20+ Best Gift Ideas for 17-Year-Old Girls 2024- Trendy Ideas

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Giantex Foot Spa, Foot Bath Massager with Heat, Bubbles, 16 Pedicure Shiatsu...
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Hot Tools 24K Gold One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer | Style and Dry,...
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Coavas Folding Desk No Assembly Required, 39.4 inch Writing Computer Desk Space...
Giantex Foot Spa, Foot Bath Massager with Heat, Bubbles, 16 Pedicure Shiatsu...
Hot Tools 24K Gold One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer | Style and Dry,...
Coavas Folding Desk No Assembly Required, 39.4 inch Writing Computer Desk Space...
Editor's Pick
Giantex Foot Spa, Foot Bath Massager with Heat, Bubbles, 16 Pedicure Shiatsu...
Giantex Foot Spa, Foot Bath Massager with Heat, Bubbles, 16 Pedicure Shiatsu...
Good Choice
Hot Tools 24K Gold One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer | Style and Dry,...
Hot Tools 24K Gold One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer | Style and Dry,...
Don't Miss
Coavas Folding Desk No Assembly Required, 39.4 inch Writing Computer Desk Space...
Coavas Folding Desk No Assembly Required, 39.4 inch Writing Computer Desk Space...

Buying a gift for teenagers can really be nerve-wracking as they want something that is cool, efficient, creative, personalized, and much more. Moreover, it must match her style and suit her personality as something that has the potential to radiate her youth and energy through the gift. So, don’t worry, there are a variety of options around the market for teenagers. Therefore, this article offers a list of the 20+ best toys and gift ideas for 17-year-old girls 2024 based on entertainment value, durability, varied interests, and portability with a comprehensive buying guide that can help you through the process.

Gift Ideas for 17-Year-Old Girls – Top Picks

1. Felt Letter Board with 10×10 Inch Rustic Wood Frame

Felt Letter Board with 10x10 Inch Rustic Wood Frame

This rustic design frame is an ideal choice if you are looking for gift ideas for a 17-years-old. It comes with changeable letters in a classic and vintage design that looks aesthetically pleasing. Also, the 10×10 inches wood frame never goes out of style and makes an excellent gift idea.

Similarly, it comes with sturdy marble hooks and a removable cover that makes it easy to change letters. You can also hang it on shelves, cupboards, or even above your bed. It also includes nine different cursive works that can be styled according to preference.

In the end, you can also buy a variety of letters and emojis with this model in accordance with your own style. The unused letters (reusable) included in the package can be placed in the cupboard. The metal frame is highly durable and resistant to any physical abrasion.

  • Aesthetic value
  • Includes a variety of reusable letters
  • Elegant rustic design
  • Includes a plastic cover
  • Moisture can damage the frame


Finally, the Felt letter board is one of the best toys and gift ideas for 17-years-old girls 2024 with high aesthetic value, classic design, and long durability. It comes with an elegant rustic design and reusable letters that give it an edge over others. Lastly, the high durability and aesthetic value make it stand among others.

2. Pandora Jewelry Oval Knotted Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Pandora Jewelry Oval Knotted Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Likewise, earring sets never go wrong when it comes to 17-year-old girls with a soft corner for beautiful jewelry pieces. Here, this Pandora set is made up of sterling silver with an original pandora box. Also, the elegant yet simplistic design with small details further makes it perfect for young teenage girls.

Similarly, the all-silver design with knotted pattern and loops enhances the beauty of this piece. The 56 bead stones in the loop further add value to the design that can make a statement on its own. Additionally, the all-silver design is resistant to any physical abrasion that makes it durable and worth your money.

Another feature that makes it versatile is its color that can be used with any dress on any function. Talking about protection, the beads won’t fall off, and there are barely minimum chances of fading the color. Lastly, if you want to add something more, it also includes a heart-shaped necklace with this pair, making it even more valuable.

  • It is a bold statement piece
  • Resistance against damage
  • Elegant design
  • It comes with the original pandora package
  • Includes sterling silver
  • Expensive than usual


Overall, this heart-drop earring pair is an excellent choice for a 17-years-old with elegant design and versatility. It is made up of sterling silver and comes with original pandora packaging that makes it highly valuable and safe. Finally, impressive fusion design and additional necklaces add value to the product.

3. Nature’s Blossom Candle Making Supplies Kit

Nature's Blossom Candle Making Supplies Kit

Making candles is one of the contemporary and most loved hobbies among teenage girls. Hence, gifting a candle-making set is highly appropriate that can educate as well as offer space for experimentation. This Nature Blossom set offers supplies to make three two-wick candles and learn in leisure time.

Furthermore, this package comes with a soy-based vegetable wax that is allergens-free and doesn’t offer any irritation. It also includes a guide that can help your teen to learn the craft ideally. Also, you have so many supplies to choose from what can work well and can get a space for experimentation.

In the end, it includes a big jar to heat up the wax and three small jars with different scents to assist you in the process. Safety is also ensured in this model with an instruction manual and thick build-up quality. Finally, if your kid is into candle-craft stuff, you can gift this kit as it is specifically designed for newcomers.

  • It offers a large capacity
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Ensures high safety
  • Includes vegetable-based wax
  • Budget-friendly
  • It can be a little messy


Lastly, if your teen wants to discover a new hobby or is already invested in candle-making craft, this Nature Blossom kit is a great choice. It includes an instruction manual, large capacity, full supplies, and high protection. Finally, the allergen-free wax and protection make it famous among users.

4. Set of 2 Friendship Lamps by Filimin

Set of 2 Friendship Lamps by Filimin

Initially, teens love expressing and celebrating friendships through twin gifts or written expressions. Hence, there is nothing better than a set of friendship lamps that can be a symbol of this long-life relation. This Filimin lamp is an ideal choice with a portable and classic design that makes it elegant and unique.

Secondly, it comes with a remarkable connectivity feature that links you through a far distance. So, you can connect your lamp to wifi and can glow the light of your favorite color. Hence, when your friend lights the same color in response, the lamp will change its color to a unique light that will connect you both.

Apart from friends, this can be gifted to your teen for any other family members that are far away from you (grandparents, siblings, or even parents). It also comes with more than 200 color options from which you can opt for the favorite one. Overall, it is a great choice to connect to a loved one over a far distance.

  • Offers better connectivity
  • It comes with 200 color options
  • Includes an elegant design
  • Ideal for expressing relations
  • It is portable
  • Quality is not the best
  • Can be pricier


Finally, this friendship lamps set is an excellent choice for your teen if they miss anyone who is living far from another place. It offers high connectivity with diverse 200 color options that give it an edge over other such products. Lastly, the elegant design and wifi network make it ideal as a gift idea for a 17-year-old.

5. Coavas Folding Desk

Coavas Folding Desk

Firstly, desk space is highly significant for teenagers as studying and using a laptop requires a lot of space. Hence, if your girl has just passed high school, this Coavas folding desk is ideal, specifically if her room is small. So, when she is done, she can just fold the legs and gets the desired space when needed.

Likewise, the installation takes a maximum of 8 seconds without any expertise that makes it highly suited for teens. It is also made up of highly durable material that makes it resistant to any damage with a classic design. Also, you can place it anywhere you need extra space (in the office room, study room, and so on).

Lastly, it also includes waterproof and no deformation features that assist young teens in useful and protective usage. It also comes in different colors and sizes, so based on the young girl’s interest, you can buy one. Finally, the eco-friendly bamboo with 2 wire ports adds convenience and value to the product.

  • Offers high portability
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • It comes in different sizes and colors
  • Easy installation process
  • Expensive than usual


In essence, this desk table is a long-term investment that can help your teen in working and studying hours effectively. It comes in different sizes and colors with high durability and protection that makes it an ideal choice. Finally, the easy installation and foldable legs make it suitable for teens who are new to this routine.

6. YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro-Inversion Swing

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro- Inversion Swing

This Yogabody Trapeze is a great gift idea for your 17-years-old if she is athletic and is invested in yoga routinely. With this model, she can ensure her muscle building and other strengthening exercises without any injury. So, it offers safety insurance with an active lifestyle where she can also learn dance.

Consequently, by improving aerial yoga skills, you can improve flexibility, strength, and enhance balance. It also includes a series of bonus videos that can help her learn the skill with high efficiency. Moreover, access to online tutors and professionals is also granted to users for advanced stunts and poses.

In the end, it is highly convenient in terms of set up and usage and only takes 2 minutes to hang it. It can effectively hold weight up to 600 lbs that makes it appropriate for users. After a hectic day, it also offers relief from anxiety, back pain, and other physical pains by instant traction and creates space between vertebrae.

  • Ideal for athletic teens
  • Recommended for back pain
  • Offers balance, flexibility, and strength
  • Includes video tutorials
  • Offers access to professionals
  • Can hold limited weight
  • There can be security concerns


In essence, this Yoga inversion swing is highly suitable for your athletic 17-years-olds with instruction manuals and video tutorials. It improves balance, stability, strengthens the muscles, and also helps in relieving back pains. Lastly, the high safety and its weight capacity make it stand among others.

7. What Do You Meme? Core Game

What Do You Meme? Core Game

After a hectic day full of hyperactivity, you can give your teen a break and gift this meme game for relaxation yet with your discretion. It is a fun game where you have to choose the funniest meme among all. Therefore, this can give you lots of chuckles and laughter with quality family and relaxation time.

Likewise, with this game, you do not need any paper or pencil that gives it an edge over others. Also, it is not messy and can be carried around easily in a box with easy cleaning of the room. Additionally, as many teenagers are invested in memes, this game is specifically for the Z generation.

Last but not least, the package includes a total of 435 cards, out of which 360 are caption-based, and others include images. It also includes an instruction manual with which you can know about operations, such as the winners from one round get to be a judge in the second one. However, the only problem is monitoring, so make sure your kid is at least 17-years old to be playing it.

  • Offers high entertainment
  • Ideal for contemporary teens
  • It is not messy at all
  • Offers easy cleaning
  • Designed for 17+ age


Finally, if you are looking for an activity as a gift for your teen who is exhausted after a monotonous day, this What is a meme game can help you with that. It is a fun-based game that helps you with laughter, chuckles, and family time. Also, it is not messy and doesn’t require paper and pens for playing.

8. HOT TOOLS Professional Dryer Volumizer

HOT TOOLS Professional Dryer Volumizer

Teenagers can really be invested in beauty tools with a spot for grooming and styling their hairs. Hence, a volumizer dryer is what you need for a 17-year-old that can help her style her hair and dry them without any frizz. Hence, this Hot tool dryer is a high-end and effective option with volumizing abilities.

Furthermore, it comes with 24K gold technology that ensures even, and proportionate heat is distributed for hair styling. It also includes rotating controls that make it easy to handle and work with it. You can also opt from the three different settings (hot, low, and high) based on styling demands and methods.

Lastly, women with thick as well as thin hair love this volumizer that can help achieve a no-frizz look with settled hair. Additionally, it comes with an ETL certificate that ensures there is proper safety protocol according to US standards. Overall, it is a decent, long-term, and useful product for your 17-years-old girl.

  • Offers styling efficiency
  • Includes 24K gold technology
  • Ensures high safety
  • Includes a variety of control options
  • Have volumizing abilities
  • Expensive than usual
  • Uses high power


Finally, this Hot tools volume dryer is an excellent choice if you are looking for a gift that can help your kid learn the importance of self-grooming. It comes with different modes and an ETL certificate that helps with safety and protection. Finally, the 24K gold technology and high durability make it stand among others.

9. TYLT Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

TYLT Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

Gifting a speaker to a young teenager is a great idea as it will give the boost of music on a movie night or a night party. This TYLT mini speaker is best known for its powerful sound output, compact size, and absolute connectivity that makes it an ideal option. Hence, you can use the micro USB cable to enjoy the content perfectly.

Similarly, it comes with 3 W powerful speakers that make the music loud and clear. You can also carry it around with the pocket size and can fit it into your purse. The unit also includes a built-in mic that can help you in picking calls as well as chatting with your smart google assistance.

In the end, its long working hours make it famous among teenagers who like unlimited fun. Moreover, the sleek and modern all-silver design makes it aesthetically pleasing as well as durable. Overall, the quality of sound, durability, and effortless operations makes it extraordinary, among others.

  • It comes in pocket-size
  • Offers high connectivity
  • Powerful audio quality
  • Offers enhanced durability
  • Includes a built-in mic
  • Expensive than usual
  • Battery might issue


Finally, it is one of the best toy and gift ideas for 17-years-old girls 2024 with a large entertainment value and long usage. It comes with high durability, better connectivity, and a small size that gives it an edge over others. Lastly, the powerful audio quality, built-in mic, and long battery add value to the product.

10. Giantex Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat

Giantex Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat

A spa bath massager is an excellent choice to give teens after their hectic day that can make them relax. Hence, whenever she is feeling exhausted, she can just start the rotating massager to give herself a stress-relieving spa treatment. The auto-rotating rollers also help in giving effortless pressure for blood circulation.

If you are feeling to get a detailed message, you can also turn on the red button for acupuncture points. You can also add medicinal herbs to feel fresh and smooth after you are done with the spa. It also includes frequency inversions that you can set according to preference ranging from lower to higher power.

Another feature that makes it ideal for users is the energy efficiency which saves 30% of the power. You can also control the temperature with a PTC heater for protection. In the end, the drainage pipe, dust cover, and wheels make it stand among others and famous among users.

  • Offers heating efficiency
  • Includes waterproof dust cover
  • Includes auto-rotating rollers
  • It comes with a PTC heater
  • Offers power efficiency
  • LED light might issue
  • Temperature settings might issue


In essence, this spa treatment is a great choice for 17-years-old with auto-rotating rollers, power efficiency, and a PTC heater. It comes with inversion frequency adjustments and a waterproof dust cover that makes it efficient. Finally, the heating efficiency and drainage pipe add value to the product.

What to Consider While Buying the Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

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Choosing a gift for a teenager might need some research that can guide you on the right path. Hence, here are some factors you must consider while buying the best gift for your 17-years-old girls;

Interests and Obsessions

While looking for the best gift idea for a 17-years-old girl, it is important to look for a certain interest she possesses. If she is into fashion and self-grooming, you can give her makeup kits, or jewelry pieces, or even hair care tools such as straighteners or curlers. Likewise, if she prefers athletic games over other things, you can give her a skateboard or a hoverboard, or even a bicycle. Moreover, if she likes technology and computer-related stuff, you can gift her a smartwatch, a tablet, or any smart gadget that can make her happy.

Durability Matters

While buying a gift for your 17-years-old, it is significant to take durability into consideration. Any gift you are buying must have a long warranty or high-quality construction that can ensure high durability or long-lasting usage. If you are going for a smart gadget, try to look for the one that comes with long battery life or high-end build-up. While going for a hair-care or makeup product, always make sure your product comes with a long warranty.

Entertainment Value

While buying a gift for a teenager, always make sure it has a somewhat entertainment value that makes it loveable and popular among your 17-years-old. Here, you can buy a variety of gifts, from a bicycle to a makeup product or a smart device that can make them happy. Yet, at the same time, make sure there is some space for learning or acquiring the skill.

Innovation and Portability

Another factor that highly influences your buying options is innovation. It means that your gift must have a unique feature that gives it an edge over others. Before buying a gift, try to look for advancement or an element of newness in the product that can add more value to the gift you are buying. Coupled with this, it is significant to look for portability and ease to carry it around. Also, make sure that your gift comes in a compact package that makes sure you can easily store it in the room.

Cost-Effective Options

While buying the best toy and gift ideas for 17-years-old girls in 2024, it is important to set a decent budget in the middle that makes it easy to choose a reliable, sturdy, and long-term gift. However, even if you are limited by budget, try to look for a gift that is durable and useful in daily life with fewer chances of damage. Yet, there is no need to go an extra length while buying a gift as a wise choice can save you a lot of money, and by keeping a fixed budget, you can ideally choose a reliable gift for your kid.

Finally, keeping all these factors in mind and based on your kid’s preferences and interests, you can buy an ideal gift for your 17-years-old.


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What is the best toy and gift idea for 17-years-old girls in 2024?

Pandora Earring pair is one of the best gifts that can be presented to a 17-year-old girl on her birthday. The item is fashionable, beautiful, and lightweight. In addition to this, these earrings are durable and feature sterling silver construction that adds five stars to their performance.

What is the best gift for a 17-years-old for a price?

Hot Tools professional Dryer volumizer is equipped with 24K gold technology and is an outstanding hair styling tool. The unit is integrated with a diverse range of control options and is available at an extremely reasonable price. Hence, it is ideal for those looking for performance-oriented and cost-efficient products.

What is the best gift for teenagers interested in athletic games?

Yoga body Yoga trapeze is an ideal choice if you are looking for an athletic gift for young girls. It offers great scope for building muscles, increasing flexibilities, or even playing around. Moreover, it also helps to balance while dancing and offers relaxation from back pain.

What is the best smart gadget option to give your 17-year-old girls?

TTYL mini speakers are a compact and portable option for most consumers. The equipment is embedded with a built-in mic and contains powerful speakers that generate high-quality audio. Moreover, the high connectivity and enhanced durability are the highlights of the item. Hence, making it perfect for 17-year-olds.

Final Thoughts

In essence, whether your girl is an athletic or girly girl, or even if she is interested in technology, the above-mentioned products can help you find the best match. There are a variety of options around the market based on durability, long-term usage, cost-effective options, portability, or entertainment value. Hence, based on these prerequisites, here are some recommendations;

Finally, make your kid’s birthday special and give her one of the best gifts.

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