5 Best Convertible Cribs With Changing Table – 2024 Guide and Reviews

Convertible cribs have become famous for two reasons: cost-effectiveness and durability. When they are attached to the changing table, they further help in saving space and so, with these remarkable advantages, parents strive to get the best convertible crib with attached changing table.

Because of the increasing demands for a convertible crib, it has become complicated to find the best convertible crib with a changing table attached.

Nevertheless, in a desperate search, many parents fail to see why they need a convertible crib or why it is unnecessary.

What is a convertible crib?

A convertible crib is practically made for babies, but it can turn into one or two distinct kinds of the crib as your baby grows. It can switch from being a baby bed to a big bed that fits a six-year-old child. Convertible crib functions precisely the way it is called: conversion.

Many parents see it as cost-effective because it can be used for a long time if it is durable and well maintained. Of course, parents must learn its installation quickly, but that has never been a problem.

Convertible cribs come in different variants like 2-in-1, 3-in-1, or 4-in-1 cribs. The manufacturers always indicate this. Nevertheless, for some parents, this measurement method can be misleading. The reason is this: there is no specific method for determining convertible cribs.

Therefore, the product description should be studied carefully. This way, parents will understand the type of conversion used and other add-ons that would work with the convertible crib.

Considerations for selecting the best convertible crib with changing table

Before getting a convertible crib with a changing table attached to it, there is some information you need to take into consideration. It is not in the best interest of the parent, who is oblivion of these details.

For the sole purpose of saving unnecessary cost, here are the significant factors you must look out for when purchasing a convertible crib with attached changing table. With these, you will be able to get the most beautiful convertible crib with a changing table that fits both your child and your needs perfectly.

What is the size of the room?

The plain truth is: convertible cribs are better than the traditional baby crib with changing tables attached. Why? This is due to the different option it offers as it is adjustable to fit perfectly into any room. Convertible cribs are unique for being portable.

There can be used in a room with a small space. Even when they look vacant in a large room, being adjustable, you should separate the bed; using the attached changing table for the nightstand. This way, the convertible crib looks bigger and fits well in a big room.

Nevertheless, considering the size of the room and the size of the convertible crib, you want to buy is imperative. The example I provided initially is for full-size, convertible cribs with changing table attached. But, you need to find out the size of the room for other crib sizes. Get the dimension of the room to figure out if a particular type of convertible crib will fit well.

What type of material is the convertible crib made of?

Checking for the quality of any product is a natural ritual when purchasing anything, and this is not different from convertible cribs.
Questions you should ask includes: What material is the convertible crib made from? What is the design of the crib? Is this material free from toxic chemicals? These questions will help you determine if the convertible crib with attached changing table will last and if it is safe for your precious little one.

Therefore, critically assess the crib’s materials and design before buying. You should find all these on the label. Check out if the crib is made from natural wood or not. Pinewood is used to make most convertible cribs as they are soft and are suitable for kid’s furniture.

Is the crib safe for the baby?

Baby’s security is the primary concern of every parent, and so, it is crucial to find if the crib is safe to use. For convertible cribs with changing table attached, the concept of safety relates equally to the crib’s framework and operation.

Every convertible crib must be durable, sustainable, and have safety systems that will prevent the baby from unknowingly disassembling it. It is generally known that many infants attempt to put their mouth on everything around them. It is therefore essential that both the crib’s guard rails and the whole structure are free of toxic substances that could be harmful to the safety of the child.

Ensure that your crib satisfies the requirements and standards of major governmental regulatory bodies like the U.S. CPSC & ASTM International. These regulatory bodies can ensure your baby’s safety as you also watch a FAQ clip based on crib safety produced by CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission.

How efficient is the convertible crib?

Lastly, you need to assess the convertible crib’s ability: what it can do and how it works. This is a significant characteristic for convertible cribs that all nursing mothers should consider carefully. Why? Every mother will like to pick a crib that can support and fully assist her in taking care of the infant.

Consider a convertible crib with a drawer attached to it. This function alone creates an opportunity for storing any necessary belonging of the baby like toys and clothes. You can easily store one or more diapers in this drawer to be used at any urgent time. This way, you don’t have to start looking for it whenever you need it.

The traditional baby crib designs do not have these functionalities that support a mother. However, the best convertible crib with attached changing tables will have a lot of add-ons to make life less hard for new parents.

With these new models, parents can save more space in their homes and as a result, allow them to add more interior decors to the house. Parents on a budget, living in flats with small space will love the convertible crib with attached changing table.

5 Best Convertible Cribs With Changing Table

1. Sorelle Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer Combo

The beautiful looking Sorelle Tuscany is made from solid birch wood which is very durable and robust. Although birch wood is as soft as pine, its different density is durable against dents and scratches that are made by babies. It can easily be converted from the toddling infant stage to a complete-sized bed and so, till your child gets to college, you won’t have to worry about getting another furniture.

Sorelle Tuscany comes with a flexible and easily adjustable option as well. The height of the convertible crib can be adjusted into four different positions. The needs of nursing mothers were put into considerations as it comes with three drawers attached for keeping milk bottles, toys, or other necessary baby items.

The instruction on the label is easy to follow when trying to assemble the crib and it comes with a Phillips screwdriver and two Allen keys. Parents with small apartment space will find the Sorelle Tuscany useful since it is not that big. However, the side rails add-on is sold separately.

2. Ingenuity Smart and Simple Packable Portable Playard with Changing Table

This is the perfect multifunctional crib for working moms or nursing mothers that are always on the move. It is entirely foldable in easy steps and can fit into any small space. Even though older kids may not be able to use this Playard convertible crib, the multiple functions are enough to make you purchase it.

Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard come with different storage pockets for storing diapers, a complete newborn napper at the top, a full-size bassinet inside, changing table fixed on top as well as space for toys and other baby needs.

It is an entire movable nursery with wheels attached at the bottom. It is the perfect pick for any journey. The Playard is made of toxic-free washable materials. All the three-piece add-on can be washed whenever it is disassembled.

Everything your baby need can smoothly go in together with your child safely tucked inside the bassinet but don’t assume that it will be massive. When you purchase this convertible crib, you will be surprised that it comes in a small traveling bag.

3. Dream On Me Jayden 4 in 1 Convertible Portable MiniCrib

This convertible crib can easily switch from being a small day bed into a twin size crib with its rails sold separately like all other convertible cribs.

Dream On Me is designed for safety because the changing table attached to the crib comes with a changing pad and an easy-to-release strap that holds your baby firmly inside the crib.

This convertible crib with changing table attached is one of those few baby products that is certified by governmental regulatory bodies like CPSC and ASTM. The quilt cover helps to fight against bacteria while the mattress is free from toxic substances like phthalate. It prevents moisture and specks of dirt from harming the delicate infant.

The convertible is not too big as it fits well into a small room, but it can’t function well in bigger rooms. The beautiful Dream On Me convertible crib come in different color variants: Cherry, Espresso, Black, etc. Very flexible product, it can be adjusted into three different heights.

4. Storkcraft Portofino 4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib

The Storkcraft Portofino can easily be reassembled into four different bed sizes, and hence, it is perfect for your growing newborn baby up until college age. The cost-effective convertible crib incorporates different functional facility, making it very valuable.

It comes with three drawers for keeping baby diapers and also three shelves for storing other essential baby products like toys, milk bottle, or food supplements.
The wood is made from the soft pine tree, the ideal for kid’s furniture, and it comes with only guard rails and straps to hold the baby in the crib.

Other rails and the metal bed frame for adolescents will be bought separately when needed. As the kid grows, the changing table can be removed and used as a nightstand, making it very flexible to use. Storkcraft Portofino is very safe to use. It is tested and approved by the JMPA – Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association; CPSC and ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials.

For your interior décor, select the type of finish from the white, cherry, and expresso design which suits your aesthetic. Storkfork Portofino is a perfect selection for parents on a budget.

5. Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer

The simplicity of the Graco Remi convertible crib is just the first impression created because there is so much to it than the beauty. This convertible crib will remain like this for several years without using up so much space in your room.

Being 4-in-1, it can be switched from an infant bed to a full-size kid’s bed. So, therefore, pick out a Graco Remi that suits your style from the three available colors: white, pebble gray, and espresso.

Graco Remi convertible crib offers its conversion rails separately, and these rails can be used for the conversion as your child outgrows the first bed stage. Other functionalities include a changing table with three drawers arranged beneath it which gives you another storage option.

For it is worth, the convertible crib comes with a vinyl changing pad that is waterproof, including a strap that keeps your baby from falling or rolling off the cradle. There is an underneath storage drawer to keep toys and other vital baby resources as well.
The crib is built from pine wood and hence, meets all the required standard of governmental regulatory bodies, and so, it is a complete and safe nursery for your baby.

Why does your baby need a Crib with changing table?

Many parents go for convertible cribs for so many different purposes. Why you should buy a convertible crib For one, they are cost-efficient. This is the product that can be used throughout the first decade of a child even if you don’t plan on having another baby. Getting a convertible cribs means you don’t rebuy another baby bed. How fantastic it is!

However, convertible cribs are costly, and so it is vital to figure out if it is worth it or if it is over-hyped. Some parents are skeptical about spending so much on a convertible crib as it is just better to find a big bed for children when the infant becomes a toddler. Room space is another reason why parents ignore it. Why buy a convertible crib when there is little or no space to place it in.

There’s no denying that convertible cribs are fantastic as they are in high demand. But being good is not the best reason why you must buy it.

Why you may not need a convertible crib

You need to consider if it is a sensible thing to do: do your child need it? Let’s give you some ideas that will help you determine if it is necessary or merely overhyped.
Basically, before buying a convertible crib, parents should consider if they will have another baby or not.

If you’re considering getting more children, you may want to purchase a second convertible crib since you will use the initial one throughout the child’s growth. If that is the case, you have to consider the amount of space that will be used by the two convertible cribs.

Rather than get another full-size, convertible crib with changing tables, it is better to get a smaller size or just a playard. Considering the room space is very imperative because they are bigger than the traditional bed.

As the functionalities increase, so does the amount of space that will be used by the convertible crib. So, it is certainly absurd for parents with small space and also, planning on having another child to think about buying a convertible crib.

Getting a small crib with multiple functions like the playard is sensible if you want something more than convertible cribs. Traditional baby cribs, which are also another option, provide room for storing essential baby items and as well can easily be used as a sofa. With proper planning and clear goals, getting those kinds of cribs can serve your purpose and prevent unnecessary spending.

Parents pick convertible cribs due to the number of years it would last. You can use traditional cribs for up to two or three years while convertible cribs can last for more than a decade. Why is it important to buy a convertible crib with a changing table attached?

The changing table is the most significant part of furnishings that a baby’s bedroom requires. Many nursing moms do not ignore this vital feature. This is the reason you should buy convertible cribs with attached changing table rather than buying the parts.

You won’t have to bother about finding the correct location to put it in the house because it’s already next to the crib. Getting a convertible crib with attached changing table is cheaper than buying the crib in parts.

All experienced nursing moms realize that baby diapers will have to be tidied and replaced all through the child’s first 12 months. Therefore, getting a safe, clean, and ideal spot to perform this tedious routine efficiently is imperative for all moms.
Before you get a convertible crib with attached changing table, what are the crucial factors to check out if you want to go about this duty with ease?

First and foremost, take into consideration your height and that of your baby’s. Your job becomes a little awkward if you buy a convertible crib with an attached changing table that does not balance with your height.

The mattress must be of excellent material and free from textiles that could harm the baby’s sensitive skin. It’s always convenient to have more flexible mattress sizes.
The attached changing table should have a neatly flat surface like the floor so that it won’t shake if you’re using when it is disconnected from the crib.

Ensure that the crib is robust to the ground and stable without the corners and edges shaking. This way, you will peacefully change your infant’s dresses.

Final Words

Convertible cribs are indeed very essential because of its exceptional value and durability. They are currently in high demand, but you must never be in haste to spend money unnecessarily on the product. Two things you must consider: space and functionality. With this in your mind, you can easily purchase the convertible crib that suits you and your household.

Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard have the best ratings in the market because of its fantastic functionality, but it is costly. However, when you consider having another child, it is your best pick as the other siblings would use it.

In case you are not planning to have another baby, Storkfort Portofino is a great option to buy. You can continue to use the product for the same child up until he/she grows.
However, all the products listed are ideal for purchasing.

All you need to do is find out the type of convertible crib with an attached changing table that will make you and your baby happy and comfortable.

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