City Mini GT Vs City Mini Baby Strollers – 2024 Comparison Guide

Checking through the stroller section and getting the right choice might be so hard. Taking your baby for a stroll or grocery shopping, getting a stroller is necessary to have as a parent. Often parents get confused about which of city products to get either City mini or City mini gt.

City select is known for it’s versatile, durable, and good quality products. Making your choice between City mini gt vs City mini might be confusing because of their similar features, although mere looking at the two strollers, they have similar features.

Still, on a closer look, you will spot the striking differences between the two. Both strollers are from the same company, similar enough but have few differences that set them apart to make your choice easier.

Similarities between the two strollers. (City Mini GT Vs City Mini)

Lightweight frame

Both strollers are light weighted in such a way that when folded they can be carried easily, so you don’t have to worry about it being too heavy to carry. The stroller is lightweight and easy to carry and move around, even in malls, elevators, and sidewalks.

Easy to fold capability

Both strollers are easy to fold. They can be pulled up and folded easily. When you want to put the stroller in your car’s trunk or for storage, it is simple to close the stroller with a single snap without stress.

Mini gt with fold by simply pulling a single strap while the city will fold by simply pushing the two separate buttons simultaneously. Note that the two strollers when folded won’t stand up, so it’s either you store it, put it at the back of your trunk, or you lay it down on the floor.

Dual window

Both strollers have to peek a boo dual windows made of vinyl that make it easier for a mom to see her baby while strolling or grocery shopping.

Weather cover and safety

Both strollers have a weather shield or canopy that shields the baby from excess sunlight and ultraviolet as much as 50 UPF that shields the child from extreme weather conditions such as excessive sunlight and ultraviolet rays, the weather cover provides the necessary shade during strolls.

City mini has a foot brake that fits all kinds of soles while city mini gt has a handbrake, which keeps the stroller in place to prevent bumping into someone. The foot brakes and handbrake are simple and swift to use.


Both strollers are compatible with any infant car seat with an adapter bought separately and a glider board that can comfortably accommodate a toddler or older kid. You can always get other accessories like the parent console, bassinet to your taste.


Both colors are available in various colors such as black, red, teal, gray, purple. You can pick the color you love and feel will suit your taste, and both offer great sized sunshades for long walks.


City strollers offer a stylish travel bag, but you will have to remove the wheels from the stroller so that it will fit in. [‘For both city mini gt and city mini, you might have to get few additional accessories like the parents’ console that can keep your phone, keys, purse, so you don’t have to feel burdened pulling the stroller and holding your keys in the other hand.

You can get a rain canopy to shield your baby from the rain on rainy days. You can get a child tray that can serve as an improvised table for your baby while eating, and it is made in such a way that it can swing to one side where your child can move in and out of the stroller comfortably.

City Mini Baby Stroller


  • It is relatively compact in such a way it moves crowds and malls easy without worrying about bumping into someone.
  • It has an adjustable recliner that can recline the seat back to an almost flat position to give your baby more airflow and serve as an improvised napping position.
  • It has a one-handed fold method in which you can fold the stroller by simply lifting a well-placed strap and simultaneously an auto-lock, which automatically locks the stroller in the folded position to keep it in place.
  • City mini has an adjustable canopy that can be opened totally and at different angles, and it can be extended for more shield depending on your preference.
  • It has an under-seat basket that can still store enough as much as diapers.
  • The child weight range is for kids up to 50 pounds
  • The stroller weighs 18.40 lbs
  • It has a foot brake that is suitable for all sole types and swift to use.


✓ easy and simple to fold
✓it is lightweight
✓it has a reasonable amount of padding with quality materials
✓compatible with car seats


✓ when folded, though it is carriable, it doesn’t stand straight. It lays flat on the floor.
✓ the seat is not always upright
✓ the seat might be too low for toddlers

City Mini GT2 Baby Jogger


✓ It has maneuverable front swivel wheel and rubber tires, making it easier to ride the stroller on all forms of terrains effortlessly without a hitch.
✓It has a suspension system, which makes it easier to use for joggers.
✓ It has an all-terrain wheel, an adjustable handlebar, and a quick fold strategy, making picking the stroller up easy.
✓It has a single front wheel, which makes it easier and smoother to maneuver.
✓ Has a hand brake instead of a foot brake, which might be bulky to use compared to the foot brake.
✓Has an adjustable handlebar, which makes it easier for parents with varying heights. The handlebar can be adjusted to the preferred height, so tall dad does not have to worry about crouching while pushing the stroller or mum struggling to balance the stroller.
✓ The seat folds down to near-flat position, which makes quick napping easy and comfortable.
✓It has a weather cover that shields the baby from sunlight and excess ultraviolet rays.
✓ The seat is well cushioned, styled, and padded to suit your child’s comfort. The cover is easy to wash, upgraded, and can withstand wears and tears.
✓ gt child weight range is up to 65lbs
✓ the stroller weight is 22.49 lbs
✓to fold, you pull up on the easy to access strap, and the gt folds itself into a relatively compact size.


✓ although it is bulky, it is thin enough for easy movement and easy manoeuver in small areas and around malls and elevators.
✓ the handbrake is easy to use at any time
✓ the seat reclines to an almost flat position which serves as a napping position for your little one
✓ your baby gets enough shade due to the extendable weather canopy
✓ materials used are sleek and of high quality
✓it has an adjustable handlebar for preferred heights.


✓ Gt does not have enough storage space in its under-seat basket
✓ you might have to get other accessories such as the parents’ console to keep your phone, purse, etc.
✓Mini gt is sold as a single or double seat but cannot be converted from a single seat to double or from double to a single seat.
✓ Although the seat reclines but it doesn’t sit up.
✓ It is more expensive compared to the city mini.

Differences between City Mini and City Mini GT2

  1. They have distinctively different tires
  2. City mini has an easier to access foot brake, but it has a hand brake
  3. City mini tires are made of rubber, which is better for sidewalks while city mini gt has foam-filled tires that offer smoother rougher terrains.
  4. Mini gt is more expensive than the city mini
  5. Mini gt is heavier compared to mini.

So making your choice of stroller depends on your preference and what you want. City mini has all the features a normal stroller has, ranging from the weather cover down to the foot brakes and tires.

Mini is a good choice for a stroller because it’s easy to fold, it is lightweight and can convert from single to double, and from double seat to single, that’s an advantage mini has over gt. Gt cannot convert double to single and vice versa.

If you want a stroller that suits all terrain types, mini gt is the better option because it has front swivel wheels and rubber tires, which makes it easy to fit all terrain types. City mini is most suitable for sidewalks and nit rough terrains.

So far, we’ve compared and contrasted the two strollers, so your choice depends on your preference and what you want. Both strollers are good. City gt is just an upgraded version of the city mini. Your choice depends on your preference, but both strollers are the best choices for parents.

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