15 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Old Girls 2024 – Top Picks

Editor's Pick
VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe, Pink
Good Choice
Step2 Fun with Friends Kids Kitchen, Indoor/Outdoor Play Kitchen Set, Toddlers...
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VTech Doc McStuffins Talk & Trace Clipboard (Frustration Free Packaging), Purple
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JOYSTAR 10 Inch Toddler Balance Bike 2 Year Old Push Bicycle with Footrest...
VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe, Pink
Step2 Fun with Friends Kids Kitchen, Indoor/Outdoor Play Kitchen Set, Toddlers...
VTech Doc McStuffins Talk & Trace Clipboard (Frustration Free Packaging), Purple
JOYSTAR 10 Inch Toddler Balance Bike 2 Year Old Push Bicycle with Footrest...
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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Editor's Pick
VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe, Pink
VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe, Pink
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Step2 Fun with Friends Kids Kitchen, Indoor/Outdoor Play Kitchen Set, Toddlers...
Step2 Fun with Friends Kids Kitchen, Indoor/Outdoor Play Kitchen Set, Toddlers...
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
VTech Doc McStuffins Talk & Trace Clipboard (Frustration Free Packaging), Purple
VTech Doc McStuffins Talk & Trace Clipboard (Frustration Free Packaging), Purple
Also Consider
JOYSTAR 10 Inch Toddler Balance Bike 2 Year Old Push Bicycle with Footrest...
JOYSTAR 10 Inch Toddler Balance Bike 2 Year Old Push Bicycle with Footrest...
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It is pretty hard to decide which toy or gift would make your little princess happy. Kids enter an entirely new phase of life as they turn 2. They start exploring new things and learn new words every day. Therefore it is critical to get them the best toys that match their interest and developmental stage.

Parents want to engage the preschoolers in some healthy and productive activities. Therefore you should be careful before buying a gift and toy for a toddler or preschooler.

While roaming around the market, you will come across thousands of different toys and gifts. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the most suitable option. Taking your concern seriously, we’ve enlisted the best toys and gift ideas for 2-year-old girls.

Top Ideas for Gifts for Toddler Girls

1. Melissa & Doug Dust, Sweep, Mop

Melissa & Doug Dust Play Kit

Toddlers and preschoolers observe their parents and other people at home and learn the things. Therefore pretend play is the most favorite activity of two-to-three years old kids. Girls engage in hours of pretend play either with the kitchen accessories or other home-related tasks. Cleaning is one of the favorite plays of young girls. This Dust-sweep-mop pretend play-set is one of the best toys and gift ideas to please your little girl.

It includes realistic wooden toys in bright and vibrant colors. These toys will engage the kids in healthier cleaning activities for hours. Getting the real tools of just the right size will give endless pleasure to your kids.

These tools use wooden and safe plastic materials to ensure kids’ health safety who get in touch with tools. Plus, a hanging stand is included in the package that helps you keep all the cleaning tools in an organized and safe manner. Also, this stand saves a lot of storage space if you own a small apartment.

  • 5-tools versatile cleaning set
  • Lightweight real cleaning tools
  • Stand for easy and compact storage
  • The stand may trip over kids


This 6-piece cleaning set is an excellent role-play toy that keeps the preschoolers engaged in healthy and productive activities. Plus, girls having an obsession with cleaning would love this cleaning toolkit as their birthday gift.

2. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk, Pink – Editor’s Pick

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

VTech Touch and Learn activity desk is full of engaging content and learning activities that will keep your preschooler princess engaged for many hours. This desk contains five different activity pages, including music, letters, numbers, and colors. You can add more fun to this already engaging and exciting fun kit by buying expansion packs.

These expansion packs are sold separately but will add more fun and help your kids learn things quickly. Another interesting feature is that it is a versatile activity desk, and you can convert this into an easel and chalkboard at any time. There is separate storage space to keep the art gear safe and organized.

Plus, a music player and toy telephone are also included. The phone allows your toddler to make phone calls and get the socializing experience in a fun way. The good news is that you can control the noise level of this activity desk to keep your home environment peaceful. It also includes a small matching tool that is perfect for the height of a 2-year old girl.

  • Multiple activities and fun content
  • 100+ vocabulary words and melodies
  • Storage space for art gear
  • Matching stool included
  • Expansion packs are sold separately
  • Occupies a lot of space


If you are looking for an engaging and fun-based learning gift for a preschooler or toddler, this learning desk by V-Tech is an amazing option. Multiple activities like vocabulary, music, toy telephone, and art-work help the kids learn new things in a healthier environment.

3. Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen

Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen

Like most of the girls, if your daughter is obsessed with kitchen and kitchen accessories, get her this Kitchen set by Step 2. She would be pleased to have her own kitchen to mimic all the kitchen tasks and become the star of her own kitchen.

This kitchen set includes a complete set of kitchen accessories, a toy oven, stoves, a dishwashing sink, and frying pans. To keep it close to reality, it uses two AA batteries (sold separately) that lighten up the stove with electronic lights and produce the frying and cooking-like sounds.

Plus, a coffee maker, travel mug, microwave, and stovetop oven with a clickable knob allow the little princess to play cooking games. Additionally, there is a sink with a faucet and swivel that lets the kid pretend dishwashing. There are many toy utensils and kitchen accessories and a lot of storage and hanging areas. This setup makes the kid organize the things their way and keep them engaged.

  • 35+ kitchen accessories
  • Close to the real world
  • Storage space and hanging areas
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Requires complex assembly


Step-2 kitchen set is one of the best toys that can nourish and enhance toddlers’ imaginative play. It is recommended to bolt this kitchen set with a wall to avoid tripping over the kid when she tries to climb.

4. Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll

Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll

Dolls are the all-time favorite toys of little princesses, and their first doll becomes their first friend in life. They are obsessed with beautiful little dolls and simply adore having them. A polyester fluffy doll is undoubtedly the best toy and gift idea for a two-year-old girl. This doll by Baby Starters is a 100% polyester doll with no hard and sharp parts.

It is a beautifully designed doll with embroidered eyes and lips and polyester-based body parts. Kids would love to hold this fluffy and soft plushy doll and hug them while sleeping. The best thing about this doll is that it is machine washable. It looks new and fresh after every wash. Therefore it is a great choice for toddlers and preschooler kids.

It is a small and lightweight item that is easy to carry during traveling, vacation, and picnics. The dolls come in beautiful baby-pink and white color schemes that perfectly synchronize with most baby-room interiors and dresses.

  • Not hard and sharp parts
  • Affordable
  • Machine washable
  • May not withstand the rough use


If you are looking for an affordable and unique birthday gift for a two-year-old, consider this 10% polyester doll. It doesn’t include any sharp parts that may harm our kids when they hold or hug the doll. Plus, it is machine washable and easy to carry around as you go out with your baby.

5. LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

Ice Cream Cart Deluxe

LeapFrog Ice cream cart is a unique gift idea for two-years girls who have just started interacting with people. This ice cream cart combines many activities that help the kids learn new things and have fun for some time. Plus, it boosts up their confidence when they come in role-play and interact with people to serve the ice-cream.

It features a durable build quality and beautiful design that makes the child fall in love with this colorful cart. The cart actually rolls over, which brings this toy very close to the real world. This beautifully designed cart introduces two-year-old girls with new colors and flavors.

It contains ice-cream and toppings in more than 10 colors. Plus, there are six “place order” animal cards, each with different ice cream recipes. These interesting cards will build up memory, sequencing, and management skills in the kids.

Another plus is that it is not just an ice cream cart. It has a music feature with different music tunes and melodies. Kids love rolling the cart while playing the music. There are many educational phrases and vocabulary words that enhance the learning process of your little girl.

  • Help to learn about colors and flavors
  • Music and educational phrases
  • Real rolling cart
  • Noisy due to music


LeapFrog Ice cream cart is a beautifully designed toy for two-year-old girls. They would definitely fall in love with its multi-color scheme, with pink and purple being prominent. In addition to fun, it will let preschoolers learn many new words and manners and groom their personality.

6. Mega Bloks Build ‘n Learn Table

 Learn Table

Mega Bloks Build and learn table is the best way to enhance two-year-old girls’ cognitive and learning process. It is a portable playing stack for your little one where she can create different buildings and structures. This package includes thirty-plus building blocks and special shapes. These parts let your little girl create different structures in an imaginative town.

These buildings include houses, bakeries, mailboxes, cars, and different buildings. It also includes a foldable table that folds down for compact and easy storage. Plus a tabletop track and two rolling vehicles. It means this complete set will give real pleasure to your little princess and let her speak her mind.

Another best part of this Block table is that it comes in multiple bright colors. Children would love this color scheme, and it will help them learn about new colors and differentiate between them. Also, there are multiple activities like counting and matching on this block table that will keep your kids engaged for some time.

  • Beautiful color scheme
  • Sparks the imagination
  • Counting and matching activities
  • No storage space


Mega block Build and Learn table contains 30+ toys and shapes in a variety of colors. Toddlers would love to create the building and structures using these blocks and special features. Plus, additional activities like counting and matching would improve their memory and sequencing skills.

7. VTech Doc McStuffins Talk & Trace Clipboard

 Trace Clipboard

Talk and Trace Clipboard is an educational toy that will improve your kid’s writing and tracing skills. It is an electronic clipboard with multiple engaging activities. It is a magnetic drawing board with many electronic features like music and lights.

It features multiple utensils, each for a different activity that helps your little princess learn new words and alphabets. Preschoolers would learn how to write and draw letters and numbers. Plus, it will also improve their drawing and sketching skills. A high-quality blue stylus is attached. It is just the right size that fits in the small hands of your 2-year-old girl.

This stylus also improves the kid’s grip on pencils. Plus, there are different music tones and melodies that will make the learning process more interesting. Kids would love to play their favorite melodies and learn new things in a fun way. McStffiins uses two AA batteries that are included with the toy. However, you may need to buy extra for regular use.

  • 30+ melodies and music
  • Improve writing skills
  • High-quality stylus with appropriate size
  • Noisy


McStuffins magnetic clipboard is another best toy and gift idea for 2-year-old girls and preschoolers. This toy will improve the writing skills and make them learn numbers and letters. This is the best way of engaging toddlers in a healthy and productive activity.

8. JOYSTAR 10″/12″ Kids Balance Bike

Pink Kids Balance Bike

As your baby turns into a toddler, it’s time to give her the best opportunities for outdoor play and physical growth. This kids balance bike by Joystar is an excellent toy or gift idea for a 2-years-old girl. This cycle with non-puncture rubber tires and molded foam meets all the safety standards set by authorities.

It features a beautiful design and comes in pink color. The molded frame is designed to facilitate the kids in getting down from the bike. Footrests are in the center to improve the center of gravity and balance of the kids. Plus, EVA puncture-proof tires are high quality, require little maintenance, and ensure safe riding even on bumpy terrains.

The best part of its design is its adjustable seat. You can adjust the seat height between 32-47 cm. It means this bike will grow with your child. This bike is suitable for kids between 2-5 years. The bike handlebars are also adjustable, making them one of the most comfortable and safe bikes for your little princess.

  • Adjustable set and height
  • Puncture-proof tires
  • Sturdy molded frame
  • Assembly required


Joystar Kids balance bikes are the best way to get kids for outdoor gaming. Your little princess would love to ride this bike in the park, on the beach, and in the backyard. It is a portable bike, and you can easily carry it during vacations and picnics.

9. Playz 10-Piece Boys & Girls Dress Up Castle

Playz 10-Piece Boys & Girls Dress Up Castle

Playz 10-piece dress-up castle is one of the best gift ideas for 2 years old girls in 2024. If you want your kids to give them an ideal playground, get them this dress-up play tent by Playz. It uses all the durable and sturdy materials to make it a long-lasting product. Soft fabric and breathable mesh are highly impact-resistant and safe for the kids to get in direct touch with.

This 10-piece play tent is available in both blue and pink tents connected with a tunnel. So it could be a great idea for two siblings or two or more friends. This play tent is a great way of nourishing the creative skills and imaginative ideas of preschoolers. Kids can organize their house-like-tent and create the games accordingly.

The best thing about this play tent is that it is foldable. It folds down into a compact carrying case for easy storage and transport. You can easily carry this dress-up castle with you; on vacations, picnic, beach, backyard, or anywhere. This dress-up castle includes a tatu, taira, a skirt dress, butterfly wings, wings, a mask, and a magic wand. All these bonus accessories will make your little girl feel like a real fairy.

  • Compact and portable
  • Encourages the imagination and creativity
  • Soft and durable mesh and fabric
  • Size not ideal for small rooms


Play dress-up castle is one of the best gifts ideal to please 2-years old girls and kids. The children would love playing on their dream playground. It will allow them to apply their creative ideas and bring their imagination to the real world.

How To Choose the Best Toys And Gift?

how to find the best gifts

As your baby turns into a toddler, he/she needs more engaging and realistic toys. 2-years old kids love to explore new things every day. It’s critical for their physical and mental nourishment to get them toys of the right size and type. Here is a guide on how to choose a toy and gift for 2-years old girls in 2024.

Consider the Interests of Your Kids

Well, this is the most important consideration parents should make before buying a new toy for their kids. Two to three years old girls start taking an interest in various activities depending upon their surrounding environments. Some girls love to play with the kitchen and home-related accessories, while others prefer dolls and pianos. If you keep the interest of the child in mind, she will celebrate the gift more.

Go for Toys That Nourish the Imagination and Creativity

2-to-3 years old kids are at the critical stage of learning and imagination. Therefore they must get a chance to bring out their creativity and implement their imaginative ideas. Role-play toys like play-houses, cleaning tools, art crafts, ice-cream carts, candy-shops, etc. are best for them. Plus, storytellers, storybooks, and sequencing toys will also help the groom with their imaginative abilities and thoughts.

Fisher-Price Little People Toddler Playhouse Surprise & Sounds Home Musical...
  • Interactive pretend playhouse for toddlers and kids with 50 sounds, songs & phrases
  • Explore activations! Press alarm clock, open oven & refrigerator doors, lift toilet seat and press 'radio' for fun songs, sounds & actions
  • Playset opens for 360 degress of hands-on play: Slide the bird back & forth to play peek-a-boo with the kitty or get a weather report
  • Includes Little People Mom, Dad and Emma figures, plus table and 3 chairs; all pieces store inside the playset with a handle to travel play
  • Helps strengthen fine motor skills and encourages imaginative play and storytelling for toddler and preschool kids ages 1 to 5 years old
Fansteck Button Art Toy for Toddlers, Color Matching Early Learning Educational...
  • 【Toddler Education】: The button art help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and cognitive ability, and expand his imagination creating and...
  • 【Easy Storage】: Comes with a drawstring BAG FOR STORING the buttons, it can prevent the pegs from scattering all over, and the pictures can be placed in the...
  • 【High Quality & Safe】: All pieces are made of safe premium quality ABS plastic, and the smooth edges of the pegs are especially designed to prevent little...
  • 【Gift For Kids】: The colourful pictures and various shapes can attract the kids instantly, so that the Mosaic Pegboard will be a wonderful surprise as...
  • 【More For Less】: Fansteck 12 various pictures, 46 pegs, 1 storage bag, 2 clips, 1 pegboard, 1 storage tray; 18-month Worry-free and friendly customer...
TOP BRIGHT Pretend Play Wooden Cake Set Toys - for 2-3 Years Old Girls Toddlers,...
  • Pretend To Be A Cake Shop Owner - Parents take turns coming in like customers and taking the orders. Little baker decorate, picking out icing and serve the...
  • Give kids a tasty challenge - Match cupcakes and stacking tops to bottoms by shape (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, hexagon, star, and heart)...
  • Learning & Cognitive Development - Toddlers will have fun developing their fine motor skills, shape matching and color identification as they pull the toy...
  • Party Time - Let's throw a "tea party game" with this delicious cupcakes, sit everyone down for tea time, and then pull the cupcakes out to serve "hot fresh...
  • Durable & Safe - Cupcakes are made from wood pieces. Each cupcake measures 2” high by 1.5” in diameter, the perfect size for those with small hands and big...

Look For the Toys That Make Your Kids Physically Active

Watching cartoons and movies on TV and tablets makes the toddlers physically week. It is important to get them engaging toys that help them in physical grooming. Balls of different sizes, tricycles, sea-saws, riding toys, and pulling toys are the best examples of such toys.

All these toys will keep your child engaged in healthier activities. Basketball hoops and real wooden tools like digging tools, cleaning tools, and gardening tools of appropriate size are also the best gift ideas for preschoolers.

UBRAVOO Toddler Tricycle, Light Baby Balance Bike Trike with BB Sound and...
  • ❤LOVELY TRIKE : Perfect little tricycle for kids, mainly consist of triangle bikes head, 3 EVA rubber wheels, comfortable seat with BB sound and back storage...
  • ❤STRONG & DURABLE : Our Toddler Tricycles is Easy to put together, won’t take you more than 20 minutes. Strong plastic construction with a weight limit of...
  • ❤SAFE RIDE DESIGN : The Kids Tricycle with head limit steering design, avoid side falling over or rollover, which can reduce the possibility of 90% of the...
  • ❤STORAGE BASKET : Toddler Tricycle come with a large back compartment for store your kids little things such as toys, bottles, ect. So that you can set your...
  • ❤PERFECT GIFT : The little trike can help kids build flexibility & balance, also develop their coordination and make fun, will be your good choice as a gift...
Kids Teeter Totter Outdoor Seesaw: Play - Children, Boys, Girls, Kid, Youth Ride...
  • Rocking Chair Seesaw: Children love the up and down motion of a seesaw and the rocking motion of a rocking chair. Imagine combining a seesaw with a rocking...
  • Durable: The heavy-duty, powder coated steel frame can support up to 154 pounds or 77 pounds per child. With a rust-resistant finish and non-recycled plastic...
  • Safe & Secure: Comfortable molded plastic seats and seat back supports hours of safe yet exciting rocking fun! It exceeds ASTM Safety Standards CE Certified for...
  • Gross Motor Skill Development: Seesaws promote balance and coordination skills. With a rocking function, a greater range of motor skills are learned and skill...
  • Kids Teeter Totter Outdoor Seesaw the best birthday playset gift for kids in the year 2024. Give perfect present for toddlers aged 3 4 5
INNOCHEER Kids Gardening Tools, Kids Gardening Set with STEM Learning Guide,...
  • KIDS GARDEN SET INCLUDES – 18 pieces kids garden tools set including Kids Watering Can x1, Canvas Tote x1, Rake x1, Shovel x1, Trowel x1, 1 Pair of Gloves,...
  • PLANT & GROW – With bright colors, this toddler gardening kit not only promotes fun but encourages outdoor physical activity and learning. This is the perfect...
  • SPECIALIZED FOR CHILDREN – Safety is a paramount matter. Our children gardening tools are made of quality material with metal heads and plastic handles. The...
  • OUTDOOR ACTIVITY – Gardening out with children is a wonderful way to promote their imagination and physical activity. Great for Parent/Child relationships....
  • FUN AND EDUCATIONAL GIFT FOR ALL AGES – Colorful, fun, and PRACTICAL. Specially made for SMALLER HANDS and CURIOUS MINDS. Great gift for a little gardener!!...

Toys That Improve That Spark The Learning Process

As the kids start walking and speaking, their learning process also starts. There are various toys available that boost up the learning process of kids. These toys help the preschoolers learn new things every day.

These toys include magnetic alphabets and numbers, Abacuses, Puzzles, electronic toys with vocabulary words and educational phrases, and memory toys. Also, storybooks and some preschool books are all the best gift ideas for 2-year old girls.

VTech Touch & Teach Word Book (Frustration Free Packaging)
  • This educational toy book for toddlers features 12 incredibly detailed and touch sensitive pages that help teach children over 100 words is six categories
  • Great Pre-K toy for early education; four modes of play including: what's that word, letter fun, music time and find it
  • Pages react to your toddlers touch with sounds, music, and words; early learning center teaches fine motor skills along with words, and ABCs
  • Cody and cora, the Tech Smart Cubs, guide your child through interactive play; Expand your child's vocab with the introduction of ABCs and new words
  • The baby book toy is designed for kids 18 months to 4 years; 2 AA batteries are included for demo, use new batteries for regular use
KIDS KORNER Alphabet Blocks Toys for Toddlers - Bilingual Educational Toys,...
  • BILINGUAL EDUCATION | ENGLISH & SPANISH - "Being bilingual, it turns out, makes you smarter. It can have a profound effect on your brain, improving cognitive...
  • 6 SIDES OF LEARNING IN TWO LANGUAGES | These Spanish toys for toddlers grow with your child and offer 13 things to learn. The bilingual toys help children learn...
  • PRESCHOOL LEARNING TOYS | The building blocks help with fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, focus and concentration, all through play. The learning toys...
  • OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY | – 1.5” large wood blocks are building toys that are sanded smooth and ready for play. The toddler educational toys help promote...
  • SAFE FOR KIDS | Our water and oil based non-toxic paint is safe for children and adults! The paints on our baby blocks are EN71 certified, meaning they pass...
MAGNA-TILES Classic 32-Piece Magnetic Construction Set, The ORIGINAL Magnetic...
  • What’s Included: 32 translucent geometric shapes in 6 different colors. This set includes Squares (2 Large, 14 Small) and Triangles (8 Equilateral, 4 Right, 4...
  • What Makes It Unique: You’re looking at the original and most celebrated set in magnetic construction! Features classic geometric shapes in primary colors.
  • Developmental: Certified STEAM toy, per Dr. Gummer’s Good Play Guide, in partnership with The Toy Association, for aiding in the development of fine motor...
  • Great for Gifting: THE starter set for your 3+ year old.
  • More to Explore: Get started with the Classic 32-piece set and see where your child’s imagination goes next!

Introduce Them With Arts

Art and Craft supplies are all the best gift ideas for 2-year old girls. It is imperative to introduce them to colors, sketching, painting, and drawing. Fingerpaints, Crayons, colors, and watercolors are some of the favorite toddler gadgets. Moreover,  scribble pads, sketch pads, play dough, molds, and art easels are some of the other best gift ideas for toddlers and preschoolers.

Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons (12 Pack) - Non-Toxic Crayons, Safe for...
  • PURE BEESWAX AND FOOD GRADE FOR PEACE OF MIND: Handmade in New Zealand using Natural Beeswax and Food Grade Pigments for Color. Made without the petroleum-based...
  • PERFECT FIRST CRAYONS - The unique chubby shape of Honeysticks toddler crayons makes them easier for small hands to hold in a palm grasp, but much harder for...
  • SUSTAINABLE & LOW IMPACT - The beeswax used to create Honeysticks Non-Toxic Crayons is a natural by-product of honey production. This sustainable process causes...
  • 12 EXCITING COLORS TO STIMULATE CREATIVITY - Your little one can express their inner artist with an exciting range of 12 color crayons. The Crayons color well,...
  • CREATIVITY THAT IS SAFE FOR KIDS AND THE PLANET: Our Mission at Honeysticks is to create safe, sustainable products that will spark your Childs' creativity in...
Toys for 3-7 Years Old Girls, Gifts for Kids Age 3 4 5 6 7 Years Old Toddler...
  • 【Educational&Learning Toy for Kids】 The best gifts for kids age 3 4 5 6 7 are toys that combine education and entertainment. With this colorful LCD drawing...
  • 【Eyes Protection Color Screen】 The e-writing tablet adopts the newest LCD pressure-sensitive technology and 9 inches matte screen which relies on natural...
  • 【Eco-friendly&No Mess at Home】 The LCD doodle pad provides your kids with endless doodling fun without spoiling the walls, keep your home clean and tidy....
  • 【Lightweight&Portable and Easy to Use】 Be made of high -strength ABS plastic, the drawing board is lightweight and anti-fall. The ergonomic design of...
  • 【Awesome Gifts for Girls Boys】 Idea Gifts for Girls Boys: This LCD drawing pad is an amazing toy for 3-7 years old kids, you can teach your kids basics...
VConejo Color Dough Toys Dough Accessories Set Creations Tools for Kid 2-4-8...
  • 【EASY to PLAY】It is really simple to shape dinosaur, especially for toddler age 3+.
  • 【KID-FRIENDLY DESIGN】The shape maker and plastic knife are designed for little fingers to easily, pull, push, twist, and press to make the dinosaurs.
  • 【STORE AND GO】This VConejo toy comes with a small package for playtime on the go and simple storage.
  • 【HAPPY HANDS ON PLAY】 : Meet different types of dinosaurs. This popular hands on activity toy introduces dinosaurs, colors, and shapes, while the engaging...
  • The product has no sharp edges, so kids can have fun and enjoy themselves. Remember to keep our dough in bag after used.

Toys That Involve Cross-Generational Play

The kids often feel lonely when there is no one to play with them. Many toys are designed to encourage toddler and adult interaction. These toys engage the whole family in different games. Parents interact with their kids and spend quality time with them. These toys include board games, solving puzzles, memory games, and activity books. These gifts and toys will enhance the toddler’s vocabulary and let them know how to interact and participate.

Peaceable Kingdom Acorn Soup – Game for You and Your 2 + Year Old – Fun...
  • ACORN SOUP: Squirrel likes to store extra food for the winter. In this game, you and your toddler will help Squirrel make yummy soups by following the included...
  • PLAY AND LEARN: Acorn Soup is designed so that your young child will experience what it's like to take turns, play within the rules (even loosely!), and...
  • FAMILY FUN: Inspire kindness in the family with meaningful board games, toys, & activities. This game will help build vocabulary & develop fine motor skills...
  • DETAILS: This game includes 8 recipe cards, 1 wooden spoon, 24 wooden ingredients, instructions, and a parent guide. Play with children ages 2 years old and up.
  • COOPERATIVE TEAMWORK: Teach boys and girls about cooperation with meaningful board games, toys, and educational activities. Kids can play as a team and learn as...
Peaceable Kingdom Monkey Around First Game for Toddlers Interactive play with...
  • GET READY TO MOVE: A wonderful first board game for kids that was created specifically for you and your two year old. Kids love getting to move about while...
  • LETS MOVE TOGETHER: From hugs to high fives to simple skills like balancing, hopping, and marching, the cards in the game will prompt you and your toddler to...
  • LEARNING AND GROWING: Monkey Around improves gross motor skill development, coordination, understanding spatial concepts, recognizing matching body parts,...
  • PLAY WITH YOUR BABY IN MIND: Every child develops at their own pace. If they aren't ready to catch a tossed banana, help them by shaping their hands into a...
  • AWARD WINNING: Monkey Around game for toddlers is a multi-award winning game winning awards such as the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, the PAL Award,...
Banana Panda Suuuper Size Memory Matching Kids Game - Includes 24 Extra-Large...
  • A perfect first game for little kids - with colorful illustrations, large pieces and easy-to-follow rules, this is a great beginner game for young children.
  • Award-winning design and gameplay - named A Dr. Toy best toy pick for 2018
  • Kids play and learn with this game - this game is great for training memory, concentration and cognitive thinking
  • Enjoy added play value By using as flashcards - parents can use the bright cards to introduce first words
  • Appreciate top quality and design - large pieces with colorful designs look amazing are made of high-quality, 2. 5mm thick cardboard, perfect for little hands

Quality of Toys

The quality of toys is the most critical factor you should consider before buying a gift toy. Keep in mind how roughly a 2-year-old will be using the toy. Fragile and breakable plastic toys are a waste of money.  These toys may last for only two or three days.

Literally, these toys would make your little princess sad instead of giving her pleasure. We also prefer washable and waterproof toys. Machine washable polyester dolls and toys last longer than other toys and offer the best value for money.

Safety Of The Kids

The safety of the kids should be your priority. Ensure the toys you buy for your 2-year old princess do not contain any hard parts and sharp edges. Polyester dolls with embroidered face features are the best example of such toys.

Moreover, buy the right size of toy for your kids. Make sure that your toddler can easily handle this toy. Do not buy those toys that may trip over them when toddlers try to climb over. Plus, all toys should meet the safety and quality standards set by the Government.

Final Thoughts

Our list of best toys and gift ideas consists of the top-rated and best-selling products of the year. These toys come from reliable brands and offer great value for the money. These toys are selected according to the interest and needs of 2-years old girls.

Our top-three picks from the list are

Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll for its beautiful color combination, 100% polyester build, machine washability, and affordable price.

Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen is very close to the real world and contains 30+ kitchen toys.

Playz 10-Piece Boys & Girls Dress Up Castle for its durable construction, foldable design, and included accessories.

It is critical to ensure your little one’s safety before buying any gift or toy for her. Toys with hard parts and sharp edges are not recommended for toddlers and preschoolers. We are hopeful that our guide will be helpful, and you will find the perfect gift for your little princess on our list.

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