10 Best Video Baby Monitor With Longest Range 2000ft – 2024 Reviews

As a parent or intending one, a baby monitor is essential for keeping tabs on the activity of your baby no matter where you are. Buying one of the best video baby monitor with longest range will ease the stress of distraction from your daily chores.

Regularly, parents would want to check up on the baby to see how he or she is doing. This is done sometimes even without the baby knowing. Of course, he is just a baby! What does he know?

It is never easy being a parent. You develop goosebumps each time you remember your baby is at home and you are not there to look after him or her.

Thinking about the baby often will distract you from your routine job. This is where a baby monitor comes in.

What is a baby monitor?

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A baby monitor is basically a device that is used to monitor every movement of the baby check up on the baby’s status as far as it’s within a specific range of transmission.

A transmitter is placed in the baby’s room while the parents hold the receiver. A baby monitor, whether audio or video enables parents to check up on their child as much as they want.

These baby monitors ensure that such parents feel as if they are right there with the child. Knowing that the baby is okay makes them happy, feel relaxed, eliminate all forms of worries and helps them focus on their jobs.

A baby’s video monitor is dependent on the range. Having a long-range monitor can help you to always stay connected with your baby irrespective of the distance or what you were doing at that moment.

Are baby monitors good for your baby?

Now the simple answer is yes. Because as a parent doubling up the tasks of keeping an eye on your baby as well as not failing at your daily routines is demanding. A baby monitor keeps you as close as possible to your baby no matter the physical distance once it’s within coverage range.

Video baby monitors with the longest range are the safest and most secure you can find on the market today. Although, all baby monitors keep you close to your baby at a distance but a long-range video baby monitor can keep you in contact with your child up to 2000ft.

Considerations for picking the best video baby monitor with longest range

Making the decision to purchase the best video baby monitor on the market today may be a challenge. But worry less, I’ve got you covered. I have carefully made a list of factors to consider before buying one.


When selecting a baby monitor, size is very important because you want a monitor that will have a large screen to protect your baby’s activities and positions.

Although, not being too heavy or bulky as you’ll have to carry the receiver around as you do other things in the house, so definitely you’ll want something handy.


As we continue in this wireless age, manufacturers also create baby monitors to be wireless. You can move around the house and still be connected to your baby.

An edge of long range monitor is they give you the ability to still connect at a long distance up to 2000ft and more. But if you reside in a relatively small apartment you can cut your expenses by going for a short-range baby monitor.

Battery Life

The whole essence of a baby monitor is to keep an eye on your baby at every point in time and this won’t be realistic if you have to charge the device every now and then.

Good battery life is an integral part of a good baby monitor. Some baby monitor with long range gives up to 18hours battery life, making it easy to charge once per day.

Alarm System

The alarm system is very essential to keep you in range. Once you’re out of range the receiver with you should start beeping.


Frequency is the strength of the connection between the transmitter and the receiver. Hence, purchasing a low-frequency monitor puts you at risk of interference with other home appliances on the electromagnetic field.

Digital or Analog

Who uses analog appliances these days? Digital baby monitors run on DECT which stands for digital enhances cordless communication.


You absolutely want a baby monitor that will be effective till your child leaves the infant stage to toddler age. Therefore selecting a baby monitor with a long time warranty is advisable. Some manufacturers give up to 10 years warranty on their products.


Monitors are generally safe but we advise you to keep them about 3ft from the child’s position to ensure proper developmental brain of your baby. All baby monitoring devices are designed with safety as the first precaution in mind.

Advanced Features

Features such as multiple parent unit, multiple cameras, night vision, tilt, pan, multi-room monitoring, etc. are add ons for ensuring the baby’s safety.

For parenting more than one baby, multiple-camera is essential while for a nursery of babies, multi-room monitoring feature is needed.

10 Best Video Baby Monitor With Longest Range

This article will hope to expound on the best video baby monitor with the longest range from the available ones out there in the market. This list is in no particular order, I have just shortlisted our 10 best-preferred video monitors for babies.

If you really want to know my choice of best video baby monitor with the longest range, do well to read the whole content up to my final thoughts or you just go straight through all at a glance.

These baby video monitors are chosen based on experience plus extensive research, quality, range, size, and battery life.

1. Dragon Touch DT50

The dragon touch DT50 is one of the best long range video baby monitors out there with many adjustable settings and powerful capabilities.

It has the capability of adding two to three cameras to have a 360° view of the room your child is in. The video monitor has an auto-motion tracking baby camera feature, automatic night vision, and temperature sensor.

Dragon Touch DT50 doesn’t only offer video quality but high audio quality. This combination will give you maximum viewing experience plus great sound.

Hence, do not need to be afraid when you head outside because this video monitor can detect the slightest sound irrespective of whether the screen is on or not.

Dragon Touch DT50 allows for a connection range of up to a thousand feet plus a 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless technology.


  • 360° camera view
  • Excellent night vision
  • Additional cameras
  • Temperature sensor
  • Automatic motion detection


The preset volume of the lullaby is slightly high.

2. Angelcare Ac017

This is one of the best long range motion detecting monitor.

Whatever the baby is doing or what he or she is going to do next cannot escape the radar of this awesome baby monitor. This video baby monitor comes fully equipped with everything you need to have your baby under watch.

It does not only detect the movement of the baby but hears every sound. What makes the Angelcare unique is it has an under-the-mattress sensor pad.

It can let the parent know when the baby is moving and when he or she hasn’t moved for a period. The Angelcare comes with an out-of-the range indicator capability.

It lets you know when you have stepped out of the coverage zone.

The Angelcare comes with an adjustable light that you can access and control from your Parent Unit in the night. Just like a walkie-talkie, you can talk to your baby when you notice the baby’s restlessness.

If you want to know if your baby’s monitor is still working, the audio “Tic” feature will let you know if it has run out of charge. Also, if your Parent Unit is lost, not to worry, the push of a button will enable you to locate it easily. I think that is quite great!


  • Mute function feature
  • Has a long range of 820 ft.
  • Adjustable night life


  • “Tic” noise at the background in the Parent Monitor is static

3. Cocoon Cam Plus

This great video monitor is obviously the best when it comes to long range condition tracking.

It provides you with an HD video and current condition information about your baby’s health. The good thing about this product is that it has a 10-year old warranty.

The Cocoon cam plus has a 2.4 GHz frequency and has an unlimited long range of transmission. This video monitor is so convenient that it can be operated by an app on your smartphone.

The Cocoon cam plus runs on a high quality Livestream with a 720p HD video. This feature allows you to monitor your baby’s breathing as well as keep you abreast of your general baby’s health.

The Cocoon cam plus has both night vision and video zoom capabilities. It also has a two-way speaking feature with an inbuilt speaker and a microphone for communication.

Worried about your signal intercepted? The data on cocoon cam plus is safe and fully encrypted with a cloud and extra backup.


  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Night vision
  • Unlimited long range
  • Cloud and extra backup


  • The app is power draining
  • Camera setup and installation are tedious.

4. Victure 1080P FHD Baby Monitor

Victure 1080P FHD Baby Monitor offers quality security and coverage of your baby with two parent units.

What makesVicture Baby Monitor great is its super performance, connectivity and privacy and the fact that it can cover up to 2000 ft. range in coverage.

This gives the parent the opportunity to monitor their baby whenever they are outside the home. Victure Baby Monitor operates at a 900 MHz. This means that the video baby monitor is not affected by any electronics or phone interference.

Graco Direct Connect Digital offers high audio quality that makes you hear the slightest movement and noise of your baby. You can hear this movement through an indicator light and Graco vibrant warning. The sound quality does not get static during the entire time of taking care of the baby.

Graco Direct Connect Digital has a talkback and night light vision feature. It has a low battery alarm to remind you that it’s time to charge the parent unit. This monitor is presently not available on amazon


  • Portability
  • Night light vision
  • Talkback feature
  • Sound does not get static
  • Long range coverage
  • Low battery notification alarm


  • Camera does not zoom and tilt.

5. Philips Avent Dect

When it comes to providing an excellent audio baby monitor, Philips Avent Dect is one of the best long range video baby monitors.

This product has assured many parents of giving their babies great comfort and coverage. Philips Avent Dect has a temperature sensor, night mode monitor and has a coverage range of up to 1000 ft.

And a 4 GHz frequency. This ensures that the product has no interference and guarantees maximum privacy. Philips Avent Dect has a talkback feature that enables you to communicate with your baby anytime you like.

The product has a pre-set lullaby that you can play to put your baby to sleep. The audio monitor can transmit your baby’s temperature and sound. The temperature sensor is customizable and can adapt to the temperature of the room where your baby is.

This will notify about your baby’s temperature so that he or she can feel more comfortable.


  • Has talkback capability
  • Long range of 1000 ft.
  • Pre-set lullabies
  • Awesome battery life up to 18 hrs.


  • The night light is not bright

6. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 is a top long range video baby monitor built with the first interchangeable optical lens.

This optical lens allows you to modify angles and zoom in to have a proper view of your baby. Infant Optics has an interference-free connection up to 800 ft in open areas.

Infant Optics offers the best video and audio quality. Featuring a clear 3.5 inches LCD screen, images projected on the screen of the infant Optics is vivid.

The product also includes a retractable antenna with a temperature indicator.


  • Interchangeable optical lens
  • Long range of up to 800 ft.
  • Temperature indicator
  • Retractable antenna


  • Audio volume is slightly low

7. Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Babysense Video Baby Monitor is probably the cheapest long range monitor on this list, yet its price cannot justify its awesome features.

It is packed with multiple camera options and interference free 900 ft. signal. This baby monitor has a 4-inches LCD quality display. It has a talkback feature that allows you to communicate and sing to your baby all the time.

The baby monitor has a temperature indicator that reads the temperature of the room. This feature enables the parent to know if the temperature in the room is either too hot or cold for the baby.

Babysense Video Baby Monitor comes with auto infrared night vision for clear viewing. The eco-mode feature is activated by a voice prompt. Other features of the Babysense Video monitor include; digital zoom, pre-set lullabies and automatic light sensor.


  • Not as expensive as other long range monitors on the list
  • Has infrared vision
  • Eco-mode feature
  • Night light vision


  • Eco-mode light is extremely bright.

8. DBPower Baby Monitor

Buying the DBPower Baby monitor will ensure that parents do not need to buy different devices to keep tabs on their child.

This baby monitor can perfectly sync from multiple cameras to ensure the baby is safe. The DBPower Baby monitor obviously is one of the longest distance baby monitor available.

It has a long distance monitoring of 1000 ft. at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. This product has a clear 4.3 inches LCD screen that keeps you connected with your child through the two-way communication feature.

The product also offers four different angles viewing captured by the additional cameras in the product. The additional cameras can also support monitoring of two different babies simultaneously whether they are in a separate room or not.

This feature is what the DBPower Baby monitor stand out amongst others.


  • Long distance range of 1000 ft.
  • Has different viewing angles from different cameras
  • Vox power saving mode
  • LED lights activated by sound
  • Does not need Wi-Fi


  • Does not have strong batteries
  • Video is not HD.

9. Vtech DM221

Vtech DM221 is a wonderful digital audio baby monitor and continues to deliver its promises to parents of keeping babies safe, comfortable and connected with their parents.

The product includes two audio monitors, one for the parent and the other for the baby. This could work at a range of 1000 ft. in open space and 150 ft. in an enclosed space. This audio monitor has a Dect feature that allows clear transmission between you and the baby’s activities.

It also allows for a two-way communication, in which the baby can feel the presence of the parents even if they aren’t there. If you have some difficulty hearing the sound of your baby, you can adjust the level of sound on the parent unit.

It has a 5-level volume indicator bar on the parent unit. You can set an alarm on the parent unit of your baby monitor. This is to notify you when the battery is low and needs to be recharged or when you have lost a connection with your baby.

This baby monitor has other features such as long battery life and night light vision.


  • Battery life up to 18 hours
  • High quality sound and volume
  • Has a long range about 1000 ft.
  • Two-way communication


  • The volume on the parent unit is high and can disturb the baby

10. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit smart baby monitor should definitely be everyone’s favourite on this awesome list of long distance baby monitors. That’s my top pick. i intentionally placed it here so you would read all features before making your decision.

It has everything you need to fully keep your baby under your watch via a Wi-Fi connection. The best thing about this is the distance is unlimited.

The Nanit smart baby monitor has a HD birds eye view that captures every corner in the room, night light vision, a zoom feature, temperature and humidity sensors and sound and motion alerts. You can also talk to your baby or sing a lullaby to him through the two-way feature.


  • Has a HD birds eye view
  • Works with or without the Internet
  • Distance is unlimited.


  • Camera does not rotate automatically

Final thoughts

Buying a long range baby monitor is essential in communicating with your child. Bonding is important and every baby needs the presence of the parents.

The Nani Smart baby monitor is our most preferred because of its unlimited distance coverage. Which means you can move to any length around your house and still be im contact with your baby.

While the second is the Dragon Touch DT50 because of its 360° degree rotatable camera view. Anywhere your child crawls up to in the room, DT50 got you covered.

Selecting the best long range video baby monitors depends on several factors like size, frequency, battery capacity etc. Whichever that suits you, make sure you purchase the one with the longest range in an open space.

Long range video baby monitors are generally safe as far as they are working effectively.