Bob Revolution Pro Vs Flex Baby Stroller – 2024 Buying Guide & Review

With the different types of baby strollers out there, there is bound to be confusion certainly. Even amongst popular brands like Bob, it will seem daunting to select an ideal type of baby stroller. Bob Revolution Pro and Revolution Flex are the most popular Bob baby strollers, and it’s relatively challenging to choose which is better.

However, no two products are the same, even if they are from the same brand. So in this Bob Revolution Pro Vs. Flex guide, we shall see which has the edge over the other.

As the saying goes, you can’t really go wrong with a baby stroller from Bob, whether it is the Revolution Pro or the Flex. Bob is one of the best brands when it comes to baby strollers.

They are durable and can go over varying types of grounds. That is because their tires are designed ruggedly to withstand all kinds of surfaces. The superiority of Bob baby strollers to other types of strollers is unparalleled, and that’s why they are every parents’ favorite.

Bob Revolution Pro Vs Flex – Full Comparison

Handles Adjustable Adjustable
Brakes Hand Brake Foot Brake
Weight 30.5 Pounds 28 Pounds
Seats Does not recline down flat Reclines down flat
Basket Small Large

Bob Revolution Pro Baby Stroller

Let’s start with the Bob revolution Pro baby stroller. This stroller can work on and off the road, which means that you can navigate them on any terrain. It’s that convenient. Plus, it’s comfortable. Thanks to the reclining seat, swivel wheels, and adjustable suspension system, your baby will ride comfortably.

You must know that the Bob Revolution Pro baby stroller is lightweight and wouldn’t be ideal for babies over six months old or babies that weigh over 70 lbs. The frame might crack due to an imbalance caused by the weight of the baby.

Still talking about the construction, the frame of the stroller can be folded and stored with relative ease in a simple two-steps method. There is a storage basket underneath, although it’s relatively small.

What we love about the Bob Revolution Pro baby stroller is the fact that it has a hand brake, as opposed to foot brake. Many parents, as well as baby stroller enthusiasts, cherish this feature because of comfort and ease.

It’s awkward and uncomfortable to reach the foot brake on-the-go every time you plan on making a stop. This feature is lovely and the reason why many people, especially parents, would agree to go with the Revolution Pro.

The handlebar is well padded, and the best thing about it is that it can be adjusted in nine different positions to meet parents’ and guardians’ heights.

The baby stroller also has a five-point harness to keep your baby safe and as comfortable as possible. There are other accessories like Bob infant car seat adapter that you can add to make sitting in the stroller more comfortable for your infant.


With what has been written already, let’s quickly point out some features of this beautiful baby stroller.

  • Handbrake System – Bob Revolution Pro comes with a handbrake, which makes it pretty easier to stop the stroller. With handbrakes, you have full control over the speed of the stroller, and you will be able to stop the stroller at any time without any hesitation.
  • Adjustable Handlebar – For parents and guardians that are significantly tall, they won’t find moving the Bob Revolution so difficult since it comes with an adjustable handlebar. With this, you can adjust the height of the handlebar to meet you at your comfortable hand level.
  • Suspension System -A suspension system acts as a shock absorber. It ensures that only minimal damage from riding on a bumpy road affects the baby. This feature is present in the Bob Revolution Pro stroller.
  • Canopy – This feature is vital in keeping the baby from being too exposed to weather elements, whether it’s the scorching sun rays or the rain. Though not so big, the canopy on the Bob Revolution Pro is large enough to keep your baby safe.
  • Big Wheels and a Front Swivel Wheel – Bob Revolution Pro has three big wheels for balanced movement. The stroller has a swivel front wheel that is lockable. This is useful if you want to control the speed of the stroller.


  • The baby stroller is sturdy with lightweight frames.
  • Comfort is maximized with a handbrake. Moreover, there’s less of a chance of getting tripped with handbrakes, and you can stop timely with them at any time.
  • You can adjust the handlebar to your appropriate height and within reach of your hands. Adjustable handlebars also make it easy for other people to move the stroller in case of your unavailability.
  • With the inclusion of a canopy, your little one is shielded from the rain or the devastating sun rays.
  • You can purchase additional accessories like Bob infant car seat adapter to turn the stroller into an infant one. It will aid your baby to sit more comfortably.


  • The reclining power of the seat is not impressive.
  • The canopy is not large enough.

Bob Flex Baby Stroller

The Bob Flex baby stroller isn’t so different from the Revolution Pro, and at the same time,they are not exactly the same. Why? You are about to find out.

Just like the Revolution Pro, the Flex is another durable and robust stroller that you can use for your city jogging as well as an everyday stroller. It’s designed perfectly for everyday use and an excellent buy if you wish to have one.

Talking about similarities, Bob Revolution Flex still has the adjustable handlebar, swivel and front wheel lock, and the durable suspension system.

You can adjust the handlebar to nine different positions to reach your perfect height. You can lock the front wheel in place to control the speed and to keep the ride steady. The suspension system will allow your baby to keep riding smoothly on bumpy roads and any road surface.

What the Flex has that the Revolution Pro doesn’t is a reclining seat. While the Revolution Pro does have a reclining seat, the reclining power is poor compared to the one in the Flex. Moreover, the reclining seat comes padded so that your baby can get comfortable.

Bob Revolution Flex has a footbrake, which we must say isn’t the best of brake systems. Many parents wouldn’t get comfortable with it due to the inconvenience that it provides. However, if you enjoy using a footbrake when baby strolling, then you shouldn’t have a problem with the Bob Revolution Flex baby stroller.


  • Footbrake System – Bob Revolution Flex stroller comes with a foot-activated brake that you can apply to lock the stroller in place to prevent it from moving.
  • Adjustable Handlebar – Just like the Revolution Pro, this baby stroller has an adjustable handlebar that will make it very easy and convenient for the parent, guardian, or anyone to move the stroller. Adjust the handlebar to meet your comfortable hand level.
  • Suspension System – This baby stroller has a robust suspension system that will keep your little one’s ride comfortable and smooth on any terrain.
  • Additional Accessories – You can purchase separate accessories like an infant car seat adapter if your baby is finding it difficult to adapt to the original seat.


  • It’s wider than most baby strollers, which means that the baby has more room to himself/herself.
  • The front swivel wheel is lockable. You can lock it if you are moving on a terrain that’s without turns.
  • The handlebar is adjustable to reach the height and hand level of the jogger or mover.
  • It has a large canopy to protect the baby from the harsh sun rays and rain.


  • The footbrake system isn’t entirely fantastic and would inconvenient some parents.

Bob Revolution Pro Vs Flex: Which Is Better?

Choosing between Revolution Pro and Flex will give anyone a headache. From the features that we have enlisted described of the two products, it’s clear that selecting any of them would make a good investment.

Now that we know the features, pros, and cons of each Bob baby stroller, it’s time to get down to the similarities and differences, and after that, see which one comes on top.


When it comes to maneuverability, you will get maximum comfort from both units. It’s easy to walk your child around in the two baby strollers, and with the swivel front wheel, you can turn the baby stroller to whichever direction that you want. It enhances stability, and adding it to the suspension brakes will glide your baby past bumpy, rough terrains.

Construction and Canopy

Bob Revolution Pro and Revolution Flex both have fairly large-sized canopies and have a five-point harness that promotes the safety of your child.

However, the construction of the canopy on the Flex is better because it’s constructed with excellent material that permits proper ventilation. The material used in the Bob Revolution Pro is poor and doesn’t allow adequate ventilation, though, it’s water-resistant.

Also, the canopy in the Bob Revolution Flex can be expanded and has a magnetic peek window through which you can check up on your baby.


If you are more concerned about weight, then you should opt for Bob Revolution Flex as it weighs just 28.5 pounds. Bob Pro weighs slightly over 30 pounds.


This is one thing that clearly distinguishes the two Bob baby strollers. The brakes of the Bob Revolution Pro are located in the handle. This allows you to exert full control over the stroller, unlike the footbrake in the Revolution Flex that can be hard to access sometimes on-the-go.


Both baby strollers have padded reclining seats that ensure your little one is comfortable. However, reclining power differs. The seats in the Bob Flex can recline to an almost flat level, while that of Bob Revolution Pro doesn’t recline to that very extent.


Price is always a huge factor when purchasing anything, and it’s no different in the case of Bob Revolution Pro Vs. Flex baby stroller. It is one of the first few things on every buyer’s mind. When it comes to affordability, Bob Revolution Flex is less expensive, but being affordable doesn’t always mean that it’s the most suitable choice.


It can be very unclear to choose between Bob Revolution Pro vs Flex, and that’s because the two are great baby strollers. There is no clear winner between the two, and the choice solely depends on the buyer’s needs. Though expensive, Bob Revolution Pro is suitable for parents who intend to run for long distances with their babies with them.

If you are looking for a ventilated baby stroller that is built solidly, you should opt for the Flex. It’s also suitable if you are moving on smooth terrain.

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