Chicco Bravo Vs Viaro Baby Stroller – 2024 Comparison Guide

As far as baby strollers are concerned, Chicco is one of the most trusted and reliable brands. They make great strollers, such as the Bravo and the Viaro. Both strollers have great features and look alike in many aspects.

In this article of Chicco Bravo vs Viaro, we shall look at the features, the pros, and cons, which is better between these two products from Chicco.

Aside from making baby strollers, Chicco is known for making products like baby foods, clothes, baby travel products, etc. The company has been in business for more than 60 years, so you can see that Chicco is very trusted when it comes to making products.

Having to take care of a baby isn’t easy. You have to ensure that he or she is as comfortable as possible. That is why you need a stroller. As you know, selecting the best baby stroller is challenging because there’s so much to consider, like the features, price, etc. before buying.

That is the main reason for writing this article – to help you ease this selection process and help you decide on the ideal stroller for your baby.

Chicco Bravo Baby Stroller

The Chicco Bravo stroller has excellent features and great combinations that would make a perfect choice for your baby’s stroller. The handlebar is adjustable to accommodate parents of different heights.

The construction is unique, stable, and can transform into a fantastic, sleek car seat for your baby’s comfort. If you want, you can remove the seat and snap it into a car seat.

Another good thing about the seat is that it can recline to almost a flat level with a button push, which is very convenient.

Unlike most baby strollers that are three-wheeled, this stroller is four-wheeled for more stability. The wheels are inflated, and it has an incredible suspension that acts as a shock absorber, offering your baby an opportunity to experience a smooth, enjoyable ride. The large canopy is removable and adjustable, just like the handlebar.

One feature that we find amazing is the kind of brake system that is incorporated into the stroller. Unlike other strollers that can either be hand-operated or foot-operated, the Chicco Bravo stroller has its brake system on the wheels and operates like a network. When you push a brake pedal on one of its sides, both brakes lock instantly. How incredibly convenient?

The folding mechanism is pretty straightforward and handy. You can fold the stroller with one hand into a compact thing, which is excellent for storage and fantastic for parents with small cars. It also makes transportation easy.


  • Linked Brake System – The brake system in this stroller is unique, and when the brake pedal is applied, it takes less than a millisecond for the stroller to stop.
  • Reclining Seat – The seat can recline to almost flat level and three positions. The seat is also removable, and you can convert it to an infant car seat to maximize your baby’s comfort.
  • Four-Wheeled Stroller – Having four wheels means more balance and stability.
  • Adjustable Handlebar – You can adjust the handlebar to an appropriate height for your convenience. This is great for tall parents.
  • Large Basket – The basket underneath the seat is roomy and can contain essentials like wallet, plastic water bottles, etc.
  • Suspension System – You don’t need to be afraid of your baby crying because of bumps. The suspension system around the wheels will ensure that your baby rides without any road hitches or bumps.


  • The stroller is easy to assemble, and you can do that in minutes.
  • It comes with an adjustable handlebar. This a plus for parents who are either too short or significantly tall.
  • Storing it isn’t challenging, and it doesn’t take up so much space. When folded, it becomes compact, which can fit into small cars.
  • As a four-wheeled stroller, it provides more stability and balance, which lessens your baby’s chances of being thrown up and down on the seat.
  • The Chicco Bravo has an all-wheel suspension, unlike some that only have a front-wheel suspension.
  • Uses a linked brake system that locks the stroller in place instantly.


  • The stroller doesn’t include a snack tray.
  • Reclining position is limited.

Chicco Viaro Baby Stroller

If there is one thing we like about the Viaro stroller, it is its sporty design. It looks clean and lightweight. Like the Bravo, this is a stroller that’s meant for city use. This stroller comes with many exciting features that we are about to dissect.

Unlike the Bravo, this one comes in the regular three-wheel system with a swiveling dual front wheel for better steering and efficient navigation.

You don’t have to worry about the wheels getting damaged or something because they are strong and can handle various surfaces like gravel, wooden surfaces, etc. The front wheel has a suspension to minimize the impact of bumps on the road that may make your child feel uncomfortable.

In terms of folding mechanism, this stroller can be folded with one hand easily into one compact thing that can easily fit into any car, irrespective of the size.

The seat can recline to many positions, all thanks to the cord that it comes with. This is a big plus for the Viaro. Moreover, you can transform the reclining seat into an infant seat through a car strap if your child desires more comfort. You should know that the seat is not removable.

The brake system in the Chicco Viaro isn’t the best, yet it’s right in its way. Unlike the Bravo with a linked brake system, the brakes of Viaro are independent toe-tap locking brakes, which means that you have to press the brake for each wheel to lock them separately. That’s somewhat inconvenient and exhausting.

Chicco Viaro has a spacious basket underneath the seat that’s easy to access from whatever position that you are. There are also a few more accessories, like a snack tray, two cup holders, etc. The snack tray is helpful because you can put many things that can keep your baby company, especially on long journeys.

Many parents will surely love to have this product because of the fantastic features it comes with it. The fact that it’s relatively affordable is also good, but they have to deal with a non-adjustable handlebar, especially tall parents.


  • Three-Wheel System – This stroller features the regular three-wheel system with a dual front wheel for easy steering and navigation.
  • Storage Basket and Snack Tray – The storage basket in this stroller is reasonably large enough to contain essential items. You can keep useful things like snacks, drinks, etc. on the snack tray.
  • Front Wheel Suspension System – The suspension system is on the front wheel of this stroller. It helps ensure a smoother ride for the baby.
  • Independent Toe-Tap Locking Brakes – This is a type of brake system found on the Chicco Viaro. Press the brake on each wheel, and they will lock independently.
  • Reclining Seat – The seat in this stroller can recline to different positions for the baby’s overall comfort.


  • The Chicco Viaro stroller is relatively lightweight and has a sporty design.
  • The canopy is removable.
  • It has multiple reclining positions, which offers you different ways on how you want your child to stay to feel more comfortable.
  • Comes with accessories like a snack tray, basket, etc.
  • It has a strong harness to secure the baby.
  • One-handed folding.


  • It doesn’t have a locking fold.
  • Doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar.

Chicco Bravo Vs Viaro: Which Is Better?

Before we jump into a conclusion, let’s examine the similarities and differences between these two products from Chicco, and after that, give our recommendation. We shall base our comparison on factors such as weight, suspension system, brakes, etc.


Both products are lightweight, but the Chicco Bravo weighs slightly more than the Chicco Viaro. Bravo weighs 20.8 pounds, while Viaro weighs about two pounds less. This shows that the Chicco Bravo can carry an older child of about six years compared to its counterpart.

Suspension System

While the Chicco Bravo has an all-wheel suspension system, Viaro, on the other hand, has a front-wheel suspension. This provides more maneuverability, but not excellent comfort when moving on rough or bumpy terrains.


The linked brake system in the Chicco Bravo is better than the independent toe-tap locking brake system in the Chicco Viaro. The linked system allows for simultaneous locking of all wheels, but the brake system in the Viaro only locks each wheel separately.


Both strollers are easy to fold, and you can fold them with one hand. This is very helpful for parents because they can fold the stroller with one hand while holding something else with the other hand.

Also, Chicco Viaro doesn’t lock when folded, which means that it can unfold itself and start to move uncontrollably. Chicco Bravo locks after folded and takes up less space compared to Viaro.


This is where Viaro is the winner. Chicco Viaro comes with a cord included that enables a parent to recline the seat to diverse positions. Chicco Bravo only permits reclining to three fixed positions.


Chicco bravo can be disassembled from a car seat, while the Chicco Viaro doesn’t disassemble at all. It is used with the car seat, and when the baby is grown a little, you can use it independently of the car seat. But with Chicco Bravo, you can take off the car seat and even the canopy so that you are left with the frame.


Deciding which product to choose in this Chicco Bravo vs. Viaro article isn’t easy. However, different strokes for different folks. Individual needs differ, and this will determine which type of stroller would make an ideal choice.

Both strollers are fantastic, but if you are looking for a lightweight stroller with an adjustable handlebar, useful features, and one that’s easy to operate, we recommend you choose Chicco Bravo. If you are looking for one that is easy to maneuver and incredibly lightweight, you should steer towards Chicco Viaro.