5 Of the Best Homemade Pregnancy Test That works At Home – 2024 Guide

One night stands turn out be quite scary when a few days later you start feeling like you are pregnant or even when you are with your partner and suspect that you might be expecting.

The news or pregnancy can be quite frightening especially when it takes place suddenly and you have no idea how to handle the situation.

There are always those girls and women out there that do not want to try out the regular pregnancy test.

They prefer the home made tests that can help them determine if they are pregnant or not.

There are multiple reasons why one would want that and the most common one is that they don’t won’t anyone else to find out that they are pregnant.

The other reason is that most girls can afford to buy multiple pregnancy tests so it is economical to stick to the home remedies.

Well good for them because there are quite a number of pregnancy tests that you can make at home and they are fairly accurate.

Today at the baby side we are going to talk about some major homemade pregnancy tests that have been used by women for centuries.

So you can try these out and check whether you are pregnant or not.

1. Urine in a Jar Pregnancy Test

urine in a jar pregnancy test positive

Just like the regular pregnancy test you can make your own urine test at home.

The only problem is that you would have to wait a day for the results. So let us see how you can take this test.

  • First you need to collect your urine in a cup or a clean jar
  • The let the jar sit for 24 hours at a plain surface so that nothing messes it up
  • Wait for the next day and look for a white layer on the urine.
  • If there is no wait layer then the result is negative.

2. Sugar Pregnancy Test

Well we all have sugar in own kitchen cabinets.

So take that out and use it as a cheap way to make yourself a pregnancy test. Sugar can be used to test the HCG in your urine so urinate in a bowl and add 2-3 table spoons of sugar in it and wait for 5-10 minutes for the result.

If the sugar gets dissolved in the urine then the results are negative whereas if the sugar doesn’t get dissolve and forms a clump on the surface then the results are positive.

3. Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

White toothpaste is the one of the best items to make you an economical homemade pregnancy test.

I mean everyone brushes their teeth thus you must have some toothpaste in the home. Urinate in a cup or a bowl and add some toothpaste in it.

Wait for at least 5 minutes for a reaction to take place. If there is no reaction then the results are negative whereas if the mixture starts to react and turn into blue form then you are pregnant.

4. Bleach Pregnancy Test

Bleach is also an ingredient that can be used to find out if you are expecting or not. The only problem is that bleach is a reacting agent as it had certain chemicals in it so you need to be extra careful when the taking this test.

Also make sure that you have white bleach not the chlorine mixed one.

Mix your urine and half a cup of bleach and wait for at least 5 minutes for the reaction to take place.

The reaction will take place if you are pregnant. The mixture will start to fizz and bubbles will be formed where as if no reaction takes place you are good to go.

Check this interesting video from Nikita youtube channel to know more about the bleach pregnancy test.

5. White Vinegar Pregnancy Test

White vinegar can also be used to determine if you are pregnant or not.

Another interesting video from Nikita on home pregnancy test with vinegar.

Add half a cup of distilled white vinegar in the bowl that you urinated in and wait for almost 3 – 5 minutes for the color to change. If there is no color change then you are not pregnant. 


These are some of the most amazing tests that you can make at home and save the cost of buying pregnancy tests every time you feel like you are pregnant.

There are other ones as well so keep visiting the baby side for more upgrades and information regarding your day to day issues.

We are like are family so we provide you with the best quality information possible and hope to provide you with all the assistance that is possible from that start of your pregnancy till the day your baby starts his or her school life so visit the baby side to get more information about the baby related issues.