17 Best Wooden Train Table Set For Toddlers – 2024 Buying Guide

Wooden train table set for toddlers will provide your child with interactive features and a safe play area, perfect for creative and imaginative playtime.

This set comprises of play pieces and accessories, together with the play table. Some of the play tables do come with storage.

Train playsets are designed to encourage and stimulate the development of children through cognitive play. The interactive play items usually encourage problem-solving and role-playing.

A train table is designed to provide a table-top type of setting that keeps the train set well displayed and on the floor surface. The table provides a flat and solid surface for your child to play with the train-set pieces.

The play table makes it easier for kids to get close to the action area whether standing or sitting.

Here is a comprehensive review of the best wooden train table sets available online.

1. KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table


This KidKraft Waterfall train set is very engaging with bright colors. One of its unique features is the drive-through waterfall mountain piece. This set comes with 120 interactive play pieces, a solid wooden track and a landscaped silk-screened play board.

This set comes with interactive accessories such as people, police cars, trucks, helicopters, trees, street signs, up and down hills and much more. In addition, it has been designed to allow plenty of track configurations. Some of the accessories are made of plastic material.

The table features sturdy composite wood construction and the edges are molded to prevent any splitting. The table has a 1-inch lip that keeps toys within the play-table. This set comes with three plastic red bins that slide underneath, providing ample storage for all the accessories.

The tabletop is double-sided. You can easily flip the sides when not in use for other activities such as coloring, drawing, even snacking. You can remove all trains, accessories and terrain stuff so as to use it as a regular table.

This table is easy to put together. It also wipes clean with a damp cloth. This table measures 48 ¾-inches by 32 ½-inches by 15-inches in size.

2. Metropolis Train Table & Set


This Metropolis train set comes with 100 interactive play pieces and fiberboard with medium density. The different types of structures available in the set include mountains, an airport that has a helipad, a 2-tier bridge, drive-through tunnels and a train set mounted on a wooden stand.

It is constructed with birch wood and some parts feature plastic material. This table has a solid wooden frame and an espresso finish.

The underneath of the table is fitted with a drawer that has 4 plastic rotating casters. The drawer provides ample storage of the play items. The tabletop comes in 2 pieces. One side features the training landscape while the reverse side is plain, which makes it possible to flip the top, when not in use so that it can resemble a normal coffee table.

This table measures 46.5-inches in length by 32.75-inches in width by 26.63-inches in height. See the video illustrating this set.

3. KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table


This Ride Around set is large and able to accommodate a number of kids at once. Compatible with Brio and Thomas & Friends wooden train sets. The train set comes with colorful 100 pieces made of composite wood products. The interactive pieces include vehicles, figures, animals and structures. These pieces help in encourage imaginative play.

The landscape board is melamine-coated and large in size. The board has an airport runway, lakes, bridges and pastures. This set comes with a complete train track. There are a variety of different scenic areas. The track is very easy to break down and remodel again. The colors are bright, which is very good for young kids.

The table is sturdy and well made. The T-molded edges provide a safe, smooth surface for toddlers to play on. The table is sturdy and easy to assemble. The table measures 49 inches long by 34 inches wide and 16 inches tall. 2 storage medium-sized bins are found underneath the table to store the pieces. This set is recommended for children aged three to eight years.

4. 80 Piece Train Set

The train set has 80 interactive and creative pieces that include one helicopter, track pieces, table, track, two Cars, trees, trucks, people, signs and houses. The set has a sturdy single-piece track layout made of good wood.

Compatible with Brio train sets and Thomas Wooden Railway items

The table has a stand-alone design. The tabletop has 2 sides, where one has structures green while the other is plain and can be used as a reading table and craft table. It is also super easy to assemble.

5. Kidkraft Limited Edition Waterfall Mountain Train Table Set With Drawers


This Kidkraft model features a drive-through waterfall mountain piece. This model is compatible with Brio and Thomas & Friends wooden train sets. The set has ample 120 pieces and huge play board.

In addition to the train, it also comes with a police car, fire truck, and ambulance. The wide lip measuring 1.5-inch keeps toys in place. The table has 2 drawers for storage.

The brightly colored table features sturdy wooden construction. The edges are curved and smooth that makes it safe for kids to handle. The table is easy to put together. The table measures 48-inches in length by 32.7-inches wide by 15.7-inches in height.

This set is recommended for children aged 3 years and above. This set will provide your child with endless play opportunities. Check the video below.

6. My Own City Vehicle and Activity Table

This Activity Table comes with a total of 120 pieces and a reversible tabletop. This set comes complete with cranes, stations, helicopter pad, 3D buildings, airplane runway and large wooden roads.

The set has come with a helicopter, sedan, ambulance, 18-wheeler, fire-truck, bulldozer, tow-truck, airplane, police car, taxi cab, two cargo trains, train engine, the track and other accessories. The set is recommended for kids aged 3 years and above.

This table features solid wood construction and bright colors. The top of the table is reversible. One side is a whiteboard for the kids to draw. It has two storage bins and an art-caddie to keep all accessories organized.

The corners are rounded making it easy to maneuver around. Assembly is easy and the layout is good making it easy to access all the items.

The table measures 46.5-inches in length by 19.7-inches wide by 8.27-inches in height.

7. Kidkraft Disney Pixar Cars Model

This Kidkraft model is compact in design. It’s ideal for smaller spaces. The track table is circular in shape. This wooden sturdy table keeps the playing area closer to eye level and off the floor.

This track set is compatible with KidKraft, Brio, Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway vehicles and playsets. It features durable Wood and plastic construction. It comes with 12 feet wooden track.

The playboard is printed with attractive scenery and provides plenty of play space. The set comes with 55 pieces of character, scenery, track and accessories. It comes with 6 Disney Pixar Cars.

Among the accessories included is a 3-level announcer tower that has a working elevator. This tower covers the race as an announcer, awards prizes to winners and gets the crowd pumped.

There is also a garage with working doors and stadium area for cars. The set is easy to assemble. This set is recommended for children aged 36 months to 8 years. These track pieces are interchangeable allowing your child to make their own tracks.

This track will help your child to develop and promote imaginative play.

8. 50 piece Train Set with Train Play Table

This is a 50 piece Train Set that is BRIO and Thomas & Friends compatible. This train set is wooden and comes with 50 pieces including tracks and trains. A storage basket is also included.

The table has a low profile and the height is ideal for toddlers. The table is also easy to put together,
The tracks are durable and compatible with the generic types of wooden trains. The tabletop is thick, sturdy and comes in two pieces. When assembled this table measures 32.5-inches in length by 24-inches in width by 13-inches in height.

9. Kidkraft Lego Compatible 2 In 1 Activity Table With 30 Piece Wooden Train Set


This is a 2 in 1 multi-use activity table ideal for kids who enjoy playing with train sets or Lego sets. This table comes with a 30 pieces wooden train set and two-hundred Lego-compatible blocks.

The table comes with a two-sided play board. One side is smooth for setting up the train tracks or for drawing, while the other side is designed for setting up lego sets. The wooden edges are smooth and curved.

There is ample storage beneath the play-board for storing Lego blocks or other toys. When fully assembled, the table measures 25-inches (L) by 23-inches (W) by 17-inches (H). The table is easy to put together.

It is also compact in size and does not take up much space. This model is ideal for kids aged 3 and older. This table is large in size and allows a number of children to play together.

10. 62 Piece Wooden Train Table & Set


This is a 62 piece wooden train set that is compatible with wooden railway brands such as BRIO, Thomas & Friends, Imaginarium, KidKraft, as well as Melissa & Doug. This set comes with wooden trains, all accessories and wooden train tracks.

The table is fitted with wheels that lock and unlock for easy movement. The table is very portable and easy to move from one corner to another. The design makes it perfect for under the bed storage. This set is recommended for children aged 24 months and up.

11. Bigjigs Rail Magical Train Set and Table


This Bigjigs magical train set and the table are ideal for kids aged 3 years and older. This set comes with 59 play pieces and a sturdy fiberboard. The board can also be used for drawing, playing puzzles and Lego sets. This set is well made, multicolored and has a beautiful design.

This set comes with a wooden train track, two carriages, a colored engine, a boat, bridge, heliport, tunnel, fairy figures, trees, unicorns and magical toadstools. The table when assembled measures 1025mm (W) by 740mm (L) by 330mm (H) in size.

These train-sets are usually packed with interactive play pieces and plenty of fun features, providing a vibrant, real-world setting.

You can also find other train table set that is made of other material such as plastic and MDF. Here is a review of such popular sets.

12. Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train Track Table


This Deluxe play table is an extra-large activity table with a deep tray. The table comes with a three-piece train. It functions as a play table and as a train table. The deep tray has a molded-in, multi-level track with twists and turns that keep the kids engaged.

The track pieces are molded together and do not get lost or create any mess. In addition, there are nondetachable seven bridges. The table is constructed with thick, colorful, non-flexible poly material.

The table also comes with a solid lid that keeps the tray covered when not in use and keeps the toys hidden inside. The lid can also be used as a whiteboard or as a play table for puzzles, coloring, Lego blocks and other games.

The lid is light and easy to lift. The height of the table is perfect for toddlers.

The surfaces are scratch-resistant and wipe clean easily. This table can be used with different types of trains and cars such as matchbox or Hotwheels cars. The deep tray inside the table also functions as built-in storage.

The table is 16-inches high, 26-inches wide and is 47-inches long and weighs 24 lbs. The lid measures 44.8-inches in length by 23.8-inches in width. The table is light and portable and easy to move around.

The extra-large size of the table allows multiple kids to play at the same time. Compatible with Thomas, Brio and Chuggington trains. This table is manufactured in the USA.

13. KidKraft Transportation Station Train Table Set For Smaller Space

This Kidkraft model is compact in design and ideal for smaller spaces. It comes with two tracks. There is a plastic track that is embedded all around the edge of the table. The other track is wooden, long and mounted at the center.

This model is compatible with Thomas, Brio, Chugging ton and other wooden brands. The playboard is printed with the scenery and provides plenty of play space. The set comes with 58 pieces and accessories.

Among the accessories included are bulldozer, airplane, three train cars and a helicopter. Others included are a helipad, an airport with a runway and escalators. A moving crane is included to lift and lower the cargo.

The set is constructed with composite wooden material with molded plastic. The wooden sturdy table keeps playtime closer to eye level and off the floor. The set is easy to assemble. This set is recommended for children aged 36 months to 8 years.

This set will allow kids to build, explore and also engage in construction play. Assembled dimensions are 34.25-inches in length by 26.75-inches wide by 26.25-inches in height.

14. Disney Pixar Cars 3 Thunder Hollow Track Set

This wooden set comes with over 70 pieces and accessories. The table is made of sturdy wood material. The track pieces are also made of wood. This set is compatible with Brio, Kidkraft and Thomas wooden tracks.

The table has curved smooth edges. This set comes with attractive accessories which include a stadium for cars and garage with flip-flap doors.

It comes with six Disney car characters namely Guido, Lightning McQueen, Dr. Damage, Miss Fritter, Ramirez and Cruz. The track measures over 11 feet. The train table measures 31.3-inches in length by 23.6-inches in width by 14.3-inches in height. It is spacious enough to allow multiple kids to play together at the same time.

It is designed for kids ranging from three years and older. It is easy to put together. It is great for imaginative and creative play.

15. All in one train table and train set

This wooden set comes with 80 pieces and accessories. The table is made of MDF material while the track pieces are made of Beech wood. This set is compatible with Brio and Thomas wooden tracks. It is easy to assemble.

The table has raised walls all around to keep smaller pieces from falling. The table has smooth and curved edges. This set comes in an attractive design. It is great for creative and imaginative play.

The train table measures 38.59-inches in length by 22.24-inches in width by 15.75-inches in height. It is large in size allowing multiple kids to play together at the same time. It is recommended for children aged three years and older.

This unit is sturdy and well-constructed. The table is easy to keep clean by cleaning with damp cloth.

16. KidKraft Aero City Train Set & Table


This set with a busy city theme comprises of a table and 85 pieces of train set. The pieces are multi-colored and attractive.

Different features include a molded mountain, a tall hospital building featuring a helipad, fire station, police station, construction cones, city dwellers, roundabout piece and trees. The track is long and can be configured in different ways. This set comes with four plastic bins for storing the toy pieces.

Other pieces include 3 train cars, an airplane, a police car, a bulldozer, a helicopter and a fire truck. Some of the track pieces are wooden, while other parts are made of molded plastic.

The table and other pieces are constructed with MDF, solid wooden material and molded plastic.

This set allows your kids to push the train, cars and trucks around the track, and also to fly the helicopter over the town. This set works with Thomas & Friends, KidKraft, and Brio Wooden Railway sets. Step-by-step, detailed assembly instructions are included.

When assembled, the dimensions are 51-inches in length by 32.5-inches in width by 28.7-inches in height. This set is ideal for children aged 3 years of age.

17. KidKraft 79-Piece Railway Express Set With storage bins

This KidKraft model comes with a total of 4 in-built storage bins. The bins are located under the table. This setup comes with a total of 79 attractive pieces.

It features an airport that is above the rest of the scenery, a quarry that is muddy, a bulldozer made of wooden material that loads the train, seven transporting vehicles, a functional drawbridge and a docking area for cargo ships.

The table is constructed with sturdy wooden material. It also works well with other KidKraft, Thomas & Friends, Brio play-sets and Wooden Railway-vehicles. Its dimensions are 48-inches Long by 31.53-inches in Width by 27-inches in Height. The track is about 13 feet long.

How to find the best Wooden Train Table Set

Size of the table

Check whether the table has a large surface for multipurpose play, and if you have more than one toddler, it is important to check if space will be adequate for a number of children to play at a time to help them develop social and communication skills together.


Check whether Train Table set can be used with other major train brands such as BRIO, Thomas and friends, and Melissa and Doug.


Check whether the train table and pieces are constructed with sturdy wooden material that is long-lasting.


Go for a set that comes with multiple accessories that are fun and interactive.


Choose a table and pieces with smooth edges that will protect your toddler during playtime.