12 Best Convenient & Safe Baby Car Seats Strollers Combo – 2024 Buying Guide

Life changes a lot after babies. Everything from your lifestyles to your preferences starts revolving around the little angels. Whatever you do, the first thing on your mind is of course your baby. And so is the case while travelling.

When you’ll be riding on wheels, how would the little one accompany you? The very first thought of every MOM!

Kids on Wheels-  How Exciting

The best strollers with car seats make life easy after kids. Your very first shopping to welcome a little new member in your family remains incomplete without having one for the kid. Whether you are rambling around the streets or driving to the market, a stroller can be an all-in-one solution to accompany a baby wherever you go.

Happy travelling, happy babies. Sounds exciting!

Why Baby Strollers with Car Seat?

The benefits of carrying a stroller are endless. Believe me, a stroller makes life not just manageable but a fun with kids. You no more need to carry a baby in your lap everywhere. A stroller is going to be your baby’s first travelling buddy! And if the stroller has a baby car seat, what else is there to worry for. Most of the best baby strollers with car seats are designed to make driving safe with children.

Parents are always cautious and sometimes overprotective while travelling with their babies. It’s natural, I believe. A stroller keeps you going with your kid without any hassle. But if you have to move places, the baby definitely gets annoyed. Hence, a baby stroller with a car seat is a perfect choice for travelling.

While safety is of utmost importance, convenience is another reason while looking for solutions to carry kids. Infant car seat is just the right option in this case.

A baby stroller with car seat keeps you going with your kid without any hassle. But if you have to move places, the baby definitely gets annoyed. Hence, a stroller with an infant car seat is a perfect choice.

Buying a toddler transport system like infant car seat or stroller is much alike buying a car. So many features to look for while making a final choice. Just figure out your needs in order to get the right one for you. There are a hundreds of designs and features of strollers with baby car seats available in the market.

But which one is the best?

Remember, your choice must be able to meet your needs for a safe baby ride. Safety, comfort and quality can never be compromised in this regard. After all, it’s about your infant!

I know you care for your baby the most. That’s why, I am presenting to you the 12 best baby strollers with car seats to make your travelling more fun to cherish your memories!

1. Graco Best Baby Car Seat

Driving can be made much more fun when you’ll carry little angel in Graco SnugRide 35 Click Connect. Famous for its ultra-light weight and safety technology, Graco SnugRide is one of those baby strollers with car seat that has everything to be your baby’s favorite riding partner.

Key Features:


The ultra-light weight of the car seat makes transportation easy with babies. Now moms can carry baby easily from home to car and anywhere else. The rear-facing car seat is a baby-friendly product suitable for babies with 4-35 pound weight. The car seat is designed to make baby feel comfortable, cozy and safe.


The SnugRide 35 has a unique Click Connect technology to ensure a safe attachment of baby seat to the stroller or car whichever you want your baby to ride on. All you need to do is to set the infant car seat on to the stroller or the car seat base and then hear a click, ensuring a safe attachment of seat.

Easy Installation

The SnugRide 35 Click connect is easy to install. It offers easy Latch-equipped stay-in-car base that makes installation of baby seat simple and hassle free.

Baby Protection

This product comes as a complete package for your baby’s safety. The SnugRide 35 meets all the US safety standards. It has been rigorously tested to ensure safety through its unique features. The rear facing car seat is the first consideration to offer maximum protection while driving.

The front-adjust harness helps in getting baby in and out of the seat. The removable head support cushions baby’s head. For safety conscious parents, this car seat is the perfect choice. It offers EPS, an efficient energy absorption system. Last but not the least, the baby is still protected from sunlight with the rotating canopy.

Recline Positions

It has 6 recline positions with pendulum level indicator to assure safe attachment of baby seat into car or stroller. This feature is essentially helpful to confirm safe attachment of seat before you start driving.

Easy Maintenance

The SnugRide offers easy maintenance for you. The seat cushion is easily washable. The rest of the parts can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The metal parts can be shined using water and soap.

What to care for?

Though Graco SnugRide 35 is one of the best baby strollers with car seat, but there are certain issues with this product. Hence, a little care is essential while using it.

The cushion material and stuff makes it tough for baby to stay cool for a longer time. The canopy keeps the baby protected from sunlight but not from all angles.

Also while attaching the seat, the click sound must not be ignored. Even with the sound, check out to confirm the safe attachment of base into the car.

All in all, Graco SnugRide 35 Click Connect is the best infant car seat in 2019 too. Designed to ensure a safe and comfortable baby ride, this product is worth a try.


  • Affordable price with excellent value
  • Approved by FAA
  • Can be used with a secure and protected stroller
  • Recline position is adjustable
  • Can fit easily in small vehicles


  • Canopy does not offer full protection from sunlight from every angle
  • Base attach may be unreliable, essential to recheck even after click sound
  • Latch system is a bit complicated to use


All in all, Graco SnugRide 35 Click Connect is the best baby car seat with stroller. Designed to ensure a safe and comfortable baby ride, this product is worth a try.

2. Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

Why to settle for the rest when the best is in your reach?

Chicco KeyFit 30 is one of the best baby strollers with car seat in town. Considering the height and weight of baby, KeyFit 30 infant car seat is designed to ensure smooth and comfortable ride for babies from 4 to 30 lbs.

The car seat itself weighs 17 lbs and has enough space to accommodate a baby comfortably.

Chicco has a wide range of toddler products including strollers and infant car seats. Considering the height and weight of baby, KeyFit 30 infant car seat is designed to ensure smooth and comfortable ride for babies from 4 to 30 lbs.

The car seat itself weighs 17 lbs and has enough space to accommodate a baby comfortably.


Comfortable Seat

This infant car seat is a perfect one to be attached in a car or even in stroller. The baby seat is rear facing which can be adjusted easily as per the need. It has Recline spring-loaded leveling foot and two Ride Right bubble level indicators. These features ensure proper level and balance of seat while adjusting into car or stroller.

Easy to Use

Nobody wants a tedious mechanism for baby strollers. The best thing about this Chicco car seat stroller combo is its easy technology that makes it the reliable choice for parents. The Super Cinch tightener doesn’t take much of your efforts. It ensures smooth and secure fit with its easy latch system.

Easy Installation

Let me bring up another interesting feature. The seat base has easy belt routing and lock-offs in order to make seat installation easy into the vehicle. The canopy gives shade from the scorching sun. Energy absorption systems are also efficient in this product.


  • Compatibility with other strollers
  • Smooth head and body positioning
  • Easy maintenance
  • Washable covers
  • 5 point harness
  • Easy to use buckle


  • Unreliable click sound, need to recheck the fitting
  • Slightly heavy to carry
  • Warm cover that may cause sweating
  • Canopy does not provide full protection from sun rays


Per the infant car seat reviews by other consumers, the overall design of the car seat is rated good. This infant car seat base is compatible to be attached with other strollers from Chicco products. From safety to comfort, Chicco is popular for offering everything that a customer wants. When it comes to baby strollers with car seats, the promise is kept again.

3. UPPA Baby Mesa Car Seat With Stroller For Babies

If you want to enjoy innovative solutions to your baby transport system, UPPA is the best choice for you. The brand is famous for offering smart and secure products that are engineered to cater the needs of little babies.

UPPA Mesa infant car seat is one such innovative product that uses an advance technology to make the baby car seat better than the rest. Available in colors ranging from black to grey, Mesa stroller car seat combo comes with a base that can be attached easily with the car or the stroller.

This product is specifically famous for innovative technological solutions that offer hassle-free ride for babies.


Smart Installation

The brand has distinctiveness from the rest of the brands in terms of offering Smart installation mechanism. The car seat has auto-retracting connectors with visual indicator. This indicator turns from red to green when installed accurately. Thus chances of inaccurate installation are almost negligible. Also it takes even a fraction of second to get installed.


Mesa infant car seat can easily accommodate babies from 4-35 lbs and up to 32 inch. It looks more sleek and longer in design as compare to the rest. It has a low harness position that can be adjusted as the baby grows.


Uppa promises safe and secure systems. Mesa infant car seat is also designed to fulfill the safety promise. As mentioned earlier, the visual indicator is placed for safety purpose. The indicator will let you know whether the seat is accurately installed or not. Also the self-retracting latch is unique from the rest of the car seats available in the market.

The tightness indicator also confirms about proper seat installation either using latch or belt. This is an innovative car seat that offers side impact protection. It has a headset design to keep baby’s head stationary in case of a side collision. It is specially engineered to reduce head injuries by using EPS foam constructed wings that distributes crash forces.


This infant car seat stroller is made of fabric that can be hand washed easily. Thus maintenance is not a hassle any more. Even if you want to wash in machine, the fabric will not cause any trouble.


The Mesa infant car seat comes with a canopy to protect baby from sunlight. It can extend almost to the middle. Thus, it offers a better sunlight protection as compare to the rest of the car seats.


  • Flame resistant and easy to maintain fabric
  • Straightforward installation process
  • Secure and adjustable harness


  • Non-removable harness
  • Huge canopy that may get in the way while carrying
  • Bulky and slightly heavy to carry


Uppa Mesa is among the top trendiest and best baby car seats of this year. Especially if you are a tech-savvy, Mesa infant car seat with stroller is the right choice to enjoy technological innovations even in your baby’s transport systems.

4. Graco SnugRide 35 LX Click Connect Baby Car Seat With Stroller

You must be wondering how many more choices are still available to you for choosing one car seat for your infant. But thanks to Graco, the SnugRide 35 LX is yet another brilliant product to choose on the market these days.

Combining both innovation with excellent comfort and security for your little bundle of joy, Graco car seat for infants is loved by moms, as I have observed in various car seat stroller reviews.

But does it really suit your needs? Well, to ease your obvious anxiety here’s my analysis about the fantastic Graco infants car seat to help with your purchasing decision.



Like the rest of the Click Connect family, the Graco LX is also rear facing, ultra-light weight car seat with the capacity to carry a baby from 4-35 lbs. You can keep on using it unless your baby grows to 32 inches and more.


If installation of the car seat is a concern for you, believe me LX is the right option for you. It ensures easy installation through its Click Connect technology which is a signature style of the brand. A pendulum indicator is also there like the other Graco products for appropriate recline positioning. By the way, LX has 6 recline positions to give a comfortable recline to your baby. What a relief!

Car Seat Base

Is car seat base that important? For Graco LX, not at all. This infant car seat is designed to be adjusted with or without a base. This feature is usually not available with other brands. Again thanks a ton to the several videos and descriptions provided on internet as well as with the product to guide you for installation of car seat with or without base.


The Graco LX is designed to meet and exceed all the safety standards. It’s a matter of your baby’s security and it means a lot to the company. It has a 5 point harness available as well as side impact tested to ensure safety from all sides. This car seat is also recommended to be used in airplanes as well. It also has a canopy to avoid protection from sunlight.

Seat Material

The seat material is washable but troubles in hot temperatures as it gets hot quickly. Also it is not easy to be removed because of head-wing type head rest.


  • Adjustable strap at the crotch for small babies
  • Machine washable cover
  • Handle locks in any suitable position you want
  • Head wing provides enhanced side impact protection


  • Not a very breathable fabric
  • Short size canopy does not cover the baby from sunlight entirely


Graco SnugRide 35 LX is a superb baby car seat with stroller, especially if you are looking for a lightweight easy-to-install solution to carry your kid around.It can easily connect to a stroller and help you travel around without having to carry the baby in arms. Since it belongs to the Graco Click Connect family, this infant car seat offers you both the features. Try a test ride of this infant car seat before you finally go for it.

5. Chicco KeyFit 30 Magic Infant Car Seat

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a luxurious ride? And if it has to accompany a baby, the desire intensifies more! Chicco KeyFit 30 Magic promises to offer a premium luxurious ride for your baby and the perfect hassle-free way to carry the little one around.

This really is a magical car seat for your toddler. You must be wondering how? Some of the prominent key features of this infant car seat are listed below for you to realize the magical power of this product.



Like the usual KeyFit models, the Magic infant car seat can also accompany child between 4-30 lbs. It is also rear facing to comfortably carry a child up to 30 inches tall. The dimensions of the car seat make it more attractive as it can be easily fitted into any car seat. This infant car seat is 17 inches wide, 24 inches tall and 27.5 inch long. Thus it is neither too big nor too small to be carried.


What an ease to use! Many of the moms have praised this magical car seat because of its easy installation and technology. In even less than 30 sec, you can get it fixed it into your car and there you go. It offers such an ease by giving a click sound to ensure safe attachment. And of course, it doesn’t take much even to uninstall.

Mesh Panel

The distinguishing characteristic of the magic car seat is its zip out mesh panel. The mesh panel is connected to the canopy so that it can keep the baby safe from sunlight yet enjoy the cool breeze. The fabric of canopy and mesh are critically selected to make it breathable for the baby even in hot temperatures. So now you can zip out mesh, if your baby wants.

Reversible Insert

The infant insert and shoulder pads are reversible. So now you can select as per your choice between soft fabric or breathable mesh.

Open Boot

The excellent feature is the all-season, easy open boot. This feature makes it definitely a stand out among the rest. This boot can be opened to keep the baby protected from cold weather. Also it gives parents an access to the baby and harness.

Washable Fabric

The fabric used in the Chicco Magic car seat stroller combo is luxurious again. It’s breathable of course, but that is not the only quality. It is easy to be washed either with hands or machine. Just avoid using bleach.


Like the rest of the car seats discussed above, KeyFit Magic is not behind any of them when it comes to safety. It has a 5 point safety harness and side impact tested too. Not only in cars, it is equally safe in airplanes too.



  • Expensive
  • Canopy may get in the way


Chicco KeyFit Magic is the best car seat stroller for parents who can’t compromise on the fabric quality as well as willing to avail the mesh panel. Also in cold regions where baby needs protection from cold weather too, the open boot is an added advantage.

6. Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 Infant Car Seat with Base

Getting a travel transport system for babies is always tricky. You definitely look for something that can stay longer even when babies are growing up.

With such challenge in mind, you can’t take your eyes off the most desirable Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 for your baby. It has everything you could wish to have in your baby stroller with car seat system.


Dual Stage Cushion

None of the car seats can offer you this advantage. With Peg Perego your baby can enjoy double cushion staging that offers more comfort while growing up. First stage cushion gives best comfort for 4 pounds and up offering support for baby’s neck and bottom. Second stage cushion supports growing babies. The fabric is so soft and of best quality which surely can’t be resisted.

Side Impact protection

This car seat has side impact protection that is adjustable to 6 positions. You also don’t need to bother for rethreading the harness when babies are growing up. It is so convenient to pull the harness up and get adjusted.


Don’t worry if you own a compact car. Only Peg Perego has the capacity to be adjusted in your car as it is narrow in size. Unlike other brands, it is just 14.6 inches wide.

Easy to Use

This car seat is way too easy to use. The sleek and short design of handle makes it portable from car to stroller or anywhere else.

Right Tight Base

The infant car seat of Peg Perego comes with an innovative base with the Right Tight system that attaches the base either with Latch or vehicle seat belt. It has color coded belt paths to guide seat belt routing. The nest feature is its anti-rebound bar which gives superior protection in case of a collision.


Of course you would prefer a car seat that is compatible to the stroller. Your travel system will be a complete set with Peg Perego as it is compatible to almost all Peg Perego strollers even without adopters.


  • Easy to install and uninstall base
  • Excellent cushioning


  • Expensive
  • May require an adapter to connect to strollers by other brands


From comfortable seating arrangement to the safety standards, this infant car seat stroller combo knows what you want for your little angel while riding. It’s not just the name but the quality features that make this car seat the preferred choice for parents.

So if you are looking for style, comfort and safety, all together in one car seat, then Peg Perego Viaggio is undoubtedly your stuff!

7. Baby Jogger City Go infant Car Seat

What must be there in a perfect infant travel system? A tough call for parents, I agree. Getting the best baby car seats with strollers for beloved kids is extremely challenging. Especially when a number of choices are available, making the right choice in terms of quality, safety and style altogether is definitely a tough decision to make.

The Go infant car seat is designed to keep you going with your baby with ease always. What does it have different from others? Glance down few of its features to have your question answered.



Easily accommodating babies of 4-35 lbs., this car seat is spacious enough for a safe ride.

Taxi Safe Belt

If you are a frequent traveler and the constant movements in and out of the vehicle with a baby is a hassle for you, Go infant car seat has a solution for you. It offers a Taxi safe belt path that allows you to quickly adjust the seat into the vehicle’s belt without a base.


Baby Jogger is famous for its products safety. The same safety standards are maintained in the infant car seat too. It has a no re-thread harness system with the 5 point harness. The taxi safe belt is also there to ensure child safety while riding in rental cars.

Customized travel system

With the Baby Jogger Go car seat, you’ll have the opportunity to build your own travel system. It can be paired with any of the Jogger stroller. Only you need to get a car seat adapter to transform your stroller into a travel system.

UV Canopy

The UV 50+ canopy keeps the baby safe from sunlight. When travelling at night or when the canopy is required, it can be easily pushed back. The canopy fabric is also of good quality. Thus does not cause any trouble for baby while breathing.


  • Enough head support and cushioning for petite babies
  • 5 point No-rethread harness system
  • NHTSA approved
  • UV 50+ canopy that provides remarkable protection from sun


  • Expensive
  • Requires an adapter for attachment to stroller
  • Huge size canopy


Overall, this product is rated among some best baby stroller with car seats because of the various quality features. with Baby Jogger 2016 City infant car seat, the life is made easy yet stylish. If you are adventurous and ready to hit the streets anytime, why not your baby follow you!

8. Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Best Baby Car Seat

Graco has always been a trusted brand for toddler products. We all grew up using their products and the love grows even more when we see our kids doing the same. With Graco 4Ever 4 in 1, the joy doubles as you can see your kid growing up in the same travel system.

What’s The Deal With The 4 in 1 Design?

This is not just an infant car seat with stroller, it is something more than this. It is a convertible car seat stroller combo option, that offers 4 configurations:

  • A rear facing infant car seat catering the newborns
  • A forward facing seat for toddlers
  • A booster seat with a back for bigger babies
  • A backless booster seat

Isn’t it wonderful?

Not only the 4 in 1 solution, it has even a lot more for your baby. Let’s have a look at some of its key features.



Elegant yet stylish in design, this car seat is carefully designed to cater the needs of your kid in different stages of growth. It is so convenient and easy to use travel system that makes life easy while travelling. Going on long trips, where feeding a child is the biggest hack, is no more a hassle. Two cup holders are put in place to make it easy for you to feed your child easily while riding in a car.


You must be wondering how one seat can accommodate a child with varying weights. But Graco 4 in 1 can do it.

  • The rear facing seat is suitable for a child between 4-40 pounds. A capacity none of the other brands could offer.
  • The forward facing seat has the capacity to withstand weight of 22-65 pounds.
  • Back booster is best for kids between 40-100 pounds. This seating is ideal for kids when they are able enough to hold themselves in the seat or at least 4 years of age.
  • Backless booster for children up to 120 pounds weight or 4 years of age. I have seen children of even 7 years enjoying the rides with their families with this option.

Easy in Use

This car seat is so easy to use, install and adjust as per your needs. It has a 10 position adjustable headrest and harness with no rethread. Usually, adjusting the recline position is a mess. But here, you can easily do it either from the front or back side. Even tightening the straps is not at all difficult, as in some cases.


The Graco InRight Latch system makes installation very easy. The level indicator is also there that makes rear installation even better.


A bubble indicator is there to indicate you about setting the seat evenly for maximum safety. EPS energy absorption system provides impact protection. 5 point harness is also there for side impact protection.

User Friendly

This convertible car seat stroller combo is user friendly in terms of using, adjusting and cleaning. For hygiene conscious parents, this seat gives ultimate ease of removing the fabric for washing. Don’t worry, the cover is machine washable.

It doesn’t even bother you while converting seat into different configurations. Transforming the car seat from rear or forward facing into backless booster is not a big deal at all!


  • 10 position comfy and cushioning headrest
  • Latch system for booster mode
  • 2 cup holders
  • Easy to remove and wash
  • Crash safety record
  • 5 point no-rethread harness


  • One latch for forward and rear facing seats
  • Bulky
  • Harness is non-removable
  • Full height may cause rear visibility issue


This stroller with car seat is definitely a smart investment for your toddler travel system that will continue longer with your baby. Just spend money once and for many years to come in your baby’s life, enjoy the rides with the same yet transforming solution. Graco 4 in 1 gives you everything you want: style, comfort, safety, price and a long lasting partnership!

9. Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Infant Car Seat

For parents, with convenience and comfort being the most promising element, Triumph car seat by Evenflo is the right option.

It’s as cute as your baby! You’ll love it at first sight.

But looks aren’t just enough. Triumph LX has the real substance to make your child ride even more comfortable and safe in the best baby stroller car seat.


Convertible Seat

Triumph LX offers you the ease of converting the infant car seat from rear to forward facing. It means you can enjoy the ride with your baby for a longer time as your child grows up.


Triumph LX can easily accommodate toddlers of 5 pounds to 65 pounds.

Easy to use

It is extremely easy to use car seat. It is engineered specifically to make life easy for parents in all ways. Buckle pockets are just one example to quote. It keeps you from digging under your child for buckles. The infinite slide harness provides an accurate fit and no rethreading too. Tension right is there to adjust the harness with a knob.

Attractive Features

Triumph LX doesn’t offer you just typical features. It knows you and your baby deserves more than usual.

Have you ever imagined a hassle free child feeding in a car? If not, then try Triumph. It has dual cup holders that makes an easy access to drinks possible. An upfront-multi position recline gives more comfort to your child while sleeping or awake.


Triumph LX is a safe product. It has foam all inside that covers the entire body of seat. The foaming provides comfort and safety especially by absorbing any impact in case of a jerk or collision.  The foam makes the seat even more comfy.


  • Special e3 engineering ensures side impact force reduction by 50%
  • Lightweight and comfortable foam
  • Cup holders


  • Bulky and may be difficult to carry
  • Thin fabric may be prone to wear and tear


Triumph LX is a high quality car seat that provides a comfortable and safe ride to your baby at a reasonable price. For parents with child safety and comfort more important, Triumph LX is worth it!

10. Britax 2017 B Agile Safe 35 Elite Travel System

While talking about best baby car seats with stroller combo, it is not possible to ignore the Britax B-Agile and B-Safe travel system.

Baby car seat and stroller — all in one, complete package!

Yes, that is true about this product. It is rated among the best and most demanded travel system that offers comfort, safety and affordability altogether in just one solution.

What a perfect combo!


Easy to Use

The car seat and stroller combo is the most convenient travel system ever. Neither the stroller nor the seat takes much effort of parents to manage with them. The stroller can be easily folded when not required. Also the seat can be easily put into place both inside the car as well as into the stroller as needed.

It has removable body pads that can be removed when baby outgrows. On the other hand, the cover is also easily removable for washing without the hassle to remove the harness.


The Britax Click and Go system makes life easy. Even if your baby is sleeping and you need to move him out of the car seat into the stroller, this system is the best. You can conveniently put the seat into the stroller without any hassle. Just keep the stroller locked, then install the car seat in the reclined position.


It has the SafeCell Impact protection system which is unmatched. This system involves using steel frame and a base that absorbs pressure and jerks in case of any accident. Thus keeps the child protected any way. The combo has side impact protection system as well as a deep shell for maximum protection.


The Click and Go system, the most effective one, makes the compatibility of car seat with any other Britax strollers too.


  • Luxury design, window in canopy
  • Portable construction, can fit car trunk easily
  • Tripod suspension makes maneuvering smooth
  • Can be used with just one hand


  • Harness may be very stiff


So if you are looking for the best infant car seat and stroller combo model, the Britax Travel System is a fantastic option. According to the stroller car seat combo reviews by fellow consumers, this product lives up to its price and delivers value.

11. Nuna Mix X2 Best Stroller With Car Seat

With the best baby strollers with car seats discussed up till now, you must be thinking to get your hands on any one of them.

But hold on! The list is not over yet. There’s still more to come for you with the Nuna Mix X2 travel system. The best infant car seat stroller combo! This product comes as a complete package. So the hassle to look for a stroller with car seat is not there anymore!

Is This ‘Mix’ Really That Special?

The Nuna Mix X2 travel system offers:

  • A stroller with unmatched comfort and quality
  • PIPA Infant car seat along with adapters

What a convenience!



Are you a mom looking for style and comfort both together? If yes, then this product is all yours! A smart, sleek and stylish look of the stroller plus car seat can make you go crazy. Light-weight frame and supreme quality fabric adds more charm to this product and makes it a recommended choice for an effortless yet comfy ride with kids anywhere around.


The infant car seat has a usual capacity of 4 to 32 lbs. and up to 32 inches. The stroller can accommodate babies from birth to 59 pounds.

Ease and Comfort

The secret of Nuna Mix travel system is undoubtedly its ease and comfort both for the baby and parents. The car seat has 5 recline positions to adjust the baby in whatever way you like. Infant insert is already there which, by the way, is removable. When your baby outgrows, just remove it from the car seat.

When you find your baby annoyed by the sunlight or wants to play around in the car, the mesh canopy serves both the purpose. Playing Peek-a-boo inside the car! Sounds cool!


Nuna Mix believes in easy and simple living. So nothing will bother you, not even installation. It can be installed without a base too. A vehicle’s seat belt is also sufficient for this car seat. So your movement around the city through taxis even are hassle-free. The True Lock Installation makes it very easy to install the infant car seat through PIPA’s base.


Nuna Mix is such a meticulously designed stroller and infant car seat combo that cares about everything you could dream for. A 5 point harness keeps the baby safe while riding. Though it is light weight, but the heavy duty shell is capable to withstand pressures. Side impact protection is also provided for ultimate safety in case of any accident.

The fabric used in seat as well as the mesh is breathable and washable both. The mesh is put in place to keep the baby safe from UV lights as well as giving parents a bird’s eye view on baby while sleeping or awake.


The extended canopy with mesh is for sure an added advantage. The adopters are also provided to make the car seat installation easy with other strollers as well.


  • Versatile design, can be used as bassinet, travel car seat, stroller etc.
  • Foam wheels that can adjust to any type of land
  • Easy to store in the car
  • Single-handed and smooth maneuvering


  • The travel system is a little heavyweight


Nuna Mix X2 Travel system definitely knows your concern for your child safety as well as comfort. It brings up to you the most hip travel system for your darling angels. Price, comfort, style all in one can be enjoyed through this amazing baby stroller car seat.

12. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

Shopping for babies is always exciting and a bit challenging too. We all want the best for our kids. From fluffy and cuddling duvet to the best car seats and strollers that makes the child happy and comfy, we keep on looking for the best.

With such a passion and love for cuties, Baby Trend offers you the most exciting and a versatile travel system. The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is a complete package that adds ease, comfort and safety while riding with babies.

What are the Components of This Infant Car Seat Stroller Combo?

The complete travel system comes with:

  • A stylish stroller
  • The most comfortable infant car seat



This travel system offers stroller plus car seat, a convenient travelling partner. It is best suited for babies with 5 pounds to 30 pounds weight and up to 30 inches. With the recline function, you can make your baby adjusted in whatever ways you like.

The baby can even enjoy sceneries while riding or can be adjusted to lay down. Baby Trend’s patent quality is also observed in this travel combo. The Delta multi-grip carrying handle is provided to make on-the-go comfort possible.

Easy to Use

This travelling system for infants offer greater ease. The Flex Lock car seat comes with easy installation and 5 point safety harness. It offers one hand harness adjustment and one push button release. Such a convenience makes it easy for parents to ensure safe movements and re positioning while driving a car.


Installation is not a big deal. The Flex Lock car seat comes with level indicator as well as 4 position push button for height adjustable base. This ensures a safe and proper installation of car seat. It can also be removed from car to be adjusted quickly into the stroller again with the click-in attachment.


EPS energy absorption system is placed through such foams which ensures side impact protection. A canopy with a mesh keeps the air flow proper and avoid suffocation. The infant inserts like head and shoulder pads are also provided.

Ease of Maintenance

The long term use of the stroller and car seat combo may get the fabric dirty. But washing does not cause any harm to the fabric. The whole fabric of stroller and car seat along with the infant inserts are all washable.


  • Lots of extra storage space
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Portable design
  • Does not require extra adapter to attach with stroller


  • Click is unreliable, may need to recheck
  • Handle is stiff and kind of immovable
  • Car seat base may be difficult to carry due to bulkiness


All in all, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is one of the best stroller car seat combos trending this year on the market. This travel system can make your life far easier than your imagination. Not just strolling will be a fun, but driving with your kids will be an exciting experience too.

What To Look For When Purchasing Baby Strollers With Car Seats?

Too much information at hand! What to do now?

This article is a humble effort to help every other mom looking for the best baby stroller with car seat for their little sweethearts. We understand your concerns while riding along with your baby and that’s why try to equip you with the knowledge of some best of the products in the market.

Purchasing a toddler travelling system is an overwhelming experience for parents. Where safety stands the prime factor, styling and comfort remain the uncompromising elements on the other hand.

The market is crammed with a number of brands that offer car seats that become a stroller for toddlers. But getting the one just as you wish is almost like a dream come true. Nevertheless, there are some top quality products that will make your travelling experience with your kids the most exciting and memorable one.

Among the top most brands with the quality features discussed over here, we guided you to look for the following features in every stroller with car seat:

  • Design
  • Safety
  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance
  • Capacity and Comfort
  • Additional features


The best infant car seat stroller combos are now in front of you. Be mindful of one thing: while safety is of utmost importance, convenience is another important factor to consider when you are looking for solutions to carry kids.

Therefore, it is crucial to find the best baby car seat that will last long and keep your little one secure. Here at thebabyside I always make sure to only suggest products which are hundred percent good fit for you and your baby.

Buying a toddler transport system like infant car seat or stroller is much alike buying a car. So many features to look for while making a final choice! Just figure out your needs in order to get the right one for you. The one which can make your baby happy while travelling can be yours now. You’ll never regret the decision, that’s a promise.

Little Shining Star! Here you go with your best travelling Buddy!

Happy Travelling!!