30 Best Firetruck Toys for Kids and Toddlers – 2023 Buying Guide

As a parent, you always want your child to have the best of things, especially when it comes to toys since the toys that a baby plays with are essential in the development of your baby’s growth, personality and even intellect.

Parents usually tend to avoid toys that involve any sort of violence or ones that might harm the baby in any way. It is always the best option to get your child a toy that is associated with a profession, be it a doctor’s medical set or a police car. Such items really have your baby thinking and idolizing these professions, something that would surely help them in the longer run.

When looking for the perfect stacking toy for your child, firetrucks are one of the best options. Since this form of playing is a great way to kill boredom and is also active, therefore every toddler and child loves it! Whether it is inside the premises of your home or outside, your child can play with a firetruck either way.

If the sun is out and the weather is absolutely perfect then, your kid can take the firetruck outside and actively play with it by running and pushing it around. However, if it is raining or really windy, then even your own home can serve as an obstacle course for the imaginative mind of your baby.

Playing with firetrucks not only gives your children room to be physically active but also improves the child’s spatial awareness. The design of the toy is just another plus point because that is what makes children love it even more!

When searching for firetrucks in the toy market, I am sure that you would have come across so many different options. We can totally imagine how difficult it would have been for you to make the correct decision.

However, now you have nothing to worry about. We are here to take care of all of these tiny problems. After extensive research and asking both, parents and kids, we have gathered together a list of the best toy firetrucks for kids and toddlers. This will help you narrow down your options and make the right choice. Each of these toys is sure to keep your kids busy for hours on a daily basis.

Top 30 Best Firetruck Toys for Kids and Toddlers

1. Green Toys Firetruck

Green Toys Firetruck


I think that the fact that your baby would be able to play both inside the house and outside if you plan on buying these firetrucks, is probably one of the best things that this toy has to offer. Due to the strong wheels, it is able to withstand the most types of terrains, even the harsh ones such as those in a park or a playground.

Through this toy, the fine motor skills of your child will be well developed. Moreover, it will give your baby a permanent toy that they can devote their time to. Moreover, the eco-friendly packaging initiative taken by Green Toy is an excellent way to focus the attention of the consumers to a better cause. Not only the packaging but also the firetruck is made out of recycled, biodegradable material.

Along with benefitting the environment, this toy firetruck is also FDA approved. Thus it is safe for your children to use and play with. Even the dimensions of the firetruck are such that they are ideal for all age groups, even toddlers. Moreover, there will be no harm or problem that your child will have to face when lifting the truck and carrying it around.

Why do We Like It?

It is very lightweight and hence parents do not have to worry about the kids hitting others or getting hurt. Kids quickly master it and can carry the truck around with complete ease. Moreover, eco-friendly materials are used in making.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Manufactured from biodegradable material
  • For developing finger gripping toddlers, a special space is also present.
  • The design does not have a lot of details

2. FUNERICA Toy Firetruck with Lights and Sounds

FUNERICA Toy Firetruck with Lights and Sounds


It is not just necessary that in order to be the very best firetruck toy, it needs to enhance the motor skills of your child. Yes, that too is very important, but sometimes, all a kid wants is to make up a good playtime scenario and play plain old fireman. This plays a major role in developing a child’s imagination and creative skills.

The FUNERICA Toy firetruck comes with bonus figurines and I think that is absolutely thrilling for the child. It doesn’t just come with one single truck but has characters that can make the entire situation come to life for your child through imagination.

The best part is that these figurines are not just those of firemen but also civilians. This allows your child and interactive play which would surely end in the day being saved.

The special friction mechanism makes the truck’s wheels smoothly and safely rotate on any surface. This is great for toddlers and they will learn multiple different kinds of push and pull movements.

The fact that there is a minimal amount of moving parts makes the item super safe for toddlers. The siren and light features add more excitement when the child sees the toy. There are three different kinds of sound effects and even a ladder can be pulled out which the child can play with.

Why do We Like It?

The minute details added to the truck make it very realistic. Moreover, the figurines that come along are perfect to grasp the child’s attention and keep them occupied.

  • Perfect for making scenarios and interactive play
  • Child can be kept occupied for a long time because of the lights and different sound effects
  • Materials used during manufacture are pretty safe for the use of a child
  • It is not that big for children above 7 years old to use

3. FUNERICA Toy Fire Truck with Lights and Sounds

FUNERICA Toy Fire Truck with Lights and Sounds


The realistic design of this truck is what kids love the most. The details have been kept in mind and painted on so intricately to make it resemble the real thing as closely as possible. This will allow your kids to fully indulge in interactive playtime.

There are five figurines that are included in the package and this is an absolute plus point. The fact that a swiveling ladder is also present puts this firetruck apart from all other toys in the market. It even comes with a basket that can hold the two firemen figurines.

The easy to navigate ladder mechanism is also a great way for toddlers to learn how to operate items with their hands, grip them and move them around. Even when on rocky terrain, the truck will not stop or lose balance because of the efficient push and pull system. It is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors.

Why do We Like It?

Multiple playing scenarios can be made because of the figurines that come along with the firetruck. Even the ladder is quite flexible

  • Simple navigation
  • Swiveling ladder is loved by kids
  • Manufactured using sturdy materials
  • There is slight distortion in the speakers

4. LEGO Duplo Town 10592 Fire Truck Building Kit

LEGO Duplo Town 10592 Fire Truck Building Kit


Not only the child’s imagination but also the building capabilities are enhanced when using LEGO. Although this firetruck is not very difficult to assemble, your child will still love the challenge it poses. It comes with 26 pieces that can be used in so many different ways.

Moreover, since the child would build the toy himself/herself, it will be more valued and cherished by him/her. This toy is also compatible with other building sets so you surely can buy other LEGO sets with it too.

Even though the parts are pretty small, they are still safe for the use of toddlers. The catchy design and moving wheels will surely catch the attention of kids.

Why do We Like It?

It is a great way for enhancing a child’s imagination. Moreover, the retractable fire hose makes it super fun.

  • Easy to build despite being challenging
  • All 26 parts are safe for toddler and children use
  • Figures and fire hose create great playing scenarios
  • Can’t move as fluidly as other models

5. Paw Patrol Marshall’s Fire Fightin’ Truck. Vehicle and Figure

Paw Patrol Marshall’s Fire Fightin’ Truck. Vehicle and Figure


This Paw Patrol firetruck is designed in such a manner that it is surely going to positively stimulate the minds of toddlers up to two years old. Children usually bang their toys around on the floor, but the sturdy material that this toy is made of makes it withstand any kind of external pressure.

Although it is not that ideal for use outdoors or on rough terrain, if you are planning on using this firetruck indoors only, then it is the best choice for your child. One of these about this firetruck that is super amazing is that it not just comes with one or two playing figures but a total of eight. Seven out of these eight figurines are heroic dogs and one figure is a boy named Ryder who is their leader.

Thus, if you are looking for something that will make your child play for a longer period of time or enhance his/her imagination, then this toy should be your ideal choice. Moreover, it comes with figurines of dogs and who doesn’t love dogs! Furthermore, the dogs are made in a very neutral manner so even girls will love this toy! Even the size of the toy is perfect for easy gripping in small hands.

Why do We Like It?

The figurines are wonderfully manufactured and each has a back story of its own. It is also ideal for really young kids because there is no building involve and thus no small parts.

  • The back story of each character makes it fun for kids who get bored easily
  • The wheels are sturdy and can be taken off or put back on
  • Figurines are well designed
  • Losing the figurines is easy as reported by some parents

6. Toy State 14” Rush And Rescue Police And Fire-Hook and Ladder Truck

Toy State 14” Rush And Rescue Police And Fire-Hook and Ladder Truck


This firetruck is made for children who are 3 years old or up. If you are looking for an ‘educational’ toy, then I can assure you that is the option you should go for. 3 AA batteries are required for it to operate. These batteries are in turn connected to the engine which makes the wheels run and the truck to ‘drive’. This would be an interesting option, especially for boys.

Furthermore, using this toy as a template, you can even teach your child the fundamentals and basics of automotive technology. Another great thing is that not only forward driving is present in the driving mechanism but left and right turning is also included. Moreover, the rescue sounds, vocal recordings and other additional music is also a part of this truck and can be controlled.

This would give your child plenty of non-stop excitement and keep them busy. Apart from the wheel and ladder, no other moving piece is present. Kids would also be able to use the hook and create scenarios where they are saving lives.

Why do We Like It?

It is an amazing way to help kids learn about cars and rescue services. The power depends completely on the batteries, so if you are using strong ones, the toy will work for a long time.

  • Being remote controlled, it lasts a long time
  • Can be used for educational purposes
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Batteries usually don’t last a long time

7. Kid Galaxy Jumbo Soft and Squeezable Fire Truck

Kid Galaxy Jumbo Soft and Squeezable Fire Truck


The light and siren features make this firetruck a favorite among toddlers. Moreover, the Kid Galaxy firetruck can be used both inside the home and outside and helps the child practice and improve their grip while pushing the toy around.

However, since the wheels are not made to be used on every terrain, therefore it is not advised that you use it on rocky or unstable surfaces. The action sound or the siren sound can be activated by three huge buttons on the truck’s side. Moreover, there are flashing lights present on each side of the hood which can be easily activated by the child.

The fact that children of all ages can use this firetruck, therefore, it is made with extra safety features like the absence of corners and sharp edges. Furthermore, the extremely lightweight does not damage or dent the walls or any other furniture item.

Why do We Like It?

It instills a sense of spatial awareness in the child and also develops sounds and lights registering skills. It is ideal for toddlers because of the sturdy built.

  • Sirens and flashing lights makes it perfect for interactive play
  • Long lasting batteries
  • Excellent for small fingers
  • Children 5 years old and above might find it boring

8. WolVol Electric Fire Truck Toy

WolVol Electric Fire Truck Toy


It is important to understand that when a kid gets older, he/she does not just like to control the firetruck manually. What makes the child more excited and hyped up about a toy is if the firetruck changes directions. This is sure to provide extra fun to your kid’s playtime. The WolVol firetruck model will change directions as soon as the contact gets harder because it is really sensitive to impact.

This might cause the truck to get stuck in a piece of furniture. Nevertheless, this will lead to the child developing problem-solving skills. The brights are not only really bright but can also flash in three different directions. These flashing lights are coupled with three different sounds which include the sound of sirens as well as other recordings depending upon the action that is taking place.

This firetruck requires 3 AA batteries because it is remote controlled. When considering the aspect of the child’s physical activity, there too this firetruck is advantageous. Since you can never know for sure where this firetruck will go, it then becomes a fun feat for younger kids to chase it around.

Why do We Like It?

Even older kids find bright lights really exciting. This is a perfect toy for indoor playtime.

  • The kids can be kept engaged for long periods of time because of the 3D lighting system
  • The direction changing mechanism encourages physical activity as it involves plenty of chasing around
  • It is fairly simple to control
  • It doesn’t come with batteries

9. Kid Galaxy My First RC Fire Truck

Kid Galaxy My First RC Fire Truck


If you want to give something to your toddler as a first toy, then this remote-controlled firetruck is a really good choice. The control system allows your child to have a long time of interactive play making sure that he/she is kept busy. The only thing that your toddler would have to do is hold on to a small steering wheel-shaped remote control and use the two buttons to navigate the toy around.

The spinning mechanism causes the firetruck to start rotating out of control and this is something that most parents have said that toddlers love. Moreover, no moving or small parts are included. This firetruck has been FDA approved in order to make it safe for toddlers and kids who are two years old and above.

It would drive perfectly smoothly on the majority of the indoor surfaces. It usually does not malfunction if for some reason it gets stuck or falls from a certain height.

Why do We Like It?

This toy is perfect for enhancing and developing the motor skills and spatial awareness in toddlers. Only two buttons are involved which makes the control really easy. Moreover the buttons are designed to specifically fit in the toddler’s fingers.

  • Bright colors and simple design
  • Really entertaining and easy to control (especially the spinning the mechanism)
  • It is the perfect source to help develop grip
  • Cannot be used outside the house for playing

10. Gizmovine Friction Power Fire Truck Toy with Lights and Sounds

Gizmovine Friction Power Fire Truck Toy with Lights and Sounds


This firetruck is the perfect thing to give to both, children and toddlers. Your child’s creativity and imagination are stimulated as they are able to create and take part in multiple playtime scenarios. Moreover, moving this toy is also super easy and it can be gripped from any side, thus it becomes an ideal option for kids who need to work on their grip and practice holding things without dropping them.

This toy firetruck can even withstand any pressure or impact, keeping safe from damage. This is because sturdy and top quality materials are used to manufacture this firetruck. The four different sounds that are included in this firetruck make sure that the child can have the time of their lives by imagining various rescue scenes.

Multiple choices for different kinds of rescue scenarios are also given to your child through the addition of an extending ladder. This toy can be used both outdoors and indoors because the wheels are made with a strong material that can handle tough terrains. Moreover, this firetruck is small enough to be taken on a vacation or even carried to the kindergarten.

Why do We Like It?

Your child will surely not get bored while playing because of the four different available sound options. Moreover, the details are pretty phenomenal.

  • It is an amazing way to instill manipulative abilities in toddlers and younger children
  • Built in a durable manner
  • Is able to take quite a lot of falls
  • The amount of sharp edges is pretty low
  • It is quite small for kids who are older than four

11. Liberty Imports 13” R/C Rescue Fire Engine Truck

Liberty Imports 13” R/C Rescue Fire Engine Truck


This would an excellent firetruck if your child loves brightly colored toys with amazing details. It has been studied that along with functionality children crave visual stimuli between the ages of 2 to 6 and they receive these visual stimuli from their toys.

This firetruck model is an ideal option as it caters to both of these requirements through the fact that every detail on the truck is as close to reality as possible. Moreover, the design has been made to resemble real firetrucks! There is so much room for the child to grip on to the toy which makes this size ideal for toddlers.

Along with the small size, it is also lightweight so your child can carry it with himself/herself wherever they want to take it. The jaw-dropping remote control system probably has to be the best part of this firetruck. The truck can be made to go in literally all directions simply by touching a button. However, 5 AA batteries are needed to power it.

Why do We Like It?

According to me, this is one of the best-designed firetrucks in the market because of the amazing and responsive remote control system.

  • It adds a completely new flavor to playtime
  • Very easy to control
  • Details are amazing
  • Ideal size for not only toddlers but also smaller kids
  • Batteries are not included

12. Liberty Imports My First RC Cartoon Car Vehicle 2-Channel Remote Control Toy

Liberty Imports My First RC Cartoon Car Vehicle 2-Channel Remote Control Toy


Kids of the age of one and older need those toys to play with which enhances and develops their observational capabilities. This fast and easy to control firetruck is sure to develop these skills in the child. The fact that the remote control is in the shape of a steering wheel makes it super easy for your kid to hold it.

The vehicle can be operated via the controls in the forward, left and reverse directions. Moreover, the child can make a honking sound with the press of a single button. Along with this, there is also music in the firetruck which makes the whole experience fun and interactive for your kid.

In this day and age where children are getting used to electronic gadgets like phones and tablets, toys like these are extremely essential. Your child will get the complete audio-visual experience and will be kept occupied for hours.

Why do We Like It?

The control system is easy and entertaining.

  • Easy control
  • Remote control is a small wheel (prefect for the small hands of a toddler)
  • Faster than most remote controlled firetrucks on the market
  • Removable action figure is included
  • Can become too small as the child grows older

13. WolVol Cute Mini Electric Fire Truck Toy

WolVol Cute Mini Electric Fire Truck Toy


It is important to remember that children have the tendency to learn things more easily when done in a fun manner. This WolVol firetruck is probably the best thing through which children can learn either English or Spanish. The interactive voice controls encourage the child to repeat words and phrases after it making learning easier.

Moreover, there is also a factor of unpredictability because whenever the firetruck bumps into any obstacle, it changes its direction. This adds an element of excitement for the child and also makes room for physical activity.

The small size is really appealing for toddlers and they will chase after it for hours until they do not get tired. Just give it some time and your child will surely learn new names and terms related to different departments. These may include words like ‘police’ and ‘fire brigade’.

Why do We Like It?

The English and Spanish voice feature make this firetruck toy a really educational tool. When playtime gets really long, the self-operating setting proves to be extremely useful.

  • Excellent way to teach kids English and Spanish
  • Amazing playing tool because of the unpredictable movements
  • Batteries last quite a long time
  • The lights can be pretty bright

14. KidKraft Fire Truck Toddler Bed

KidKraft Fire Truck Toddler Bed


If there is one company in the market that specializes in making kid’s beds is KidKraft and the best example of this is their firetruck bed. Its maximum weight carrying capacity is 50 lbs and is generally made for toddlers and very small children.

Due to the silk-screened design of this firetruck bed, it becomes an excellent option for a particularly rowdy child who likes to inspect and touch everything. The details printed on the bed are really difficult to scratch off.

The whole design is really well merged into the firetruck theme. Even the rails next to the headrest are made to resemble the safety ladders on a real firetruck. One of the best and advantageous features about this bed is that all standard crib size mattresses and sheets can fit inside this bed easily. Even moving it around or picking it up is really convenient because it is entirely made out of wood.

Why do We Like It?

If your child is a crazy fan of firetrucks then this bed is sure to encourage and enhance his efforts to play. Moreover, considering it is just a toddler bed, it sure has a very strong and sturdy build!

  • Kids can have fun and play firetruck driver because the design is very colorful
  • There is an additional storage compartment under the main build
  • Fits multiple mattresses, sometimes even non-standard ones
  • Firetruck themed bedsheets are not included

15. Fisher-Price Little People Lift ‘n Lower Fire Truck

Fisher-Price Little People Lift ‘n Lower Fire Truck


This firetruck is more about the learning that comes along with playing. This toy has not one, not two, not even three, but twenty-five various songs, sounds and phrases. Give your kid just a few hours of playtime with this toy and he/she would have learned all the colors, opposite words and some information on fire rescue brigades.

Hence, very young kids and/or toddlers who are on the verge of their linguistic formation will find plenty of use for this toy. The songs can be activated simply by pushing the toy. The songs or phrases can literally be triggered by nearly all kinds of actions.

When it comes to this toy, the majority of the activity revolves around sliding action figures up and down the ladder. This will automatically trigger and activate a series of lights and lessons that would be about rescue and fire safety. Special songs and phrases can also be activated by a button on the driver’s seat.

Why do We Like It?

This firetruck toy comes with a vast array of songs. Moreover, it has various controls and mechanisms which allow the child to have an interactive playtime.

  • Efficiently teaches new words and phrases
  • Small but amazingly designed action figures are also available
  • Probably has the best compilation and collection of songs, lessons and phrases
  • When considering physical activity and basic pushing, this toy will not be as much fun as the others

16. Minmi Blowing Bubble Fire Engine Rescue Truck

Minmi Blowing Bubble Fire Engine Rescue Truck


This firetruck toy will give your child a different, new and interactive way of playing. The fact that remote control is present makes it super easy to operate the car so much so that even toddlers can understand the mechanism of operation all by themselves while playing.

Moreover, your child can imagine experiencing participation in an actual rescue mission scene because the design of the firetruck closely resembles that of a real-life one. The best part of this firetruck is its bubble burst action.

There is a compartment where a 120ml bottle of water or bubble solution can be kept. This is present within the pump and adds on to the child’s excitement of playing. Multiple bubbles, both big and strong are released from the strong burst action.

Why do We Like It?

It is more entertaining for a child because of the presence of the bubble burst action.

  • The bubble burst action is quite strong
  • Bubbles are released non-stop
  • It is manufactured from a biodegradable, non-toxic ABS plastic
  • Easy to control
  • Some children might find the LED lights too bright

17. Tonka Mighty Motorized Fire Truck

Tonka Mighty Motorized Fire Truck


 When it comes to amazing toy cars and toy trucks, Tonka has always been at the top of their game and even this firetruck model is no exception. The wheels, due to their mobility, can easily move over most surfaces including toys, carpets and other items that are commonly lying around the house.

The motorized ladder is probably the best feature of this firetruck toy because a lot of playing scenarios can be created with it. You can extend the ladder upwards and even sideways, all you got to do is pull a lever and adjust the ladder according to your liking.

Moreover, this ladder can help the toddler work on their grip sensitivity and grip strength. Moreover, added on to this, it is light in weight but has a very strong built from top to bottom.

Why do We Like It?

The built is so sturdy that it will even survive a drop from the first floor. It allows for interactive playing because of loud and realistic sounds.

  • Excellent mobility indoors regardless of the surface
  • The child is kept well occupied and fascinated for a long time because of the realistic sounds
  • The motorized ladder can be operated by a pull-sensitive lever
  • After excessive outdoor play, wheels tend to fall off.

18. Toy State 14” Rush And Rescue Police And Fire-Hook And Ladder Fire Truck

Toy State 14” Rush And Rescue Police And Fire-Hook And Ladder Fire Truck


Firetrucks, especially this one in question can prove to be an excellent tool for educational purposes. Children can learn the fundamentals of object manipulation through the motorized mechanism. The truck can even be driven forward via the remote control.

Moreover, only a little swerving is enabled. If you want to teach your child how an object moves and how they can influence the movement with their two hands, then I guess that this would be an excellent choice. However, the main thing that the educational factor revolves around is actually the sound-related function.

It gets easy to recognize firetrucks in real life when you are already accustomed to music and rescue sounds. Along with this, even phrases that are specific to rescue or emergency services can be activated by the child. Thus, this makes this firetruck an ideal choice for kids of all ages.

Why do We Like It?

It is an excellent way to teach kids about rescue missions and emergency services. It also has an excellent grip for kids of all ages.

  • Multiple different phrases can be easily learned by the child
  • Maximum efficiency with regards to movement because of motorized drive
  • Manually retractable ladder makes room for even more playing scenarios
  • Batteries don’t last quite long

19. Big-Daddy Fire Rescue Toy Play Set

Big-Daddy Fire Rescue Toy Play Set


Due to two major features: durability and versatility, this toy becomes one of the best ones out there. It has almost 40 plus items and includes mostly every average fire brigade vehicle. The firetrucks that are slightly more specialized actually have retractors, cables and ladders for a more realistic look.

You can use this toy to either play with your child for long hours or even use it for educational purposes. The different scenarios will teach your kid all they need to know about firemen and rescue missions. All the pieces are safe for the use of children and are FDA approved.

However, it is advised that the child using this toy should be 3 years old or above. This is because of the complexity of the set. The extra road signs and victim figures make the fire related scenarios possible for being acted out.

Why do We Like It?

An amazing array of firetrucks and other related items is included in the package.

  • Any fire/rescue mission can be acted out with complete ease
  • Toys are designed in such a fashion that it instills key skills and knowledge in people
  • The material used should be sturdy
  • Smaller kids might find it too complex

20. Tonka Rescue Force Lights and Sounds 12-inch Ladder Truck

Tonka Rescue Force Lights and Sounds 12-inch Ladder Truck


Tonka firetrucks are actually quite famous for their sturdy toys that can withstand dropping, smashing and even other accidental or on purpose impacts. Other than the ladder, there are no other moving parts present which add on to the strong build.

Your child can act out the rescue scenarios again with relative ease because the ladder is quite high. Even the packaging is easy to handle as it is made out of strong and lightweight materials.

Moreover, the wheel mechanism is also praiseworthy. When used either indoors or outdoors, these wheels have proven to have excellent mobility and durability. The item is super easy to grip by toddlers because the plastic has a really fine finish. Children also absolutely love the manually activated lights.

Why do We Like It?

A moderately strong push or a pull can be applied to move the extremely mobile ladder. Even the sounds are pretty loud.

  • Very durable
  • Can withstand almost every impact
  • Long lasting lights that give 3-D experience
  • Mobile wheels
  • Some kids find the sounds and music too loud




Firetruck toys for toddlers and little children should have a lot of interesting features to keep the child occupied. The most impactful feature of this particular toy is surely its hook and ladder system. Moreover, the ladder is made with excellent quality material and is able to make it through the aggressive pushing and pulling by a toddler.

The hook is another excellent feature as it allows room for the child to create realistic rescue scenes by combining this toy with the others. The out of the box stabilizing mechanism also sets this model apart from others on the market.

This feature makes sure that the firetruck is stable even when the ladder is fully extended. The 16 lights, multiple horns and sounds also make an excellent toy for the kid. The lights can even be made to flash or glow in a controlled manner because of a button-based mechanism.

Why do We Like It?

Out of the many firetruck models in the market, this one is towards the larger side and is perfect for kids who prefer a bigger challenge.

  • Extremely stable
  • Difficult to topple over in many playtime situations
  • The large amount lights results in an amazing and brilliant light show
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Children less than 3 years old might find it a little big

22. Liberty Imports Kids Pop Up Play Tent

Liberty Imports Kids Pop Up Play Tent


When it comes to a generic firetruck toy format, this company has given it a unique twist by coming up with a firetruck tent. Through this, your child can become completely immersed in rescue scenarios during playtime. The best is that it is made out of non-woven polyester.

This ensures that there are no rips or damage in the tent, even after years of playing with it. moreover, the material of the fabric even makes it super simple to remove difficult stains from it be it on a regular basis. The extremely simple pop-up mechanism is also an impressive addition to the firetruck.

Even following the steps to assemble and memorize it are so simple that your child would be able to do it all by himself/herself after just a few minutes of watching you do it first. The top and the back has two openings. The back one is a great addition, making it ideal for rescue and emergency role-play scenarios.

Why do We Like It?

It gives the child a more interactive and different approach to the conventional firetruck scenario. since it is light in weight, it can be carried everywhere.

  • Perfect for use both indoors and outdoors because of the durable material
  • Very simple to set up that children can even do it by themselves
  • Small upon retracting
  • Easy to pack
  • When children are over four years old, there are chances that the tent might tip over

23. Wonder Toys 7” Fire Truck Fire Engine

Wonder Toys 7” Fire Truck Fire Engine - 2 pack 


Wonder Toys usually come in a pack of two trucks which is great! Moreover, both the trucks have identical features. However, the overall weight of the trucks is very high because they are made from cast metal. When compared to the plastic built, this one actually promotes the development of grip strength and weight awareness in younger kids.

The aim of the company was actually to create a firetruck model that feels realistic to the core with both doors being able to open. Another unusual thing which generally isn’t seen is the presence of small controls inside the toy.

This firetruck model allows for multiple playing options. The sirens are loud and realistic even when months of continuous playtime have gone by. The flashing lights make sure that visual stimulus is provided to the child, motivating him/her to continue playing.

Why do We Like It?

Although at first glance, the two trucks might seem similar, they are still slightly differently designed. A great number of movable parts are present which allow interactive play.

  • Sturdy built
  • Doesn’t sustain damage
  • Hard to break
  • Loud sirens and bright flashing lights allow an interactive play
  • Detail is given plenty of attention
  • Furniture might be damaged due to heavy build.

24. Top Race Fire Engine Truck with Water Pump Spray

Top Race Fire Engine Truck with Water Pump Spray


As we’ve established in the prior products, a large number of features are a must-have in toddler or children firetruck toys. A battery-powered pump is present in this Top Race Truck model. This pump is able to eject a six-foot water stream in the air.

The best part is that the batteries required to operate the pump can last quite a long time, even for up to a few months. A movable ladder and the water releasing pump are connected to each other. The ladder can even be twisted and turned in all possible directions but it will not adversely affect the water pressure.

The bum-sensitive mechanism is also a really interesting feature. This means that as soon as the truck is exposed to any kind of obstacle, it will immediately change direction. This adds a factor of unpredictability which can prove to be a lot of fun for the child, both when playing on their own and when playing with friends.

Why do We Like It?

The strong pump releases a lot of water in a single push. Moreover, the truck is really sensitive to bumps and will instantly change direction when it comes in contact with any obstacle.

  • The mobile ladder directs the pump in almost every direction
  • The lights are bright but the volume of the sirens is quite low which is why the toy will not cause any disturbances
  • The build is quite strong
  • It actually might be quite big for toddlers

25. Fisher-Price Disney’s Mickey’s Fire Truck

Fisher-Price Disney’s Mickey’s Fire Truck


This firetruck makes sure that your child will learn plenty of words and phrases in a really fun manner. The most fun part for a child is the Mickey Mouse figurine dressed in a fireman’s uniform that comes along with the truck.

The figurine can not only be placed on the control station, but also on top of the truck. Kids absolutely love creating rescue scenarios with their favorite Disney characters. Moreover, Mickey will always say something every time the truck is rolled or the pump is raised. The fact that there is a large variety of phrases and words that the figurine will speak; there is a lesser chance of your child getting bored.

The truck’s mobility is also amazing! The child’s safety is also kept as the topmost priority because there are no sharp corners or edges in the firetruck. There are almost no chances of your child destroying the furniture or injuring themselves.

Why do We Like It?

It provides the child with an interesting and fun way to learn important firefighting and emergency services related words and phrases. Whenever the truck is rolled, the sirens will be turned on.

  • The learning becomes even more fun filled when you know that Mickey Mouse is involved
  • The ladder is quite mobile
  • The lightweight built and soft finish makes it quite safe for playing
  • The design is kind of boring

26. LEGO City Fire Ladder Truck 60107

LEGO City Fire Ladder Truck 60107


LEGO has always kept education their priority too along with fun. When compared to most LEGO models, this one is quite simple to assemble. Even the building process is designed in such a way that it helps kids learn about different kinds of shapes and their interaction with one another.

The 360 degree spinning toy ladder is probably the star of the show when it comes to this firetruck. Your child can reenact many kinds of playing scenarios because the ladder is easily movable. The stud-shooting mechanism also gives a fire hose like feel during playtime.

The best part is that figurines and firefighters of both genders are included in the set. It also includes road signs and small fires. However, it is not ideal for kids who are under 5 years of age because it involves a lot of small parts and pieces.

Why do We Like It?

When it comes to ladders on firetrucks, this one is probably the most mobile. Kids can be taught about gender equality from a young age, because this inclusive set comes with female firefighter figurines as well.

  • Very easy to both, assemble and dissemble (will take less than half an hour)
  • New dimension to tackling a fire is provided by the stud-shooting mechanism
  • Design is very beautiful
  • In cases of major impact, wheels have been reported to have fallen off

27. Bruder Mack Granite Fire Engine with Water Pump

Bruder Mack Granite Fire Engine with Water Pump


This German-made fire truck for kids and toddlers allows the child to have a long-time playing aid. Sturdy and eco-friendly plastics like ABS are used to manufacture this item. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that, build quality blends perfectly with mobility and as a result, you get a lightweight fire truck model.

It is also one of the most realistic fire truck models on our list and is also made to resemble German fire engines. The ramp can move in all directions and is kept balanced with the help of stabilizers. Moreover, if your child does not want to roll the truck, then the second set of stabilizers is present to make sure that the engine is kept in place.

Therefore, this fire truck is a great addition to playing scenarios that involve saving the day from a massive fire.

Why do We Like It?

It is lightweight as well as has a strong build which ensures that no damage is done in case of dropping or smashing while playing.

  • The design is very realistic and resembles real fire engines used in Germany
  • Each part is correctly sized in comparison to others with a scale of 1:16 being used
  • Excellent for use both indoors and outdoors because of sturdy wheels
  • Lesser lights and siren features

28. InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car

InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car


A regular fire truck can get a little boring so you can change things up a little by using this vintage version. This fire truck has been modeled after a real life early 20th century fire truck and brings a new furor and excitement to fire fighting scenarios.

The fact that the design is a vintage one is also an excellent way to teach your kid about the history of automotive and the way vintage cars worked, even down to the tiniest of details. Even the pedal height can be adjusted which means that this fire truck can’t be outgrown.

The maximum weight limit of this fire truck is 70 lbs which means that it will last you a couple of years. The wheels are super simple to control and responsive even when it comes to very minute movements. This is also a great way to introduce your kids to spatial awareness and the concept of driving.

Why do We Like It?

It is super simple to drive. The chrome finish and real tires provide a complete vintage experience.

  • Responsive driving mechanism makes it easy to navigate
  • Solid steel is used during manufacture of the frame
  • Glossy paint jobs
  • Authentic and minute details
  • Can’t respond well to really sharp turns

29. Dickie Toys 24” Light and Sound Fire Brigade Vehicle (With Working Pump)

Dickie Toys 24” Light and Sound Fire Brigade Vehicle (With Working Pump)


Fire rescue mission scenarios can be played with the tiniest of details because the fire engine is very realistically designed. An example of this is the added water details on the water pump.

The three fire extinguishers complete the entire set of firefighting accessories. The main goal of this fire truck is to educate through fun. The rotating ladder is probably the best part and can move around approximately 350 degrees.

It is ideal for any kind of playing scenario. If your child has any action figures, then the basket is a perfect space to keep them in an organized way. The experience is completed by light and sound effects adding on to the educational bonanza.

Why do We Like It?

The ladder is one of the extremely mobile ones in almost all fire truck toys.

  • Multiple accessories available to teach kids basic features of an emergency service
  • Easy grip for kids of all ages
  • Superb mobility
  • Can get damaged when dropped from a large height

30. Daron FDNY Vehicle Gift Set, 5 Piece

Daron FDNY Vehicle Gift Set, 5 Piece


Although this is a smaller toy, it is still great for toddlers and kids and them creating various scenarios. This set is themed and is particularly made keeping the New York City Fire Department in mind. The five vehicles in the set allow for plenty of scenarios and playing options.

These five vehicles are a regular fire truck, a smaller car, a van and two special rescue vehicles. This variety is a great educational benefit. All these vehicles have no moving pieces and are made from cast metal.

Although they are not as mobile as many of the other toys on this list, they still are designed beautifully keeping small children in mind. Attention has been paid on the details and even the smallest ones are included. Moreover, this toy is an excellent way for toddlers and small kids to practice grip.

Why do We Like It?

All major rescue vehicles are present with the smallest of details being kept in mind.

  • Grip ease is increased because of small size
  • Child friendly packaging
  • Has a lot of variety
  • Lack of mobility doesn’t allow for a lot of scenarios

Final Words

There are two purposes when it comes to finding the best fire truck toy for your kid or toddler. This is that your child is educated and can learn important stuff while having fun! The right fire truck toy can improve a child’s spatial awareness and manipulation skills.

There are many different kinds of toys on the market, some focusing on fun, others on educating. However, in the last few years, many versatile models have appeared. Any fire truck from this list is a perfect gift for kids and toddlers.

We hope that this would help you make the right choice.