6 Best Ski Helmet For Toddlers – 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

The safety of a child is always the priority of every parent, and that is why they ensure they get the best Ski helmet for their toddler. If you plan on taking your children to a skiing exercise, it’s paramount that you choose the best ski helmet for them. But what if you are in limbo about the best choice for your kids?

The purpose of a helmet is to protect the head to prevent injury occurrence to the head and brain and also, to ensure that the impact of the crash to the head and brain is minimized drastically.

Selecting the best ski helmet isn’t as easy as it seems. It is essential always to consider the build, construction, and additional safety the helmet will provide. Traditionally, the purpose of a helmet is to protect the head and ensure maximum security, but the criteria mentioned above will ensure the perfect protection of your child’s head.

The style of the helmet is also essential, especially to the child. This article will cover areas like the best ski helmets and factors to consider when choosing the best ski helmets.

Things To Consider

You should rush in making decisions when it comes to choosing the best ski helmet. You should do proper research about each helmet before entering into a conclusion. Below are some the factors that can influence your choice of choosing a ski helmet;


The safety of your child is what’s most important to the parents, and this factor should determine your choice of a ski helmet. Ski helmet should be made of safety mechanisms and sturdy materials to protect that little head of the child.

The sturdier the helmet, the better, and the more it guarantees protection for the child’s head. You also need to consider the kind of material used in making the helmet. Recommended materials include in-mold construction, some EPS liner, ABS polycarbonate, or MIPS. This will ensure additional safety for the child.


The size of the helmet is the next most crucial thing after safety. Ski helmets come in various sizes for toddlers and choosing the right size is vital for the head of your child. Ensure that you get the right size that will fit the toddler’s head perfectly.


It is usually warm around sloppy areas. You need to consider this factor when choosing a helmet for your toddler. The good helmet has a cooling mechanism which is an added advantage to anyone skiing.

The cooling system will enable the toddler to ski in all ranges of temperature. The helmet should have an adjustable setting where you can either open the air vent or close it.

6 Best ski helmet for toddlers

1. Giro Launch

This product is manufactured by one of the most popular helmet companies, Giro. The Giro brand has been in the game for years, so it’s not surprising that they are a dominant force. Giro launch has generated a lot of positive reviews as well as dominated the market.

Giro brings on-board a comfortable and lightweight helmet called the Launch that comes in different colors and sizes to satisfy the personality of your child. With an In-Mold construction, the inner layer of the helmet is lined with a soft foam that helps to absorb impact, while the polycarbonate shell offers protection in dangerous situations.

It’s durable and has adjustable goggle straps and dial system, located at the base of the helmet that makes sure it fits perfectly on the head of the child. Since it’s usually hot around the slopes, kids tend to feel warm and sweat.

This helmet contains controllable vents that help regulate airflow, bringing in cool air while simultaneously removing hot, uncomfortable air. Some models of this helmet have goggles included in the package.


  • Adjustable goggle straps
  • Durable
  • Comes in different sizes and colors
  • Has controllable vents that filter air.


2. Giro Junior Nine Snow Helmet

One of the products of Giro helmet is Giro Junior Nine Snow Helmet. The talking point of this helmet is its durability, which plays a huge factor when choosing a helmet.

Built with in-mold technology. The polycarbonate feature ensures that temperature regulation is no problem to the wearer. This helmet is equipped with fourteen different vents to promote air circulation while skiing, which is more than every helmet mentioned in this list.

In case of frigid temperatures, you can lockup these vents to preserve heat circulation. This helmet also includes a vent situated at the center of the helmet to bring air to the goggles and acts as an anti-fog shield.

This is extremely important if you are concerned about visibility to fogging. Above all, this helmet has an adjustable strap and a dial system that makes it easy for the helmet to fit conveniently on the head of the child.

This helmet has a goggle clip that ensures the eyes of your child is protected during the process. With a convenient design, this helmet will surely provide all the comfort your child needs.


  • Has an adjustable strap and dial system
  • Durability is guaranteed
  • Has goggle clip
  • Comfortable to wear on the head
  • Vents preserve heat circulation when it’s locked during cold weather

3. K2 Entity Ski Helmet

This is another multipurpose helmet suitable for skiing. It is versatile, durable, and one of the best ski helmet for a toddler. The outer shell is made from polycarbonate to increase ensure its longevity.

This helmet is lightweight due to its EPS lining. After use, you can use either a washing machine or hand to wash the coating. It has a well-constructed ventilation system that controls the amount of air reaching the helmet.

It’s goggle compatible and has clips to adjust the settings to ensure that the helmet fits the toddler’s head perfectly while skiing.

Along with the adjustable clip, this helmet features a dial fit system. You can easily adjust the size of the helmet as you deem fit. This feature will save you the cost of buying another helmet as the child grows.


  • Small in size and weighs approximately 480g
  • It has side goggle retention straps for goggles perfect fit
  • Has a ventilation system
  • Its liners are washable
  • Adjustable goggle clip
  • Durable

4. Smith Optics Zoom Junior Helmet

Smith Zoom Jr. is everybody’s favorite helmet. This is because it’s both budget-friendly and lightweight. The inner linings of the helmet are made of EPS while the inner shell is made of polycarbonate. These features made the Smith Optics Zoom Junior light in weight to offer reliable protection for the toddler.

Smith Optics Zoom Junior also utilizes in-mold technology to provide overall comfort. This helmet also has climate and ventilation control, which is an ideal feature for toddlers who wants to ski. The feature helps in removing and cooling outside air through the air vent.

The helmet also comes with goggles lock feature to ensure that the goggles don’t easily remove while skiing and at the same time, getting fresh air from the helmet. It makes the glasses to be as transparent as crystal and have reduced fogging.

The toddler will have more reason to wear this helmet because sweats don’t stick on it. This Hemet offers more than one color, ideal for the toddler to choose from a variety of colors he pleases.


  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Lightweight with only about 325 grams of weight
  • Has Air Evac Ventilation feature that controls the airflow of the air
  • Features airflow weather Control
  • Adjustable Helmet Fit mechanism
  • Super Soft lining
  • Has goggle lock feature that ensures the helmet doesn’t get loose quickly.
  • It’s affordable and comfortable


  • You cannot open and close the vent

5. Lucky Bums Toddler Kids Alpine Doodlebug Ski Snowboard Helmet

Like Smith Optics Zoom Junior, this helmet is lightweight and gives you a chance to choose from a multitude of colors. This helmet offers both comfort and safety for the toddler. Hence, it’s multipurpose.

Toddlers who are planning for their first skiing experience will prefer this helmet because of the lightweight feature. Also, this helmet is durable. It has a dial system that is located by the side of the helmet that you can adjust into different sizes.

The chin strap is adjustable too and offers comfort and all-around fit for the child. The inner layer constitutes an EPS liner. The downside of this helmet is that it is expensive. For its features, the helmet is eye-catching and one of the best ski helmet suitable for the toddler.

  • Lightweight: The lucky Bums Toddler Kids Alpine Doodlebug is exceptionally light, weighing about less than a pound. Kids can wear it for as long as possible without feeling the weight of the helmet on their heads
  • Comfortable – the inner lining coupled with the padded chin makes the helmet comfortable for kids to wear.
  • Ideal for kids who wants to have a first-time experience skiing. All you need is to adjust the dial and click the strap, and the child is ready to mount the slopes
  • Durability: The helmet is CE certified and has the in-mold construction fuse the outer shell and inner EPS lining to bring about increased durability Has adjustable chin traps to fit the chin region perfectly.
  • Multipurpose: Apart from skiing, this helmet can be used for other variety of activities such as skating and riding.


  • Some Chin traps are fragile. Extra care needs to be taken to avoid breakage.

6. Anon Kids Durable Warm Rime Ski Snowboard

Parents will choose this type of helmet for their children because of their affordability and positive reviews from previous clients. Like its name, Anon Kids Warm Rime Ski Snowboard is durable and suitable for kids who are playful and rough because it can safeguard them from all troubles.

The inner layers and outer layers are made of EbduraShell Burton and ABS polycarbonates to provide extra safety and excellent strength for the helmet. It has adjustable options that aren’t difficult to set.

Its earpads are easy to remove, and the liners are easy to adjust for better comfort and fit. It’s advisable to wash the helmet after every use to ensure its longevity. Its compatibility with goggles gives it an added advantage.

For more secure design, it comes with StrapStash and snug fit features to provide the helmet with a safer design. With its in-built ventilation mechanisms, it allows the airflow of cold air in and out of the helmet.


  • Has Endura-Shell Construction that guarantees maximum safety
  • Fidlock Snap Helmet Buckle
  • CE certified
  • Has in-built ventilation system
  • Liner is fleeced, and 2-piece ear Pads are easy to remove
  • Removable goggle clip
  • Weighs about 490 g
  • Comfortable and provides a simple fit


  • Goggle strap often looses

At what age should a child start using helmet

When it comes to skiing, it’s never too young for a child to mount the slopes with his helmet on. With the advancement in technology, using a helmet at the age of 3 is possible. Taking your child skiing is ideal because it will affect the child’s socialization.

The child needs to get exposed to the outside environment at that particular age. That way, he won’t have to be scared about going out while he is older.

Final thoughts

For those who are looking for the best ski helmet for their children, I hope this review has been of immense help to you. So far, all the helmets reviewed in this list are good overall. However, I would recommend the Giro Launch and the Giro Junior Nine.

Giro is a household name in helmet production and has continuously offered customers, guaranteed and quality helmets. The Smith Optics Zoom Junior Helmet is another good helmet; I would also recommend for toddlers.

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