7 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags – 2023 Buying Guide & Reviews

Breastmilk is the most essential nutrient for your child. And feeding breast milk is a must for the sake of providing the required amount of nutrients to your little one. And to feed your baby the natural milk is the best choice you as a parent make because you care for his/her health.

Breast milk is a wholesome milk that is rich in mineral, vitamins and many more important components that are anti-bacterial. They are essential for fighting off the bacteria as they can make your little one seriously sick. In fact, the milk strengthens the protection, furthermore, they support and stimulate the immune system.

For working mothers, it becomes a problem as they do not get enough time to feed their children properly, and obviously, the workplaces only give a limited amount of days for maternity leave. They have to go out to work even though they are too tired from giving birth. This also means that the mothers have to find other ways to feed it to their kids.

Some mothers stop breastfeeding altogether and switch to the baby formula milk, and some mothers pump and then store them in containers for feeding. For the pumping and storing, there are storage bags that are specifically designed to facilitate the busy mothers.

Why Do You Need Storage Bags?

These days, these storage bags have become a must-have product for the parents who have kids as they are very convenient. Breastfeeding pumps are quite popular as they can be kept anywhere, you can keep them in your car or in the stroller.

These products help the mothers who go out for work and do not have time to separately sit down and feed their little ones. They are also convenient for traveling, if you want to go out on a road trip, you can easily use them. In this way, if you want to go on a date with your husband or hang out with your friends, you can simply use these breastfeeding pumps.

But storing the breast milk needs the right amount of measures, if you don’t store it, it can easily go sour or spoiled. For this purpose, breast milk storage bags are made that give the mothers the facility for the long time storage of the milk. They are convenient enough that you can even leave them to freeze in the freezer if needed.

For your convenience and for a busy parent, we have collected the perfect breast milk storage bags that are reviewed carefully for the sake of providing you a higher quality product. You can easily make a choice and purchase from online stores like Amazon at an incredible price.

The following are the best breast milk storage bags that are reviewed for you, check out these amazing storage bags:

1. Lansinoh Durable Latex Breast Milk Storage Bags

Lansinoh Durable Latex Breast Milk Storage Bags


The Lansinoh Durable Latex Breast Milk Storage Bags is a baby brand that is quite old and famous for its good quality products. This brand is almost 30 years old and many customers recommend those who use the product are quite satisfied in terms of quality as well as pricing.

The best thing about this storage bag is that it is pre-sterilized and has good packaging in a box that also works as the storage bags dispenser.


Lansinoh Durable Latex Breast Milk Storage Bags is special in its own way. They are made by using patented double click n secure seals that make sure that the milk doesn’t leak out even if the bags are laid flat in the fridge.

In fact, these storage pouches are quite firm and are famous for being non-leakage that is currently available in online stores and also in the market. Furthermore, to ensure the quality they are thick and double sealed gussets and there are also non-leakage side seals.

If you buy the Lansinoh pumps then you can easily and conveniently pump the milk into the storage pouches directly without using any other equipment. If you use some other kind of pump, then you have to buy an adapter to make sure that the milk goes into the bag without spilling.

If you want to see whether these bags are compatible enough that you can directly pump the milk inside the bag then you have to find a white and purple flower that has a white marking line just above the Lansinoh logo. If you don’t find the above-mentioned design on the bag then it is not a reliable one to be used with the pumps.

This product is available in the market at an amazing price. So, if you think that this product is the one that is suitable for you, make sure you check it out!

  • Breast milk can be directly pumped into the bags
  • Double zipper seals, patended
  • Made up of latex for maximum thickness
  • Can be laid flat in the fridge
  • If you place it in the freezer, it can leak
  • Keep it away from heat as they burst if you put them in warm water or warm the milk

2. Bonafide Baby Chemical-Free Breastmilk Storage Bags

Bonafide Baby Chemical-Free Breastmilk Storage Bags


The Bonafide Baby Chemical-Free Breastmilk Storage Bags is a good quality product that has a double zip seal so make sure that the bag is secure enough to store. This seal ensures that the bag is leak-proof, you can also store the bags into the freezer and keep them horizontally to make space for other products.

Bonafide Baby Chemical-Free Breastmilk Storage Bags is free from chemicals, it is free from BPS, BPA and other harmful elements that might damage the milk. In fact, this product is the only bag that is chemical-free.


The pouches are manufactured from latex which has been approved by the CPSIA, which means it is safe for the baby. Furthermore, the box also comes with a toxic-free marker that is convenient for working mothers as they can keep track of what time and day they pumped the milk. This means that you can safely feed the milk to your baby.

The best thing about Bonafide Baby Chemical-Free Breastmilk Storage Bags is that it saves time and since it is made from non-toxic materials, even the market is non-toxic which is safer than other basic pens. These pouches are made in such a way that once you fill the bag, it stands up on its own. You can keep them in the fridge.

The pour spout that is made on the bag makes sure that when you fill the milk, it will not spill or leak from the sides when stored.

Make sure you check it out!

  • CPSIA approved breast milk storage bags
  • Made from chemical—free latex
  • Pre-sterilized
  • Can be put in the freezer
  • You can write date and time on the bag
  • The top of the bag tend to tear off easily
  • Bag has the capacity to store 5 ounces of milk

3. NUK Seal N’ Go Breastmilk Storing Pouches

NUK Seal N’ Go Breastmilk Storing Pouches


The NUK Seal N’ Go Breast milk Storing Pouches are one of a kind bags that have a double seal to ensure that the milk does not leak from the bags easily when it is kept in the storage.

The NUK Seal N’ Go bags can stand up on their own once they are filled in, so you don’t have to buy any specially made bag stand of some sort to make sure they don’t fall down and create a mess in the fridge.

NUK Seal N’ Go Breast milk Storing Pouches are the most convenient and safest bags that can be kept in the freezer. Furthermore, they contain no harmful chemicals that might damage or spoil the nutrients in the milk. This product is easily available in the market.

The brand is quite old and very popular for producing and selling good quality. It has existed for around 6 decades and has never lost its reputation. It is a trustable brand because many mothers recommend other parents to buy products from this brand.


Furthermore, the highlight of this storage bag is that there is an oxygen barrier inside the bag that makes sure that oxygen circulates even when the bag is firmly sealed. This makes sure that the milk remains fresh for a very long time.

These pouches come with the read markings so that you can mark at what date or time on the time and date labels to track on when the milk was pumped. This is convenient for working mothers or busy mothers who store a lot to feed for late feedings.

The storage bags are made up of firm material which is extra thick plastic to make sure that is doesn’t tear or rip off easily. So that the milk is essential for satisfying your baby’s hunger. Also because some mothers have a very low milk output so every drop is important.

If you like NUK Seal N’ Go Breastmilk Storing Pouches then you can go ahead buy it as it is available at an amazing price, make sure you check it out!

  • Extra thick plastic
  • Tearfree
  • Double seal
  • Self-standing bags
  • Most trustable brand for baby product
  • Oxygen barrier to keep them fresh
  • Seals are not sterilized
  • Smell of plastic were reported in some batches

4. Ameda Store N’ Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags

Ameda Store N’ Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags


The Ameda Store N’ Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags is a convenient bag that can be easily resealed. This is a one of a kind feature that is very versatile and functional to help the working mothers.

There are some babies who don’t drink a lot, they have a little appetite but may get hungry from time to time. Mothers can open and close many times without any leakage of milk or harm to the quality.

The tear and spout part of the bag is at the side of the pouch to facilitate the user, in fact, it is convenient for pouring as well, as there is a pouring nose design to minimize the spilling while transferring the milk to the bag. You can keep the bag flat in the fridge, if you want to freeze it then you can put it in the freezer as well. In this way, you can save space in the fridge as well.


Furthermore, to facilitate the mothers for pumping the milk out, there is also a flange adapter provided with the bags so that they can pump it directly into the Ameda breast milk storage without spilling it out. This adapter is very convenient for busy mothers as they don’t have to worry about pumping it in the separate container and then pouring it into the bags. Just use the adapter to pour it in the bag.

The material of the bag is made up of thick latex that is multi-ply to maximize the prevention of tearing or splitting up when poured or when laid flat in the fridge.

So if you decide to buy the Ameda Store N’ Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags then go ahead and buy one as it is available in online stores as well as in the market for an amazing price, make sure you check it out!

  • Flange adapter is provided with the product
  • Reusable storage pouches
  • Compact in designing
  • Can store up to 6 ounces of liquid
  • Spill-proof sprout to avoid any leakage
  • The sprout cannot be resealed if it opened even once
  • Ounce markers that are written on the bags are not be accurate
  • If you fill the bag with more than 4-ounce of milk, it might spill and create a mess

5. Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Storage Bags

Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Storage Bags


The Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Storage Bags are the easiest looking bag that you will ever find in the market. It comes with two adapters that are very convenient for almost all types of pumps.

So if you buy an electric pump that is available in the market, then you can use the adapter easily, but note that the only pump that does not work with the adapter is the Medela Sonata Electric Pump, otherwise you can use any of them.

The top of the pouch is very carefully designed to make sure that there are no leakage problems. It has a leak-proof double zipper to secure the pouch. The material of the bag is made up of latex, furthermore, the material used is harmless, so this means that there is no BPA, parabens, or any other chemicals that might damage the liquid poured which is poured inside.


To ensure that the milk’s quality is good, there is a protective barrier of oxygen which keeps the milk fresh even if it is kept in the freezer. As working mothers are always busy with their work, this product facilitates those mothers as they can store and keep the liquid inside fresh for almost 3 months.

But if you store it for a long time, you need to make sure that the pouch is thawed to avoid any inconvenience. Else, the pouches that store can tear at the side seams. The storage bags are available in the market at an amazing price, make sure you check it out!

  • Comes with two adapters
  • Facilitate the virtually any electric pumps
  • Latex material which is chemical free
  • Pouches can store up to 3 months in the freezer
  • The shape of the adapter is like a wide funnel which makes it difficult to adjust to fit the holes in the bag
  • The marks on the pouches are not that much accurate
  • The latex material of the bag becomes porous if you keep it in the freezer for a very long time and when you defrost the liquid, the bag leaks

6. Kiinde 6 Ounce Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch

Kiinde 6 ounce Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch


The Kiinde 6 Ounce Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch that is known for being free from any leakage that any mother would love to own. For a mother who is always busy, it is an ideal product because then she doesn’t have to worry about milk being spilled and creating a mess. We all how stressful it is to clean the mess when your baby is crying.

The storage bags are available in the market at an amazing price, make sure you check it out!

You can use these products to pump, store and thaw in one twist bag. The pump and transfer are done directly which makes it easier to pour the liquid into these bags.


These pouches are environment friendly as well, as they can be recycled and they are biodegradable. The pouch also enables the mothers to feed directly from the pouch instead of pouring it in another bottle.

The air doesn’t gather inside the milk so there is no worry about painful colic that might be harmful to the health of the baby.

The material of this product is quite safe because it is made from latex which is BPA, PVC and phthalate-free. The latex ensures that the oxygen circulates in the liquid even if you keep it in the freezer.

  • One storage pouch which includes pump, store and feed directly to the toddler
  • Pre-sterilized storage bag
  • Environment friendly
  • Chemical-free material
  • There might be duplicate of this brand so it is recommended that you look for original which has logo and is holographic
  • The bags don’t stand on their own
  • No date and time label place
  • If you don’t have Kiinde pump, then it can be a problem

7. Philips Avent 6 Ounce Clear Breast Milk Storage Bags

Philips Avent 6 Ounce Clear Breast Milk Storage Bags


The Philips Avent 6 Ounce Clear Breast Milk Storage Bags is the safest product that prevents the liquid inside to be contaminated easily, there is a visible tamper-evident sticker attached to it. The material of the product is also of high quality which is durable enough because it is made up of reinforced seam and dual layering.


There is also a double zipper that is safe enough that milk won’t spill easily. This Company ensures that the quality of the product remains high standard which makes its customers be satisfied with it. They also make sure that the pouches are chemical-free with no harmful components.

The design of the product is also very attractive with its beautiful floral design which contains a place that has date and time label to keep on track with the milk. The storage bags are available in the market at an amazing price.

Make sure to check out this product!

  • Pre-sterilized with temper evident seal
  • High quality material
  • Leak-free
  • Save for freezer
  • Stands on its own and sturdy
  • Cannot be microwaved
  • Bags become weak when frozen
What makes a good breastfeeding pump and storage bag?

When it comes to deciding which breastfeeding pump is suitable for you and what fits your preference. There are many other aspects that can depend on the choice of buying a product like your milk supply, is it plentiful? If yes, then you can use any basic pump to pour the milk since it won’t be any problem for you.

A basic hand pump is suitable for those mothers, it looks like a cone-shaped figure that can be easily fit to your breast and you can pour the milk out in an instant. If you too busy with work so you can use an electric pump to speed up the process.

Importance of breast pumps and storage bags

When you decide which pump is suitable for you then you need to buy the storage bags which are perfect for you. There are basic bags that store milk, they are made up of plastic materials. They can be stored in the fridge and can also be easily thawed.

Breast milk pouches are very safe because they are pre-sterilized. Furthermore, you also have to use an adapter to pour the milk that can be attached to the pump and go directly into the pouch.

If you use an adapter to directly put the milk in, there is a less chance of milk being contaminated with harmful bacteria. So making the transferring process easier make sure you use the pump.

Furthermore, you also need to transfer the pouch into the baby bottle so that your baby can drink it easily.

Possible Breast Milk Storage Bag Alternatives

There are times when you are too busy to buy a storage bag or run out of them. For this situation, there are other alternatives that you can use. There are some mothers who use plastic sandwich bags that are convenient for pouring the milk because they similar to the breastmilk storage bags. But they might tear off when kept in the freezer or thawed.

The breastmilk storage bags are quite reliable and fewer chances of milk being spilled so it is better to buy those. They can be cheaper than buying a plastic or glass container alternatives.

Furthermore, they are easier to carry around during travel and can be easily disposed of without any mess. Also, the plastic bags can be thawed faster than glass containers.

But plastic ones are not reusable, glass containers can be used again. Also, plastic ones can tear off as well. Be sure to check the quality of the bags.

Final Thoughts

For me, all storage bags are an ideal choice except for the Philips Avent ones. As there are many recommendations from the customers that these products are the best option so this makes them reliable to use. The storage bags are available in the market at an amazing price. The quantity of the product also matters.

There are mothers who are busy and leave their kids to daycare or to the grandmothers, they don’t have to worry about feeding after buying these bags.

Note that you need to be careful that the bags are too full as they can spill and create a mess because there won’t be any space to lay flat or freeze. When you buy any of the above products make sure to check all the specifications closely.

One more thing to be careful while buying the storage bags is that they should have the temper proof seal. If they are torn then don’t use it because it might have been contaminated already and might damage the nutrients of the milk easily. Your baby’s immune system isn’t strong enough to fight off strong bacteria, so make sure that use storage bags that ensure 100% safety and are non-toxic.