7 Best Extra Tall Baby Gates For Doorways And Stairs in 2024

Tall baby gates for doorways and stairs usually offer an added degree of protection for kids who like to climb over or are a bit taller.

They help to keep kids away from areas that you don’t want them to be in, especially in the kitchen or the staircase area.

These gates are usually too tall for kids to reach their handles. In addition, the tall barrier helps to prevent pets from jumping over.

Tall designs are also great for parents who cannot bend their backs because of one reason or another.

Because of their convenient height, they are easy to open and close with only one hand. Those extra tall walk-thru designs are easy to use around the home.

Most of these gates feature heavy-duty metal railings and are over 39 inches in height. They come in different colors, designs, and styles that will complement your home decor.

Here are some of the extra-tall designs available at Amazon.com

1. Regalo Extra-Tall Easy-Step Design

Regalo Extra-Tall Easy-Step

This Regalo extra-tall white gate stands at 41 inches tall. It fits areas that are 29.5 to 34 inches in width. It has a 6-inch extension included that you can use to extend the width up to 40 inches. The bars are 2.5-inch apart.

It features sturdy metal construction. It is recommended for kids aged 6 to 36 months. It is JMPA certified and PVC free. The walkthrough door is 16-inch wide and opens in one direction. The safety latch is childproof but easy for an adult to operate.

You can either pressure mount it or screw it in the wall to make it more secure. It comes with screws and wall cups to mount into the wall in case you want to use it at the top of the stairs. It also has spindle rods for pressure mounting.

It is also available in black finish and platinum finish. It can serve as a pet barrier to contain larger pets.

2. Dreambaby Extra-Tall Gate with Extensions

Dreambaby Extra-Tall Gate with Extensions

This extra-tall design is 39.4-inch tall. It fits openings from 28 to 32 inches wide. It comes with two extensions that you can use to extend the width up to 42.5 inches wide. It is easy to set up and takedown.

You can use the provided mounting cups to install the gate at the stairway top and you can also pressure mount it on the doorways.

The walkthrough door is 18 inches in width. It automatically swings closed and also opens in both directions. The door has a double locking feature that is simple to operate with one hand. It is also available in white color.

3. Dreambaby Swing Closed Black Gate

Dreambaby Swing Closed Black Gate

This Dreambaby black gate stands at 39.4 inches tall. It is designed to fit areas from 28 to 32 inches in width. If you have an extra-wide opening, you can purchase additional extensions. You can either pressure mount or fix the gate securely at the top of the stairs using the attached wall cups and screws.

The walkthrough door is about 19.5 inches wide. It swings open in either direction. It has a dual locking system and is easy to operate with one hand. It swings closed and locks when you release it. The bars are 2 inches apart. It is JPMA certified and also available in white color.

4. Summer Infant Multi-use Deco Gate

Summer Infant Multi-use gate

This Summer Infant Multi-use gate stands at 36-inches in height. It fits openings that are 28-inch to 48-inches wide. It features sturdy metal construction and has a bronze finish. It features a sleek decorative arch at the walkthrough door.

The walkthrough the opening is 18-inches wide and is designed to close automatically. It is designed to swing open only in one way.

It is ideal for the wall to banister installation. A single banister installation kit is included. Additional banister installation kits can be bought separately, in cases where you would like to mount it on two banisters.

It can either be pressure mounted between rooms or hardware mounted for use on stairways. It has a door-stopper for use on the stairway.

5. Regalo Home Accents Gate

This Regalo Home Accents gate is 38-Inches tall providing extra protection. It fits openings from 29-inch to 42-inches wide. It comes with two 4-inch extensions and can also be expanded to fit larger openings. It features an all-steel black frame design decorated with cherry-wood accents.

It has a walk-through door that is 16-inches wide. Its latch mechanism is one-handed. The door swings open only in one direction. This gate is pressure-mounted with soft-rubber bumpers. It comes with screws and attachments for hardware mounting.

6. Munchkin Easy Close Metal Gate

This Munchkin Metal gate features sturdy steel construction. It stands at 36-inches tall. It can be pressure mounted or installed permanently on the walls. It expands to fit openings that are 29.5-inch to 51.5-inch wide. For larger openings, you can buy additional panels.

The walk-through door is wide measuring 22-inches wide. The door can be opened in either direction. The door handle has a double-locking mechanism. It is easy to open and close. The vertical bars are 2-inches apart.

7. Extra Tall Wide Gate

Extra Tall and Wide Gate

This extra tall gate is 36 inches in height. It features durable steel construction. It covers wide openings ranging from 33 to 56-inches. It has a modern, clean, white design. The space between the vertical slats is 2.25-inches.

It is hardware mounted. It is designed to attach to the wall on one side. The opening and closing brackets are mounted on the other side. It swings open in either one or both directions.

It swings open completely in a full 180 degrees and is suitable for high traffic areas. It has a child-proof locking handle that is easy to operate. Great for both top and bottom of stairs, hallways and doorways.

Images courtesy of Amazon