How to Choose Wi-Fi Baby Monitor With Screen – 2024 Buying Guide

Babies are just priceless gifts from God and there is no way we as parents ever want to lose them or see them in pain. When it comes to our kids we do our best to provide them with the proper care and love that they need to nourish. 

There are a bunch of baby items that should be on your list once your due date is near but the most important one is a baby monitor.

Babies are just the most precious gems in the world for their parents, thus as a parent, you always want your baby right in front of you but that is not possible physically but it is possible with the help of a digital video baby monitor.

So why try some other low-quality baby monitor that doesn’t offer as many features as a video monitor.

Today at the baby side we are going to talk about the features that you need to keep in mind before buying a baby monitor.

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There are a variety of baby monitors available in the market but the best ones are the digital video baby monitors. So let us move on to the features that you need to consider before buying a baby monitor.

These features will help you determine which video monitor would be perfect for you home and your baby. So without any further due let us move on to the list if things that you should keep in mind.

1. Security

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Well, when it comes to the baby monitors security is the main problem. Monitors work at different frequencies, an outsider can adjust the frequency of their monitor with yours and they would be able to listen in on your home, and in the case of video monitors if it is connected to an application then one can even keep an eye on your baby as well.

So make sure that you get a video monitor that is equipped with the DECT digital technology that makes it almost impossible for the other person to listen in on your home and always keep your application password-protected so that no one else can access the video files.

2. Interference

We know that baby monitor work on different frequencies in order to deliver sound from one end to the other. There are other devices in homes as well that work on frequencies as well such as the internet and cordless phones which is why the frequencies can overlap and cause interference.

In order to avoid this problem, you need to check the frequencies of the monitor before buying it. It would be given on the back of the packaging so make sure that it doesn’t match with the frequency of any of the other devices in your home. Get yourself a DECT model with different frequencies to keep the interference at the minimum level.

3. Parent Unit Size

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In the case of the Wi-Fi monitors, you have a variety of options when it comes to the unit size. Wi-Fi monitors offer you the gift of portability but you need to get a monitor that easily fits in your hand like a cell phone so that you can easily move it around with you.

Baby monitors with the video screen go from the size of 1.5 inches to around 3.5 inches but with the advancement in technology, you can use your phone or tablet as a parent monitor as well by just connecting your monitor to an application, and your smartphone ill turn into your baby monitor.

The problem is that only a few of the baby monitors offer this feature and they are quite a privacy as compared to the other regular video monitor so if you can afford to get one then go ahead otherwise you can use the regular one as well.

4. Parent Unit Controls

The parent unit in the video baby monitors is quite diverse and over time we have noticed that new and new features are been added to the unit. The major features that you need are brightness control, volume, and on and off switch.

On and off switch is important of battery purposes whereas low brightness helps the battery last longer and also helps you sleep better because it is quite uncomfortable to sleep if the baby monitor is turned on at night with the full light.

Some baby monitors also allow the parents to tilt and pana long with the zoom option.

So you can view more than one spot in the nursery making sure that everything around your baby is in perfect shape and he or she is sleeping properly.

Some parent units are very confusing. The more features it has the more controls it will offer but it will also make it hard to get used to so get a monitor that is easy to get the hang off and offer a friendly user interface so that you can operate it even when you are half asleep in the middle of the night.

5. Range

Well, video monitors have a lot of benefits as compared to audio monitors but when it comes to the range they tend to fail. You can find a video monitor with a 600 feet range, that mostly covers the size of average houses but if you have a large home then you should go for the monitors that are compatible with your smartphones.

So before you purchase a monitor make sure that you check the range on the back. Also, remember that the walls of the house act as a barrier and might reduce the range of the single.


We hope that this guide will help you find the perfect baby monitor for your family. We at the baby side are like a family and we aim to provide parents will all the information that helps them to provide better care and nourishment to their kids. So for more buying guides visit the baby side and get the best product for your baby.