Say Goodbye to Pills and Use These 10 Tips to Delay Period Naturally for Vacation in 2024

The day I discovered there are natural ways to delay period without using any pills, I was practically jumping with joy!

I was never (and hopefully, never will be) a pills fan. I have always tried to utilize natural remedies to resolve any problem. But of course, at times, there’s just no way out of a problem without medication.

However, my husband got a few weeks off from work and I wanted to make the most of those days. We decided to go to the Bahamas since it was summer and my kids were also on vacation. It seemed like the perfect time for bonding as a family.

The glitch was that the vacation days clashed with my period.

I knew I had to delay it somehow. Nobody needs a moody person on board during the holiday.

So I resorted to natural remedies I had learned over the course of time to delay period if I ever had to embark on a journey in a hurry. Yes, I also like to be prepared beforehand.

Today, I am going to share some natural ways to delay the period for a vacation that you can use as well. I and my friends have tried them all so I am pretty sure they’ll work for you too!

Ready to Read How to Delay Period for Vacation Naturally

1. Start drinking more water

Start drinking more water

If you are interested in delaying your period for a vacation within a short time, then increase your water intake. Water is rich in chlorine, a chemical that has shown a decrease in cycle length in a study.

The research examined the urine samples of women who consumed different types of water, including tap water. In all women, the results were similar. The scientists observed reduced ovarian function with the increase in trihalomethanes (THM) levels in the body.

THM is a combination of various chemicals that are produced as by-products of chlorination of water. No matter what kind of water it is, if it contains chlorine, THM will be present in it.

The research also deduced that increased THM might cause early pregnancy loss among women who are already pregnant and consuming a lot of water.

So ladies, if you want to temporarily control your menstrual cycle, start drinking more water than usual.

2. Drink a mixture of vinegar and water

Vinegar is also helpful in the delaying period. It is a natural and risk-free method that does not cause any harm to your body.

You might be aware of the numerous health benefits of vinegar, a.k.a. apple cider. Nutritionists recommend adding vinegar to your routine diet in order to decrease weight, fight cholesterol, and lower down your blood sugar levels. Vinegar assists in combating cramps which are a real pain before and during the period.

In addition, mixing together vinegar and water also promotes period delay! The acidic content of this food is perfect if you are planning for a vacation and want to keep your scarlet days at bay. Go ahead and incorporate vinegar in your salads or drink as an infusion with water to naturally delay the period!

3. Avoid spicy foods

Avoid Spicy Foods to delay periods

Whenever your body is hot, it promotes the production of more estrogen. And as spicy foods are associated with increased body temperature, they can actually trigger an early menstrual cycle. This is also one of the reasons why girls living in the warm climate experience period earlier than the females who reside in colder climates.

So if you want to delay the period without pills using natural methods, avoid eating all kinds of spicy foods containing peppers, paprika, jalapenos, or chilies. Science has not yet proven the relationship between spicy foods and the early onset of the menstrual cycle. However, if you stop eating spicy food before your vacation, you can delay your period for a few weeks.

4. Increase lemon infusion intake

Increase lemon infusion intake

Using lemon is more effective if you accidentally get your period a bit early during your vacation or just a few days before your journey.

Lemon also boasts an acidic nature, which benefits in pushing back your menstrual cycle for some time. The acidic content detoxifies the body, shedding the uterine line quickly. This would temporarily cut off the period if you drink it during the cycle.

You can either mix lemon with vinegar and water (or any other acidic fruit for that matter, for example, oranges) and drink a combination of these foods. Or simply opt for a lemon water infusion.

5. Incorporate gram lentils in your diet

lentils in your diet

Another useful natural method to delay the period before vacation is by incorporating gram lentils in your diet. Yes, it really does work!

My friend had to go on a business trip to Florida during the summer. The period has always been a nuisance and an extremely tiresome time for her. She becomes a kind of incapable of performing even the routine tasks, let alone give a presentation in front of hundreds!

That’s when she resorted to the traditional ways of dealing with this problem. She asked her mom how to delay the period without pills usage. She suggested eating gram lentils for 2 weeks regularly.

Here’s how you can prepare and eat gram lentils and avoid spoiling your vacation with crimson!

6. Try Cinnamon tea to delay period


Many women swear by Cinnamon tea to delay period naturally. Including me. Cinnamon contains stress-relieving and relaxation properties that help your body calm down. The more you become happier, the less stressed you’ll be, and hence, delay your period by a few days – or even weeks!

You can drink a hot cup of Cinnamon tea by using a piece of this herb or a powdered infusion. Let it sit in the water for some time to get the best results. Ideally, drink it at least two times every day before the unwanted guests arrive!

7. Raspberry tea also delays the menstrual cycle

Raspberry tea also delays menstrual cycle

If you are looking for instant natural remedies to delay period before embarking on a vacation, Raspberry tea is worth trying. It is among the earliest natural remedies, used by Chinese women, to push back the bleeding days.

Raspberry leaves tea to constrict the uterine lining and prevents blood flow. Many women who suffer from severe cramps during the period also drink Raspberry tea to soothe their uterus and reduce heavy blood flow.

Scientists have not yet confirmed this technique to delay period. However, many women have tried and tested this tea themselves.

You can purchase Raspberry leaves tea bags and add them to boiling water. Experts advise drinking this tea at least twice every day for a week to see a proper effect on your period.

8. Drink Parsley leaves tea

Drink Parsley leaves tea

Herbs are one of the biggest blessings of God. They contain a wide range of nutrients and medicinal benefits that can pretty much help with all types of ailments and health problems.

If you do not want to delay the period through pills, try resorting to conventional herbal remedies. I tried the Parsley leaves tea a few days before a trip to a nearby village (the weather was strikingly beautiful, it was a spur of the moment decision), and fortunately, it worked for me.

Parsley is known to benefit digestion but did you know it can also push back your period? You can prepare a warm tea using Parsley leaves (fresh or dried, your choice), adding a few teaspoons of honey, and some drops of lemon. Then just wait for the magic to happen!

9. Start exercising

A sedentary lifestyle leads to irregularity in the period. The more you get active, your body becomes fitter with time. You kind of become in control of your bodily systems. Stress levels drop and it gives you renewed energy.

Exercising (and yoga) releases endorphin, a crucial factor that delays period. Scientists have confirmed that exercising has a direct effect on the delaying period naturally but it does not pose any harmful impact on your body in terms of fertility.

But be sure to do only easy exercises, such as walking and stretches to get your body active.  Don’t overburden your body as it might be dangerous!

10. Consume more watermelon and cucumber than ever

watermelon and cucumber

Both of these fruits (yes, cucumber has seeds, so it’s definitely a fruit!) have a cooling effect on your body. And as I mentioned earlier, the cooler your body, the more delayed will be the period.

So my suggestion is to start eating more cool foods to keep your body at a normal temperature. Especially if you live in a very hot environment, it is best to drink lots of cool smoothies with cucumber or watermelon.

As a bonus, you’ll also experience a natural glow on your face! (I did, it was freaking pretty!)


If you were wondering how to delay your period without pills, hope these techniques help deal with this issue through natural methods and you are now familiar with how to delay period for vacation naturally.

Really, you do not want the fun times to get interrupted by the crimson! And taking a pill might not be on top of your list. So go take a dip in the pool or have a romantic evening with your loved one during the vacation with these simple tricks.

Happy vacationing!