15 Best Toys And Gift Ideas For 4-Year-Old Girls 2024 – Review & Buying Guide

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VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink
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Amy&Benton Piano Toy Baby Toddler Girls Birthday Gift 1 2 3 Years Old Pink Toy...
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BOTZEES GO! Unicorn Toys, Unicorn Robots for Kids, Building & Electric Remote...
VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink
Amy&Benton Piano Toy Baby Toddler Girls Birthday Gift 1 2 3 Years Old Pink Toy...
BOTZEES GO! Unicorn Toys, Unicorn Robots for Kids, Building & Electric Remote...
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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Editor's Pick
VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink
VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Amy&Benton Piano Toy Baby Toddler Girls Birthday Gift 1 2 3 Years Old Pink Toy...
Amy&Benton Piano Toy Baby Toddler Girls Birthday Gift 1 2 3 Years Old Pink Toy...
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
BOTZEES GO! Unicorn Toys, Unicorn Robots for Kids, Building & Electric Remote...
BOTZEES GO! Unicorn Toys, Unicorn Robots for Kids, Building & Electric Remote...
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Are you having trouble figuring out the best gift to give a 4-year-old girl? Want something that is not only engaging and entertaining but is also educational and great for skill-building. Well, don’t worry because in this article we are going to be listing down the best toys and gift ideas for 4-year-old girls along with a buying guide so that you are aware of the qualities that you need to look for in such gifts.

Top Gift Ideas For 2024

1. Retruth Kids Unicorn Painting Kits

Unicorn Painting Kits

The first item on our list that we believe is one of the best gifts to give a 4-year-old girl is the Retruth Kids Unicorn Painting Kit. This kit contains unicorn figurines, a unicorn headband, crystal stones, paints, glitter pigments, paintbrushes, palettes, and a playmat.

You can customize the headband the way your 4-year-old wants with the flowers provided and put it on her to make her feel like a unicorn princess as she paints or plays with the figurines.

And speaking of painting the figurines, the paints provided in the kit are non-toxic and washable so that they are safe for your little one and easy to get out if she makes a mess. Furthermore, the painting process is not only fun, but it is also educational as it lets her learn the different colors and helps her understand how they mix with each other to form other shades. She can also use the glitter pigments to further jazz up the look of her unicorn figurines.

This kit also helps build the social skills of your four-year-old as it can be used by three people at a time. And so she can paint the figures with her friends or siblings, or even you can use them to simply bond with her. Once the paint is dried up, she will be able to play with the unicorns on the playmat provided in the kit.

This will also give her a sense of accomplishment as she has actually played a part in making her own toys. She can also build her imagination by playing with the unicorns and the crystal stones on the beautiful play mat.

  • Increases creativity
  • Engaging
  • Non-toxic paints
  • Low cost
  • Helps learn colors
  • Durable figurines
  • Might get slightly messy
  • Some unicorns can’t stand


The Retruth Kids Unicorn Painting Kits is one of the best gifts for 4-year-old girls as it helps build their imagination and creativity. Furthermore, it is also educational as it helps them learn more about colors and the way they behave. And this kit is quite a low cost so that you don’t have to break your budget when buying a great quality gift for your 4-year-old.

2. Amy & Benton Toy Piano


Amy&Benton Toddler Piano

Another great gift for a four-year-old girl is the Amy & Benton Toy Piano. With its elegant grand piano design, adorable butterfly LEDs, and amazing features, this piano will impress not only 4-year olds but also many adults. It comes with an external mic that your little one can use to sing her heart out and has a speaker connection that you can use to connect the piano to your phone and play her favorite songs.

When it comes to the actual music output of this piano, along with the standard keys, it also has various other sound options. These are in the form of percussion instruments, two types of piano sounds (one standard piano and the other music box), two accompaniments, and twenty-two demo songs. All this helps to develop musical skills in your child, improves her hand-eye coordination, and increases her creativity.

The piano also has amazing features like the record and play options that allow your child to listen to the music she has created and help her improve. Furthermore, there are also buttons to increase and decrease the tempo of the demo song so that your 4-year old can set it to her preference. And if you find the piano sound too loud or annoying, then you can simply use the volume buttons to reduce the volume of the music for some peace.

  • Lightweight
  • Percussion instruments
  • External microphone
  • Speaker connection
  • Play and record feature
  • Affordable
  • Kind of small
  • Unsteady due to three legs


And so, the Amy & Benton Toy Piano makes our list of the best toys and gift ideas for 4-year-old girls 2012 due to its multifunctional aspect consisting of the various instruments, sound options, and demo songs. Furthermore, it has great features like the record and playback option, the volume adjustability, and the tempo settings. And despite all of these qualities, this piano is quite low-cost and budget-friendly.

3. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink

KidiZoom Smartwatch

Another great gift that you can give a 4-year -old girl is the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2. This smartwatch is not only fun to use, but it also will make your child feel like a grown-up as they would have a gadget just like their parents or other adults around them. This can also help teach them responsibility as they would have to take care of the watch and make sure that they don’t lose it.

This watch has dual cameras, one on the front and one on the side so that kids can take selfies as well as pictures of things or people around them. They can then apply various filters to these pictures to make them more fun. And so, not only does this let them capture moments that are special to them but also makes them more creative. Apart from the camera, the watch also has various games that are fun as well as educational. This will keep your 4-year-old engaged and help her use her logic and problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, this smartwatch also is a pedometer that encourages your child to do physical exercise and makes her more active. The calculator app helps your child with math while the clock helps her learn time, and through the alarm feature, she can improve her time management. Also, if you are worried about your 4-year-old spending too much time on this smartwatch, then with the help of parental control, you can set a time limit for playing games.

  • Dual cameras
  • Pedometer
  • Engaging and educational games
  • Long battery life
  • Calculator app
  • Parental setting
  • Watch strap not highly durable
  • Small internal memory


The VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 has a dual camera feature that lets your child take pictures and edit them. It also has educational and fun games that will keep her entertained as well as help develop her problem-solving skills. The pedometer of this watch also encourages kids to be active and do exercise. And the best part is that this smartwatch is quite affordable. And so all of this is why we have added this smartwatch to our list of best toys and gift ideas for 4-year-old girls 2024.

4. BOTZEES GO! Unicorn Electric Toys

Another great gift that you can give a 4-year-old is the BOTZEES GO! Unicorn Electric Toy. This consists of a set of various unicorn themes robots that children can build themselves. Basically, it features a mechanical control block that your child can build on using the included building block and design a unique robot. She can then make the robots move and make various sounds using the remote in the shape of a beautiful wand.

This greatly helps build her imagination as using a wand to make inanimate objects move creates almost a magical experience for your 4-year-old. Furthermore, this toy also makes your child more creative as she uses building blocks to create unique and cool characters out of basically nothing. This also develops a sense of accomplishment in your child as she is creating her own toys herself.

And not only are these robots entertaining to play with, but they also provide an educational experience for a 4-year-old as they help build logic and improve motor skills. They also make children more curious about robotics and how things work and make them eager to learn. Also, this product is quite affordable despite all of its great qualities.

  • Increases creativity
  • Educational
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Soft and rounded blocks
  • Entertaining
  • Legs might fall off easily


And so we believe that the BOTZEES GO! Unicorn Electric Toy belongs on our list for the best toys and gift ideas for 4-year-old girls 2024 as this toy is educational and entertaining. Furthermore, it helps build imagination and increases creativity. And as it is sturdy, it can withstand quite a lot of abuse from your kid before breaking. And despite all of this, the toy is low-cost and therefore budget-friendly.

5. LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart Deluxe

LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart Deluxe

The LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart Deluxe is another great toy that is perfect for 4-year-old girls. This is because, first of all, it greatly builds your child’s imagination as this toy consists of an ice-cream truck filled with various forms of ice creams and toppers that your child can combine to make special ice cream orders. Furthermore, it has a cash register with its own money to make the ice cream selling process even more immersive. And so your kid can pretend to be an ice-cream seller and sell ice-creams to her friends and family.

This ice cream cart also has various challenge cards that have custom orders that your child needs to make. The cards, when placed in the slot in the toy cash register, call out the different colored ice creams and toppings that she needs to combine to complete the order. This helps her improve her memory, sequencing skills and also lets her learn different colors.

The cash register and the syrup pump can also help your kid with math as she can count along the amount of money made on the cash register or the number of squirts of syrup she needs to put on the ice cream. Apart from the challenge cards, your 4-year-old can also mix and match the different topping, and the ice creams for both the ice cream cones and the ice pops to increase their creativity.

  • Builds imagination
  • Upbeat music
  • Builds memory and sequencing skills
  • Helps with counting
  • Range of challenges
  • Easy storage of accessories
  • Small
  • Scoop sometimes doesn’t grab ice-cream


And so, due to being educational and teaching various skills to your 4-year-old, the LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart Deluxe makes to our list for the best toys and gift ideas for 4-year-old girls 2024. Furthermore, it is quite engaging and entertaining for children as a large number of accessories gives them a lot to do. And the drawers on either side of the cart make storing all the accessories easier and more convenient.

6. Polly Pocket Unicorn Party Playset

If your 4-year-old is a Polly Pocket fan, then the Polly Pocket Unicorn Party Playset would be one of the perfect toys to gift her. This playset features a beautiful unicorn case that your child can open by pulling the tab on the bottom, upon which it will drop confetti and various surprise items. This will create an exciting experience for your kid, although you should make sure to do this over a table or a mat to reduce the mess created by the confetti.

Inside the playset is a beautiful castle packed with various activities for your child’s dolls, like a bounce house, a seesaw, a swing, a unicorn floaty, and so on. Furthermore, the castle itself can open up and reveal a throne room and a bedroom for the dolls. Many of the accessories like the swan and the rainbow cloud ride can be used as charms for the necklace and ring provided with the playset, and your child can wear her favorite dolls and items when she is not playing with them.

There are also accessories for the dolls themselves, like tiny tiaras, lollipops, and skirts. And your 4-year-old can have a great time mixing and matching these accessories on each doll. And so this playset is great for building her imagination as she can pretend to be a princess just like the dolls and play with them in their castle. Also, this product is not expensive and therefore a great choice if you are on a budget.

  • Builds imagination
  • Engaging
  • Keeps child occupied
  • Lots of accessories
  • Playset opens piñata style
  • Easy storage of accessories
  • Confetti can be messy
  • Crowns might not fit dolls


The Polly Pocket Unicorn Party Playset is a great gift to give 4-year-old girls as it is extremely engaging with the large amounts of accessories and activities that can hold their interest for a long time. It also helps develop their imagination as they can pretend to be princesses along with their dolls. Furthermore, the price of this playset is also relatively lower than many other children’s toys.

7. Wilwolfer Princess Castle Play Tent

Princess Castle Play Tent

Another item that a 4-year-old girl will surely love is the Wilwolfer Princess Castle Play Tent. This is because this tent provides them with a private place where they can play and relax either by themselves or with their siblings or friends. This tent is around 55 x 53 inches, therefore it is big enough to accommodate around 3-4 small children at the same time. It is also quite stable because of which there is no danger of it collapsing on your child when she is in it.

There are also star-shaped fairy lights that come with this tent that you can use to decorate it to make it look more magical and appealing to your little one. You can further place fluffy rugs, blankets, and her favorite stuffed toys in it to make it more cozy and comfortable. And so, along with playing in it, your child can take naps or even sleep in it at night.

This tent is also great for developing your 4-year-old’s imagination, as she can pretend to be a princess in her castle as the hexagon shape of the tent resembles that of a castle. And as the tent has mosquito netting around it, you can also place it in your backyard for a more immersive experience. Furthermore, it can also be a great way through which you can spend more time and bond with your 4-year-old.

  • Included star fairy lights
  • Mosquito screen
  • Builds imagination
  • Great place to relax
  • Sturdy
  • Spacious
  • Directions difficult to follow
  • Poles can be finicky


And so Wilwolfer Princess Castle Play Tent is on our list for the best toys and gift ideas for 4-year-old girls 2024 due to its spacious and stable build. Furthermore, its hexagon shape, resembling a castle, along with the star fairy lights, looks appealing to young girls and helps build their imagination. Also, mosquito netting ensures that your child is safe from mosquitoes and other bugs whether she is playing in this tent indoors or outdoors.

8. TEKFUN LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board

Writing Tablet Doodle Board

A great educational gift for a 4-year-old is the TEKFUN LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board. Basically, this is a lightweight LCD screen that your child can write on using the stylus that comes with it. To erase the screen, all she needs to do is press the button on the bottom of the doodle board. And so, this helps your child improve her drawing skills and practice writing the alphabets and numbers.

Also, as all that you draw and write on the screen appears in different colors, it makes the whole writing process much more fun and the drawings more beautiful. And so, this encourages your kid to use it to write and draw even more. Furthermore, this doodle board is quite environmentally friendly as because of it you do not have to waste paper. The battery life of this doodle board is also quite long and can last for around six months.

Even if the battery dies, you can easily replace it with a new one to get the board working again in no time. It is also lightweight and portable which is why it is a great item for long car rides to keep your kids occupied and entertained. And as it is waterproof and fall-proof, it can take quite a lot of abuse before actually breaking. And along with all of these great qualities, this doodle board is also extremely low-cost.

  • Educational
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Long battery life
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Portable
  • Drawings cannot be saved
  • Stylus cord difficult to tie


TEKFUN LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board is an educational yet entertaining toy for young children as it helps them practice writing. Furthermore, it builds their creativity as they can use it to draw whatever they want. It is also durable with long battery life and extremely low cost. And so, all of this is why we believe that this product belongs on our list for the best toys and gift ideas for 4-year-old girls 22.

9. VTech Touch & Learn Activity Desk

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

Another great gift for a 4-year-old that is educational and entertaining is the VTech Touch & Learn Activity Desk. One of the reasons for this is the 200+ touch spots on the different activity cards that you can place on the table that help your child learn alphabets, numbers, animal names, body parts, and so on. There is also an activity card for music that teaches your kid about the different instruments and their sounds, along with piano keys at the bottom for them to play their own music.

Apart from its activity cards, another prominent feature of this activity desk is the interactive LED display screen. This screen displays different numbers and letters as they are being called out; this helps your child learn them better. There is also a clock on one side of the LED display, and when your child moves its arms to a certain time, the clock calls out that time. This also helps them learn how to tell time properly. There is a music player on the other side of the LED display that your child can use to play various songs and tunes.

Furthermore, the table can be flipped up to reveal a chalkboard on the underside and an art station, where your child can place their art supplies. They can either draw on the blackboard using chalks or you can attach a page to it using the clip on the top and they can use it as an easel and draw on the paper, this helps build their creativity. And once your child is done using the desk, you can store the activity cards inside it to keep them safe.

  • Educational
  • Engaging
  • Builds creativity
  • Informative LED display
  • Music player
  • Lots of activities
  • Card easily bendable
  • Low-quality stool


And so VTech Touch & Learn Activity Desk is a great gift for 4-year-old girls as it is highly educational and teaches them a lot of skills. Furthermore, as it can be converted into an art station, it helps make your child more creative by letting them draw whatever their heart desires. And due to the various activities and activity cards, it keeps your child engaged for a long time and makes sure that they are having fun along with learning.

10. Unicorn & Star Night Light and Projector

Unicorn & Star Night Light and Projector

The last item on our list that we believe is a great gift to give a 4-year-old girl is the Unicorn & Star Night Light and Projector. This projector is the perfect nightlight substitute for kids who are scared of the dark and don’t like to sleep alone. This is because, unlike a traditional nightlight that only lights up the place where it is plugged in and can create shadows in the rest of the room, this projector lights up the entire room with a soft light. You can also change the color of the projection to your child’s favorite color to make her more comfortable.

The light produced is not bright enough to be annoying and make it difficult to sleep, but it has enough brightness for a warm glow in the entire room to give a safe feel to it.

Furthermore, the unicorn projections will also make your 4-year-old feel safe, as they will be surrounding her, and so she will feel as if they are guarding her as she sleeps.

Also, as the projections have a 360-degree rotation, their movement can act as a sleeping aid and help your child fall asleep faster. The star projection can also create a magical experience for your kid and help build her imagination as she can pretend to be lying under the night sky. Furthermore, the star projection can also be somewhat educational as it can make your 4-year-old curious about astrology.

  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Clear projections even at heights
  • Two modes
  • Can also work on batteries
  • Multiple projection color options
  • Builds imagination
  • Unicorns in projection quite small
  • Not highly durable


And so the Unicorn & Star Night Light and Projector is a great gift for 4-year-old girls who are scared of the dark and sleeping alone as it lights up the room, and the unicorn projection can make them feel less alone. You can change the color of the projection to one that is your child’s favorite one. Furthermore, the 360 rotation acts as a sleeping aid and lulls your child to sleep.

Buying Guide

gift for 4 year old girls buying guide

When it comes to buying gifts for a 4-year-old girl, there are a few things that you need to take into account.

1. Skill-building quality: While toys need to be engaging and entertaining for children, you need to make sure that they also help them build various skills. This is especially important for 4-year-olds as they are at an age where their skills are still developing. And so you should get a toy that helps build their communication skills, problem-solving skills, literacy skills, and so on.

2. The look of the toy: Young children are drawn to objects that are vibrant and brightly colored. And when it comes to young girls, they especially like things that are glittery, fluffy, or in shades of pink and purple. And so when buying a toy or any sort of gift for a 4-year-old child, you need to make sure that it is eye-catching and attractive. Otherwise, if you get one that looks dull and boring, then she might not even want to play with it.

3. The engaging quality of the toy: 4-year-olds have a lot of curiosity and energy and therefore, it can sometimes be hard to keep them calm and focused on something. Therefore they need a toy that is engaging enough to keep them occupied for a while so that they are given a chance to exercise their minds for a while instead of just wearing out their bodies. Furthermore, this can also help the parents to get some rest and peace of mind.

4. Durability: Children are not the best when it comes to handling things with care. Therefore anything that is made for children needs to be quite durable because it will undoubtedly go through a lot of abuse. And so when you are buying something for a 4-year-old, make sure that it is not delicate. You also need to make sure that even if it does break it does not pose any sort of danger to the child in the form of sharp pieces of plastic, glass, and so on.


faq gift ideas for girls

What is the best gift for a 4-years-old girl?

The best gift for a 4-year-old girl is one that is entertaining and engaging as well as educational and helps her build various skills and encourages her to use their imagination. And so one of the best toys that cater to all these needs is the BOTZEES GO! Unicorn Electric Toys. This is because it lets young girls think creatively and build their own toys, doing which also lets them think logically. Furthermore, playing with them also increases their imagination.

What are the best educational toys for 4-year-olds?

One of the best educational toys for 4-year-olds is the VTech Touch & Learn Activity Desk. This is because it has various activities that teach 4-year olds the alphabet, numbers, names of the body parts, names of sea creatures, and so on. It can also be converted into an art station to further increase the creativity of your child.

Wrapping Up

It can be quite difficult to get gifts for 4-year-olds, especially girls, as they are starting to develop their own preferences and, therefore, are quite particular about what they like and dislike. Furthermore, kids at this age are quite energetic and extremely curious about everything around them. This age is also when they start developing various skills, like motor skills, creativity, imagination, and so on.

This is why you need to get something for them that is not only entertaining but also something that helps develop these skills. And so, in this article, you are provided with a list of the best gifts and toys that you can give a 4-year old that will cater to their developmental needs. And from the products listed above our top three picks are the following:

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink. Due to its educational games, dual cameras, a pedometer that encourages them to be active, and its affordability.

BOTZEES GO! Unicorn Electric Toys. Because it increases creativity, builds imagination, is educational, and is affordable.

VTech Touch & Learn Activity Desk. For the lots of educational activities, the art station that increases creativity, and is engaging and fun.

And so when it comes to the educational aspect, skill-building, and affordability, these toys, and gift items are among the best for 4-year-old girls.

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