Best Stroller Wagons 2024 – Stroller Alternative For Big Kids

Do you remember the time when your child was little and cute, being able to be easily fit into his, or her stroller? And now you see an all-grown-up angel, for whose comfort you would go to the moon and back. In the search for another epic one of a kind stroller, which is an alternative for your trips, such as to the woodlands, or moorlands.

Who does not want to explore the woods or valleys with their grown-up angel? No worries, if your child has grown up to be the individual who loves the earth, the people and animals and for occasional rests, or outstation trips want a stroller. Well, we have got you covered on strollers for daily use, or something bigger to accommodate your baby.

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We know just the thing that has been missing from your life – the stroller wagon. This is one of a kind stroller that can hold a big kid with ease, sometimes even 2 kids at a time. Both your kids comfortably being able to play and relax together on their trip to the woodlands.

The stroller scientist has been experimenting for a time now, and they have managed to impress the clientele with their new inventions. But the stroller hybrid has caught the eye of the parents and has been selling like fresh hot buns out of the oven.

If you are among the few parents who still are not aware of such an amazing invention, well no need we have this article to enlighten you with all the best details and specifications as to why it is better over a standard stroller. Why a stroller wagon hybrid?

The answer is quite simple and to the point, it has a combination of maximized standard stroller functionality along with a wagon’s large capacity.

Now, would not seem an inch surprising at all that why stroller wagon hybrids have become more and more popular lately. Parents have been raving about this new invention in the market for a while now. Besides, being the new stroller up for grabs in the market. There are still many unturned stones for this stroller. Parents commonly come up with the following questions:

‘Are they too much of a hassle for daily use due to their large size?”, “Is this another alternative in the stroller world to the everyday stroller for big kids?” and “If these deem perfect for the job which model of the stroller wagon is the best one on market, currently?”

For more details, questions and queries you need to take a closer look at all the information we have gathered on the hybrid strollers, that are wagon strollers.

My 2 Favorite Stroller Wagons

We would love to enlighten you and your partner on the array of stroller models on the market and their usage on a daily basis. They are not only for travel purposes, but we would be glad to highlight that these design strollers can only be used for play as well.

They can be used in your home’s backyard or the park up the street for pulling the kids and playing. However, this new product on the market would not be able to provide the same amount of comfort and safety to your kids, as any daily use stroller, or just an ordinary stroller would. They are not equipped with all the safety measures to be used on daily use.

Coming back to the topic under discussion; moreover, there is a set of hybrid wagon strollers that can be easily used as an ordinary stroller. The two wagon merchandise that wooed us away with their amazing features is: Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon and Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon Hybrid.

These two are the best alternatives to a regular stroller for a big kid under an affordable price range because they can accommodate two kids comfortably, for both, long and short strolls. These comfortable strollers provide all the facilities to your exploration, especially for bigger kids.

These two models: Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon and Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon Hybrid are specially built to cater to the previous needs along with many others. No need to panic. We got your back at all times! Now, there is no hurdle between you and your next travel expedition.

Stroller Wagon Features – My Review Of Keenz & Veer Wagons

These two models: Keenz and Veer Wagons have been in our priority list for stroller wagons. Want to know the similarities and differences between the two models? Well, we have analyzed the two with our years of expertise to make life easier for you. Why are these two currently the best ones on the market up for grabs and selling like hot buns? Here is a list of amazing features why they surpass other models by flying colors.

<strong>Quality & Design</strong><strong>Seats & Seating Options</strong><strong>Canopies</strong><strong>Handlebars</strong><strong>Storage Space</strong><strong>Weight & Folding</strong><strong>Colors</strong>

We can assure you there is no better high-end product than what we present, Keenz and Veer Wagons. It is a no shocker that all the promises from the manufacturers about the important stuff any parent would look for, such as durability, high-quality materials used in the production, tough fabric; and thoughtful design. Besides, who would not want a chic, yet durable wagon for their child? This seems to be one of the most amazing designs, near to being flawless.

Best Stroller Wagon Combo Keenz 7S and Veer Cruiser

Moreover, if you have done your own separate research regarding which product to buy. You would have come across many strollers that look fragile and actually can not even take on the weight of a doll. Some might even be fit for small dogs, but we want what is best for your child. Thus, after careful consideration and analysis, we have come to the conclusion Keenz and Veer Wagons are the best fit options on the market. They fall on the opposite end of the spectrum of wagons currently available.

Design Specifications: Interesting to see how the manufacturers have made the wagon accommodate two kids at the same time. Yes, you heard us right! Now, no need to buy two separate strollers, but instead they have two seats already present in them. Furthermore, the two seats can easily take up a huge weight of 110 lbs, whereas the individual seats can take up to 55 lbs.

A strong, sturdy design that makes them stand out from other wagons on the market. They are built nearly to perfect, so they last a long time able to hold your big kids with ease. Both models, Keenz and Veer Wagon can serve you for a few years till your children grow out to be big, strong toddlers.

If you are wondering whether those trail strolls can become exploring missions with your kids in the forest? You don’t need to look any further, but Keenz 7S and Veer Cruiser have got your expeditions covered with the durable, high-quality wheels that can withstand any terrain. Yes, you are hearing right.

Veer Cruiser Wheels

Both, Keenz and Veer Wagon have wheels that are not only appropriate for even surface but can take on any rough surface, such as cracked sidewalks, unpaved tracks, grass and much more. Any active explorer would want the comfort and maximum usage of the stroller they purchased; therefore, both: Keenz and Veer Wagon are two amazing options to choose from.

Also, if you are living in the countryside with a lot of dirt, or unbeaten roads and want a combined stroller for your kids. You should stick by for more details on all the features. Parents have preferred the purchase of wagons over strollers such as Keenz and Veer Wagon, because of the multiple reasons, but most importantly its ability to accommodate.

They are a little skeptical about the fact would it be easier to pull. But after our comprehensive research, many parent reviews and online research suggest that it is an easy ball game.

Veer Cruise Wagon Wheels: Besides, a smooth ride would require a little swivel here and there, because it increases maneuverability and makes it easier than ever to turn in narrow spaces. Veer Cruise has front wheels with the swivel system, along with the four-wheel suspension.

This fore wheel suspension allows a smooth and bump-free ride on uneven surfaces. Moreover, the fenders Of Veer Cruise on the huge back wheels stops all kinds of muddy situations, as passengers are protected from mud and debris.

Are you wondering why it is good for grass, sand, snow and even unpaved dirt roads? Well, thanks to the big, rugged wheels of the Veer its performance is good on various types of terrains. Apart from that, it is comfortable to handle on the sand, but not too loose, or soft.

Imagine yourself on the beach with flip flops, or barefoot, the thought of handling the brake ever so nerve-wracking? But this model, Veer has the most convenient one-touch brake right beneath the handlebar that can be used barefoot.

Keenz 7S Wagon Wheels: Keenz wagon has a different take on wheel production with non-inflatable rubber tires. No more difficulty in handling, as the fore wheels pivot is a state of the kind making this product agile than ever. Ever ready to take on the harsh environment!

They can be adjusted and locked in an upright position just like another jogging stroller in the market, which gives you comfort and greater handling ability. Plus, there is also a one-touch parking brake installed along with two additional brakes. The two additional ones are for the smaller wheels in Keenz 7S.

As the wheels of Keenz 7S are quite different than the other stroller, Veer Cruise it is not suitable for sandy beaches as they sink in on attempting to pull further. But Keenz Cruiser works perfectly fine on multiple terrains, such as gravel, grass, bark chips, dirt roads that are hard packed ones. If you want a day out with your family on the beach, Keenz has got you covered with special beach wheels. They can handle soft, loose sand because they are bigger in size with wider and greater tread depth.

Therefore, you cannot find any other wagon stroller better than this one, Keenz 7S for the beach. It is definitely a good investment, to begin with. Though the regular tires seem to work just fine on a regular beach, but won’t be fit for a sandy beach.

After researching and watching videos to see what the manufacturers of Keenz mean by special beach wheels, we can guarantee it as a worth it investment. Also, you would not want your kid to be in any kind of discomfort, so for a smooth ride and convenient pull, it is the best choice.

Latest update: We heard the manufacturers of Keenz are redesigning the beach wheels to make them better than ever for all kinds of surfaces. Also, the new redefined beach wheels of the Keenz wagon stroller will be available on the market this Summer, most probably know as All-terrain wheels.

If you are among those parents who are still not convinced about the purpose of a wagon stroller? Well, most importantly they space it has to offer, like Keenz and Veer Wagon strollers. This is ever so spacious; therefore, it can be used for a longer time period till the time your child grows out of it.

It is not as big as to accommodate a big toddler, or any older kid not fit for a stroller, but still the perfect option for tall kids. Also, who would not want to share a stroller with their best buddy, aka their very own sibling and play around? It would be so much fun to play around in their own moving castle while facing each other.

Keenz 7S Interior: Besides these great reasons, let’s take an up-close and personal look on the interiors of the two wagon strollers: Keenz and Veer Wagon strollers. Even though the two have topped our charts, but they look entirely different. Want a fully padded interior?

Yes, Keenz’s manufacturers have taken upon themselves with the most comfort possible while sitting in a fully padded interior with two seat cushions.

Keenz 7S Padded Interior

Furthermore, the backrests of Keenz Cruise are cushioned along with the seats. Everything is smooth and soft to touch, so if your child wants to occasionally rest, it will seem like the wagon is hugging your little munchkin. No sharp edges are seen in the interior with complete fabric coverage on the sidewalls of the Keenz wagon.

Moreover, no more constant worrying about if the two of them make a mess in their chariot of gold, as Keenz is easy to clean. Are you asking why? Well, no troubles, or worries about cleaning spills and stains, as the fabric can be taken off as a whole with ease; and washed.

Another thing we love of the interior design is the high walls of the guarded fortress from all the world’s harms. The 5 point harnesses’ straps for the two passengers are softly padded in Keenz wagon stroller. You don’t need to worry about one of them slipping out unless you want them, too, because they are securely buckled in place. Safe and sound! No place to run off too in their Keenz wagon stroller.

If you are wondering whether this stroller might have any flaws? It is completely near being flawless and perfect, but one slight disadvantage of this particular model, Keenz. When it comes to the interior of the Keenz wagon, it has no footwell for your children. Though it does not seem to bother the kids, the problem with this is the wagon getting dirty. The floor padding gets dirty quickly.

Veer Cruiser Interior: This particular hybrid wagon, Veer Cruise has built-in seats. Also, not only does it have an amazing air ventilation system for proper follow of air on summer days, but a footwell. Yes, you heard us right! Unlike Keenz’s manufacturers who did not think their way through with the design having a footwell so that parents would not have to wash the seat more frequently to keep it clean.

Veer Cruise Interior

This extendable footwell of Veer Cruise solves any such problems that many wagons strollers face in the market! Another advantage is the height. It has a two heightened interior, which makes it spacious for passengers’ feet. More space to sit back and relax in their wagon stroller.

It has full fabric coverage with soft sidewalls for your kids’ comfort. The manufactures of Veer wagon paid special attention to the durability and well-built construction of the wagon. No more worries about getting wet in rain, as the materials are water-resistant; along with stain and fade resistance free. On the other hand, the seats would not be the ones a lot of parents look for, as they are made of plastic.

The backrest of this wagon stroller is rubberized, with literally no padding, or cushioning of the seats at all. If you wish the comfort of your child, well padding can be purchased, separately. It is not included in this price of Veer Cruise Wagon.

Besides, another thing we would have loved in this stroller model if it had some padding in the 3-point harnesses for each of the two seats. After comparison, it came to our notice that Veer Cruise has shorter sides than Keenz 7S. Just because of this short-walled design, now any short, or small kid can take on the world in their little guarded fortress.

Any toddler would love to be in it, but we are slightly skeptical about those little naughty one. We would not want anyone of them slipping out, and causing you any kind of hassle, or stress. A naught 2-year-old has the perfect opportunity to get frisky and get dirty trying to wiggle out or touch the ground, or wheels of their wagon.

However, the back wheels of Veer Cruise have fenders that are brilliant to stop kids from getting their hands dirty. Moreover, it is an excellent option for kids from a wide age group. Also, it can be used from the very beginning for your newborn baby, after the addition of a car seat. Interesting to note that another sibling can sit comfortably in the other seat at the same time in Veer Cruise, after the attachment of the car seat.

On the purchase of Veer Cruiser Nap System, it could be turned into a bassinet for a newborn baby. Lastly, if you want to fit two old kids in it, just remember that a 5-year-old would be fine. But on the other hand, leg space might be quite less for a 6-year-old to sit comfortably in this wagon stroller.

An interesting feature, now you can completely take off the canopy of Keenz 7S, so your children can enjoy their rides on the beach. Also, the canopy can be used at any time after attachment in your Keenz 7S to protect your children from harmful UV rays from the sun.

If you are a tall parent, and your child has your tall genes, well to create your headspace, you can remove the canopy. So, your children can sit back and relax, comfortably while in their castle. Moreover, a tall preschooler and a school kid can comfortably fit into Keenz.

Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon for Big Kids

Besides, after removing the top cover from the roof of Keenz, it allows the flow of air. It still has a mesh layer to keep your children protected from all the mosquitoes in the forest, or park late at night. The side curtains can be removed from the wagon, or kept in place according to the weather’s demand. The wagon stroller is equipped for all-weather, such as from the hot sun without blocking airflow.

On the other hand, the purchase of a canopy is essential if you need one for your Veer Cruiser, because it does not come with one. Two separate canopies can be installed in the Veer Cruise Wagon to provide shade to both your angels with ease. Now, you do not need to worry about the harsh rays from the sun.

We know we are facing extreme global warming; therefore, the manufacturers of Veer Cruise have seemed to think their way through for maximum protection. The canopies have side vents that can simultaneously be used as a peek-a-boo window. The purchase of these accessories can be done on Amazon for your Veer Cruise Wagon.

If you are wondering about your wrist pain from all the pushing and pulling? Well, the manufacturers of Keenz has made life a little easier on the parents while giving thought to the design. They have installed two adjustable handlebars of the wagon stroller. Now, these can be set according to the comfort of the individual parent, as the highest setting is a 43-degree angle. This allows you to either push or pulls the wagon stroller, like Keenz.

Veer Cruiser Adjustable handle

However, the designers of the Veer wagon stroller had a different school when it came to the stroller’s handlebar. There is only one handlebar which is a telescoping one, that can be adjusted according to the height of the parents.

Now, you need to worry about how your partner is going to suffer from back pain from stooping, or slouching while pushing the stroller on your trips. Parents can adjust according to their desired height requirements while being fully in control of Veer Cruise. You can pull it as well, just like a suitcase by lowering the handlebar.

The Veer stroller did not impress us a lot with storage space, because of the many flaws in our eyes. There are not many storage pockets, or pouches to keep kids’ toys on their rides to the park. Moreover, sadly there is not a storage unit large enough to accommodate your kid’s diaper bag, and the diaper bag can not also be hanged on the handlebar.

There is a separate option of buying a storage bin from Amazon, which would be large enough to accommodate all necessities. Now, you can keep excess stuff in the storage unit after a shopping trip, or on a day trip to Disneyland in either of the two, Keenz and Veer Wagons.


Luckily, Keenz stroller has a larger storage space to offer. A built-in shoes storage unit is also available along with a big storage basket. Furthermore, there are additional storage pockets on the opposite end to place small things, such as your personal belongings for ease access at hands length.

Pro Tip: Remember Keenz wagon is famous among parents; therefore, it sells like fresh hot buns. So, if you have an eye out on this model, book away and purchase quickly before you lose your chance to get hands-on this amazing model. Also, check Amazon for amazing offers, such as receiving cooler and cup holders for free.

Self-standing ability after folding the Veer wagon, as it can be folded up flat, even the sides fold down. Thus, it can be stored easily at home, or in the back of your car without much hassle. But on the other hand, Keenz can also be folded up into a compact looking box shape as well, which is a few inches shorter and narrower than the Veer wagon.

Moreover, the storage cover makes it more convenient for travel and keeping it clean while transportation. You can pull Keenz 7S like a suitcase after packing. Plus, Keenz 7S stands itself after folding into a compact shape.

Veer Cruiser Self standing fold

Though these strollers: Keenz and Veer Wagon sound amazing with all the cool features, they tend to be heavier than an average single stroller. They might be quite similar to a double stroller in terms of weight, as both stroller wagons weight quite a bit. Keenz 7S seems to be lighter, but without the canopy, it weighs around 29 lbs.

Whereas Veer is heavier than it, as it weighing around 32.5 lbs. It is not a quite unmanageable weight, as a petite mom can handle carrying, packing and loading in the car’s trunk without much inconvenience. Baby Jogger City Mini GT is similar in weight and size to Veer which is a double stroller.

Did you think that strollers only came in a basic metallic color? Well, let me tell you how wrong you are. Even strollers can make heads turn. They can be cool, trendy and fashionable too! Keenz 7S can be found in the market in four different and fun colors.

These colors include black and grey obviously, but on top of that, you can also get funky colors like green and purple. There are multiple options you can choose from, according to your own taste. So there is nothing to worry about. There would definitely be something that suits your style.

Not only are they safe, spacious designs, but fashionable and chic looking! If you are someone who likes colors and wants to stand out, well Keenz comes in four colors to choose from. Choose whichever you fancy: black, grey, purple and green.

Something will go according to your look and everyday style. Before you set your mind on one particular version, just remember that not everything is available every time. It can be out of stock! Check availability on Amazon before picking the color you desire for your Keenz 7S.

A Heather Grey color, classic one with a black frame makes Veer Cruise look chic, yet elegant at the same time. But now you can customize your very own stroller sidewalls and canopy from four colors to choose from. Veer Cruise has the following colors to offer: blue, orange, white and green. Choose according to your preference. Customize as you want it to be, a standout on your terms! You can check out their website to know more about this customization of your Veer Cruiser.

However, there is one thing, extremely necessary to keep in mind and that is that these colored strollers are usually in high demand. There can be times when they are out of stock which can be a bummer if you are not already mentally prepared for something of the sort. Hence, in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience, it is always advised that you check the availability of the specific colored stroller that you want, before placing an order. If it is not available, you can always wait until your required color comes back in stock.

The Veer Cruiser comes with Heather Gray walls and a black frame. Moreover, in a world where we can customize, clothes, laptops, mobile phones and jewelry, why not do the same with strollers. Well, now because of Veer Cruiser, you can actually get a customized stroller by adding sidewalls and canopies of the color of your choice. How much more cool and exciting can this get? You have the option of choosing from four additional colors which are blue, green, white and orange.

This can prove to be so useful for summers because you can now choose cool colors like blue, white or green for the canopy which would surely provide added protection from the heat. Moreover, with bright colors like orange, there is no way that you would lose sight of the stroller. It is totally up to you to make your Veer Cruiser look just the way you like it! If you want to learn more about customizing strollers, you would find plenty of information about it on the Veer website.

Comparison between Keenz and Veer. Which Stroller Wagon Is Better?

We have so many options these days to choose from and I totally understand how confusing it can get for parents. One question that most people ask is what stroller is better. Below, I have drawn a comparison between the major features of Keenz 7S and Veer Cruiser to make your life easier.

Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon

Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon


One of the best things about this stroller is its weight carrying capacity which is 110 lbs. It really doesn’t matter if your baby is chubby or older than a year. This stroller has been designed perfectly for carrying weight and children who are 12 months or older. Moreover, it comes with both options; you can either push the stroller or pull it.

It all depends upon what the parent is comfortable with. Usually pushing can get a little tricky as compared to pulling, especially when making turns or going over rough surfaces. However, you do not have to worry about these silly things anymore. When the stroller becomes difficult to push, simply start pulling it! It really is that easy.

Moreover, this stroller can handle most types of terrains such as grass and gravel. You can even use it on sand; however, it is not possible in its normal wheels. If you want to enjoy a good time at the beach with your baby, then you would have to buy the stroller’s beach wheels which are sold separately.

This is a welcome aspect but it still gets a little annoying that you would have to spend extra just for a pair of wheels ideal for the beach! Nevertheless, the stroller comes with lockable front wheels which give control and balance, especially when going downhill. However, despite all of this, there are no fenders for rear wheels, nor is there any footwell. You will not be able to turn it into a bassinet and it also is not car seat friendly so you won’t be able to attach that either.

But it still has a few more positives, one of them being the padding. The entire wagon which includes the interior is properly padded, thus, protecting the baby from any unnecessary injuries. Moreover, the padding is removable and washable so you can easily take care of cleanliness and hygiene. It also comes with 2 cushions for the seat.

Even the 5-point harness is padded with covers for each strap, so the baby is literally cushioned from every corner. Keenz also comes with a removable canopy for both the seats. It has side sunscreens for maximum sun protection and meshes top vents which ensure air circulation throughout the stroller. You can attach the canopy when the sun is unrelenting and remove it when you want your baby to enjoy a soft breeze.

Some accessories come with the stroller, which means that they are included in the price (you won’t have to pay extra). These include items like a storage/travel cover, a removable storage basket that has a shoe compartment and a few additional pockets! However, buying through the Keenz website would get you a cooler and a cup holder too! One major drawback of this stroller is the heavyweight. It weighs 29 lbs and that too without the canopy. The price range is also medium.

Keenz 7S Wagon Stroller Pros and Cons

  • Two in one stroller and wagon
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Chic and functional 4 wheel wagon
  • Machine wash removable fabric
  • Canopy is must on sunny days
  • Bulky at points

Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon Hybrid

Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon Hybrid


This one can also carry the weight of up to 110 lbs which is highly convenient. Moreover, this would be a onetime investment for quite a long time because it can be used from the birth of your baby (but with an infant car seat) up until your child is five years old. You also have the option of pushing or pulling the stroller.

I personally prefer pulling as pushing can get pretty tedious. So when you start finding pushing a little too inconvenient, then you can simply start pulling the stroller and vice versa. Another excellent thing about Veer is that it can be used on many different surfaces like gravel and grass. However, unlike the Keenz, the beach wheels aren’t available and neither are they sold separately so taking the stroller to the beach is not an option.

Although the stroller does not come with lockable front wheels which obviously affects the control you have over it, it does have fenders for the back wheels. These do a great job at keeping the wheels mud and dirt free. Moreover, a footwell is also present where your baby can comfortably rest his/her feet.

Due to the fact that this stroller is designed for children of varying ages, it is automatically compatible with infant car seats which can be easily attached. You can even turn the stroller into a bassinet which is convenient as your baby can comfortably sleep in it too.

If you are living in a petite space, this is ideal because you won’t have to store a bassinet as well as a stroller. This is also a pretty budget-friendly option as you won’t have to buy both items separately. You are literally getting it two in one!

However, as far as the padding is concerned, only the side walls are padded. The built-in seats are not. The harness is also a 3 point one, unlike the 5 point harness of Keenz. Another downer is that this harness is not even padded. Nevertheless, the handlebar is height adjustable and telescoping. It does not matter if you and your partner are tall, short, or have a major height difference, regardless of this, you would easily be able to maneuver and control it.

Veer does have canopies for sun protection; however, the downside is that they have to be bought separately. Although it is not that big of a deal, it is still frustrating that something as essential as a canopy is not included in the price you are paying for the stroller. You would have to buy it separately. Nevertheless, the items that are for sure included in the price are 2 cup holders, a kid’s tray for holding snacks and two beverages and a few storage pockets.

However, it is really heavy and weighs 32.5 lbs. On top of that, it is also quite expensive which most parents do not appreciate. After all, you would want something less expensive in order to afford all other expenses that come with taking care of and raising a baby.

Okay, so now I have pretty much talked about all of the major features of both these excellent stroller wagons.  You can easily note their similarities and differences. However, it still might not have answered that one infamous question that eats at the brain of most parents: “Which one of these stroller wagons is better: Veer or Keenz?”

Answering this question is actually pretty hard because both of these have their own positives and negatives. They come with their own unique advantages which would differ from family to family according to their needs.

However, keeping all of the features, accessories and price in mind, I would say that the Veer Wagon is the best option if you want to use something for a long time. This stroller can literally be used from birth up to 5 years of age. On the other hand, Keenz 7S is quite light on the pocket. It is an affordable stroller wagon for both toddlers and older kids.

Moreover, when compared side by side, you can clearly see that when in action, both strollers are actually quite similar. You can use both on city sidewalks, grass, snowy roads and gravel pathways. Both of these stroller wagons are of high quality and would last you quite some time – definitely a couple of years!

Veer Cruise Wagon Stroller Pros and Cons

  • Versatile design with huge wheels
  • Innovative steering gear
  • 2 cup holder, snack and drink tray inclusive
  • JPMA Certified
  • Locks easy to handle
  • Accommodation of adapter
  • Cost of adapter as sold separately
  • Foldable rear storage unit sold separately
<strong>Reasons To Choose Veer Wagon</strong><strong>Reasons To Choose Keenz Wagon</strong>

Veer Cruiser is not just strong and reliable, but also looks excellent! The way it has been fashioned and designed is done masterfully and it does have two important features that are lacking in the Keenz 7S: compatibility with infant car seats, which makes it suitable for use since birth, and it also has a footwell. Although the price can be a little overwhelming, you definitely get the quality for what you are paying. If you are out searching for something other than a stroller that can be used from birth, then the Veer Wagon is literally your best shot.

It is only with Veer that you can wave your goodbyes to a regular stroller. Moreover, it is also a great option for kids almost 4 to 5 years of age. It would prove to be a smart investment especially when you are out having fun in the woods, zoo or even a theme park! However, you have to keep in mind that it does lack some essential features like a canopy or padded seats, hence you got to have a flexible budget if you are planning on buying this stroller wagon.

This wagon is not functional but it is also user friendly and really well equipped. It comes with not one but 2 handlebars, padded seats and interior, removable canopy with side sunscreens and mesh tops, 5 points padded harness, multiple storage pockets, a storage cover and a storage basket. The best part is that all of this is included in the price you buy it for. However, it can’t be used from birth, you can only make good use of it once the child can sit unassisted and has good control over his/her head and neck.

Nevertheless, because of its high quality built, it would last you a long time. Moreover, the low price allows for it to be bought as an addition to a regular stroller. It can also serve as an alternative for a stroller, but only for toddlers and older kids. There are other beneficial reasons to choose Keenz as well. It has a smaller fold which you can pull like a suitcase; this also makes storing it easier. Moreover, it is approximately 3 lbs lighter as compared to Veer, comes with lockable front wheels and has higher sidewalls that are suitable for kids even 6 or 8 years of age.

Other than that, there are also a few other things that I want to clear before moving forward. Although Veer is more expensive than Keenz, it does allow you to skip a regular stroller right from the beginning. Because with the Keenz, you’d still need a stroller for the first 6-12 months, the total amount of money you’d spend would be similar to the cost of the Veer Wagon. A bigger budget is required if the Veer Wagon is only being bought for older kids. Nevertheless, parents who own the Veer say that it is worth every penny.

In conclusion, both stroller wagons are of high quality and are excellent alternatives for strollers. I believe, that with its low price and superb accessories, Keenz 7S is ideal as an additional vehicle for kids and an alternative stroller for older kids. Since Veer can be used since birth up to 5 years, you won’t need a stroller if you decide to invest in it (you’d only have to buy the infant car seat). Both Veer and Keenz would live up to your expectations during your day trips, vacations, or outdoor explorations with your kids.

Why Would Parents Prefer To Use A Wagon Instead Of A Stroller?

Well, there is one major difference between these two products. Many big kid strollers offer a high weight carrying capacity of around 65-75 lbs in single strollers. Despite the weight they claim to carry, they can still hold 4-5-year-old kids. Nevertheless, the stroller seat is not usually wide or long enough to accommodate an older kid.

Thus, the child outgrows the seat, way before he exceeds the weight limit. Contrary to this, we have stroller wagons that are really spacious and also have a removable canopy which is why even 7-8-year-olds can ride in it. Of course, you also have strollers that are designed specifically for 6-7-year-olds like the GB Pockit, but it is not ideal for off-road usage.

Stroller wagon can be an excellent stroller alternative when:

  • Your baby is growing way quickly that he/she already looks older than other kids his/her age and hence, would quickly outgrow the stroller you are using.
  • No stroller you have ever used has a long enough backrest to accommodate your tall child.
  • You have a child with special needs who is already big enough for regular strollers.
  • You are on the lookout for double stroller alternatives which are going to prove useful for trips to the zoo, theme parks, etc.

Despite all of this, it not necessarily parents of older kids and toddlers who use stroller wagons. Most parents start using them when their kid is just an infant. The Veer Wagon can be even used for a newborn baby as parents can either attach a car seat to it or use it as a bassinet. Keenz Wagon is ideal for kids who can at least sit upright without any help.

Stroller Wagon – Where Can You Use It?

The biggest question that parents usually have is where they can use the stroller they have just bought. It is pretty obvious that parents would not want to ruin the new tires or cause the paint to scrape off by taking the stroller wagon somewhere it was unable to handle. Any damage would automatically cost parents more and having a baby already means that your pockets should be open at all times.

Hence, we need to save money wherever possible. Keeping this in mind, the question of where to use the stroller is pretty justified. Is it suitable for hiking and off-road cruising? Can it be used on grassy fields and gravel pathways? Well, a stroller wagon is quite versatile when it comes to handling multiple terrains.

Most parents use it for everyday tasks such as a shopping trip to the mall or the grocery store. They even use it for strolls in the park or a fun day to the zoo.

So just the way you use a regular stroller for normal, everyday tasks like going to the supermarket, taking walks, or having family trips, you can use a stroller wagon in just the same manner. It doesn’t matter if your kid is one year old or five!

Such a comfortable, well equipped and safe vehicle as a stroller wagon can probably be the only mode of transportation for your baby which can serve you from infancy for many years. It is also ideal for use if you have a bigger kid. Moreover, a stroller wagon is an exceptional option for a child with special needs. There is nothing more comfortable for your child than a good stroller.

Over the last few years, wagons were quite popular in Disneyland. However, they are not allowed there anymore after May 1, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids Wagons

There are millions of questions that parents usually ask when concerning strollers or wagons which is okay because everyone always wants the very best for their kids. Moreover, it can get a little intimidating because there are so many options on the market. Below, I have answered the most asked questions and concerns that parents have.

Can you use Keenz and Veer Wagon at Disneyland?
Before the change was made on 1st May 2019, many stroller wagons which could be pushed like strollers were allowed at Disney. On the other hand, wagons that could only be pulled were not accepted on the premises. However, luckily, Keenz 7S when pushed like a stroller, was welcome at both Disneyland and Disney World because it is a JPMA certified stroller wagon. Even the Veer wagon was used by parents at Disneyland because that too could be pushed like a stroller. Sometimes, the Disneyland staff was even found asking parents if the wagon had brakes and could be pushed like a regular stroller. Many parents found it convenient and were using wagons in theme parks not only as alternative strollers for infants but also for older kids and special children. This was not only useful and convenient but was pretty popular among parents. Unfortunately, all stroller-wagon hybrids are prohibited in Disneyland.
Are Airplane Travels Possible When you Have a Stroller Wagon?
It is pretty obvious that both the Keenz 7S and the Veer Cruiser are too large to be used as a carry-on. However, you can easily check them at the gate without any issues. Other than that, if you are planning on taking either one these wagons on a plane, then I would suggest that you take the wheels off in order to prevent them from getting lost or damaged during the flight.
Are these Strollers ideal for One Child Who is Over 55 lbs?
Keenz and Veer Wagons have a total weight carrying capacity of 110 lbs, which makes it 55 lbs per seat. Using either of these stroller-wagon hybrids for just one kid who exceeds the weight limit, would be totally at your own risk. However, I have read that some parents have used Keenz 7S for kids more than 55 lbs (like an 8-year-old special child), and the wagon held up just fine. Some parents use wagons for 3 kids.
How is a Stroller Comparison in Comparison to a Double Jogging Stroller?
Both these wagons, Keenz and Veer are not ideal for running; however, they can be taken out when going for a brisk walk. When compared to jogging strollers, they are not that maneuverable and also get pretty difficult to turn. Nevertheless, they are still the best stroller wagons in the market.
Is the Interior Comfortable?
These wagons are spacious and comfortable. You can use the kids who have outgrown their normal strollers and even 6-year-olds. Some parents have even reported that their kids fell asleep in the Keenz wagon. They recommend that you keep an extra blanket. In order to use the Veer wagon for sleeping purposes, you would need a special attachment (Nap System).
Can you Use Stroller Wagons in Winter?
Definitely! Both Keenz, and Veer work superbly on slush and snow (not a lot of it though). I would recommend pulling them on such surfaces as that would be easier.
{"@context":"","@type":"FAQPage","mainEntity":[{"@type":"Question","name":"Can you use Keenz and Veer Wagon at Disneyland?","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Many stroller wagons that could be pushed like strollers were allowed at Disney. On the other hand, wagons that could only be pulled were not accepted on the premises Moren"}},{"@type":"Question","name":"Are Airplane Travels Possible When you Have a Stroller Wagon?","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"It is pretty obvious that both the Keenz 7S and the Veer Cruiser are too large to be used as a carry-on More"}},{"@type":"Question","name":"Are these Strollers ideal for One Child Who is Over 55 lbs?","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Keenz and Veer Wagons have a total weight carrying capacity of 110 lbs, which makes it 55 lbs per seat More"}},{"@type":"Question","name":"How is a Stroller Comparison in Comparison to a Double Jogging Stroller?","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Both these wagons, Keenz and Veer are not ideal for running; however, they can be taken out when going for a brisk walk More"}},{"@type":"Question","name":"Is the Wagons Stroller's Interior Comfortable?","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"These wagons are spacious and comfortable. You can use the kids who have outgrown their normal strollers and even 6-year-olds More"}},{"@type":"Question","name":"Can you Use You Use Stroller Wagons in Winter?","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Definitely! Both Keenz and Veer work superbly on slush and snow More"}}]} { "@context": "", "@type": "Table", "@id": "#table", "description": "Who does not want to explore the woods, or valleys with their grown-up angel? No worries, if your child has grown up to be the individual who loves the earth, the people and animals and for occasional rests, or out station trips wants a stroller. Well, we have got you covered on strollers for daily use, or something bigger to accommodate your baby..", "url": "", "name": "Best Wagons Stroller for Big Kids" } { "@context": "", "@type": "ItemList", "name": "best stroller wagon for beach", "itemListElement": [ { "@type": "ListItem", "position": 1, "image": "", "url": "", "name": "Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon", "description": " One question that most people ask is what stroller is better. Below, I have drawn a comparison between the major features of Keenz 7S and Veer Cruiser to make your life easier." }, { "@type": "ListItem", "position": 2, "image": "", "url": "", "name": "Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon Hybrid", "description": "This one can also carry weight of up to 110 lbs which is highly convenient. Moreover, this would be a onetime investment for quite a long time because it can be used from the birth of your baby (but with an infant car seat) up until your child is five years old. " } ], "itemListOrder": "", "numberOfItems": "2" } { "@context": "", "@type": "BlogPosting", "image": "", "url": "", "headline": "Best Stroller Wagons – Stroller Alternative For Big Kids", "description": "Using stroller wagon instead of a standard baby stroller? Why not! These 2 best wagons big kid are suitable for everyday strolls & off-road trips.", "dateCreated": "2020-04-08T07:29:23+00:00", "datePublished": "2020-04-08T07:29:23+00:00", "dateModified": "2020-05-09T17:39:08+00:00", "inLanguage": "en-US", "isFamilyFriendly": "true", "copyrightYear": "2020", "copyrightHolder": "", "author": { "@type": "Person", "name": "Angel" }, "publisher": { "@type": "Organization", "name": "", "url": "", "logo": { "@type": "ImageObject", "url": "", "width": "540px", "height": "160px" } }, "mainEntityOfPage": "True", "keywords": [ "best stroller wagon", "baby wagon stroller", "keenz beach wheels", "big wagons for kids", "veer wagon review" ], "genre": [ "SEO", "JSON-LD" ] }