What to Do for Becoming Pregnant with Tied Tubes Naturally – 2024 Guide

After giving birth to two or more children; a lot of women don’t want to have more children. Thus, they go through fallopian tubes tying procedures commonly termed as tubal ligation.

However, taking into account the statistics, it has been found out that just a few women somewhere in the future change their minds. These women having a desire to become a mother once again usually want to know how to get pregnant with tubes tied naturally so that they can save themselves from underprivileged practices that lead to the emergence of severe health complications.

Is Tubal Ligation Permanent or Not?

Since we have a common belief that tubal ligation is an everlasting contraceptive practice that avoids getting pregnant throughout life. However, in case somewhere later in your life, you get a desire and decide to get pregnant, but you have undergone this process, and you think how to get pregnant when your tubes are tied.

It would be indeed hard to get pregnant but not impossible. There are certain tricks to getting pregnant after a tubal ligation.

Many women are found sharing their desire that ‘I want to get pregnant, but my tubes are tied.’ From research, it has been found out that fallopian tube tying is not 100 percent conformity of contraception.

Instead, 1 percent chance is still left behind of becoming pregnant even after undergoing this procedure. However, with passing 10 years, the risk gets higher to around 1.8 percent.

Majority of pregnancies taking place after tying of fallopian tubes are ectopic in terms of nature. It means that the pregnancy will not occur in the uterus rather in the fallopian tube.

Sometimes, due to pregnancy and childbirth complications, tubal ligation is the best-suited prescribed procedure for some women. But it is not uncommon to a desire for conceiving a child and reverses the litigation surgery.

Also, a lot of women experience such surgery every year. Additionally, the surgical procedures are proven successful; having less than 15 percent women who choose the surgery are unable to become pregnant. Tubal ligation and tubal implants do not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Tubal Ligation Reversal

A tubal ligation reversal is a method to bring back fertility after a female has done a tubal ligation — which is a procedure in which fallopian tubes are blocked or cut to avoid pregnancy. This procedure is commonly known as “having your tubes tied.”

During the process of tubal ligation reversal, the blocked sections of the fallopian tubes are rejoined to the remaining part of the fallopian tubes. This causes the eggs to yet again travel through the tubes and sperm to swim up through the fallopian tubes and adhere on an egg.

Tubal ligation procedures that ground the slightest amount of harm to the fallopian tubes are the most expected to permit an efficient tubal ligation reversal. Examples are sterilization with tubal rings or clips. Procedures that cause disfiguring or damaging to lock down the fallopian tubes, such as the Adiana or Essure systems, are by and large irreversible.

But if you desire to get pregnant you may think how to get pregnant after tubal ligation without reversal?

Non-Surgical Way of Becoming Pregnant with Tied Tubes

Many women ask is there any natural way to get pregnant after tubal ligation conversely, to find out the answer of how to get pregnant with your tubes tied without surgery? Because some women want to avoid further surgical procedures as the surgery is associated with major and minor risks. Also, it takes several weeks to be fully recovered.

No matter how much the doctors are experienced and surgery is performed with care. There are still certain risks like severe pains due to stitched open cavities, medications, precautionary measures etc. All of these are some minor side effects of surgery while majors could be quite fatal.

On the other hand, there are also women who are concerned about the cost of tubal ligation untying process. Even though there are countries where this surgery is offered free of cost. Because it is considered as a part of an insurance package and normal health.

However, others might ask you for higher financial bills, so in some cases; it is indeed way too costly.

Thereby, you might want to know how to get pregnant with tubes tied without surgery? Indeed, there is no substitute for natural processes. And the best part is, there is a natural process that will help you if you are thinking about how to get pregnant with tubes tied without surgery.

Stay Calm and Do Nothing!

In case you are wondering how to get pregnant with tubes tied without surgery then you might not believe. However, the first and foremost option is to stay calm and do nothing. The logical reason behind this is after some time in some women the surgery itself fails.

Consequently, the fallopian tubes that were tied with a surgical cut automatically heal.

Even though usually it has been observed that this is most common in females who have experienced the fallopian tube surgeries at their twenties age period. Since, at this time of life, the natural mechanism for the healing of women body is much faster and aggressive.

This also comes among the reasons women aged between 20-29 are not recommended for ligation.

Thus, it is anticipated that almost 5 percent of women falling under this age group will have a natural conception following tied fallopian tubes without any further attempt to conceive. With your growing age, the possibility of this natural phenomenon also gets decreased.

Since your body healing power and fertility keep on lowering naturally. It doesn’t mean that after crossing twenties now all doors for natural reverse tubal ligation has been closed. But it does mean that its chances have decreased and in the thirties and so on, it becomes more unlikely.

For tricks to getting pregnant after a tubal ligation, another one is to see your doctor or any suitable and good Family Planning Clinic. Since they can have an in-depth examination so they would be better capable of prescribing you best possible methods as per your body health.

With the help of tests, they would assess the position and condition of your ligation. And if they don’t refer you for further test then you can go with the above-mentioned procedure that is to conceive naturally through waiting. And not opting for any reversal tubal ligation.

Massage Regularly and Get Unexpected Results

is it safe to get a massage while pregnant

Furthermore, upon questioning how to get pregnant with tubes tied without surgery from certain women. It has been found out that self-fertility massage is also productive and effective for naturally conceiving.

This method relates with massaging yourself continuously at lower abdomen, particularly your uterus area. It is a proven method for resolving an array of fertility-related issues entailing ligation.

The logical reasoning behind this method is it assists in making the blood flow better towards the fallopian tubes and uterus. As a result, reproductive health gets better.

This is the topic on which you will found a river of information online in shape of manuals and videos. As they are low cost rather free, easier and can be done by yourself.

Additionally, there are also multiple massage ways and procedures s whichever sounds easier for you, you can apply that one. However, if this method also doesn’t work then might be possible you are older enough for not to conceive.

And might be possible becoming pregnant for you is not a good option and could be dangerous for your health and life. Other than these facts, this process is harmless. Even, if you are unable to reap one of its benefits that are to conceive but it will surely heal your tubes and resolve many other problems.

On the other hand, can you get pregnant with your tubes tied after 10 years? This again needs to check your age at the time of ligation. If you were in the early twenties; then more likely you could if you follow the massage practice.

However, if you were in the late twenties and the waiting method also not worked, then might be possible, it would be a bit difficult.

Castor Oil Therapy does Miracles

Another effective methodology as tricks to getting pregnant after a tubal ligation relates to castor oil therapy.  This is also a harmless natural therapy wherein you need a soaked cloth in castor oil and apply over the area where you want to recover or heal.

Castor oil is a proven element that supports the healing process naturally. Some women are also seen to use castor oil orally. However, it is usually recommended that if you opt the oral therapy of castor oil then first read the recommendations for dosage closely.

Even though the oil is regarded as a natural laxative but upon taking high dosage it may reverse its effects and make you unwell. Thus, it’s better to look before you leap as it is related to your health and well-being.

What is a Castor Oil Pack used for?

A Castor Oil Pack is an actually just a cloth which is soaked in castor oil and it is then placed on the patient’s skin to improve and boost circulation and advance healing of the organs and tissues beneath the skin.

Castor oil packs energize triggers blood flow in 3 important components of your body: liver and circulatory systems and the lymphatic system. The activation of these body systems helps the body in curing the tissues and organs beneath where the castor oil pack is used.

Castor oil packs energize major detoxification systems in your body, like liver and the lymphatic system. The activation of these systems can also help in avoiding ailment in the reproductive system and thus it improves fertility. Castor oil packs is an incredible method to maintain a healthy reproductive system.

When to consult a doctor?

Following tubal ligation, it is crucial to be careful about signs of infection at the site of incision. In case you find some redness, swelling, or discharge, talk to your doctor immediately.

Anyone who comes to know that they are pregnant must perform an at-home pregnancy test. If you see a positive result, then a doctor can recommend further tests to verify the pregnancy.

It is also fundamental to know the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, which can be lethal if a person is not given prompt medical supervision.

Signs and Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy

Strong abdominal or pelvic pain can also be symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy.

An ectopic pregnancy may happen if a fertilized egg adheres in the fallopian tube instead implanting in the uterus.

Females who get pregnant after experiencing tubal ligation have more chances of ectopic pregnancy.

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy can be initially similar to an ordinary pregnancy but a few additional symptoms can also be seen including:

  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Heavy or light vaginal bleeding
  • A feeling of heaviness or stress on the pelvis
  • Sharp pain in the pelvis

An ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency because it may damage the fallopian tube by rupturing it, leading to internal bleeding.

If a woman is pregnant, she must look for urgent medical attention if she experiences the following discomforts:

  • A sensation of lightheadedness
  • Sharp pain in the pelvis or abdomen
  • Being  unconsciousness
  • Pain in the left shoulder
  • Intense vaginal bleeding

If a doctor diagnoses an early ectopic pregnancy, he will immediately prescribe medicine to stop it and then the doctor is supposed to keep an eye on the patient’s hormonal condition to make sure that the hormone levels are dropping.

If medication is incapable to stop the pregnancy, the doctor will then recommend surgery.

Signs and Symptoms

Females who have gone through tubal ligation must still be alert of a few symptoms of pregnancy, particularly because they have a bigger possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

Signs and indications of pregnancy are:

  • Cravings for some specific foods and distaste to others
  • Nausea
  • Softness of the breasts
  • Inexpressible fatigue
  • Repeated urination
  • Missed menstrual cyc

At-home tests, if used correctly, may help to find out whether a woman is pregnant or not. If the test confirms a positive result, it is necessary to see a doctor for verification.