9 Best Globes for Kids 2021 – Buying Guide

best globes for kids
Best Choice
Oregon Scientific SG338R Smart Globe Explorer AR Educational World Geography Kids-Learning Toy Space...
Good Choice
World Globes for Kids - Larger Size 12" Educational World Globe with Stand Adults Desktop Geographic...
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4 in 1 Interactive Globe, DIPPER Smart Globe for Kids Learning, LED Illuminated Constellations at...
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Hugg-A-Planet Classic Political Earth
Oregon Scientific SG338R Smart Globe Explorer AR Educational World Geography Kids-Learning Toy Space...
World Globes for Kids - Larger Size 12" Educational World Globe with Stand Adults Desktop Geographic...
4 in 1 Interactive Globe, DIPPER Smart Globe for Kids Learning, LED Illuminated Constellations at...
Hugg-A-Planet Classic Political Earth
Best Choice
Oregon Scientific SG338R Smart Globe Explorer AR Educational World Geography Kids-Learning Toy Space...
Oregon Scientific SG338R Smart Globe Explorer AR Educational World Geography Kids-Learning Toy Space...
Good Choice
World Globes for Kids - Larger Size 12" Educational World Globe with Stand Adults Desktop Geographic...
World Globes for Kids - Larger Size 12" Educational World Globe with Stand Adults Desktop Geographic...
Don't Miss
4 in 1 Interactive Globe, DIPPER Smart Globe for Kids Learning, LED Illuminated Constellations at...
4 in 1 Interactive Globe, DIPPER Smart Globe for Kids Learning, LED Illuminated Constellations at...
Also Consider
Hugg-A-Planet Classic Political Earth
Hugg-A-Planet Classic Political Earth

Geography is a highly engaging school subject. Learning about galaxies, the Solar system, planets, and our Earth can wake your child’s curiosity. Visually, globes are probably the best way to help them understand Earth. It is a downsized replica of our planet, after all.

Maps are greatly distorted presentations of our globe, which are usually difficult to read and comprehend-especially for young children. So if you want to encourage your little ones to start learning about nature geography around them and inspire them to explore the world, investing in a globe designed for kids would be a great start. However, given the variety of products on the market, finding a perfect globe might seem like an overwhelming task.

If you are currently trying to find the ideal mini version of planet Earth for your kids – look no further! We have prepared a list of ten best globes for kids in 2021. The buyer’s guide and some frequently asked questions follow our list. They will provide you with useful information and help you decide on the product your kids will love the most.

10 Best Picks for Children in 2021

No one knows your little ones better than you do. Therefore, we would suggest you buy a globe that is at the same time fun and entertaining, as well as educational. This way, kids will enjoy the learning process. They will see it as a game rather than some mundane task they need to do.

Here are the best globes for 2021.

1. Oregon Scientific Smart Globe

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe is an interactive learning tool. It is recommended for kids of age from 5 to 15. The globe features more than 20000 fun facts. It is available in various languages. They include English- both British and American dialects, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, and Spanish.

The Oregon globe comes with a Bluetooth pen that comes with speakers and earphones. When you open the globe, you can learn about layers of Earth and the Solar system too. On the outside, you can find the political map of the world. When you download the app, your kids can learn about their favorite animals. If they are fans of dinosaurs, then they will enjoy discovering their world via the same app. They can learn about famous landmarks-visit the Pyramids or Taj Mahal.

The Oregon Scientific globe comes with multiple games that will keep your kids entertained while learning.

2. 4 in 1 Interactive Globe

4 in 1 Interactive Globe

The 4 in 1 Interactive Globe is a fun early education tool for kids based on AR (augmented reality). Kids will learn about the Earth, animals, countries, famous landmarks, stars, constellations, and the Solar system.

The world map is colorful and detailed. At night your kids can use the globe as a night lamp. It is then when a detailed constellation map will appear. The product is sturdy and durable. The base is made of stainless steel, and the materials used on the world map are harmless for kids.

Once you download the app that comes with the globe, true learning can start. While playing, kids will learn about the fauna, weather conditions and forecasts, and countries. They can select options and skip between studying material.

3. SJ Smart Globe

SJ Smart Globe

SJ Smart Globe is a 10″ interactive model of the Earth. It is easy to assembly- all you need to do is follow the instruction manual. Countries are vividly painted, and the time zones are marked on the globe.

At night the globe turns into a lamp. Projections of 88 constellations and zodiac signs and the Milky Way are wonderfully lit with LED lights. The SJ smart globe comes with a free app for more fun.

Via the app, your kids can learn about countries, their flags, and landmarks. This information is coupled with text, sounds, and different audio and visual effects. Both you and your children will spend some quality time together, learning interesting facts about the world around us.

Watch the following promo for more info on this globe’s features:

4. Orboot Dinos AR Globe

Orboot Dinos AR Globe

If your kids are dino fans, they will love the Orboot Dinos AR Globe. It is an interactive tool that will take your kids back to ancient times. The globe is designed for kids who are age four or older.

The world map shows where different dinosaur species lived. A fun sticker book and free app come with the globe. Once you download the app, your kids can participate in great numbers of games and educational material. They can “dig” through 400 amazing facts or enjoy over 50 realistic 3D visualizations of the dinosaur.

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5. World Globes for Kids

World Globes for Kids

The Sprite Beat is a classic world globe. The size of the product is 12″, but it is also available in sizes 9″ and 8″. Although it is primarily designed for kids, adults can use this globe too. It is made elegantly and simply.

The World Globe for Kids is a simple educational tool. It comes with no additional accessories or features. The globe is made of durable and sturdy materials. The base is covered with non-slip fabric, while the stand is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Your kids can easily differentiate the countries as they are painted in vivid colors. This is a great tool for learning about natural and political geography.

6. Illuminated World Globe

Illuminated World Globe

The Illuminated World Globe is manufacture by the brand A Little Chubby One. It is a classic world globe without too many accessories. The illuminated world globe is available in three different versions, so you can choose one that best fits your interior style.

It is a simple and educational 13″ globe that can act as a night lamp when needed. This feature makes it a perfect decor element that can be used both by children and adults.

7. Little Experimenter Globe for Kids

Little Experimenter Globe for Kids

Little Experimenter Globe for Kids is 3 in 1 educational tool designed specifically for children. It will inspire your children to learn and get to know our planet and the world around them. The globe comes with a 7.8″ diameter.

Your little explorers will learn about continents and oceans, countries, capitals, deserts, internal boundaries. By day it is a globe. However, by night it transforms into a beautiful constellation map. Therefore the learning continues, and now your children can learn about astronomy.

The globe transforms into a nightlight projector whenever you or your child needs it.

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8. CYHO Illuminated World Globe

CYHO Illuminated World Globe

Illuminated World Globe by the brand CYHO is a 2 in 1, 11.8″ globe. It will help your children learn both about geography and astronomy, without you having to spend some extra money. It is made of durable materials that are not harmful to kids.

By the daytime, it is a classic political globe. Contours of the countries are clearly painted in different hues. At night the globe turns into a constellation map. Soft, warm light will project the biggest stars and their arrays in the sky above Earth. Whenever you want the turn the map on, plug in the electric socket, and voila! There is no need for batteries.

9. Hugg-A-Planet


Hugg-A-Planet is a great toy and learning tool for kids who are age two or older. Learning about countries and the world around us has never been so easy. Over 600 different places are marked on the plush toy globe.

The globe is made of cotton, and it is filled with new materials. You can wash the globe in a washing machine, which is great for toy hygiene. Your kids can hug it, squeeze it, throw it, and it will stay in one piece for a long time. It is never too early to encourage kids’ curiosity and learning about our planet, Earth.

Have you already found the right learning tool for your little ones? The one that will spark joy and will help them learn about geography in a fun and amusing way? If you need some more details to help you decide on the perfect gift, continue reading as we have prepared a short buyer’s guide.

Buyer’s guide

how to choose the best globe

If you want to give your kids the world, why not buy them a globe? This useful tool will not only help children learn about important geographical terms and elements but will amuse them, too. You can spend some valuable time together explaining to them the world around you.

There are certain features these learning accessories should come with to make studying geography a much more enjoyable process.


Your kids will enjoy the globe so much more if they can touch it, spin it, or even draw on it. If the globe offers a certain level of interactivity, your children will love it so much more. Kids learn through games and entertainment, so why not make learning a fun and enjoyable process?

Let them become true explorers.


The globe should be made of materials that are less likely to break. Kids drop and throw things away all the time. Therefore, the globe should be sturdy and preferably durable. It should contain no toxic or harmful components that could jeopardize kids’ health.


Globes that are designed for kids are usually smaller in size than those designed for adults. Also, the globes for kids are a bit less detailed than the ones for grown-ups. This is by no means a bad thing. Too much can overwhelm the little ones and make them lose interest. Learning the basics such as continents, oceans, or perhaps flora and fauna of certain regions is more than enough for their young age. They will have enough time to learn about details when they are older.



Q: Why are globes tilted?

A: Most globes are tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees. This is done to match the actual tilt of the Earth in relationship to the Sun. This tilt is what gives Earth different seasons and more daylight hours at certain times of the year.

Q: Why do some globes have a metal ring or semi-ring around them?

A: Some globes have a metal or semi-metal ring. They are called meridians and are generally numbered in degrees from 0 to 90. Number 0 represents the equator, while 90 represents both South and North poles.

In the past, people used meridians to locate positions on the globe. Today they help in keeping the globe ball in the position.

Q: What is a raised relief?

A: Raised relief is a three-dimensional representation of the terrain. This could be a mountain range, canyons, valleys, etc. Globes with raised relief come with grooves, bumps, and ridges to represent the changes in terrain. This is a great way to provide an extrasensory and tactile experience for the kids and guide them to learn about topography.

Q: What is the difference between political and physical globe?

A: A physical globe show terrain of the earth. It doesn’t show the boundaries between countries and states. On the other hand, political globes do show the boundaries. The countries are usually brightly colored. Different colors are used to indicate and separate the states or countries from the neighboring ones.

Wrap Up

Globes can be helpful educational tools for both kids and adults. Learning about continents, oceans, countries, and their capitals will be much easier with a small-scale model of Earth.

Globes that are specially designed for kids are usually interactive. Children learn about Earth while they play. No matter if you are home-schooling or want to help your children learn faster, investing in a globe for kids will be a great decision. Perhaps you as an adult will learn a thing or two as well, or refresh your memory while spending time with your little ones. You can choose one from our list of the best globes for kids. No matter which model you select, your kids will surely love and enjoy using it!

Now that you gathered all the information, take a look at some other interesting choices in 2021:

LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe (Frustration Free Packaging)
  • Go beyond countries and their capitals with this enhanced globe that explores cultures, animals, habitats, and more through 5+ hours of BBC videos
  • Tap anywhere using the stylus to hear thousands of facts, interact with unique games and trigger videos that let kids visually experience the world
  • Features a 2.7" LCD screen that displays video and animations with playful characters that guide children through games and activities
  • Race around the world, discover new places and solve mysteries by answering questions in three entertaining interactive games
  • Intended for ages 5-7 years. Requires 4 AA batteries. Batteries included for demo purposes only, new batteries recommended for regular use
Illuminated Rewritable Globe of The World 8' for Kids with Stand,Colorful Easy-Read High Clear...
  • In the daytime, your kids can explore the Earth we live in through this Colorful, Easy-Read High Clear Map Rewritable world globe, oceans continents, countries, cities and natural wonders, knowing how...
  • Our illuminated globe adopts superior led bulb giving off warm light for more obvious contrast. An elegant eye-catching decoration in the dark. What's more, our world globe has Power interface with...
  • Rewritable with Pen and Cleaning Cloths:The surface of our globe has been specially treated for writing, marking, etc., dustproof, waterproof, long-term storage, and a longer service life
  • Fun & Educational: encourage inquisitive children to explore the world of science ,Kids would have a general idea about world and more stories waiting for them to explore and discovery. We would like...
  • Globes, Children love them. The Perfect Child Educational Gift,Get the gift that glows and grows with your child! This Practical Educational Gift Makes Learning Fun & is Ideal For Children & Curious...
Shifu Orboot (App Based): Augmented Reality Interactive Globe For Kids, Stem Toy For Boys & Girls...
  • ► Orboot Globe + app takes your child on an augmented reality based journey around the world. Fun. Interactive. Educational. Learn Geography, History, Environmental Science, and more(No borders and...
  • ► COMPATIBILITY - Orboot app is free on iOS and Android. Compatible with - iPad 5th gen & above, iPad Air all models, iPad Pro All models, iPad Mini 2 & above, iPhone 6 & above; Android 3GB RAM and...
  • ► The box comes with a 10” globe, passport, stamps, country flag stickers, and a detailed help guide.
  • ► ORBOOT APP - Explore 400+ highlights and 1000+ world facts across 6 categories - cultures, monuments, inventions, animals, maps and weather for various countries.
  • ► STEAM ahead - a perfect toy for the ever-curious kids that sparks their imagination and curiosity. It helps build knowledge, linguistic and cognitive skills. Makes for an amazing and unique gift...
Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe Featuring Bindi Irwin, Globes for Kids, Interactive...
  • LOOK, LISTEN & LEARN: Our interactive talking globe will take you around the world where you can discover the fascinating world of geography, animals, and nature. Over 1,000 facts about animals and...
  • INTERACTIVE LEARNING GLOBE FOR KIDS: Our 12” globe featuring the voice of Wildlife Warrior Bindi Irwin. The GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe includes a smart stylus pen with a built-in speaker. Pen...
  • COOL EDUCATIONAL FACTS KIDS LOVE: Over 10 hours of interactive audio, just touch the pen to the globe to measure distances, hear cool facts, and explore
  • EDUCATIONAL TOY DESIGNED FOR KIDS: The GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe is the perfect learning toy and educational gift for curious learners
  • BACK TO SCHOOL or HOMESCHOOL ACTIVITY: Our Geosafari Jr. interactive talking products make the perfect activity to get ready for school! Or keep kids engaged, entertained, and learning independently...
USA Toyz LED Illuminated Globe of The World with Sturdy Chrome Stand - 13.5 Inch Tall Educational...
  • 3-IN-1 ILLUMINATED WORLD GLOBE FOR KIDS: This interactive kids globe features detailed earth geography and a light up LED globe constellations that doubles as a plug-in nightlight or desk lamp;...
  • EDUCATIONAL LIGHT UP GLOBE: Make Science learning time fun! Use the bonus interactive globe app and an illustrated constellation booklet to learn more about astronomy and Earth’s geography
  • TIP-RESISTANT STAND WITH 360° ROTATION: Discover 88 constellations, stars, and navigational lines in the dark; this world globe features a stable and durable chromed steel globe stand
  • LED GLOBE SPECS: Our plug in globe of the world measures 13.5” tall (base to top) and 9” in diameter; includes a replaceable LED globe light bulb and a power cord
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: Illuminated globe works as a desk globe decor, smart globe light for any room at home or in the office, constellation lamp, or nightlight for kids and adults; We’ll...
Learning Resources Puzzle Globe, 3-D Geography Puzzle, Fine Motor, 14 Pieces, Ages 3+
  • BUILD FINE MOTOR SKILLS: The puzzle globe is great for early fine motor skills, learning spacial awareness, and geography
  • REAL GLOBE: The globe’s 6 puzzle pieces represent Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, and North and South America, while a stationary bottom piece represents Antarctica
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL HANDS: Each continent piece is chunky and easy for little hands to grasp; the largest piece (Asia) measures 5¾ inches in length
  • 14 PIECE SET: Includes spinning globe, 6 continent puzzle pieces, 6 continent labels, and a sheet of blank label stickers. Globe measures 8” in diameter.
  • LEARNING TOYS FOR TODDLERS: Great for any toddler ages 3+
TeaMaX Magnetic Levitation Floating World Map Globe with C Shape Base, Best Business Men Gift,...
  • ✈【HOW TO MAKE IT WORK】: Our product is operated by electronically controlled magnetic system causing it to levitate and float steadily in midair. Once you get the balance point of floating, give...
  • ✈ 【THIS HIGH TECH GADGET】: Also comes with a 3-LED light in the side of C shape that makes it look very cool when turned on in the dark. The light will stay on as you plug it in until you turn...
  • ✈【PERFECT GIFT】 : An awesome high tech gadget that people of most ages will enjoy. Kids Learning Education Teaching Novelty Toys, Home /Office /Desktop Decoration, Business Gifts, Art Craft...
  • ✈【DETAILS】: Color:Black /Product Size: Globe is 3.3-inch in diameter, and stand 7 inches tall/ Package Size:Approx.21.5x21.5x10cm/ 8.5x8.5x3.9".we had update the quality for this...
  • ✈【Warm Notice】:This is also a Toy and it's suitable for children under 10 years old. And People with pacemakers should not come into contact with the device. We Stand Behind Our Product,each the...

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