12 Best Baby Bathing Tubs (Bathtubs) – 2023 Buying Guide

There are many options available in the market when it comes to baby products/ accessories, but the question that arises; which of the product to select? As all parents want the best for their babies. They want a product that is easy to use, is safe to use and easy to store.

The cribs, the bouncers, the stroller, baby chair, baby bathing chair & the baby bathtubs are being offered by different brands. Some come cheap, some are expensive & some are averagely priced. Of course the money you invest you want to ensure the safety & durability factors before buying such products that are best for your baby.

When it comes to buying the bathtub for your baby, do you just go and pick one? When it comes down to purchasing a baby bathtub do you just pick any bathtub? Of course, the answer is no.

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As I said before there are many options to decide from & there are certain things to keep in mind before making the purchase of a bathtub for your baby and finding the best.

Some options to keep in mind before going to purchase a bathtub for your baby, this will definitely help you find the best according to your needs:

  • What kind of bathtub you are looking for? There are many options of bathtubs available in the market of different brands; such are the standard brand bathtubs, the foldable bathtubs, the inflatable bathtubs& the ones that can be used till the age of a toddler.
  • Does the bathtub have a temperature gauge? While sitting in a bathtub during a bath surely you don’t want your baby to feel the extra hotness or coldness of the water. The hotter the water gets the probability of your baby getting burn is substantial.
  • Does the bathtub have an easy drain plug or not? Some of the bathtubs come without the drain plug that often requires you to lift the bathtub for draining the water; it is for sure you would not need that kind of trouble.
  • And yes don’t forget to go for the bathtub with a non-slippery surface, otherwise, the baby will keep on slipping in the water& they will panic & stop enjoying their bathing experience. Go for the ones that have an abrasive surface at the seat and bottom side, allowing the baby to sit properly with a firm grip.
  • Is it easy to store after use? That depends upon your need, what exactly you are looking for something really easy to store.

It seems like there are so many things to keep in mind before going to purchase a bathtub best for your baby, but not to worry. Below is the list of bathtubs & it will definitely assist you in making the right purchase for your baby.

What to Consider Before Buying a Baby Bathtub

Standard Bathtub

The standard bathtubs are not really expensive; they come with a mesh or sling that will fit easily into all adult bathtubs or sinks. The bathtub swim floaties on the surface & the baby do not feel comfortable while bathing in it. However, it is very easy to store it away after using it. The sling option helps you to dry the bathtub after use.

Temperature Gauge

Some of the bathtubs come with a temperature gauge that tells you when the water is too hot or the water is too cold for your baby. It helps you to achieve the optimum temperature of the water while giving a bath to your baby.

Sticker Strip

It looks like an actual sticker, which changes color from hot to cold, so you can identify the temperature of the water correctly.

Digital Indicator

This is more reliable as it has a thermometer that tells you the exact temperature of the water in the bathtub. Whether the water is really hot or really cold.

Foldable/Collapsible Bathtub

These types of bathtubs are foldable & collapsible, which makes your life easy to store and take along is along with you as you go away for traveling.


Mostly bathtubs come with a hook or handle to hang when you are not using it. It is easy and convenient for you to hang and store it away when your baby is not bathing. This saves the extra space that can be taken in addition to your baby’s bathtub. To store such bathtubs is easy and simple.

Inflatable Bathtub

It inflates & can be placed inside adult bathtubs, they may not be very expensive but normally babies don’t find it comfortable. They are super easy to store.

Easy To Drain

The inflatable bathtub can be simply blown up, some of them come with a pump but some don’t. Some of them also have a hook so you can easily hang it outside & let it dry. It is easy to store away& take along with you while you are traveling.

The decision of getting a bathtub for your baby also depends on the drainage system of the bathtub. How simple and easy it is for the water to drain out.

No Drain Plug/No Mesh

If you have a bathtub without a drain plug then you will need to tip to the drain & empty the water, of course, it may not be easy and you would not want that.


If you have a bathtub completely made from mesh that you don’t have to worry about the soap & water to drain, the tiny holes of the mesh allow water & soap to drain through easily. The fast drain system of the mesh makes your life easy and saves a lot of your time. Now the choice of getting the best mesh bathtub depends upon how easy the bathtub can be fitted and stored.

Drain Plug

If you have a bathtub with a drain plug in the bottom or on the side of the bathtub. You can just simply pull off the drain allow the water to drain away once you have finished bathing your baby.

Grow With Your Baby

These types of bathtubs allow you to use it from the infant to the toddler stage of your baby; it’s durable & of course goes a long way.

Non-Slip Surface

Some of the bathtubs have a non-slippery surface at the seat &the bottom area, allowing the baby to be easy and sit comfortably without slipping off & getting panicked.

12 Best Baby Bath Tubs 

1. The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub


The Fisher-Price 4 in 1 sling ‘n seat grows with your baby. It makes the bath so easy for your baby that the bathing does not seem a hassle for the parents. The tub has 4 stages, as your baby grows it starts comforting the baby as per the needs &comfort that they require.

The first stage is the mesh stage. The mesh stage cradles your infant giving a very and easy and comfortable feel, the second stage gives your baby the assurance that he will not slip in the water, the third stage comes with a chair seat.

The seat makes it very easy for the baby to be seated& geta comfortable bathing experience while being seated. It also gives the baby a firm grip when sitting. Finally, the fourth stage gives your baby much room for sitting and splashing around in the water and playing with the toys while sitting.

It is easy to fit in a sink and also in an adult bathtub. It comes with a small whale scooper that allows your little baby to play & rinse in the water, and a blue squeeze bottle that is indeed good for rinsing the little one-off. It is the best value out of your money.

  • It grows with your little baby.
  • It comes with a seat chair
  • It has a sling option to dry it after use.
  • 4 growth stages.
  • Whale cup & squeeze bottle for rinsing
  • Non-slippery surface
  • It is a big package
  • Not convenient to store away.
  • Seat must be taken off while draining away the water.

2. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub


The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub is one an excellent choice of getting the best bathtub for your baby as it has a lot of options that can be used as your baby grows.

The newborn stage comes with an option of a mesh sling in which you can comfortably adjust your baby, the second stage has an option of a deep seat allowing your little one to be easy and sit properly in the seat without slipping off, and the third stage has a more comfortable seating option than any other bathtubs in the market. This makes it the best choice for the parents to choose from the other options available.

  • The sling is easy to clean & wash
  • Headrest with extra cushion & padding makes it the best for your baby.
  • Deeper seat for easy sitting & firmness for the baby while on seat.
  • Color options are aqua for boys & pink for girls
  • Again it’s a big package.
  • Little padding option
  • Surely not suitable for travelling
  • Bothersome to store away.

3. Angelcare Baby Bath Support

Angelcare Baby Bath Support


Angelcare Baby Bath Support offers you an easy simple way & also a completely awesome experience in bathing your little one. The bathtub comes with a soft mesh that surrounds your baby.There is no hassle of filling the tub with water.

The holes in the mesh allow water and soap to enter but also to drain from the mesh. It is easy to place on the kitchen sink& is also easy to fit in an adult bathtub. When you are done bathing your little one you can hang up the bathtub by the hook to let the mesh dry. It is very easy to store it away when not in use or to hook for drying.

  • It is lightweight.
  • Soft mesh feels good and easy on baby’s skin, best for baby’s safety.
  • It comes with a hook to hang
  • Easy to fit in kitchen sinks and adult bathtubs.
  • Easy for the drainage purpose
  • One neutral color i.e. grey, aqua for boys & pink for girls
  • Can’t be used over six months
  • Babies may catch cold as it cannot hold water & maintain the temperature.

4. Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub

Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub


The Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub is the tub that you will really love to have. It has a 2 in 1 option tub. This allows your baby to bath on a favorable height, enabling you with better comfort & ease while washing & cleaning your little one.

Summer infant tub also allows your baby to be seated as he grows & reaches the toddler stage, letting you use the bathtub for a longer period of time without investing in a new bathtub.

  • Summer infant bathtub is 2 in 1tub.
  • Has an inclusive insert to add height & remove it when you don’t require it.
  • It has a stool to sit in
  • Stool that comes with an extra height, best for managing babies with more control.
  • Stool when your baby reaches the toddler stage.
  • It is a big parcel.
  • Itis not easy to store away
  • Baby may find the insert a bit uncomfortable.

5. Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub


If your baby is a fan of rubber ducky this amazing Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub is for your baby. Your little one will love the huge rubber ducky. Not only the size of this bathtub so attractive, but it also has a feature that is pretty useful when dealing with babies and toddlers.]

You need not worry about the water is really hot or really cold for your kid. This tub has an amazing feature included. On the bottom of the tub, it has a safety disk that indicates the temperature of water; this enables you to see if the temperature is fairly hot or suitable for your little one.

Plus not only this but the tub is very easy to store & also the best for traveling purposes. Not only this but there is no need to worry about the baby slipping while being in the tub as this tub also has a non-slip feature as well.

  • It has a temperature indicator, which shows the perfect temperature of the water.
  • It is super easy to store away, as you can deflate the tub when not in use & store it as you want.
  • Super travel friendly as it hardly weighs a lot also is easy to it away wherever you are going.
  • It is very safe for the baby as it has a non-slip feature.
  • It is not suitable for infants.
  • You may need to have an air pump with you to inflate the tub
  • Abrasive surfaces can cause the tub to get little tears in it or may cause the air to leak from the tub.

6. Summer Infant My Bath Seat

Summer Infant My Bath Seat


Summer Infant My Bath Seat is the best option for the parents who are on a look for a safe bathtub that has a seating option included. The seat takes away all the problems of the baby sliding and slipping in the water as it is really safe.

The seat comes with a really simple and easy installation. All you need to do is to the extent the arms of the seat to fit your tub & lock the sides then backup with suction cups. This seat gives you the convenience to wash & rinse your baby with both of your hands instead of just one plus there is no need to worry about drainage. The seat allows your little one to feel really comfortable & confident to play during the bath.

  • The seat is firm & sturdythat allows baby with comfort seating.
  • Really easy to store away
  • Long backrest
  • Easy to take away while travelling
  • Suction cups with locks
  • It comes in grey, aqua & pink colors.
  • Suction cups can catch fungus.

7. Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather

Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather


Handling a baby while giving a bath is very easy with the Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather, I found this when I used it for my newborn as soon as we bought him back home from the hospital.

The shape of this bather is just perfect for the newborn baby & it also can be adjusted as the baby grows. As the mesh has three levels that you can adjust accordingly either you want your baby lying down or to be seated up.

The soft mesh also allows it to easily fit into the levels provided without any hassle. The mesh surrounded the seat makes the baby really comfortable and safe. The Baby Bather has a soft padded headrest on which the baby can be comfortable while having a bath.

The size of the bather is the best, as it can be easily fitted in a sink or an adult bathtub. Plus you don’t need to worry about draining the water as you give bath to your baby as the bather is lined with a soft mesh which enables the water to easily drain as you give bath to your baby.

The soft mesh of the bather easily dries up. It can be folded & stored away when the bather is not in use. 

  • It has three adjustable levels
  • It has a soft mesh net sling
  • A comfortable padded head rest on the soft mesh.
  • Best for travelling.
  • Easy to store away
  • Draining away water is really easy
  • It can be used for little babies only
  • To keep the bather from sliding it doesn’t have any suction

8. Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub Bathtub

Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub Bathtub


If you are on the lookout for a cute really comfortable & super safe tub for your baby then Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub is the best option for you. The size of the bathtub is perfect to be fitted in an adult bathtub.

It also has a padded removable insert that is just perfect for the small babies to lie in. Bath time is a fun time for the baby especially for toddlers who love to bring bath toys along with them. This can easily be done in the Bathtub as more space can be made by removing the insert so that the baby gets more space to have fun & splash around in the water. Once done, just pull the drain plug in the bottom of the tub to drain water.

  • Can be used from newborn to toddler stage
  • It is spacious as the insert can be removed when needed.
  • Draining the tub is easyby pulling the plug at the bottom.
  • Size of the tub is large it cannot be fitted in a sink
  • It takes too much space
  • Not suitable for newborns
  • It is not easy to store
  • It is too big to carry while travelling

9. Blooming Bath

Blooming Bath


The Blooming bath is super soft that is shaped like a flower bloom, it is truly so extra soft that your baby will surely love it & bath time will be of such ease because your baby will have the comfort & relaxed experience.

It is really simple to use, it opens up like a big flower with petals that are easy to fold and unfold. The blooming bath fixes and fits perfectly in a kitchen sink. It is really helpful because it takes away the problem of the baby slipping & sliding while having a bath.

  • It is super soft
  • It has a light weight
  • It is very easy to store away.
  • Best for travelling
  • Easy for washing & drying
  • Available colors are; blue, canary yellow, & grey.
  • Suitable for small babies
  • It takes quite a while to dry.

10. Yookidoo Baby Bath Shower Head

Yookidoo Baby Bath Shower Head


Surely this is not a bathtub, but it serves as the best assimilation with the bathtubs you already have. It can be easily used in an adult bathtub as is helps you rinse & wash your baby with much ease due to its baby-friendly sprinkle shower.

Your baby or toddler will love this experience & enjoy a lot while bathing, it is going to turn out completely new experience to them. It can be used in the sink, bathtub, or even in the pools. It is easy to store this and also can be taken along while traveling.

  • Pleasure bathing
  • Easy to use is a pool.
  • Easy to store and take along while on travelling.
  • Can finally be used as a toy.
  • Colors are blue & purple.
  • Battery deteriorates.
  • Button requires extra force & not easy for toddlers
  • Hose is of short length
  • It can get clogged up and choke

11. Puj Tub Soft, Foldable Baby Bathtub

Puj Tub Soft, Foldable Baby Bathtub


The Puj tub cuts your baby bath time & takes into a whole new experience & comfort. It is the best as it is completely made from a soft foam that is easy to fold& unfold. Your baby will love its comfort as the feel it gives to your baby a very soothing feeling.

The holes at the side & at the bottom easily allow the water to drain without any hassle. As a parent, you will love this thing because it is easy to manage, easy to drain and also is easy to fold at times when you want to store or not in use.

  • Made from soft foam
  • Storing is very easy
  • Best for travelling
  • Water drainage is very easy
  • Color options available are; aqua, grey &white.
  • Can only be used from 0-6 months
  • Not easily adaptable to all sinks or tubs.

12. Angelcare Baby Bath Booster

Angelcare Baby Bath Booster


Angelcare Baby Bath Booster is made to be used in the adult bathtubs. It fits easily in the adult bathtub and gives the baby the right feel and is very comfortable. It is made from soft mesh that gives your baby a smooth touch on the skin & allows you to bath your baby with much ease & convenience.

Due to the fact that it is surrounded with soft mesh, this allows all the water & soap to drain easily without giving you the hassle of draining it while cleaning. Also, it comes with an easy hook that allows you to hang after the bath to let it dry easily. It makes it so easy for your baby to play with all the toys and splash around during bath for a playful & splendid experience.

  • Very easy to travel with
  • Easy for storing purpose.
  • It has a light weight
  • Mesh is really soft for baby’s skin
  • Comes with an easy hook for drying purpose.
  • Drainage is simple and easy.
  • Color options available are; grey & blue.
  • Recommendable only for babies starting to sit up or can sit up by themselves. Not suitable for infants.


New moms are often nervous about giving their baby first bath, although hospital staff train mothers about how to do it still new moms find it difficult to start with their first baby bath. Often there are questions in the mind of parents like:

  1. How many days or hours you should wait to give your baby a bath after returning from the hospital?
  2. What should be the best temperature to follow while giving a bath to the baby?
  3. What is the best time to transfer from a baby bathtub to an adult bathtub?
  4. How frequently should I give my baby the bath in a week’s time?
  5. How my baby will react, what are the signs that my baby will show me if anything goes wrong?
  6. It has to be a direct water bath or a sponge bath?


Purchasing a bathtub for your baby is not really as troublesome as it seems. All you need to do before buying is to do research on the market about the brands & the kind of options that they are offering.

Also, you should stick to your budget & go for the best ones according to your need & usage. People often follow the trend in buying their baby products & negates the fact of their budget & the need. Often such people end up getting frustrated or dissatisfied customers.

The important factors to look for are; the product gives you a considerable warranty in case you find it in a bad shape you can reclaim your warranty. The next comes the comfort part, babies feed satisfied when the comfort factor is intact.

Their soft skin cannot ignore the discomfort & it will ultimately result in the dissatisfaction of your baby. It often comes with a cry whenever they feel you are taking them to bath, so in order to give them a good experience the bathtub must be comfortable.

The third factor is the temperature factor, go for the ones with a thermometer attached to it so as to give you the exact temperature in the tub your baby requires.

Also to avoid catching a cold or getting the baby’s skin burned. The last but not the least thing to look for while making the purchase is to see how far you can go with that thing. Obviously such products require a substantial investment & you cannot spend again & again while your baby advances to the next stages of development.

There are brands that offer bathtubs that grow with your baby, meaning they provide you with different options to use at different stages of your baby’s development. You can use such brands from newborn to your baby’s reaching toddler stage.

We hope you will find this article of great assistance & we hope that the options we have provided you in this article will definitely help you in choosing the best one for your little one.