7 Super Easy Ways to Get Rid of White Patches on Baby Face – 2024 Guide

A few days back, I noticed little white spots (or patches) appearing on my little buddy’s cheeks.

Getting a bit scared (as I have always been conscious of baby’s health and diet), I was wondering what lacking from my side has caused such a problem.

There were a number of questions popping up in my mind…. Are these white patches on the babyface itchy? Are they painful? Will it get cured….and bla bla.

Pityriasis Alba – The White Patches on Your Baby’s Cheeks

There is nothing scary and you don’t need to worry about these patches.

Such a condition in which white patches or spots start appearing on the baby’s face is usually called Pityriasis Alba.

Pityriasis Alba is a Latin word that means scaly and dry patches.

It is a normal skin disorder in which dry pigmented patches (or spots) appear on the areas particularly the face, forearms, shoulders, mouth, and chin.

What causes Pityriasis Alba?

Though the exact reason is not known but studies have shown that Pityriasis Alba is mainly caused due to overexposure to sunlight. Mostly the children with dry skin are suffered from this skin disorder.

What these white patches look like?

There is no exact appearance style or shape of such white patches on the baby’s face. They are circular, oval, or sometimes irregular in shape.

How bigger these patches are?

These white patches are usually 0.5 to 2 cm in diameter. And they appear on the face (cheeks’ area), upper trunk, arms, shoulders, mouth, and chin areas.

What Causes White Patches on The Face of Child?

Being a mommy, I am damn sure you will be curious to know about the causes of these white patches on the baby’s face.

Before hopping to any sort of treatment or remedy, it is definitely better to know the causes and reasons of a disorder.

Check out the major causes of Pityriasis Alba (or white patches on baby’s face) listed below.

1. Excessive Exposure to Sun

This is the topmost cause due to which a baby may suffer from such patches or spots. Too much exposure to the sun or people living in extremely hot regions is likely to have this skin disorder.

2. Vitamin Deficiency

Many of the mommies have to cope with children’s refusal while eating. For me, it is truly a nightmare when my baby is not going to consume food properly.

A balanced and nutritious diet is the foundation for a healthy kid. And lacking a diet becomes a major reason for vitamin deficiency. This ultimately leads to such white patches on the baby’s face.

Vitamin B12 is vital of all vitamins that help in producing Melanin. Deficiency of B12 leads to the deficiency of Melanin that causes white spots on the face (or other parts of the body).

3. Copper Deficiency

Sometimes zinc and copper deficiency also results in these spots. A preventive measure in this regard is necessary to be taken.

4. Some Other Possible Skin Disorders Deficiency

Image source: unsplash.com

Pityriasis Alba (as thoroughly explained above) is not harmful at all. It heals on its own in the time span of a few months to a year. These white patches are dry and do not cause any itching or pain.

But if they start getting reddish in color or become itchy, this might be some other skin disorder.

Let’s have a look at other possible skin disorders.

5. Vitiligo

An autoimmune disorder, Vitiligo is caused due to the loss of pigmentation. In this case, the body attacks melanin-producing cells (called Melanocytes) which causes the patches on the face.

Though it affects children of various skin colors the babies with darker complexion are more prone to have this problem.

6. Tinea Versicolor

Another skin disorder that might cause these white patches on the baby’s face is Tinea Versicolor.

It is actually a fungal infection in which the fungus starts producing an acid in the body which interferes with Melanin production. This definitely reduces Melanin and causes such discoloration.

7. Milia

It is the disorder that results because of the chemicals present in cosmetics. In response to such chemicals, the skin shows an allergic reaction that develops small white bumps on the skin.

7 Easy Remedies to Remove White Patches on Baby’s Face

Now, the next step is to cure these patches at earliest. Although, these are harmless and get healed with the passage of time.

But adopting any of the listed remedies can cure them easily.

  • Apply a Moisturizer – One of the simplest treatments for these white patches on the baby’s face is to perform lubrication with a moisturizer.

It will keep the skin wet and prevent dryness that helps to remove these patches.

  • Use Coconut Oil – Another way to keep a baby’s skin hydrated is to use pure coconut oil. Coconut oil is the best solution for healthy skin.

Due to its anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties, it helps in keeping skin soft and healthy.

  • Avoid Chemical Soaps – The chemical formulae of many soaps and creams also cause dryness in the skin. Avoid such chemical-based soaps as much as possible.
  • Balanced and Nutritious Diet – Try to include more iron and calcium-rich fruits and vegetables in your baby’s diet.

This will further fulfill her vitamin requirements as well. And the baby will have skin free of these patches.

  • Apply Sunscreen – A broad-spectrum sunscreen is another remedy to remove these white patches.

Whenever you take the baby outside, apply such sunscreen to her face and it will give her extra protection from sunlight.

  • Avoid Non-Dye Emollients – As per the pediatricians’ recommendation, the non-perfume and non-dye emollients must be avoided to prevent dryness of the skin.

(Because an excessive dryness may cause Pityriasis Alba or the white patches on the baby’s face).

  • Use Antifungal Creams – If the white patches are caused by a fungal infection, then anti-fungal creams can be applied.

But you must consult a pediatrician first before applying any cream.

Final Thoughts

So, all of you mommies don’t worry at all. These white patches on the baby’s face are not something incurable.

Applying the listed remedies will help you get rid of them.

What other remedies you have used for such patches, share with me in the comments section.