipples or any item like that having an unpleasant odor.

Proper Feeding Techniques

There are proper postures that need to be followed for feeding the child for the health of the baby and the posture which should be avoided on the top is putting the kid in upside-down posture because it can choke the baby while feeding which can lead to respiratory discomfort and breathing issues. It can also cause the kid to vomit or spit-up the food.

The perfect recommended position is to cradle the little one in your arm with the baby’s head resting in the crook of your arm. The kid should be in half laid down/ half-sitting position because if the kid will be lying during feed it can cause an ear infection or can cause the kid to choke (choking hazard).

The position of the bottle while feeding the baby is also very important and the nipple must be full while feeding because it limits the number of bubbles going with the food. If there will be a large number of bubbles going in the baby’s food, it will cause issues like gas, spit-up of food and others.

Burp baby half-way through the feeding and at the end to lessen the chance of tummy aches caused by gas. When you burp baby mid-feeding, change baby’s position so baby is comfortable throughout the feeding. Also, remember to make a bond while feeding the baby because they need more attention during it which can be done by cuddling baby, eye contact and softly speaking to baby because it allows them to tell if there is any discomfort while feeding.

What price range should I keep in mind?

It all depends upon a person’s budget. There is a lot of variety available in baby bottle nipples depending upon the features and it can go as low as $10 and as high as $140. It is not always true that the most expensive item is the best fit for your child but you should keep the requirements of the child in the mind first whether which material will suit your baby and what are the factors which need to be focused more on.

The features which must be kept under consideration are mentioned in the start of this writing.


In this writing, we tried to focus on some of the top picks for the best baby bottle nipples.

Since feeding is one of the most sensitive parts of a baby’s routine and everything includes at this time is important as anything and must be taken care of. Baby bottle nipple is one of them.

In the start of the writing, we tried to mention the important factors which anyone should take care whenever he/she is looking to but the best nipple for the child because the size, material used and shape of the nipple, all are very important to be chosen as per your child’s need.

There are few best picks of the year which are described as having an overview of the qualities they have which makes them outstanding among the other products of the type and their pros and cons. There are a few things that need to be considered while feeding the child who includes the best technique to feed a child and the things which should be avoided while feeding.

There is also a specific price range you should have in mind to realize whether you are spending money on the right place or not and whether it really is the right return for your money or not.

So, if you are a parent who is new to these things and want to get a detailed idea about what the baby bottle nipples are, what things must be taken care of, what should be the precautions and what are the best picks for your child, then this writing will be enough for you to have a good idea about all of these things. Now, Go ahead, have a detailed look and make a decision after that…