4 Best Pacifier For 6-Month-Old Babies – 2024 Buying Guide

With so many pacifiers available in the market, finding and choosing the best pacifiers is no easy task. Each manufacturer claims that their product is the best available in the market.

Parents often get confused when they are in the market because of this reason. They are in limbo as to which pacifier will suit their child the most. Follow us as we shall be looking at the best pacifiers for newborn babies.

What Is A Pacifier?

In simple terms, pacifiers are like mothers nipples that babies can suck on, mainly for their comfort. Don’t get confused, a pacifier is no feeder bottles because they aren’t used for eating. Parents use orthondontic pacifiers if their babies refuse to stop crying or sleep. It is one of the best tricks to use on them so that you will be at peace as well.

No doubt, the demand for best pacifiers has increased tremendously because babies are continually sucking even if there isn’t anything to suck. They suck an empty bottle to the point of trying to eat it.

Introducing a pacifier to them is essential at this time. Pacifiers can do so many tremendous things for fussy babies. Parents who are disturbed continuously by their babies, introducing a pacifier to them will calm them and divert their focus.

There are many advantages of using a pacifier. The most significant of them all is that it protects your child from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which occurs when the baby is asleep.

Statistically, the best pacifiers have been able to decrease SIDS by almost 90%, one of the reasons pacifiers are on high demand. Other advantages of using pacifiers include: it may help baby fall asleep during a long journey, useful in administering a vaccine etc.

In as much as there are vast benefits of using one of the best orthodontic pacifiers, it has other negative influence such as contracting yeast infection or oral candida. Weaning your baby off it can also be hard because of addiction.

Types of A Baby Pacifier

Different pacifiers are classified into different categories that are suited to a baby’s age and dentition development. Also pacifiers comes in different sizes for different purposes. For example, a pacifier manufactured for a one-month-old baby is different from a pacifier made for a 6 month old.

So you might have in mind to buy a pacifier you saw at your neighbour’s house or elsewhere and might end up not being the one suitable for your baby. Types of pacifiers include;

Orthodontic Pacifiers: This type of pacifier have their orthodontic nipples rounded at the top and flattened at the bottom. While the baby is sucking, the orthodontic pacifier crushes in the mouth and offers the most natural way of sucking. For developing dentition, this type of orthodontic pacifiers are most suitable.

Round-tip Baby Pacifiers: This type of pacifiers are the most common types available that most adults probably used while growing up as a baby. They are rounded at the bottom. The round shape was designed to mimic the nipple of mothers to prevent the baby from being confused as to which is the actual nipple. This type of pacifier feels and stretches like a mother’s skin. For breastfed babies, this is the most recommended type of pacifier.

Other types of pacifiers are classified according to how sturdy the pacifier is, and material used.

Silicone Baby Pacifiers: Medical-grade Silicone pacifiers are readily available and recommended to use. Pacifiers made of silicone material are sturdier, easy to clean and suitable for babies with allergies and risk of sids.

Latex Baby Pacifiers: This material is soft, but babies older than 6 months old tend to bite off a piece of the pacifier. This material is not recommended for babies who are allergic to the latex material. So if you discover your baby is allergic to latex, get a medical-grade silicone pacifier for him/her.

When Should I Introduce A Pacifier To My Baby?

As necessary as the pacifier is to the baby, it shouldn’t be introduced to the baby immediately after birth. It can cause the baby some problems if you present it too soon. Issues such as difficulty in latching to breastfeeding are unavoidable because the baby would be confused between learning how to breastfeed and learning how to suck with a one piece pacifier.

Consider introducing a pacifier when the baby is around one-month-old, provided your baby is gaining weight and appears to be doing well with breastfeeding. Don’t try to introduce the medical-grade silicone pacifier if your baby is still having issues with breastfeeding at this age. Introducing it might make him at this point, become a lazy sucker.

Does My Baby Need A Pacifier?

Most babies need a pacifier for a variety of reasons. Since we can’t comprehend what the baby is gesturing, we are left with no choice than to guess their behaviours. For mothers, gifting their little one with a pacifier will offer the baby the opportunity to suck to their comfort.

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Some babies suck on a bottle or their mother’s nipple without the purpose of drawing out milk. Others suck their thumbs or fingers or anything they come across. When you realize that your baby is indulging in such activities, it suggests that they might require a pacifier.

Best Pacifiers for Six Month Old Babies

1. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Soother Pacifier

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Soother Newborn Pacifier is a natural soothing pacifier that provides comfort for babies. The flex and stretch on the nipple are designed to provide a soothing experience that prevents nipple confusion, moving like a mother’s breast.

You don’t have to worry if the pacifier will disrupt your baby’s breastfeeding or bottle-feeding because it provides a naturally soothing experience.

When a mother’s breast isn’t available, the tommee tippee silicone pacifier can be the baby’s companion. To increase airflow and prevent rashes, the tommee tippee pacifier bottom curves away from the face and around the mouth.

Since a baby’s skin can be irritated by frequent sucking, this pacifier has been designed to avoid minimum contact with the skin. They are thereby increasing ventilation. Orthodontic nipples are made of soft silicone material for babies who are allergic to latex.


  • 100% BPA free, Phthalate and PVC. These chemicals could be harmful to the baby’s nose.
  • Transitioning between mother’s breast or bottle-feeding is made easy with the tommee tippee soother pacifier
  • Available in two colours, white and ice blue and suitable for babies 3 months and older
  • Tommee Tippee soother pacifier flexes and stretches naturally just like a mother’s breast to prevent confusion.
  • Well, they have ventilated bottom curves away from baby’s nose and mouth region for better airflow, preventing rashes and skin irritation.


  • BPA-Free and Phthalate free for safer Pacifier use
  • Comfortable and balanced in the mouth while sucking
  • Easy to wipe and clean
  • Easy to hold
  • compactly designed to fit in your diaper bag


  • Babies can get their fingers stuck in the pacifier’s clip, which can cause an injury

2. Nanobébé Flexy Baby Pacifier

Nanobébé is a popular and award-winning baby care product company renowned for manufacturing flexy soothie pacifiers. Made from BPA-Free silicone material, flexy newborn pacifiers will soothe your baby to calm and provide safe and healthy feeding.

It prevents nipple confusion, and It all comes in one-piece construction. Nanobébé ensured that the unique nipple shape would promote general health of the baby and provide comfort as well. It is lightweight, extra-soft and designed not to pull out easily.


  • Soothe your baby effortlessly – Soothe your fussy baby anytime they have trouble falling asleep. The baby learns how to self soothe in a matter of time with this nanobébé flexy pacifier. It is soft and easy to use.
  • Prevent Nipple Confusion – Nanobébé Flexy Silicone Pacifiers are designed to keep your baby latching securely and happily. It prevents nipple confusion and eases baby sucking so the baby won’t have difficulty transitioning between breast milk and the pacifier.
  • It has a perfect shape – The nipple of this BPA-Free nanobébé pacifiers are shaped to fit into your baby’s mouth without pulling out quickly. It stays comfortably in your baby’s mouth and promotes healthy development with its silicone teething design. That means the pacifier is gentle on both gums and teeth of the baby.
  • It is safe – Nanobébé Flexy Pacifier is free of harmful chemicals such as BPA and phthalate that could jeopardize your baby’s nose and health. Pacifier comes in one original piece, so the chances of your baby getting choked are reduced drastically. Keep your baby safe by providing this all-round BPA-Free and natural pacifier.


  • It is easy to clean
  • Safe for the baby to use
  • Comfortable in baby’s mouth
  • Promotes general development of the baby.
  • Suitable for older babies


  • Not suitable for babies older than 6 months.

3. BIBS BPA-Free Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier

As claimed by the manufacturer, bibs BPA-Free natural rubber best baby pacifier is a symbol of calm and brings happiness to the home. This newborn pacifier ensures that little ones and their parents cherish and enjoy every moment together.

Bibs pacifier is easy to learn so your little one doesn’t find it difficult to self Soothe. Bibs pacifier is made of the highest quality and approved by doctors and orthodontist. It came in an original design and shape and made to feel like a birth mother’s breast.

Manufactured in Denmark, the bibs pacifier is stylishly designed, coming in an array of beautiful colours that is irresistible to every child that comes across it. The colours are inspired to complement the occurring natural environment and symbolize simplicity.

Choose from 36 available colours that suit your little one or style Whether you choose pink or any other colour, bibs pacifier is out to satisfy your baby and provide overall comfort. Parents will love the bibs pacifier, and the baby will end up loving it the more.


  • Self Soothing Is Made Easy – The bibs natural rubber one-piece silicone pacifier enables your baby to easily self-soothe whenever he or she is fussy. It allows your little one to suck most naturally by mimicking the shape and feel of a mother’s breast. It prevents nipple confusion and eases transitioning between a mother’s breast and a pacifier.
  • Comes in a pack of 2 Pacifiers in size 1 which is suitable for ages 3 months and above.
  • Safe From Harmful Chemicals – Bibs pacifier is 100% BPA free, Phthalate and PVC. These harmful chemicals could be destructive to the baby’s nose. Pacifier comes in one original piece, so the chances of your baby getting choked are reduced drastically. Your baby is safe with the bibs natural rubber pacifier.
  • Different Colors to Choose From – Bibs natural silicone pacifier comes in 36 different colors to suit the style of your little one.


  • Safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Provides comfort


  • Older babies can bite off a piece of the nipple.

4. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Night Time Orthodontic Infant Soother Pacifier

Tommee Tippee is a beautiful baby care company tested and trusted by parents who can testify to the excellent products. This baby orthodontic pacifier is particularly useful in the night for newborn babies who find it difficult to sleep.

This pacifier glows in the dark after it has absorbed some power for some time, making the night memorable for the baby. The pacifier sport a symmetrical shaped and sized nipple, suitable for the teeth and the development of the gum of the baby.

The tommee tippee orthodontic shaped nipple is designed to fit into the baby’s mouth and provide balance, making it easier for babies to hold the newborn pacifier in their mouth and suck at their comfort. The nipple shape on the pacifier prevents the baby from being confused as to which nipple he/she is sucking, providing a familiar feel.


  • Four-in-one baby pacifiers and night glow that is perfect for a soothing baby with sleepless nights. Handles glow in the dark and can keep baby happy.
  • Ideal for infants who are 0-6 and 18-36 months old for everyday pacifier use
  • The symmetrical orthodontic shape is designed to be comfortable while sucking and support baby’s natural oral development
  • Inserting the soothie pacifier is made easy with the reversible feature on the pacifier
  • All pacifiers are free from harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalate for safe pacifier use.
  • Stylish pacifiers feature vibrant colours and stuffed animal designs, while Moda soother features lovely floral decorations.


  • Safe for use
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wipe and clean
  • Glows in the dark
  • Promotes oral development
  • stuffed animal design


  • Ring glow doesn’t last long even after long hours to light exposure
  • Not suitable for babies who have teeth as they may bite off a piece of the nipple.

Final Thoughts

Pacifiers are essential to babies and essential in their oral development. When they are fussy or hungry for breast milk, especially if mothers aren’t around, the orthodontic pacifier can go a long way in providing comfort to them. So far, we have reviewed excellent products designed by popular companies on this list.

You must choose carefully the type that will suit your baby’s needs. It is also worthy to note that providing only one colour will make the baby get bored with it quickly. Try choosing different colours if possible, of the same product. This way, you will keep the baby happy at all times.

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