Dwinguler Eco-Friendly Indoor Kids Safe Play Mat – 2024 Review

The Dwinguler Eco-Friendly play mat for kids is just what you need to keep your child safe when playing or when sleeping on the floor in their slumber bags or in fleece wearable blankets.

These mats are non-toxic and therefore safe for use by kids. These are reversible playmats designed not only for babies but also for use by the whole family.

They are manufactured in Korea and have been tested in the laboratory to be totally safe for kids.

They are made of earth-friendly materials using a unique eco-technology method. These playmats do not contain endocrine disruptors for example phthalates. They also do not contain toxic substances for instance toluene, formaldehyde, formamide and others.

In addition, they also do not contain heavy harmful metals such as Selenium, Lead, Chromium, and Mercury.


They come with different fun designs and are available in a variety of styles & colors. They have different characters, graphics, and elements. They come in small, medium and large sizes. They are soft, colorful, slip-resistant and also waterproof.

They come with unique elastic cushioning that protects the head, knees, and wrist. Both sides of the mat are colorful with characters and can, therefore, be used as a playing surface.

Both surfaces have a special coating that protects the mat from spills and bacteria. They are designed to be noise proof.

The texture provides enough traction making it safe for your baby to learn how to crawl easily.


These are the measurements for all sizes:

  • Large size
    Measures 230cm in length by 140cm in width by 1.5cm in thickness.
    Weight: 26lb
  • Medium Size
    Measures 190cm in length by 130cm in width by 1.1cm in thickness.
    Weight: 20lb
  • Small Size
    Measures 100cm in length by 140cm in width by 1.1cm in thickness.
    Weight: 11lb

Recommended from birth to kids aged 7 years +


  • The fact that the playmats are thicker and well padded with an elastic type of cushioning means that your child is safe to roll, tumble, sit up, crawl, and even walk on them without being injured.
  • They are made of safe materials that are not harmful to kids. This is a top-quality type of mat with durability, colorful top surface and a good structure.
  • The reversible design feels like you have 2 different mats. Choosing one of these mats with letters and numbers characters means that it will help influence learning in children.
  • They are also easy to clean-You are just required to wipe using a paper towel or soft cloth and soapy lukewarm water.


  • These mats have had some criticisms from parents. The only complaint is about some light smell when it is right out of the package, though the smell usually dissipates within a day or so after airing it. This is a very minimal complaint compared to the many positive features of this product.

Consumer Reviews

There are varied reviews of this model and most consumers have positive comments. They have positively commented that the quality is much better compared to other mats, that they are well cushioned and that they are also very easy to clean.

Some have also commented on how colorful they are and about the two-sided design.

Ratings and Price

This model has been rated 4.7 out of 5.00 on Amazon.com where it is available at a discount.

Being a nontoxic type of mat, it can be said that it is one of the best play mats available in the market.

Images courtesy of Amazon