9 Best Baby Rattles – 2023 Buying Guide & Reviews

Babies are attracted to different sounds and noises around them; they are learning to hold things, make noises out of things and usually, they are attracted to objects that amuse them as this is their first experience to carefully notice events.

Rattles are the most appropriate toys for children turning to recognize things and are attracted to different objects that make sounds and noises. If you care for your baby and you really want to know which are the best baby toys rattle in 2023, then you must read this content for making a decision and choosing the best one for your kids.  

Even parents can understand this and relate to that as rattles have also been their favorites too while they were kids, as the time has advanced the variety of toys and rattles has increased a lot instead of just the basic toys and rattles we used to have as children.

The reason why it is important to choose the best toys and rattles for your babies because; the children love to grip, shake the rattles, bite on it and throw the rattles anywhere they feel. Below is the listing of toy rattles that can definitely assist you in getting the best toys for your son or daughter, depending upon their interest and liking.

As parents must be the primary buyers for rattles and toys, so it is good to go for advertising available on the internet and you can also shop on the Amazon by comparing the reviews and find the top & best toys or rattles for your little one.

List of 9 Best Baby Rattles Reviews

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1. Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas


Fisher-Price Baby Rattles manufacture baby rattles that are bright in color and they are interactive toys for babies, children and kids who have just started their journey towards learning and making eye contact.

It helps the babies in various ways; to feel the comfort and care from the top soft part, helps grips the toy more firmly and the noise the rattles make helps the children to develop eye contact by listening to it and develop visual senses through their bright colors.

It is best for the babies who are looking it as a tether if the little ones bite the toy it won’t harm them, as a result, it may give the children a soothing feeling. However, while cleaning care is required from parents.

This toy comes in a set of two bright colors Macaras, so your little kids can grip the toy in both hands while playing with it. The parents can go online for the advertising stuff in order to compare and also to check the reviews. The Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas can be shopped on Amazon.

  • The rattles helps develop baby’s sensory & motor skills.
  • It is one of the top most & best for kids who are teething.
  • Availability on amazon
  • Care must be taken while cleaning as surface cleaning is recommended; machine washing may result in damage to the cloth fabric.
  • Kids may find the sound of the rattles to be dull as per the reviews of some parents.

2. Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle

Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle


As the name suggests, it has bright colors for your kids to get attracted to it, as the twist helps the little one develops hand-eye manipulation while the baby rotates the rattle. It also serves as a tether for babies due to the various shapes on the rattle which convince the babies to bite and feel soothing. This rattle is made by keeping babies’ traits in mind, so it’s safe and parents don’t need to take extra care of it.

This is the best and one of the topmost toys for your little kids which will help the babies to remain amused and play with it by looking at the bright colors, gripping & spinning the rattle. As a result, your baby will feel pleasure while playing with this little toy.

The soothing noise of the rattles makes your baby excited and entertained. The bright spin rattle toy has links that move smoothly and easily as its best feature, helping your baby to develop his/her tactile stimulation.

The texture of the rattle is made in a way to soothe & care for your teething baby. You can shop this toy at amazon; can also go online for reviews and checking advertising on it.

  • It is light in weight and best for babies to grip as it small in size.
  • The rattle & the rings spin effortlessly by small kids.
  • Can be carefully hooked on to the kids stroller or car seat.
  • Availability on amazon
  • Extra care must be taken while cleaning as the clear part of the rattle can get some moisture when babies take it in their mouth, hence care is a must do factor from parents.

3. Playgro My First Bead Buddies Giraffe

Playgro My First Bead Buddies Giraffe


This bright color giraffe can put a smile on your baby’s face by looking at it and also gives a sense of comfort & care while the kids grip it. The design of the giraffe helps introduce various textures to the kids, this results in the development of imagination & understanding in children & can be considered as the best option to choose for your baby.

Due to the bright color of the giraffe; rings around its neck, and its rattle tummy full of beads, the toy guarantees to keep your kids mesmerized and attracted to it. 

The crinkling noise of the squishy beads giraffe can be super exciting for your baby. You don’t have to worry if your baby drops this little toy or bangs at the wall, as it creates a baby sound to keep your kid amused. These toys can be shopped at amazon; you can also go online for advertising and reviews.

  • The size of this toy is best for your baby for easy grip.
  • Bright colors & textures encourage sensory development in your babies.
  • Can be shopped at amazon.
  • Small kids may find this toy giraffe difficult to carry; as a result they may not like it.

4. Sassy Flip & Grip Rattle

Sassy Flip & Grip Rattle


This rattle has very bright colors to attract the baby’s eye that it keeps the little kids amused and entertained by it in various ways. The additional textured grips give your baby the feeling of care & comfort while he/she grips it. The grips also allow babies to explore various textures and stimulate their recognition skills.

Many kids get attracted to the spinning disks having a mirror inside on both sides. When the babies shake it they get lost as they can’t understand what they see. In order to see what inside they repeat it consistently, as a result, it helps the children to develop their sense of recognition and understanding capabilities.

The set comes with a pair of rattles, and there are two combinations of colors that come with advertising. 1 in blue & purple and 1 in yellow & green. This toy can be shopped at amazon; you can also go online for reviews and price comparisons from other rattles.

  • The best part is it is light weight &easy for your little baby to grip.
  • The rubber sections of the rattles are the best tethers for kids.
  • Rattle sound is fun & not too loud for children.
  • Available on amazon.
  • Water may collect in the plastic ball while washing, hence care must be taken.

5. Organic Wood Montessori Styled Baby Rattle by Homi Baby

Organic Wood Montessori Styled Baby Rattle by Homi Baby


This rattle has the top best reviews available on Amazon because of its organic material that doesn’t include any harmful materials. Also, the top feature of this rattle is that it is handmade with a lot of care. The rattle is made of organic timber wood with a coating of coconut oil.

The design of the rattle has three links that make a rattling sound when the babies shake the rattle. Though the design of this rattle is pretty basic yet elegant it ensures to pique the interest of your baby while keeping him/her captivated.  

The hand sanded timber surface of the rattle is perfectly safe for the babies to put in their mouth while playing with it. Plus, the rattle also makes a very soothing soft enchanting noise to please your baby. Parents can check amazon to shop and also lookup advertising details.

  • One of the top most &best for teething babies.
  • High standard of wooden material are used to make this rattle best suitable for kids.
  • Encourage sensory and motor development in babies.
  • Easy to clean.
  • You can buy at amazon
  • Parents may need to carefully smooth the rough texture of the wood rattle with sandpaper before giving to baby.

6. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Tether Toy

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Tether Toy


Manhattan Winkel rattle & sensory tether has won many awards and is one of the best and topmost choices of parents for their children, having quite many reviews that makes this the best choice of selection for your baby/ little kids. It has many soft tubes encircling in the shape of a maize-like design. The cube in the center makes a nice rattling noise when the baby shakes it or drops it.

The colors are so bright that your baby can’t ignore it and gets attracted to, also it gives your baby a nice grip while he/she is holding it. Topmost & best for children between 0-2 ages, & many babies find this toy perfect as a tether.

Keeping the care factor in mind, these toys are BPA free so parents can go free on it while the babies are taking in their mouths to bite.  This amazing toy is available on Amazon, you can visit go online for checking advertising and reviews on it.

  • Safe for your baby as a tether because it is BPA free.
  • Has won many awards that create its credibility and parent’s preference to buy this toy for their children.
  • Availability on amazon
  • Some parents may find it a bit costly toys to get for their kids.
  • It does not contain any instructions on sterilizing or special care.

7. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy


The Baby Einstein rattles is best preferred by parents who are on a lookout for the perfect toys to shop for on Amazon for their baby to prepare for Montessori. The Rattle comes with a grip on the side for easy hold; the grips have colorful movable beads to capture the interest of the baby. The most attractive & winning feature of this Rattle is a built in music player.

Not only the children can shake a rattle but also enjoy different melodies. There are up to seven classic popular tunes available on the rattles for children to listen & enjoy. The music player is operated by two AA batteries.

You can start the tunes on the player by pressing a button on the back, plus there is also a volume control option available. Special care must be taken while cleaning the rattle, only surface cleaning is advised as submerging the rattle in water may damage the music player.

  • Volume control available
  • Bright color caterpillar bead hold on side also serve as a tether for the children
  • The rattle plays music as well has blinking lights.
  • Available on amazon.
  • Each song on the player of the toys only lasts up to less than a minute.

8. Smart NogginStik Developmental Light-Up Rattle

Smart NogginStik Developmental Light-Up Rattle    


This baby rattle has super amazing features and has excellent reviews on Amazon as it is made by a mother herself in order to serve as interactive toys for babies. The rattles help parents to carefully observe their children’s developmental milestones. It has a smiling face with colorful lights and is made of various textures and surfaces for babies to grip.

This rattle may give the best visual stimulation and excellent educational experience to your children because of its varying light-up colors and mirror inside the toy. The advertising includes a complete how to use manual with all the details about the various features and options available of the toys as per the age requirement of your children.

  • The light up interactive toy enables parent and child collaboration.
  • The various textures may result in providing ideal stimulation to your baby
  • May be costly for some parents.
  • The toys come with three batteries, but they require constant care and change as the batteries wear off quickly.

9. Oball Rollin’ Rainstick Rattle

Oball Rollin’ Rainstick Rattle


Oball is the best choice for the children to keep them entertained and fascinated.  Its unique design of the rattles resembles a sports ball with holes all over and on the center has a rainstick. A soothing and pleasing rain like sound can be heard by the movement of beads as the baby rotates the Oball.

The toy is best suited for children three months and ages above. The bright color of the Oball can be very captivating for your little one. The soft holes make it super easy to fit in the small fingers of your baby. Squash it, roll it, throw it around or bite on it as a tether; the Oball is just the perfect toy for your kid. No additional care is needed to clean the Oball.

  • Stimulates audio sensors in your baby.
  • Not only it can be used as a rattle but children can easily roll it around like a ball.
  • Can be shopped at amazon.
  • Maybe too large for some babies
  • Parents may find the price to be costly as compared to other rattles available on Amazon.


Reviews available on the internet make it easy for the parents to carefully choose and shop for the best toy rattles for their children from the numerous choices of rattles and toys available on Amazon.

As a result parents, many consider few things before getting the best toys for their children as in how easy it is for their baby to grip the rattles or what kind of sound is made by the rattles or if the rattles have a music player in it while getting the best baby drum sets.

Some rattle toys have an option to grow along with your baby to achieve different development landmarks in the early years of the life of your children, such toys and rattles are offered by famous brands like Fisher-Price and SmartNoggin.

Some parents may prefer to get rattles and toys made from organic nontoxic materials with unique designs; an example of an organic rattle is the Green Sprouts Chime Rattle which is produced from cotton.

While some rattles are a popular choice for parents because of their vivid design and bright colors as these are the factors that appeal to the children most. Sometimes the parents only look for the rattles that are super easy for the babies to grip with a musical soothing rattle sound and also that is visually pleasing for the baby.

Amazon has all kinds of toys and rattles available for the parents to shop for the best rattle for their baby.