3 Best Prefold Diapers in 2024

Every mother want’s what’s best for her baby. And there are many things that a mother needs to learn and will learn about her baby. That process is new, strange, unpredictable, but it’s a beautiful adventure full of love.

Every new mom needs to learn what kind of diapers are suitable for your baby. There are many of them available on the market, but today we will talk about pre-fold diapers.
If you are just learning about this kind of diapers or expanding your options, we will share with you advice on how to buy the perfect prefold diapers and the best options available.

What are prefold diapers?

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For those that were not introduced to prefold diapers before, they are a type of cloth diapers. They were very popular back in the days; most probably, your grandmother and great grandmother used them.

As technology evolved and times changed, they’ve become outdated, and other modern options came into their place. But now, like many other things that are having a comeback, it’s the same with cloth diapers. Many mothers choose to use them now because they are cheaper than regular diapers, and they have superb absorption power. And not to mention that cloth diapers are a much more environmentally friendly option.

How do pre-fold diapers look like?

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These kinds of diapers are made out of multiple layers of fabric that are sewn together, which makes a great barrier between the fluid and the baby. They mostly come in 4x8x4 layers, which means that there are 4 layers on each side and 8 layers in the diaper’s middle.

And an essential addition to this type of diapers is the covers because you can’t use them without the covers. The cover is essential because it makes the diaper waterproof.

1. OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers

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This is the most popular model of prefold diapers that you can find on the market, and they have excellent reviews. They are soft and very durable, and what’s most important, they are an all-natural product, so your baby will be safe. They are made out of 100% Indian cotton, and they are unbleached, which makes them more durable than the ones that are. The thing with unbleached diapers is that you need to wash them several times before using them, but this model needs to be washed only three times. They have 4x8x4 layers, so the absorbance level is high, and you don’t need to worry about leakages.


  • High absorbency level
  • Durable
  • 4x8x4 layers
  • 100% Indian cotton/unbleached


  • They can be too long for some infants

2. GroVia Prefold Cloth Diaper

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This is another super popular model of cloth diapers, and there’s a reason for that. They are very durable, but also very soft. They come in 4 sizes, and they are made out of 45% Organic Cotton and 55% Rayon, and they are bleach-free. You will need to wash them about 4 times before using them for the first time, but you’re good to go once you do that. Something that you need to keep in mind is that they can shrink about 10% after washing, so think about that when choosing the size.


  • They are super soft and get even softer after every use
  • High absorbency level


  • They will shrink even more if you dry them in the dryer

3. Humble Bebe Prefold Cloth Diapers

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This is another model that uses unbleached cotton, which is very important for your baby and its skin. They are so good that they don’t shrink at all, so you don’t have to worry about it when drying and washing them. And because of that, you will be able to use them for years, like diapers and burping cloth. They are highly absorbent, and they come in 4x8x4 layers.


  • High absorbency level
  • Can be used for infants and toddlers


  • They need to be washed many times before using them for the first time

Why should you use prefold diapers?

First of all, regular diapers can be pricy, and it can be a struggle to buy them regularly. If you don’t have enough money and have a strict budget, and you want something that will be perfect for your baby, something that’s comfortable, and has superb power of absorption – look no further.

Main reasons why you should start using prefold diapers:

  • They are cheaper
  • They are washable
  • They last for years
  • They are an eco-friendly option
  • You can even use them for your future baby
  • They are natural

How to use pre-fold diapers?

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They are used like any other diaper type, but a few things need to be done before that. First of all, you know that you need to have covers for your prefold diaper because you can use these kinds of diapers without them. Also, be sure to buy enough diaper covers, but not too much, because you are not going to wash them as much as the diaper, they often don’t get wet or dirty after just one use.

If you chose to buy unbleached diapers, we recommend it because they are natural and don’t contain harmful chemicals that can hurt your baby. Unbleached diapers are also more durable and will last longer because the bleach weakens the fabric when they are bleached.
The only thing that’s annoying with unbleached diapers is that you need to wash them many times before using them the first time. And that’s because they still have natural oils inside the fabric, and with that oils, the absorption won’t be powerful.

It would be best to wash them at least 6 times before, or as the manufacturer stated. But once you do that, you are good to go, and you will use them for many months and even years to come.
Do you like our recommendations, and have you found what you were looking for? How does using cloth diapers sound to you? Will you be using them? We do highly recommend you to try because you will love them.