10 Best Sensitive Baby Wipes – 2023 Buying Guide & Reviews

The first few months are always hard. Newborn babies need extra care and alertness than ever. And most important of all is that you pray and hope that you don’t have to go through serious medical conditions. You want to protect them from every little thing, right?

We can help you in this case. Below we have listed the 10 best sensitive baby wipes to buy that 2018 has to offer. Don’t wait until your child needs other types. It is better that you start from the very beginning to make sure there is no discomfort. Baby’s skin has very sensitive skin it is better to give it the best treatment from the start.

Features to Consider in Good Sensitive Baby Wipes

There is a huge market for sensitive baby wipes because of the delicate skins. Many brands’ aim is to counter rashes, dryness, and allergy. We have selected the best ones that can help you decide.

Your Baby is UniqueImportant Aspects of Baby WipesIngredientsUser FriendlinessSpecial Features

What suits your friend’s child’s product might be different than yours. Because every child has different skin types, so you need to buy what suits him/her skin the best. You can try out by buying different product brands to make sure they suit the conditions.

Wipes are important for the child as they are used every day, you need to know how they affect the skin. Later in this article, we will tell the importance of the sensitivity of the delicate infant’s skin.

Let’s look at the best options we have for you.

Knowing the ingredients is a very important aspect of buying this product. You need to have the information about what you’re using for your child. Firstly, you need to make sure there are no damaging chemicals used in the product. Secondly, this gives you the insight to compare the ingredients between the products. Knowledge can help you find solutions easily.

Since you have a major role in your child’s life, you need to be worthy of user-friendly options only. Life gets easier if you buy things that are convenient and economical and easy to use. When you need a wipe quickly, you don’t want to struggle in using a large container for it that is difficult to open.

Take care of yourself. You matter.

There are certain conditions that need extra attention while buying products. If your baby has some condition like eczema then you need to make the right decision for the product. Fortunately, there are product brands that concentrate on these little details.

Conditions might stay for a certain time or forever, it is up to you that you take care of it during the development stages so that it’s easier in the future. Buying something special for a long time can be helpful for a long period of time.

The 10 Best Sensitive Baby Wipes

1. Pampers Sensitive Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Wipes


The name of the product is enough for parents to put trust in it. Pampers is not only an overnight diapers company. It manufactures items that make sure the baby’s hips don’t get any discomfort by making the best wipes.

They are hypoallergenic which means less likely to affect the child. They also have an effect on the pH level of the skin to reduce to its natural level. Therefore, most of the hospitals choose to use these wipes for babies.

They are very thick which means they wipe out a big mess in one go instead of using many wipes to waste.

You have to make sure you buy the right items because the refills pack doesn’t have a plastic pop-up with it, only stickers are attached. Do you need to decide which one do you prefer?

What Makes These Wipes Safe to use on Your Baby?

These wipes don’t include any perfumes, alcohol, or any other chemicals that might have an effect on your child. They are made very smooth and thick so it’s comfortable for the baby as well.

What Ages can Use Them?Special FeaturesAre They Practical?Other uses?Specs

Most of the hospitals utilize it for every age so it’s no worry if you use it for your newborn baby. There should be no side effects on it.

The product contains ingredients that can reduce the pH level of your child.

Pampers sell their wipes in bags and tubs which are very practical. It is quick and easy to use, just open, pull and close it. Its cover seals well so other wipes don’t dry out.

They can be used to wipe anywhere in the body but avoid using it near the eyes.

It has dimensions: 7” x 6.8”. The product has two kinds of container type available: hard plastic tubs and flexible plastic sleeves, you can use by your preference.

How many in a pack: There are so many options given to you by this product so that you can use for anything:

  • Pop Top Packs with 56 units for the travel
  • Tubs that have at least 65 units that you can use for the baby room.
  • The product has refill packs with stickers attached to them.
  • You can buy a large quantity in one go, they have that option as well.
  • The product is quite thick, which is convenient to clean a big mess with one wipe.
  • They help reduce or improve the pH level of the skin.
  • They come in handy tubs which are easy to use.
  • Some parents complain about it being too wet.
  • The extra moisture leads to rashes.

2. WaterWipes



Nothing is purer than water. WaterWipes are the best because they are no irritation while using it because of the 99% water that is also purified before adding in. A little amount of fruit extract is used in it. This product is recognized by the National Eczema Association. This means it is the best one that doesn’t have an effect on the skin.

Many health experts recommend this product. It has even won awards since 2015:

  • A Family Choice Award
  • Gentle Parenting Gold Winner
  • Babylist Best Winner

When you use this product, you might find it in clumps but this is a good sign as this shows the absence of lubrication that most products have.

What Makes These Wipes Safe to use on Your Baby?

The best thing about this product is that the manufacturers don’t use any perfume or chemicals like alcohol.

What Ages can Use Them?Special FeaturesAre They Practical?Other uses?Specs

It is safe to use this product for any age that is you can utilize it for newborns as well as a grown child.

We all know grapefruit is best for the baby’s skin. Well this product uses grapefruit extract in it.

The packaging is just a simple plastic sleeve but they might cluster together in the pack. It is important that you reseal the pack after using it to prevent them from drying out. They come in small sizes so they can fit in a bag or drawer easily.

They can be used on every part of body. Even you can use it for yourself as they don’t harm the skin in any way. If your child is in the stage of teething, this is the most hygienic item that you can utilize to massage its gums.

It has dimensions: 6.4” x 7.3”. The container is made up of plastic sleeves and there are 60 units in each product.

  • It is hypoallergenic which means no damage to your child’s skin.
  • You can use it for newborn babies.
  • Its small size makes it quite handy to carry around.
  • They don’t have the option of tub in this product.
  • They are clustered together so it might be difficult to separate them when you take out one.

3. Huggies Natural Care

Huggies Natural Care


This product is the best fit for your child’s room décor due to its stylish design. It is practical as it comes in the square so it can fit in your bag easily.

Water is mostly used in this product with aloe and Vitamin E, due to this it is considered to be healthy, safe and comfortable for your child. The quality of the product is so good, you’ll feel good when you touch it. It takes care of the mess in one go as it doesn’t tear apart while cleaning. Your hands remain clean.

It is free from the following ingredients:

  • MI
  • Parabens
  • Chemicals like Alcohol
  • Perfume

What Makes These Wipes Safe to use on Your Baby?

They are smooth and soft as they contain 99% water with little additives added in it.

What Ages can Use Them?Special FeaturesAre They Practical?Other uses?Specs

It is considered to be safe for every kind of age, which also includes newborn babies.

There are healthy and effective ingredients like aloe and Vitamin E added in the product that are very soothing for the baby’s skin.

The product is shaped in a square and the container is sturdy which makes it quite handy to carry around. The tub is attached to the pack that is easy to use and seal them after taking out one. Note that you buy carefully because there are options of no snap tops in the packs as well.

You need to open the tub to take out the wipe since the refill packets fall at the bottom surface.

They can be used safely for general use like other parts of the body. Even elders can utilize this product.

It has dimensions: 7.7” x 6.7”. The container of the product is made up of a plastic sleeve or tub. There can be as many as you want because there are options of number of units in it:

  • Plastic tubs that contain 64 units in each packet.
  • Plastic sleeves that contain 56 units in each packet.
  • A large quantity so that you can buy in one go.
  • This product contains 99% water which makes it pure.
  • Aloe is used in the product which soothes the sensitive skin.
  • Tubs are attached to it which prevent drying.
  • Some consumers find it uncomfortable to use because of its heavy smell
  • It gives more of soapy feel instead of soothing.
  • The refill packs are faulty because they fall down.

4. Kirkland BabyWipes

Kirkland BabyWipes


BabyWipes are famous for not only being safe but also because they are comfortable for the child. When you touch them, you can feel the softness yourself, so you don’t have to worry about rashes at all.

Many parents prefer the tubs ones but this is even better, the bag is sewed with a convenient snap shut solo lid, this prevents the items inside to dry out the same way as those expensive tubs do. The material of this product is so strong that it doesn’t tear apart easily even with excessive wiping. They are extra absorbent so one wipe is enough to clean the mess. This saves your money and time.

What Makes These Wipes Safe to use on Your Baby?

The product is hypoallergenic, there are also healthy ingredients like aloe and vitamin E added inside to keep the skin safe.

What Ages can Use Them?Special FeaturesAre They Practical?Other uses?Specs

It can be used by people of all ages including newborn children, which means even you can utilize it for yourself.

The wet tissues are made very large in design which means you can clean the mess in one swipe. It not only save your money for a long time but also avoids wastage by pulling out more.

The simple packaging is made practical enough that you can fit them in your bag. The cover is convenient as it keeps the moisture of the tissues. The large size accommodates the tissues to remain soft for a long time, which makes this product brand a practical one.

This product brand doesn’t include any chemicals so they are safe enough to use it on your own skin or anything in general. It wouldn’t damage the surfaces in any way.

The dimensions of this product are about 7.1” x 7.9”. The container is made up of a plastic sleeve with a flip top. There are at least 100 units in each packet. 

  • It is very large in size which means more room for moisture.
  • It is designed to be extra absorbent so you don’t have to use many of them.
  • The top is made in such a way that it seals well.
  • There are no fragrances added in the product.
  • They sometimes cluster together due to excessive moisture.
  • They very expensive.

5. Babyganics Extra Gentle Baby Wipes

Babyganics Extra Gentle Baby Wipes


This is the most practical product even after using it. The biodegradable material lets you flush it in the toilet if you don’t have any place to throw it after using, however, it is not recommended by the experts. But it won’t clog the sewer.

You can feel the smooth texture of the product which soothes the baby as well. Furthermore, it is longer than others which protects your hands from getting dirty.

There aren’t any perfumes or fragrances added to the product but they do smell fresh so you feel good when using it.

Because they are biodegradable, they are not made thick enough. You’ll need to decide which ones you prefer.

What Makes These Wipes Safe to use on Your Baby?

It is hypoallergenic and also there are none of these are used in the product:

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Artificial fragrances
  • Dyes
  • Phthalates
What Ages can Use Them?Special FeaturesAre They Practical?Other uses?Specs

They are made for any kind of age, which also includes babies that are just born.

The best thing about this product is that they are biodegradable so you can flush it out without worrying of it clogging the toilet.

The packs are made soft which makes it easier to fit them anywhere, also they are no lids attached to it, it has a sticker that can dry them out so make sure you stick it back after using. Although the pack ensures that it remains moist but still you have to seal it yourself.

They are very convenient for removing makeup as well. Some patients who are unable to take a bath wipe their bodies with it. You can even wipe sensitive areas with it. Baby’s face can also be wiped with it.

It has a dimension size of about 8” x 6”. The product brand has made the container a very soft plastic pack. There are 40 tissues inside each packet.

  • They can fit in anywhere, convenient during travel.
  • Only natural ingredients are used in the product.
  • It is very soft and moist
  • It is biodegradable, environment friendly.
  • Tubs are very hard to find
  • The tissues are very thin

6. Bloom Baby Sensitive Skin Wipes

Bloom Baby Sensitive Skin Wipes


The brand itself leaves the impression that you have found a very unique product. The material is free of gluten and nuts, no wheat is used in the processing of this product which is ideal for people who have unique allergy concerns.

The tissues are very large in size which means it makes cleaning easier, also there are no useless ingredients or chemicals included in the product. Instead, they include a very minimum amount of items to make sure the baby’s skin remains healthy.

What Makes These Wipes Safe to use on Your Baby?

The brand uses various ingredients that are beneficial, that is no harmful chemicals are used in. Some of the ingredients are:

  • Vitamins extracted from plants (A, B Complex, D)
  • 100% purified water
  • Sensitive moisturizing cream
  • Omega 3 & 6
What Ages can Use Them?Special FeaturesAre They Practical?Other uses?Specs

This product can be used by all age groups from birth till adults.

If you want only a few tissues instead of taking the whole packet, you can carry them in single units as well. There are small packs available that you can keep in your bag or in the kitchen for emergencies.

They come in small packs that you can carry around in the bag. Because of their small size, you can fit it in the luggage or put it on the diaper changing table.

The liquid may create a mess on the changing table while you put on the diaper because of large packs. So you have to properly wipe your baby’s bum before putting on a diaper.

You can utilize them as general but you have to be careful that the moisturizer doesn’t leave marks on your furniture.

It has a dimension size of about: 8” x 7”. This brand has different kinds of sizes of soft packs as containers. There are two options in terms of the number of units in a pack: 80 units in each pack or single units separately packed (convenient for bags or travel).

  • They come in single packs which is very convenient.
  • They have moisturizing lotions in the tissues.
  • They are eczema friendly
  • The large size saves time and money
  • They can get to moist sometimes which creates a mess.
  • The packaging is of very bad quality

7. Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes


The god of all shopping, Amazon, now also brings you its very own brand of baby wipes and we are living for it. With Amazon, you can get 80 units where most of the other units give you about 20 less.

Moreover, it is also very budget-friendly and comes at a pretty reasonable price. If you are someone who is on a strict budget and does not want to spend a lot of money, then these baby wipes are the perfect option for you.

The ingredients added in the wipes are quite safe to use and are FDA approved. However, there are still relatively more chemicals included in as compared to other baby wipe brands. Therefore, it is advised for you to start by testing only one pack. This is to make sure that the baby wipes are suitable for your baby’s sensitive and unique skin.

In addition to this, Amazon also allows scanning the product with the help of the app so that you can find out interesting details about the product, read reviews, and even place an order.

What makes these wipes safe to use on your baby?

Plants like chamomile have a lot of beneficial properties. This baby wipe contains chamomile plant extract. Now your baby can also benefit from the qualities of this plant. Other great ingredients are:

  • Purified water
  • Citric acid which regulated pH value. It is necessary for your skin to have a balanced pH in order to remain healthy
  • Polysorbate and Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate (the latter is derived from coconut oil)

The best part about these wipes is that they do not contain any parabens, dyes or alcohol (which is not good for your child’s skin). Moreover, the effectiveness of these wipes will not be changed after experiencing some dire conditions like heat (due to being left in the car). Thus, these wipes are always safe to utilize no matter what the conditions are.

What Ages can Use Them?Special FeaturesAre They Practical?Other uses?Specs

This product is suitable for all ages. Therefore, the best part is that it is not just specifically made for babies. Many adults who have sensitive skin can also utilize these wipes.

Don’t we all want things that can be utilized for a long time? The best part about these wipes is that they can be utilized for up to two years after the manufacturing date. If you want to find out how old your wipes are, all you have to do is scan the bar code.

In addition to this, these wipes are pretty eco-friendly. They are specifically made keeping the environment in mind. Each of its parts (even the tops) can be recycled and are manufactured in a zero-landfill factory.

Different containers are available so you can choose what suits you best and what will work with your lifestyle. Moreover, the extent of its practicality can be measured due to the fact that even if you leave these wipes in the car, you can still utilize them whenever you want.

These baby wipes are pretty large and thus have a couple of other uses too. An example of this is that you can utilize them around the house such as kitchen surface wipe downs.

The dimensions of these wipes are almost about 6.75” x 7.9”. In addition to this, it is also available in different container types. These are either tubs or plastic bags. Moreover, you can also have grab and go flip top bags. The best part about these wipes is that you can find almost 80 in one pack (and that too is available at a very affordable price).

  • Affordable option
  • Perfect mix of a classic look together with modern safety features
  • Super light weight
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Available in various colors to match the décor and design of your baby’s room
  • Enriched with moisturizer
  • Eco-friendly
  • Some may find them to be too large

8. Seventh Generation Free Clear Baby Wipes

Seventh Generation Free Clear Baby Wipes


In today’s time, taking care of the environment has become some that are of paramount importance. We must purchase products that environment friendly and do not have a negative impact on our living surroundings. Many young parents these days are making sure to buy baby products that would reduce their carbon footprint.

It is important to take care of the environment if we want our little ones and future generations to come to live in a safe and clean world. If you are one of those people who are fighting to keep the environment safe, then you will absolutely love the Seventh Generation Free Clear Baby Wipes. These baby wipes are made up of wood pulp.

It is important to know that this is a renewable resource. Moreover, it can also be recycled. Therefore, these wipes will not affect nature in a negative way. In addition to this, these baby wipes are also not tested on animals. Hence, if you choose to buy these baby wipes, you would be contributing towards a better environment for your children.

These baby wipes are also equipped with features that most parents are looking for. Let’s check them out:

  • No alcohol
  • No dye or colorants
  • No fragrances that are synthetic
  • Nontoxic
  • Hypoallergenic

Moreover, these wipes are also dermatologically tested. Therefore, it is proven that they are safe to be utilized on sensitive skin.

What makes these wipes safe to use on your baby?

These wipes are very safe to apply on your child’s delicate skin. This is because no harmful or dangerous ingredients are included in it. Moreover, it is dermatologically tested to ensure that whatever products are being used in the making of them are suitable for kids with sensitive skin. In addition to this, they are thick and have a soft design which reduces the irritation in the skin while wiping.

What Ages can Use Them?Special FeaturesAre They Practical?Other uses?Specs

These wipes are not limited to a certain age group. People of all ages can apply them.

This baby wipe comes in tape seal packs which are very sturdy and square. Therefore, you can stack a few on top of each other. In this way, they won’t even take up a lot of space. It keeps your nursery clutter-free. Moreover, you always have the next pack on hand.

The size of these wipes is also quite appropriate for wipe warmers if that is something you plan on using.

The containers in which the wipes come in are very practical. You can stack them on top of each other. Also, the thickness of them ensures that you utilize fewer at a time. In this way, they will also last you for a long time. However, these wipes are much smaller as compared to other brands. This means that they provide little protection for your hands.

These baby wipes are enriched with natural ingredients. This means that you can even utilize them on your baby’s face or any other part of the body. Moreover, adults can apply them too and they can also be used for cleaning any other surfaces. The natural ingredients ensure that they won’t leave any marks on the furniture and won’t irritate the skin either.

This brand of baby wipes has dimensions of 7.4” x 6.7”. The container comes in the form of a tape seal closure pack. One pack can hold up to almost 64 units.

  • Strong baby wipes
  • Quite thick; will not tear easily
  • Handy, stackable containers
  • Eco-friendly source
  • Natural ingredients included
  • Can be used on face also
  • Smaller than most brands

9. Huggies Simply Clean

Huggies Simply Clean


Most of the brands often shy away from fragrances. This is because children’s skin is often sensitive and fragrances may not be a great idea. However, despite this common belief, the Huggies Simply Clean brand offers a fresh scented option.

As long as your baby’s skin does not react to it, it is a great option as it will leave you toddler smelling super clean and fresh. Despite the use of a fragrance, these are still very safe for most of skin types.

Moreover, the Huggies Simply Clean wipes have hypoallergenic qualities. Thus, ensuring that your skin remains unaffected and fresh. In addition to this, it also comes in a few different pack sizes.

Some of the ingredients present in these are:

  • Water that is triple filtered
  • Aloe Vera which keeps the skin soft and smooth
  • Malic acid which helps maintain the skin’s pH
  • Sodium Benzoate which acts as a preservative
  • Caprylyl Glycol which is a soothing skin conditioner

Thus, as you can see, these wipes do contain some unique chemicals. Even though most of these products focus on benefitting the skin, it is advised for you to only buy one pack first, in order to test if it works well with your baby’s skin.

What makes these wipes safe to use on your baby?

These wipes are hypoallergenic and alcohol-free. Thus, it is safe to use them on your child. Moreover, they have been tested by dermatologists so you can safely utilize them on your child. However, they are not enriched with any specific substance that would help with your baby’s eczema-prone skin.

What Ages can Use Them?Special FeaturesAre They Practical?Other uses?Specs

It is suitable for all ages. You can utilize these ever since to when you get old. However, you must only use them if they are suitable for your skin and the preservatives do not cause any irritation.

This product is available in two types. You can either get unscented wipes or the Fresh Scented ones depending on what works best for your baby. It is of course safer to utilize the unscented ones as it minimizes the chances of a reaction. However, if your baby’s skin is suitable for fragrances and does not react, then it is always great to use fresh smelling baby products.

The flip lids on the container can be easily handled with only one hand. This is an ideal feature especially when you are changing your baby’s diaper. Moreover, another great feature is that you can get 216 baby wipes in one pack. This is the most ideal situation for any parent. Now you do not have to constantly go to the store to buy a new pack as we assure you that the old ones will last for a pretty long time.

These large packs are also excellent for traveling purposes. Now you do not have to worry about your baby’s necessities being finished while you are on a trip. With this baby wipes pack, you can comfortably enjoy a trip. However, such a large pack can tend to be heavy especially if you have to carry it around wherever you go.

These wipes are safe to use on your baby’s face. Thus you can not only utilize them for diaper changes, but also for any other messes that occur. Moreover, it also comes with a conditioning agent. If you plan to utilize it on your furniture surfaces, you need to make sure that it won’t cause any unwanted stains.

These baby wipes have dimensions of 7.7” x 6.6”. These come in soft packs, pop up tubs and even refills. Moreover, the best part is that you can get either 72 or 216 units in one pack!

  • Large and small packs available
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fresh fragrant version available
  • Does contain some chemicals
  • Fragrant wipes may irritate some skin types

10. BumGenius Natural Flannel Baby Wipes

BumGenius Natural Flannel Baby Wipes


Sometimes while parenting, you need to try new things and different approaches when it comes to your toddler. You can start off with the BumGenius Natural Flannel Baby Wipes. These flannel wipes are made of cotton and have a very little chance of irritating your baby’s skin.

However, here is when you would need to decide what approach you would like to take. With these, there is a little chance of irritating your baby’s skin but they are not available in a handy dispenser. This product requires more effort, but when it comes to super sensitive babies, this might just be the perfect option to minimize skin irritation.

These wipes are small cotton squares that are washable. Moreover, you can also apply any liquid, soap, or wipe solution on them if you do not want to use them dry. Moreover, these wipes are also budget-friendly as they can be reused. However, you will have to spend some time cleaning them.

What makes these wipes safe to use on your baby?

This product is made up of natural cotton which does not aggravate the skin. Thus, making it an excellent option for babies with sensitive skin. If your child has super sensitive skin, then he or she may develop a reaction because of the lotions or liquids found in the baby wipe pack.

The BumGenius Natural Flannel Baby Wipes are an excellent option because you can now decide what product to try with the wipes.

What Ages can Use Them?Special FeaturesAre they practical?Other uses?Specs?

These wipes are suitable for all ages. Moreover, even when your child does not need wipes anymore, you can still continue to utilize them as washcloths for the rest of the family.

They are reusable and washable. This means that they are also budget-friendly.

These wipes are quite practical as they are not quite heavy on the picket. Since you do not have to purchase them every month, they are an excellent choice if you are on a strict budget. All you have to be prepared for is to wash them pretty frequently.

However, these wipes are a little small as compared to the others. Unfortunately, that gives you less protection for when you are wiping up big masses.

You can try these wipes as facecloths or washcloths for the family if no longer required by the child.

The dimensions of these baby wipes are 6.5” x 5.5”. No necessary container is required for these wipes but you can easily fit them into wipe warmers. One pack of BumGenius Natural Flannel Baby Wipes contains about 12 units.

  • Will not irritate skin
  • You get to decide what lotion you must use
  • Once off expense
  • Quite affordable
  • Can be reused as washcloths for the entire family
  • Unique and innovative approach
  • Must wash wipes after every use
  • Smaller than most other baby wipes

Guide to Buying the Best Sensitive Baby Wipes

Common infant skin problems
You will instantly be on high alert and extremely concerned if you see any abnormality of your child’s skin condition. However, especially as a young parent, how will you know whether it is time to go to the doctor or if you can handle the condition on your own? In order to help you out, we have made a list of a few common skin conditions and the role they may play. Let’s check it out:

  • Heat rash: One way to know that it’s a heat rash is that you will see tiny red bumps on the skin. This is caused due to heat especially where clothing rubs against the skin. If your baby wipes contain ingredients that block the sweat ducts, then it may aggravate the situation.
  • Nappy rash: This is a scaly rash that usually appears under the diaper. This happens if your wipes leave very wet areas during a change and is not dried fast enough, thus, leading to a rash.
  • Cradle cap: In this type of skin condition, you will find pink patches on the scalp and on other areas of the body. White scales may also appear. This is caused due to oil production. This may even be the start of dermatitis or eczema.
  • Atopic eczema: Skin becomes red and itchy, even rough upon touching. Usually, this condition is seen on cheeks and joints. This is aggravated if your wipe contains allergens. It is important to go see a dermatologist if this occurs.

These skin conditions are all very common and do not put your baby’s life at risk. However, if lesions are formed on the skin, or it becomes cracked, bacteria may enter in. If the problem persists, then you must visit a pediatrician or dermatologist.

How important is it to look after baby’s skin?
Your baby’s skin is part of the system that keeps him or healthy. It keeps bacteria out and moisture in. Moreover, the skin cells are still maturing and developing and can be easily damaged. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your baby’s skin.

Even though the skin will heal fast due to the numerous new cells present, you do not want your child to be exposed this way. The first few months are crucial as the child does not have the ability to deal with the bacteria or detoxify yet. Thus, you need to utilize the right wipes to maintain your baby’s health. If you choose the right wipes, they will help with the following things:

  • Keep the skin clean and minimize infections
  • Soothe damaged skin
  • Prevent dryness
  • Nourish the skin
How to pick the best brand for your baby?
You must not go with what others tell you. Keep your baby’s skin in mind and then choose what is best for him or her. When choosing for the best wipes, the following features are important to keep in mind:

  • Pick a size that fits your application. You would not want the wipes to be too small.
  • Make sure that the container works well for you. A tub that allows you to refill keeps the wipes from drying out and is also a more affordable option.
  • A thin wipe means that you may have to utilize a lot. Therefore, get wipes that are thicker. Even though they might feel expensive, they are a cheaper option in the long run as you would only utilize one.
  • Always check the ingredients. These features must be present:
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Dye-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Low preservatives
  • No fragrances

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a baby’s skin so sensitive?
It takes two years for the baby’s skin to mature

  • Skin is very immature so it is not a strong barrier. Thus if the wrong particles enter, it can cause skin problems.
Can you flush a wipe down the toilet?
No, you cannot flush wipes down the toilet. This time-saver will not end well.
Why is my baby’s skin peeling off?
This is a natural occurrence. Baby’s have a protective layer called the vernix which peels of almost after a week. You should allow the vernix to come off naturally.

Find out how many wipes does a baby uses in a year in our article.

Final Words

As a parent, you must be ready for a number of surprises. It is natural for parents to feel nervous. Hopefully, this information will help you feel less anxious and scared when it comes to treating your baby’s skin. Just make sure to use what works best for your child. Now go and enjoy being a parent!