7 Best Toys For Babies Learning To Stand – 2024 Buying Guide

Seeing your baby for the first time struggling to grab things or stand on his feet to walk is a thing of joy to you as a parent. Here is a list of best toys for babies learning to stand.

Encouraging the baby to try and walk from this point to the other is not enough if you don’t provide some necessary tools to help the baby move around. The baby will grab anything nearby to support his movement.

Moreover, forcing the baby to walk on his own can cause some bones strain and other things that can affect the baby later in life. So it’s best the baby learn to walk at his own pace with the help of baby walkers.

With so many options in the market, it’s always difficult for parents to choose the right product for the babies. The funny thing is most parents don’t do paper research when it comes to choosing the best toy for babies learning to stand.

They rather go by sight than what their babies actually need. There are so many physical and mental advantages of getting the best baby walking toy.

Firstly, it aids the baby in learning to walk or move faster and promotes a sense of independence.

Your baby will move everywhere he or she wants to go even if it’s just for a short distance without necessarily the help of anyone. Apart from aiding in the child’s learning, a baby walking toy will allow the baby to explore on his own.

Baby walking toys, when introduced at the right time, can promote muscle development, increase visual – motor and sensory reception that will aid the child in developing reading and writing abilities as well as aid in socializing.

In addition to the physical advantages baby walkers provide, they can also offer additional value in developing other skills set, such as strengthening your baby’s mental muscles.

In as much as the baby walker is self-controlled, it is necessary for the baby to be kept under constant supervision.

Constant supervision has its benefits in the sense that the parents can monitor the progress of the child’s development and know what areas they need to come in or what actions to take next. This is critical because the development of every child varies.

Considerations for Picking


You should buy a baby walker that is stable enough to carry the child. Heavy baby walkers will give it more balance. You won’t have to fear that your child will fall or the baby walker will break while moving.


Buying a quality and durable baby walker will ensure that you save the cost of purchasing a new one for your next child.


A baby walker should be relatively safe for the baby to handle to avoid any forms of injury and comfortable also. The handles should be made of soft grips, and the walker should have Good wheels, anti-slip pads, and steadiness.

Different activities

Baby walkers come with different toys that engage the baby in one activity or the other. These toys will stimulate the senses of the baby and improve their learning activity, writing and reading.

The walker can also have the textures of fruits and sound effects of animals since babies love to hear them. It may also have materials to flip and play.

The summary is that as the baby engages in more activity with the walker, he or she spends more time with the baby walker toy.


The baby walker shouldn’t be difficult for the baby to pull around. The wheels also should grip well to allow the baby to move it as he likes.

Flexibility and Versatility

The baby walker should be easy to fold. You can convert a versatile baby walker to a variety of toys so that the baby wouldn’t be disinterested by it.


This is one vital factor in determining a baby walker for your child. Some baby walkers have age specifications written on them.

So it’s essential for parents to check this information to ensure they are buying the right baby walker for the child.

7 Best Toys for Babies Learning to Stand

1. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table Activity Center

This baby walker helps the baby discover learning through music. The baby is never bored of playing with this toy.

It comes with Friends Musical Table that has over 50 tunes, and other musical activities to keep the baby engaged. It comes along with four corners full of learning fun.

Each edge of the table has an interactive, light-up character enticing the baby to explore all around the table. You can learn the fisher baby walker in Spanish and English and enjoy learning the languages in an array of musical activities that accompany it.

Besides, baby can learn letters, numbers, counting, first words, colors, shapes, opposites, animals with four different modes to choose from.

The Fisher Fun With Friends Musical Table includes four toys in one which consists of

  • a laptop full of music and phrases that lets baby discover the alphabet, shapes and more;
  • a piano that helps baby learn colors and music;
  • a dial phone teaches numbers and even has a removable receiver for role-play fun;
  • and lastly, a book with pages to flip, which introduces the baby to the world of animals, and the concept of stories.
  • Best of all, the Fun With Friends

Musical Table grows with your baby. Younger babies can sit and play with busy activities using just the tabletop. Legs are balanced on the floor to enable the baby cruise around easily and learn.


  • Legs are easily removable and folded for storage or traveling
  • Babies can learn in bilingual languages – Spanish and English
  • Characterized light-up faces on activities encourage baby to cruise around the table
  • Each character has a unique personality to interact with baby
  • Teaches letters, numbers, opposites, shapes, colors, animals and first words
  • Legs easily snap on so toddlers can cruise around and learn
  • Younger babies can sit and play with an array of activities that is present on the toy to keep them busy.
  • Suitable for babies of 6 months to 36 months.


  • Baby can’t learn any other language except Spanish and English.

2. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy is made of stable wood material, balanced on the ground and sturdy while moving.

This toy is designed with lots of colorful and pleasant toys that will keep the baby engaged and entertained. It is arguably one of the best baby walking toys.

This toy has beautiful Alligator textures as well as fish and butterfly textures. As the baby pushes the toy around, the toy alligator chomps and the butterfly spins at each pace.

The baby walker upon moving produces a gradual noise in the sound of animals. This is due to the Alligator and the butterfly on it.
The baby toy is manufactured with utmost precision and care that is safe for the baby to drive around.

The grip is soft to enable the baby to grasp the handles easily. Also, the push toy comes with non-skid wheels to ensure the safety of your baby.


  • It is reliable
  • Develops motor skills set
  • Encourages the baby to move around easily


  • The baby walker sometimes falls back backward

3. Labebe – Baby Walker, Stroller Wagon, Kid Green Push Toy

This baby walker, stroller wagon comes with bright colors, excellent graphics and can act as both toy storage and walker.

The baby can play with the toys that come with it the storage box and sit near it to play whenever the baby feels like. The baby can push it safely for a short walk too if he wishes.

The child can also keep his little pet in the storage box and is advisable; they do it often to encourage the kid to walk together with it.

In addition to the features, the rubber in the anti-slip ring protects the floor and increases traction.

This feature will enable the baby to move the walker conveniently. Other features of the baby allergies include; It has a massive smooth wheel, a sturdy base that helps maintain the balance of the baby walker.

With this feature, little babies can move the walker and the toys in it freely.
You can store some heavy item in the chest of the walker to make it completely fall-proof.


  • It’s a 2-in-1. It has both the capabilities of a baby walker and that of toy storage. They can either sit play or stand to walk. Babies become more independent when they play on the floor, and when they stand up, they start to transport their belongings from one place to the other. It’s essential for parents always to accompany their children as they will have more confidence in learning to walk.
  • It has anti-slip rubber ring – with a rubber ring at the base of the walker, your floor will be protected, without wear and tear. Moreover, the rubber ring can aid your baby in controlling its walking speed efficiently. A broad base walker is also more capable of helping baby keep balance; thus, they also gain more confidence while learning.
  • It’s durable
  • This baby walker can last for a very long time, saving you the cost of purchasing another one.
  • It has weight control and easy to move
  • The walker is easy for the baby to control since it’s balanced
  • It’s easy to assemble – the manual isn’t needed to set up this baby walker. Everything seems easy, and you can disassociate it also if you wish.
  • It’s balanced on the floor – the ring at the base ensures that balance is provided to both the baby and the walker.


• They have no interactive toy to play with

• There is also no sound system to get the child engaged.

4. Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Discovery Baby Walker

There is no brighter way to see your baby happy than to gift him the baby Einsteincaterpillar and friends discovery walker. This unique baby walker features a sturdy frame that will enable the baby walker balance on the ground.

It also gives the baby balance while driving it to explore the world. This baby walker also comes with toys so that baby is enthusiast about playing with them and spending more time with it.

The baby will love the sense of adventure and exploration with this walker. The walker comes with beautiful classical melodies that can keep the baby glued to it all day.

Let the baby play with the bead chaser and squeaker toys, and activate lights and sounds with numbered piano keys. As your baby grows, the activity centre can be removed for fun floor play.


  • Encourages the baby’s sense of independence, adventure-seeking spirit
  • The sturdier frame provides balance for the baby walker as well as for the baby riding it.
  • Engaging activity station can be removed for floor play
  • It possesses 3 height positions; one high seat back for more support
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Easy cleaning and the seat pad is machine-washable
  • It has front swivel wheels


  • Only the front wheels can rotate in all directions. The back wheels only move front and back

5. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Musical Activity Walker

The Fisher baby walker is another beautiful baby sit-to-stand learning walker designed to add fun and excitement to the baby’s learning process. With the Fisher-Price Musical Activity Walker! Babies can learn to sit-to-stand and walk while playing with it!

This baby walker produces a variety of beautiful horn sounds of instruments when pressed, and the baby can derive fun in playing which includes; piano keys to press, guitar toggle to flip, turning tambourine dial, bat-and-spin maraca, and saxophone.

Like good baby walkers, it has sturdy support that helps new walkers feel confident and balanced while moving around with it.

The lively music and fun sounds is an added advantage as it encourages them to keep learning to put one foot in front of the other in a timely fashion!


  • Has a variety of musical instruments embedded on it
  • Includes Francesco and Lightning McQueen
  • Sturdy and balanced for the child to move about
  • Lovely music that adds excitement to the baby
  • Easy to store and great for on-the-go fun
  • It runs on all types of floors and carpet
  • It’s durable


  • Height is not adjustable A slight touch on any part of the walker will activate the music, which isn’t entirely convenient.

6. Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker

This safari walkabout walker is ideal for every child with a variety of features. It’s one of the few baby walkers in the market that doubles as a walker and as a toy.

With this safari baby walker, every child dream of continuously playing with it and a new world of exploration opens for them. The activity of the baby walker ranges from playing with toys, lights, sounds, all for fun — just the things every baby out there? Needs.

The good part of this baby walker is you can separate the toy station from the walker and use it on the floor for the baby’s playtime more. However, the parent is delighted with the safari because of two-for-one feature it offers!


  • It features a foldable capability
  • It has a removable toy station that can be used almost anywhere
  • Its height is adjustable as the baby grows. It features 3 height settings.
  • Lights, music and toys are available and can leave your baby on his world of imagination or fantasy.
  • Machine-washable seat pad


  • No seat belt to secure the baby

7. Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

The beauty of the baby Einstein Discovering music activity table as the name suggests is the music that it provides.

Naturally, babies are drawn to music and having this baby walker will give your baby the enthusiasm to learn faster to walk. The music will have the baby coming back more and more for it.

It will develop the baby’s creativity center and help them discover music in the process. The walker is accompanied by piano, guitar, drum and French horn that will keep the baby forever glued to music.

They can tap the piano keys to hear musical notes, and with the switch of a button, the piano keys will introduce colors and numbers. At the center of the table is a music book.

The baby can flip the page and activate lights and discovery modes. The music development table grows with your baby.

You can either use the walker as sit on the floor and play without the legs or attach the legs for stand and play. After each use, wipe clean with a damp cloth and avoid so much water touching it.


  • Can be learned in three languages; English, French, and Spanish.
  • Suitable for babies from 6 months to 36 months
  • Enables the baby to make their music melody
  • Features piano, drum, guitar, and French horn
  • Switching between the piano keys teaches numbers and colors
  • Helps develop the baby’s motor skills
  • Easy for little fingers to bend, squeeze and play with the toy.


  • Frequent use can make some of the keys to stop responding when tapped

Final thoughts

All the baby walkers reviewed in this article are one of the best you can find in the market. A baby walker is essential in the general development of the baby as well as enabling the baby to walk.

So far based on the factors listed above, the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table Activity Center and the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy are the two that I must recommend to parents.

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