7 Best Swaddle Blankets – 2023 Buying Guide & Reviews

The greatest fear for the parents in winter or during nights is that their babies don’t get suffocated because of the blankets we use to swaddle them. Babies move and turn around in their sleep and they don’t realize if the blanket has covered them all over.

Due to consistent breathing inside the wool of the blanket, the oxygen level drops, there are chances they might get suffocated and may result in causing the death of infants/babies.


SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and SUID stands for Sudden Unexpected Infant Death, which occurs when an infant/baby dies without any reason in their sleep. The major reason for deaths includes suffocation within the sleeping environment for e.g. Baby’s bed, bed-sharing of other siblings, etc.

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Top Picks and Why Best Swaddle Blankets For Babies Review

It also includes other deaths occurring for unexpected reasons. 

1. Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original 1.0 TOG

Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original 1.0 TOG


This love to dream swaddle up is made from 97% of breathable cotton material which makes it one of the top and best swaddle blankets for summers. Due to the fact that this blanket is a thin swaddle which definitely allows the baby to be swaddled easily without any hassle and getting overheated during nights. For an updated price check, visit amazon.

It does not affect the baby’s posture during sleep

This swaddle unlike other swaddles, baby can be swaddled in a very natural way. No pressure on the arms, legs, and hips; they are free to move easily in the way the baby moves around during sleep. Parents love to keep their babies calm as they know that if they get irritated they will just make babies unhappy and they don’t want to do that. This swaddle let the parents and babies happy at the same time.

How this swaddle came into being

It is really an inspiring one, a mother in Australia was trying to keep her baby warm, after a struggling period of 18 months of sleepless nights, love to dream came into existence from a challenging mom. She took her skills a little further as a fashion designer & solved this problem herself in keeping the babies warm during summer nights.

Honorary Awarded & Globally Accepted

This type of swaddling was made by a mother keeping in mind the feeling of safety and comfort for the babies during their night’s sleep. Talking about summers there has to be something that is breathable and airy enough to keep the child in comfort and on the other hand, give the babies the kind of warmth they are looking in the nights of summers, so swaddle up was the ultimate solution. Due to this, it is honored as one of the top and best 20 companies making the future of Australia bright & prosperous and also among the 20 winners of the Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow award. Currently, this swaddle is swaddling thousands of babies around the world.

  • Diaper changing is so easy due to its dual zipper property.
  • Due to its design in a way of being natural, babies can move their hands and legs easily without any stretch.
  • Babies can sleep easily in a natural baby position by keeping their hands up due to its design.
  • Legs and hips can move easily without any hassle unlike other swaddles.
  • Price can be checked on Amazon.
  • Made from cotton material.
  • Parents experienced it as a swaddle that is only recommendable to infants as it gets short soon for growing babies.

2. SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle


SwaddleMe Original Swaddle is the best type of swaddle blankets that are available, it is best to use for babies born prematurely. The SwaddleMe swaddle blankets grow along with your baby as it has three size options for the small newborn baby’s there is a pod size stage, for baby’s up to 14 pounds there is an original size stage, and the third size stage is called the Love Sack it is best for baby’s weighing up to 20 pounds. For updated price check, amazon.

Located in Rhode Island, SwaddleMe is manufactured by Summer Infant Inc. Summer Infant is popular in manufacturing safe, easy to use and quality material products for babies and caregivers at the same time.

Their product range includes various swaddling blankets and playpens. Aim of Summer Infant is to give the best experience to your baby and to parents in the early years. Log on to Amazon to check the price.

  • To keep the baby safe there are hooks and loops as well as Velcro closures on the swaddle blankets.
  • Ensure the baby is safe by giving a womb-like experience to babies.
  • Adjustable fabric wings ensure the best swaddling fit.
  • Breathable cotton material swaddling makes sure baby doesn’t get overheated.
  • Adjustable harness fastening works with car seat restraints.
  • Three options of swaddling blankets for the price of one.
  • Price can be checked at Amazon.
  • Swaddle blankets do not have an opening for changing diapers of the baby.

3. HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle

HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle


The Halo sleepsack is the best type of swaddling blankets available from the different types of blankets especially designed for newborns. There are three adjustable swaddling blankets options available to suit your baby’s sleeping style.

To give your newborns a safe feeling the baby can be swaddled while being in parent’s arms. To help baby soothing herself in sleep there is an option of hands-to-face, and you can even keep both arms or one arm out as your newborn grows and transition from sleeping without swaddling. For the updated price of the Halo sleepsack, cotton swaddling blankets check amazon.

The Halo Company is best known for products that ensure that the baby is sleeping safely, this is because the person who found this company lost his baby to SIDs.Therefore after much research and checking reviews from parents and caregivers the safest adjustable cotton swaddling sleeping blankets were designed by Halo Company. To keep baby safe while sleeping from SIDs Halo designed wearable size sleeping blankets as well.

  • 3 adjustable options to help baby from swaddling phase to sleeping free.
  • To make diaper changing easy there is a zipper sewn in the swaddle blankets.
  • Swaddle is kept in place by Velcro fastening; this also ensures a snug-fitting of the swaddle blankets.
  • International Hip Dysplasia Institute has recognized the swaddle as hip-healthy as it keeps the natural movement of baby’s hips in check.
  • Sleeveless cotton material makes sure the baby doesn’t get overheated.
  • Price can be checked on Amazon
  • Some parents found that it was too easy for baby’s to get hands out even in hands in swaddling.

4. Safe Dreams by HaloMicro-Fleece

Safe Dreams by HaloMicro-Fleece


Designed by Halo company, they have kept their entire focus on the safety of babies. As it is a reality that baby’s safety comes first and due to the rise in deaths from suffocation and other reasons, the company has taken this point very seriously.

It is one of the best types of swaddles on the list as it is a wearable blanket that comes with TOG 3. The size of the HaloMicroFleece swaddle is perfect as it is a wearable swaddle it can be used in swaddling the baby or as a safety blanket cover that ensures to keep the babies warm during nights. For an updated price check, visit amazon.

The Safe Dreams by HaloMicro-Fleece is made from fleece material with a TOG level of 3. TOG level 3 is an indicator that indicates the swaddle will keep the baby warm in the coldest nights. TOG is a measuring unit that is a textile trade jargon and it is used to measure the intensity of insulation. 

*Note: Parents’ safety precaution is a must before using this fleece material as each layer gives a certain kind of insulation to the toddlers/ babies, so avoid using unnecessary layers for overheating purposes.


      5. Aden + Anais Silky Soft Swaddle Baby Blanket

      Aden + Anais Silky Soft Swaddle Baby Blanket


      The dimensions Aden + Anais Silky Soft swaddle is impressive enough for adjusting babies from newborn to ages up. It’s 47 by a 47-inch sized blanket that allows babies to be swaddled with much ease and comfort. For an updated price check, visit amazon.

      Due to the adjustable and foldable property of the muslin cotton blanket helps to swaddle your baby from newborn and ages up in a cozy & comfortable way. The adjustments and the cotton material allow your baby to have a good night’s sleep for several nights. These swaddle blankets can be used for different types of purposes; it can be used as a blanket, as a nursing size cover, as a baby fastening cover and much more. 

      This Aden + Anais came into existence when an Australian born mom Raegan Moya-Jones could not succeed in finding the right type of cotton material muslin blankets in the USA. She emerged as introducing this type of muslin swaddling to the USA in 2006, fortunately, this became a hit. It is now of the best swaddle blankets sold in 65 countries worldwide, due to its versatility, comfort and safety features of this muslin swaddling blanket. 

      • Due to its impressive size, the versatility of this swaddle comes with many options to be used as more than a blanket.
      • It has a modern and stylish design the material of cotton muslin blankets is so comfortable and breathable that overheating can’t be caused.
      • This muslin swaddling blanket is machine washable, normal mode cleaning and tumbles dry.
      • Price can be checked at amazon.
      • Parents need to learn before using this type of cotton muslin swaddle for its effective cozy use.

      6. Ziggy Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets

      Ziggy Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets


      The Ziggy baby muslin swaddle blankets are made from 100% cotton muslin material, the cotton material of the blankets is breathable soft and comfortable to take good care of your babies. The sizes of the muslin swaddle blankets are actually large enough to be used for different types of purposes in keeping the baby warm and at the same time taking care of them.

      Its big size allows the swaddling baby to keep their movements natural and normal, without giving them a stretchy and discomfort feeling. 

      It is a New York-based company with a mission to provide quality baby products at competitive and affordable prices. Based in New York, the Ziggy Baby mission is to provide high-quality baby products at affordable and competitive prices. It is a must to mention that it makes parents’ life much easier and satisfied. For the latest price, check amazon.

      • Size of 48 by 48 inches that enable parents to swaddle babies of all ages.
      • 100 % muslin cotton which is breathable and comfortable for the babies.
      • Blankets’ cotton material prevents the baby’s from getting overheated.
      • The cotton muslin swaddle can be used as a blanket, nursing cover, fastening baby clothes and much more.
      • Due to its high-quality muslin cotton material, it remains soft even after the wash.
      • Price can be checked at amazon.
      • The thickness of this muslin cotton swaddle is thinner than the others available in the same category of baby blankets.

      7. SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Swaddle Blanket

      SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Swaddle Blanket


      When it comes to winters there is nothing as comfortable as Ultimate swaddle blankets. Specifically designed for winters to give babies extra comfort and warmth they require. It is made in the US from premium quality lightweight and breathable cotton flannel.

      The cotton fabric is designed in a way to keep the babies from getting overheated. Comfort, cozy swaddling is what you can expect from Ultimate Swaddle Blanket. For the latest price check, you can visit Amazon.

      It was founded in 2002 by Lynette Damir a medical background professional. She kept in mind while designing the warmth a baby gets in the womb of her mother. In other words, it’s more close to reality and the real nature of mothers. Parents should be satisfied after using this ultimate blanket swaddle.

      • It comes with an instruction manual that teaches parents to use this swaddle effectively for different types of baby stages.
      • The cotton flannel material keeps the baby warm during the coldest nights.
      • The size of 42 by 42 inches is enough for comfortably swaddling a baby
      • Made from high premium quality of cotton material to ensure the comfort and baby swaddling.
      • It can be used for different types of baby care purposes; blanket, nursing cloth and fastening clothing for babies.
      • Parents can visit Amazon to check the price of this article.
      • It cannot be used in summers, cotton is too thick and it may be too hot for use in summers.

      The American Academy of Pediatrics offers the following tips to reduce the risk of SIDS:

      Sleeping Area
      • The place where your baby sleeps must be a firm surface, also the mattress cover should be tight and fitted into the bed. The soft surface or loose bed sheets or cover can pose a risk to your babies for getting suffocated.
      • Avoid using a water bed, sofa cushions or a pillow for baby to sleep, it can turn harmful for your baby.
      • The baby crib area must be used for baby’s sleep, don’t put pillows, blankets, and other stuff while the baby is sleeping and even afterward.
      • For the first six months to a year old baby, It is recommended to place the baby’s crib near to you, the optimum position is at arm’s length.
      • Babies must have their own separate area of sleep, not recommended to make them sleep on the parent’s bed to avoid the risk of SIDS and SUID.
      Position while sleeping
      1. It is advised to place the baby on its back while sleeping. It’s better to get advice from a doctor before placing a baby on its tummy while sleeping.
      2. It is not safe to let a baby sleep unattended in a car seat or a swing or a stroller – it’s better to place the baby on a leveled surface.
      3. A baby should be swaddled until the baby learns how to move and roll. This is because swaddling makes a baby feel safe and protected while sleeping and makes it easy for the baby to fall asleep.
      Other Precautions
      • In the first 6 months in the life of a baby, it is breastfeeding is recommended as it contains all the nutrients required by babies
      • Parents and caregivers should take the baby for routine checkups
      • Babies shouldn’t be kept around smokers.
      • To reduce the risk of SIDs it is advised to avoid the use of any protruding uneven surfaces, babies should be placed flat on a leveled mattress.
      Benefits of Swaddling

      Swaddling your baby be it newborn or a little bigger baby properly in a swaddling blanket has a lot of benefits. We have listed down below some of the benefits of swaddling to help you understand its importance 

      1. When swaddled babies tend to sleep peacefully and for a longer length of time.
      2. Swaddling makes sure that the baby is lying on his/her back while sleeping.
      1. Babies feel safe and protected while sleeping if they are swaddled properly.
      2. Proper swaddled baby doesn’t startle much resulting in a peaceful sleep
      3. A swaddled baby doesn’t need anything extra like a blanket or a toy or pillow to comfort while sleeping. The use of such things is not advisable when a newborn baby is sleeping.
      4. Babies tend to scratch themselves a lot especially newborns, swaddling secures hands and keep in check that little babies do not scratch themselves 
      5. A swaddled baby has a tendency to fall back asleep even if the baby wakes up during the night, this is because the safety of swaddlings is just like being cradled in the arms of the mother.
      Tips for safely Swaddling your baby:
      1. Over swaddling in thick blankets may lead to baby getting too warm in worst cases it leads to overheating.
      2. Always check that the ends of the swaddle blankets are tucked in properly this is done to keep in check that the blanket doesn’t open and fastening of the swaddled is correctly done when the baby is sleeping.
      3. It is not recommended to always keep the baby swaddled in blankets especially during the day the baby should not be swaddled.
      4. Once the baby learns to move and roll over then the parents or caregivers should avoid keeping the baby swaddled in blankets.
      Tips to make sure that while sleeping baby does not get overheated:
      1. Before the baby is swaddled check the temperature of the surrounding, the ideal temperature of the room should be around 68-72 degrees F (20-22 C).
      2. After the baby is swaddled touch and check if the stomach and chest of the baby are warm, while the hands, feet, and head should be at normal temperature.
      3. In order to avoid extra layering of clothes, the TOG level should be checked for every clothing layer that includes pajamas and swaddles blankets.
      4. After swaddling the baby heads should be left uncovered for babies who weigh over 8 pounds even if the temperature is very cold
      5. A proper swaddled baby sleeps peacefully throughout the night.

      Final Words

      When it comes to buying baby’s stuff there are so many products and brands with a diverse product line available in the market, that without a well thought research & reiki you will end up buying stuff that is either of no use or they will be discarded soon because of your consistent growing baby.

      Also if you choose to buy online, you need to be more cautious as anything that is not physically present in front of your eyes can land you in a very difficult position.

      It is recommended to go for the trusted sites like Amazon, due to its reliability and trust by the clients, it is a site that can ensure you are not in the wrong place. The most important features amazon provides you are the necessary photos of the product with descriptions.

      The photos do not only display the presentation of the product you are buying but also you can place your mouse on the photo and get a zoomed view to ensure whatever you are looking in the product is very clear and visible to the human eye, especially when buying on the internet. 

      Coming back to the point; what are the factors to keep in mind while going for the best swaddle blankets for your babies:

      1. Swaddle Blanket must be safe: The safety feature should be your priority when buying a swaddle blanket as if you ignore such a factor you are actually posing a risk to your infant/ toddler, as per SUID and SIDS.
      2. Weather Factor: Make sure for which weather you are looking a swaddle blanket for, if it is for summers there are different types of brands available to cater to your needs. Due to their airy and breathable cotton material, Baby washcloths will keep your baby warm and at the same time will not let them overheat at night. If they should be meant for winters only then go for the ones which are specifically meant for winters, as they have the warm factor high due to various layers of clothing in it.
      3. Check for the size before buying, if you don’t want the swaddle blanket to go short in a very quick time then prefer going for the lengthy ones. It will be sufficient for you to use it for infants growing to toddler age.
      4. Especially look for the ones comfortable and easily manageable, don’t put your life on a swaddle that requires so much learning and it is complex.

      We advise parents to look at what they exactly need for their little one, also keep the price factor in mind that will help you in taking the right decision for choosing the best swaddle blanket for your babies & toddlers.