Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Single Stroller Tealgray – 2024 Review

Do you want your baby to have a good time, and you want to take care of your health as well? Are you a bit of a stroller, and you prefer walking all the way down to the nearby market rather than taking a bus?

Well then, the product that we have in mind is a perfect amalgamation for both you and the baby but it is preferable for the baby. 

We introduce the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller which is an ideal product for every baby, and its handler out there. We would be taking you through some of the finer key points with respect to this, and give you a hands-on review on it. 

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller 


The complete set of functionalities in this product can help you shed some light on what it can actually offer. Let us take a look at the feature sets, as to how these make it different from a variety of different models.

  1. Patented Quick-Fold Technology – This functionality does not let you waste your time on folding up the baby stroller, which generally takes up a considerable amount of time. Using just one simple procedure, you would be able to do this without worries. 
  2. Front Wheel Swivelling ability – Many of the conventional baby strollers are not able to swivel the front wheel properly. They would need to lift it up, and accordingly set the course again. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT second seat also gives you front wheel swiveling features that are preferable for maneuvering through streets and lanes. Post which it instantly locks into its place and continues with the set direction, which is an added bonus.
  3. Air wheels – The product comes in with 8.5 inches of air wheels which gives a very solid grip to the base, and it also handles the weight of the baby above. It also contains ball bearings which contribute to a smooth motion throughout the course of movement, and it is preferable to travel long distances. There is a reason why they are called air wheels, and multiple baby strollers miss this functionality.
  4. The plush seat reclines – Your baby would be getting the premium treatment with the inclusion of this product in its life. It contains plush reclining seats that have additional paddings to make your baby sit comfortably in it. Also, it contains a nicely vented seat top along with weather-protection covers in it. 
  5. Adjustable handlebars – The handlebars that come packed in with the product are adjustable, to say the least. Different baby strollers face problems with respect to maladjustments in the height of the handlebar. This creates problems in a number of ways, which is why this feature helps out a lot.  

Key Features:

The Mini GT Single Stroller packs in an impeccable set of specifications, that would help solidify their stance on whether to buy this or not. 

  • Weight – 9.6 kilograms
  • Dimensions of the Product – 100.5 * 61 * 105.5cm.
  • The capacity of Weight – 29.84 kilograms.
  • Maximum Head Height – 26 inches.
  • Shoulder Width – 13 inches.
  • Air Wheels – 8.5 inches.
  • Handle Bar – 0.75 inches.
  • Canopy Height – 0.75 inches.

How to Buy It?

Since Baby Jogger is one of the best jogging stroller travel system, it would be great to know the accurate steps and stages on how to buy one.

  • Research the product – Buying anything haphazardly might lead to scenarios which you might regret in the near future. It would be great that you have prior information about the product, which in this case would help you out.
  • Are your requirements being met – Whether the specifications that you want from the stroller, are being fulfilled or not, should be the primary question to ask? If it is not then you are wasting time. 
  • Choose a store or buy it online – This depends upon you, whether you want to buy the product after seeing it and deciding it, OR you just want to buy it outright. 
  • Choose full payment or EMI option – If you don’t want to pay the full amount for the product, you can even buy it on installments, OR else you can buy it with a full amount. 

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Single Stroller Reviews

Customer Reviews

Because of the multiple Baby Jogger City Mini GT Reviews, customers have rated it very highly, and also with respect to its transparency and a flexible specification set. Since it tips above many of the models owing to the many advantages it offers, the reviews have been generally great.

Over 60% of the customers have rated it 5 stars, and only about a little of them have rated it close to a star for the product.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System


Some of the common questions with respect to the product and their answers are as follows:

Would the product require an external beat to be fitted to the car seat?

Yes, with multiple City Mini GT Accessories available for you, you can easily fit the product to your car seat. It could feel difficult for installation at first, but it would get better after a certain amount of time.

Would there be a need to remove the canopy for using the infant seat along with the stroller?

It is possible to remove the canopy effortlessly owing to seamless velcros in it. You would not face issues with it. 

Is it advisable to jog along with the stroller?

It’s neither the best practice nor advisable to run along with your stroller since it is not meant for jogging.

Is this Stroller advisable to use for babies who are younger than 6 months?

Yes, using it would not be a problem. The straps need to be adjusted a bit securely for this.

Would this product be compatible with Babylock Car Seats?

No, it is not compatible with these seats. An alternative needs to be thought out for the same.

When you are folding the stroller and the brakes are engaged, will the product lean against the wall without losing control?

This has been seen on many of the products, but thankfully the Baby Jogger 2014 City Mini GT behaves very securely against these issues. The ball bearings and easy maneuvers help out a lot over here.