Nuna Pipa vs Chicco Keyfit – Best Car Seat Comparison 2024

Selecting the right car seat for your baby between the Nuna pipa and Chicco Keyfit might be difficult because both car seats look the same and have many features common to both of them.

As a parent, I understand the stress attached to the course of searching for infant carriers for our little ones, as one does not know how big they would be or how small they would be.

Most times, we are caught in the middle of deciding what would fit our little ones best. But by reading this comparison of Nuna Pipa vs Chicco Keyfit, you will know exactly which carrier is the absolute best for your baby.

The Chicco Keyfit infant seat comes with all the safety measures you will need, and it is the highest-rated car seat out there according to the consumer’s report. It is one of the easiest car seats to convert into a travel system because there are adapters for just about every stroller on the market.

The Chicco Keyfit is super comfy for your baby. It comes with a standard infant seat, canopy included. While the Nuna Pipa, on the other hand, is the lightest car seat in the market, it also comes with a lot of safety measures making it one of the best safety car seats you can get with rigid lower latch attachments, a load leg, lots of padding and a canopy.

The Nuna Pipa comes with an infant seat, a buckle pad, and harness strap covers. It also comes with a plastic funnel guide if your vehicle lower anchors are recessed, and it’s difficult to attach the rigid lower anchor connectors.

Nuna Pipa vs Chicco Keyfit Comparison table

  Nuna Pipa Chicco Keyfit
Size Capacity 4 to 32 pounds
4 to 30 pounds
Fabric Material Washable/ Reusable Washable/ Reusable
Newborn Padding Yes Yes
Stroller Compatibility Yes Yes

Differences Between Nuna Pipa and Chicco Keyfit

When going for the best car seat to get, various factors need to be considered before deciding which one to get. These factors are shared between these car seats but differ in variability. These factors need to be considered, including installation, safety, seat fabrics or materials, weight and size limit, and stroller compatibility.

Best Car Seat Comparison


The installation of a car seat needs to be considered before making a verdict on it. Some car seats are easy to install while some are hard to install, and this counts especially when you are in haste, or you need to swap between cars frequently, then you will appreciate the easy installation of a car seat.

The Chicco Keyfit installation is very easy and very fast. This installation can be done with or without the base. It can also be installed using a latch or belt, but I recommend using a latch for simple Installation. The first thing you need to do is pull up on the latch release lever and loosen latch straps to their full length using the latch.

Then locate the latch connector storage compartment, remove both latch connectors, attach them to your vehicle anchor bars, and then tighten the latch strap by pulling up latch full strap while pressing the base firmly your vehicle seat, after this you are done.

The Nuna pipa can also be installed using a latch or vehicle belts. Its installation is also very easy and fast, especially when using a latch. But the Nuna pipa has a rigid latch which doesn’t work in every car.

If your car has a deep latch system it will be difficult or impossible to use the latch system, in this case, its recommended to use the vehicle belts for installation and in using this, you need to open the vehicle belt lock by lifting, then route the vehicle belt through the opening in the base and under the vehicle belt lock-off, then buckle the vehicle seat, both the shoulder and the lap belt must be under the vehicle bet lock off, and belts must lay flat, then press base into the vehicle seat, while doing this, tighten the vehicle belt by pulling straight along the belt path.

While the shoulder belt is tight, hook the bottom of the vehicle belt lock-off and press to close, then you are done.

Both the Chicco Keyfit and the Nuna pipa can be installed using the latch or belt, and they can also be installed with the base or without the base.

Best Car Seat Comparison


Both the Nuna Pipa and Chicco Keyfit have excellent safety measures. They are one of the best safety car seats you can ever get. If you place your baby in any one of them, you have no worries because your baby’s protection is highly guaranteed.

The Chicco has been the highest-rated car seat, which is due to nothing but its safety measures. It has everything needed to keep your baby safe starting from the front to the rear protection. It also offers side protection.

It has an energy-absorbing foam, and a lot of head and body support helps protect even very small babies in case of a crash. The NICU nurses recommend Chicco Keyfit because of the infant insert, which provides an extra layer of protection for premature or small infants.

The Nuna Pipa has excellent safety measures. It’s just as good as Chicco Keyfit. It also has everything that you need to keep your baby safe. It has front, side, and rear impact protection. Unlike the existence of energy-absorbing foam in Chicco Keyfit, Nuna pipa uses a different technology.

It comes with a load leg which absorbs energy and also levels the carrier. The leg takes the energy transferred around when there is a collision, and in this case, you need not worry about your baby because the Nuna pipa has a high safety standard.

According to Nuna, the load leg can absorb 40% of the energy during the car crash. It also comes with a 5 point harness so your baby will be safe.

Seat Fabrics 

I love the Nuna pipa fabrics, Nuna is stylish, and that’s a good feature I love about it, you can remove the canopy with ease, and it is washable. However, you are limited to machine washing of the fabrics because the material is all-natural and ecological certified cotton.

The Chicco Keyfit seat fabric is also good, no matter what stains the fabric, it can be easily cleaned of which you don’t even have to dismantle the carrier.



  • Lightweight
  • Comes with baby inserts included
  • Canopy with unique “dream drape” feature
  • Washable fabrics
  • Type of belt is 5 point
  • Compatible with strollers
  • Adjustable base with stability legs ( Load leg)

  • Fits a wide range of baby sizes, including preemies very well
  • Easy attachment and detachment from the base.
  • Has a Load leg which absorbs energy
  • The support leg needs a constant adjustment


Chicco Keyfit

Chicco Keyfit

  • Lightweight
  • Comes with baby insert
  • Compatible with stroller
  • Easy installation with or without base
  • Washable Fabrics
  • Canopy included
  • Rear-facing only

  • Has energy-absorbing foam to protect the baby
  • Easy and Fast Installation
  • Some taller babies may outgrow it early  



Stroller Compatibility

The Nuna pipa is compatible with all Nuna strollers as well as strollers from any other top brand. You won’t need to purchase a car seat adapter to use the Nuna pipa with Nuna strollers because adapters are included with your purchase of Nuna strollers such as the Nuna Mixx, Triv, Nuna Demi Grow or Nuna PEPP.

However, you’ll need to purchase a car seat adapter for other brands to attach Nuna pipa to your stroller. The Nuna Pipa is compatible with the following strollers.

  • Nuna Strollers (Nuna Mixx, Nuna Demi Grow, TRIV, TAVO and PEPP
  • UPPAbaby strollers {VISTA, VISTA V2, CRUZ, and CRUZ V2, Uppababy MINU)
  • Baby Jogger strollers( Baby jogger city select lux, city premier, mini2/City Mini GT 2single, 2018- earlier baby jogger city Mini/ GT Single
  • Bugaboo strollers ( Bugaboo Ant, Bugaboo Donkey, Donkey2, Donkey 3, Bugaboo Fox, Fox2 and Lynx, Bugaboo Cameleon3, Bugaboo Bee3, and Bee5 
  • Bumbleride Strollers (Bumblerid Era, Bumbleride Indie and Speed, Bumbleride Indie Twin 
  • Joolz strollers (Joolz Geo2, Joolz Day3, Joolz Hub
  • Thule strollers (Thuke Urban Glide 1 or 2 Single and Double, Thule Sleek, Thule Spring (with
  • BOB strollers
  • Vidamo Limo

The Nuna Pipa is compatible with a comprehensive list of strollers, some of which are listed above.

The Chicco Keyfit is compatible with Chicco strollers and many other strollers from different brands. 

  • Chicco Strollers (Bravo Primo stroller, Bravo Primo Trio, Corso Modular, Viaro Quick-Fold, Chicco Cortina CX, 
  • Uppababy strollers, Uppababy Cruz, Vista, Vista V2, Cruz V2, Uppabay MINU)
  • Bugaboo Strollers (Bugaboo Ant, Bugaboo Donkey, Donkey2, Donkey 3, Bugaboo Fox, Fox2 and Lynx, Bugaboo Cameleon3, Bugaboo Bee3, and Bee5)
  • Baby Jogger strollers( Baby jogger city select lux, city premier, mini2/City Mini GT 2single, 2018- earlier baby jogger city Mini/ GT Single)
  • BOB strollers

Best Car Seat Comparison

Weight and size limit

Considering the weight of this car seats, Nuna pipa is lighter than the Chicco Keyfit. The Chicco Keyfit weighs 9.6 lbs while the Nuna pipa weighs 9.4lbs with infant insert and low birthweight but weighs 8.6lbs without an infant insert.

Also, the size limit for Chicco Keyfit is from 4 to 30 pound, so the Chicco key fit is ready to serve your newborn baby right from birth till about two years of which this depends on your baby, the rapid growth of height and weight of your baby determines if it will be up to two years, but the top height limit set is 30.

The size limit for Nuna Pipa, on the other hand, is from 4 to 32 pounds. The Nuna Pipa caters to your newborn from birth.

FAQs on Nuna Pipa vs. Chicco Keyfit

Is Nuna Pipa worth it?

Nuna Pipa is indeed a little bit expensive, but I tell you, with all its features and the fact that it is one the safest car seat you can get with a load leg which absorbs energy, lots of padding with a canopy covering your baby fully. I tell you going for it is a really good choice.

Will the infant insert be purchased differently

No. The Nuna Pipa and the Chicco Keyfit comes with the infant seat. An infant seat is included with the purchase of any of this.

Is Chicco Keyfit worth It

The Chicco Keyfit has excellent safety features, and it’s compatible with a comprehensive list of strollers from different brands. It is the highest-rated car seat from the consumer’s report. The feedback from those who got Chicco Keyfit is amazing, and this shows how good it is to have it for one’s baby. Therefore Chicco Keyfit is a good choice for you to make.

Final Verdict

The Chicco Keyfit and the Nuna pipa are leading car seats, among others. Both car seats are safe. The Chicco Keyfit has recommendations from the consumer’s report; the Nuna pipa is known for its high safety features. Having both rigid latch connectors and a load leg are two highly desirable features that, when combined, make one very safe.

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