8 Best Stacking Toys for Toddlers – 2023 Buying Guide

Are you in search of worthy toys for your toddler? Stacking toys could be a great option. They might appear simple, but offer enormous benefits for kids. They assist in the better physical and mental development of kids between the age of six months and 8 years.

These toys come in different shapes and colors that make kids learn them in a playful manner. Also, stacking toys are crucial to improve fine motor control, cognitive skills, and spatial awareness. These pieces construct various skills in your child. Here are the best squishies for kids and adults to make them feel relax.

Well, all stacking toys are not the same. Their manufacturing quality and other features may differ a lot. That’s why it is important for you to understand these dissimilarities.

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In order to make the selection process easier, we have highlighted a list of Best Stacking Toys of 2023 here. We have also provided a detailed buyer’s guide in this piece. Thus, you may have a better understanding of a toy that you are purchasing for your kids. 

The 8 Best Stacking Toys for Toddlers

1. Fisher-Price Light-Up Lion Stacker

Fisher-Price Light-Up Lion Stacker


This unique looking vibrant stacker contains a lovely lion face at the top point of the stacker pole.

Key features:

  • Four colorful pieces to stack
  • Pieces are made in a star shape
  • Emits light
  • Gives of seven different sounds
  • Produces sparkling light and sounds on stacking a star
  • Suitable for six months onwards
  • Made up of plastic
  • Suitable for both genders
Fascinating appearanceAssistance in kids’ developmentGood quality manufacturing

The striking feature of this one of the best stacking toys for kids is its captivating exterior. Not only does it come with vibrating colors, but the cherry on the top is its lion.

It has a tender lion face on the top of the stacking pole. It associates this toy with a character. We all know how much kids love these animal characters. 

Well, that’s not all. Its stacking pieces are in a star shape that looks different from other regular rings.

This FisherPrice toy is made while putting a focus on child development. While a child will hold and put stars on the pole, it will improve the fine motor skills. The maturity of hand-eye coordination would be another benefit here.

Here’s something more.

Whenever a child put the piece over the stacking pole, it produces sparkling lights and fun sound. Moreover, the songs will be different for stacking each piece.  

It is a kind of rewarding thing for kids. This trait would assist your child to grasp the concept of cause and effect.

Parents usually get extremely worried about the quality of the products their kids are using. This Fisher-Price stacking toy is made up of plastic. Moreover, the pieces are large, soft, and durable.

So, the kid will enjoy holding and putting them without getting hurt. The stars have basic primary colors. It can help parents to teach them about basic colors.

Overall, this toy is amazing to keep your child busy for hours. It produces seven different sounds on either stacking stars or pressing down the lion’s head.

The colorful sparkling lights and sounds are enough to keep younger kids busy. On the other hand, a bit older kid will enjoy the stacking part.

  • As its stacking stars are large and soft, a child can hold it easily with small hands.
  • A light-up head on the top of the stack could be fun.
  • 7 different sounds are enough to keep kids engaged.
  • You can’t turn off its sound button or control the volume.
  • It only comes with four stacking pieces.

2. The First Years Stack Up Cups

The First Years Stack Up Cups


It is a stacking toy best suitable for kids at the beginner level. These eight colorful cups can teach kids several practical lessons.

Key features:

  • Contains 8 cups of different sizes
  • Cups contain basic primary colors
  • Made up of plastic
  • Cups are numbered at the bottom
  • A unique hole at the bottom of each cup
Classic funEasy handling Numbers learningBath toy

Unlike many people’s perceptions, kids don’t need fancy toys all the time. They actually need different things to explore or play with. This First year Stacking toy is one of the best pieces for this purpose.

It is simple. It is classic. It comes with certain plain and creative features that can bring a whole new concept to the kids.

This classic toy comprises 8 cups of different sizes and colors. They are lightweight and easy to handle. Kids can grab and stack them conveniently.

Moreover, all cups have a unique color. Your child won’t find it fascinating but would learn a lot through it.  

All fun of this toy is not restricted to the stacking only. Each cup contains a large number embossed on it at the bottom.

It wouldn’t be of any use for the babies. But, your elder child would love to learn numeral through it. Kids can stack them in the right order. They can also put them in a line or a circle using a correct number sequence.

The fun just doesn’t stop till numerals. Here’s something more.

This stacking toy can even be used as an amazing bath toy. How? Each cup contains a hole at the bottom. The shape of the hole, however, is not the same in all.

They are different. So when your kid will fill the water in it, it will flow in a unique shape. Wouldn’t it be fascinating for your little one?

  • With its 8 different sized stackable cups, kids can learn to differentiate them.
  • They possess bold and primary colors.
  • You can even use it to elevate the bath-time fun.
  • You can teach your child about colors using these cups.
  • Its colors might not feel as vivid in real as they appear on the packaging.

3. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

This vibrant colored Stacking toy contains five rings. The top-most ring contains a transparent surface with rattling beads inside.

Key features:

  • Five varying sized rings
  • Made up of non-toxic plastic
  • The top ring contains beads
  • Wobbly base to rock the stack
  • Vibrant colors
High-quality manufacturingVariety of gamesEasy to clean

This stacking toy in our list is again a FisherPrice set. You can trust it for its high-quality material and making.

The colors of the rings are glossy and vibrant to grab kids’ attention. Moreover, the rings are made with non-toxic plastic. Thus, you won’t need to worry when your child will habitually put rings in the mouth.

This toy edition is not limited to just stacking only. Your child can play with it in a variety of ways.

First, they can stack it according to their sizes. It will give them the concept of relative sizes.

They can also take the top-most ring out only. It has a transparent upper side and possesses beads.

The shaking will make beads rotate and swivel to produce amusing sounds. Your child will also love merely looking at these colorful beads.

Once your kids get bored of all, they can simply rock the base for enjoyment. Its base is wobbly, and on batting, it will rock the stack.

Cleanliness becomes extremely important when it is a matter of your child. We have seen mothers worrying about toys’ sanitation.

Well, this Fisherprice stacking toy can give you comfort by allowing simple and complete cleaning.

  • It’s plastic rings are very smooth and easy to hold for little hands.
  • It is quite simple to clean.
  • As its rings have a bold and primary color, kids can start learning about colors from it.
  • Your baby will enjoy playing with the beads of its top ring.
  • In order to perform a complete cleaning, you would need to unscrew its base.

4. Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker Wooden Ring Educational Toy

Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker Wooden Ring Educational Toy


This Melissa & Doug Stacker is manufactured by all-natural wood. It is a non-toxic and easy-to-grasp toy with eight brightly colored rings.

Key features:

  • 8 easy-to-grasp rings
  • Its pieces and base are made up of wood
  • Child-safe and durable material
  • Rings contain all colors of the rainbow
  • Smoothly sanded pieces  
Natural materialRainbow colorsRocking base

The thing unique and good about this stacking toy is its material. It is manufactured using all-natural wood. Furthermore, paints and other materials are also non-toxic.

It always feels good to keep natural and pure things around your kids.

In order to make this toy further safe, its pieces are smoothly sanded. Thus, there will be no sharp edges or splinters to hurt little hands.

Another remarkable attribute of this Melissa & Doug toy is the color selection. The seven rings and the top rounded piece depict rainbow colors in a sequence.

It could be a great source to make your child learn about it. Moreover, the colors are made very bright and exciting to fascinate kids.

Besides stacking and learning colors, this toy can serve as a rocking piece too. Its base is capable to rock gently. Your child would definitely love rocking it back and forth.

  • As its all pieces are made up of all-natural wood, it will be safe for your kids.
  • This high-quality Melissa & Doug stacker will help to learn practical skills.
  • Your kid can learn rainbow colors with its rings.
  • You would need to be careful with the rod of this wooden stacker.

5. Fat Brain Toys GeoPeg Stacking Tower

Fat Brain Toys GeoPeg Stacking Tower


This item comes with three sets of wooden stacking toys. The pieces of these stacks differ in their shapes and colors.

Key features:

  • Comes in three stacking sets
  • Sets are in octagons, cones, and rings shape
  • Made up of wood
  • Non-toxic paints
  • Comes in a variety of bright colors
  • Comes with 21 pieces in total with the wooden base
Three stacking setSafe materialChild development

The amazing attribute of this stacking tower is it comes in three different sets. The first set comprises of six pieces that are octagonal in shape. The second set contains five cones of along with the top-most piece that is cylindrical in shape.

The last set consists of seven rings and the topper that is spherical in shape. All these pieces have different vibrant colors. This stacking toy makes 21 pieces in total with the wooden base.

All three sets of this stacking toy are manufactured by wood. All pieces are painted using non-toxic paints.

This toy can help in developing fine motor skills, sequencing, creativity, size, shape, and color learning.

  • It could greatly assist in teaching your kid various shapes and colors.
  • With three different stackers, it can boost your child’s creativity.
  • This high-quality stacking toy is safe for your kid.
  • Its paint might start flaking with the time.

6. Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks

Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks


This stacking toy on our list is unique as compared to previous toys. It comprises of tall cardboard pieces tower. Each cardboard piece has printed alphabets with pictures on it.

Key features:

  • 10 cardboard blocks
  • Comes with images and letter illustration
  • Vibrant colors with fascinating images
  • Suitable for kids above two years age
Alphabets and letter learningEasy storage

This one stacking toy on our list is also a Melissa & Doug product. You can trust them for quality.

The unique attribute of this toy is the fact it contains alphabets from A-Z on its 10 blocks. Each side of these blocks contains a letter.

Besides, there are pictures of animals/objects that start from that letter. So, we can say, it gives an opportunity to teach kids in a fun way.

The blocks of this stacking toy are very lightweight and large. Besides stacking, they allow nesting as well. In this way, you won’t find any trouble to store them.

  • It is very convenient to store these blocks due to nesting.
  • It can help in teaching kids letters and even words
  • Its pieces are very light in weight
  • The cardboard pieces might not be as durable as plastic or wooden blocks can be.

7. Green Toys My First Stacker

Green Toys My First Stacker


This stacking toy comprises of 8 disc-shaped pieces. They are made up of recycled milk jugs.

Key features:

  • 8 different sized cups
  • Cups can be stacked or nested
  • Made up of 100% recycled milk jugs
  • BPA and Phthalate free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Award winner
Environment-friendly manufacturing Suitable for babies

The name of this product somehow tells about its major traits. This Green Toys My First Stacker is an absolute environment-friendly product. How?

It is manufactured using 100% recycled milk jugs. It means no additional plastic is used for its making. Wouldn’t it be a great way to teach kids how to care for the environment?

This toy looks very simple though, it can be great for babies. It has 8 nestable disc-shaped cups. These pieces have round edges to save kids from any mishap.

It also doesn’t have any rod. As we have already mentioned, it is made up of safe material. All these traits make it highly suitable for kids under age 1.

This is the reason; this product has won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award.

  • It is environment-friendly as made by using recycled material
  • The absence of rod can make it safe for babies.
  • As its cups are nestable, it will be easy to store them.
  • The color and making might feel boring to older kids.

8. First Builders Big Building Bag

First Builders Big Building Bag


This stacking toy contains a bag full of bright-colored blocks. This toy is suitable for kids age one year or above.

Key features:

  • Comes with 80 Mega Bloks
  • Contains a storage bag
  • Made up of BPA-free plastic
  • Compatible with other Mega Bloks products
  • Large and softer blocks
Numerous blocksSoft and safe for kidsStorage bag

This remarkable stacking toy comes with 80 blocks of different shapes and colors. They are also simple to stack them, as kids can do it from top to bottom.

It means even a younger child can make some amazing structures with it.

These blocks can be considered safe for kids because of a few reasons. first, they are made up of BPA-free and soft plastic.

Second, they are durable and large. All these traits would prevent toddlers from choking hazards. Also, as they are sturdy, they won’t break and hurt your child while handling them roughly.

Also, it is easier to see the large blocks. So, there will be very low chances of you stepping on them and hurting your feet.

It is probably the great attribute of such stacking toys. It comes with a storage bag. It means after a long hectic day, you won’t find it difficult to store these blocks.

You can simply shove them inside the bag and zip it.

  • Because of its storage, it will be effortless to store these blocks.
  • The unique shapes and easy stacking will keep younger kids engaged.
  • As blocks are large and soft, it will be safe for kids.
  • You might feel its quality lower as compared to LEGO products.
  • It comes with a limited color palette.

Stacking Toys Frequently Asked Questions

What are stacking toys?

Stack usually refers to putting things in order. Thus, stacking toys are those in which various objects are stacked on the top of each other. Now, these objects could be anything or shape.

Usually, they are rings, cups, boxes, and other similar things. Stacking toys are suitable for kids as young as 6 months until the age of 8 years and even more. These toys are very simple and engaging for toddlers.

How many types of stacking toys are available?

Stacking toys are available in a wide variety. They come in four different types that we are going to discuss below:

RingsNesting toysBlocksGeometric Stacker

These stacking toys are generally common among young kids around the age of 1. They contain rings with the base and a pole to hold rings. These rings can be of the same or different colors and sizes.

Generally, in stacking toys, an object is placed over each other. The case of nesting is a bit different. In such stacking toys, an object is placed inside another piece.

In our selected few of the best stacking toys 2019 edition, the cup set was of nesting type. However, these toys can have the set of any object that can fit inside each other.

Blocks are another type of stacking toys. All blocks in a toy are of the same size. A child can connect them together to make a stack or any other structure.

Few blocks also contain numerals, letters, or pictures for educational purposes.

These stacking toys involve pieces of different geometric shapes. They are stacked in some definite order.

Can we consider stacking blocks safe?

Stacking blocks are generally considered absolutely safe for kids. They are even safe for young kids or babies. However, there could be possibly two potential hazards with these blocks.

The first one is a choking hazard, and the second is the toxic chemicals.

The choking hazard arises because of the nature of kids. They are habitual of putting everything in their mouth out of curiosity.

Therefore, it is crucial to buy those blocks that are large enough to fit in the child’s mouth. Still, you should supervise kids while they play with them.

Also, you should only give a stacking toy to a kid once they reach the recommended age.

The second potential problem with these blocks could be their toxic material. As a child may try to chew them, it is necessary to guarantee they are made up of safe material.

Mainly, you should see, they are made up of BPA-free material. It is a harmful ingredient that you might see in many plastic products that can harm brain development.

Therefore, it is crucial to see the BPA-free labels on these blocks before purchasing.

What benefits can I expect from stacking toys?

Though stacking toys appear very simple, they give a lot of educational benefits to your child. They not only make physical growth better but also take part in mind development.

They are helpful for early childhood development that starts as early as 6 months.

Fine motor skills

While playing with stacking toys, kids manipulate with different individual pieces. It aids in developing better control over hand and finger muscles. It also improves visual coordination.

These developed skills would help your child in performing advanced tasks.

A stacking toy also helps in developing “crossing midline” skills. It is a skill that allows us to use our hands in the other hemisphere of our bodies. For example, removing your left socks using the right hand.

When kids play with these toys, they automatically start building this skill.

It is even more beneficial to use stack with varying size objects. It will help in improving fine motor skills slowly as the child will keep playing with the toy.

A young child usually has no fine muscle control to use their fingers for holding. They use their whole hand for it. In this stage, larger pieces would be easier to hold for them.

Later on, with the progressing skills, they would be able to use their fingers too.

Learning sizes, shapes, and colors

The stacking toys that involve pieces of different sizes, colors, and shapes are highly beneficial. They will aid your kid to differentiate and learn about them.

The varying sized stacks would let them learn about relative size.  A child can even improve language skills playing with these stacking toys.

It is possible when elders will join kids in their stacking games. They will name the color or shape, and a kid will start picking the words.

How can I find the best stacking toys?

As there are varieties of stacking toys available in the market, you can consider the following points:

The stacking toys are generally made up of wood or plastic. The wood gives a classic look to the toy. Moreover, kids generally love the look and feel of wooden toys.

The good-quality wooden toys usually won’t have harsh edges or splinters. They have a smooth appearance. However, wooden stacking toys are generally heavier.

They may also get damaged if exposed to water for the prolonged-time period.

On the other hand, there are plastic-made stacking toys. The good one will be manufactured with ABS material that is non-toxic and commercial grade plastic.

The plastic toys would be more durable and lighter in weight. Also, kids love to have a soft flexible feel of the toy that plastic would deliver.

Regarding manufacturing material, you can choose any that is safe and suits your requirements.

You should also notice that a toy must have visual appeal for a child. It should have vibrant colors that rings usually have. However, blocks can also have fascinating images or numerals/letters on it.

If you are going to purchase these toys for a younger kid, fewer pieces will be better. It is because younger kids might get overwhelmed with numerous pieces. Therefore, a four to five large pieces will be a perfect option.

However, as your child grows, you can add more pieces with a smaller size.

You should also see the toys should be easy to store and transportable. Nestable stacking toys are very convenient to store.


Stacking toys are a great option to build numerous skills in your child. These developed skills can help them later in their life.

Because of these tremendous benefits, we can see a huge variety of these stacking toys in the market. This large number can sometimes make you perplexed while choosing the most appropriate option for your kid.

Therefore, in this article, we have named a few best stacking toys for toddlers along with the buyer’s guide. The purpose was to assist you in having enough knowledge about stacking toys.

We hope it will help you in making a clued-up decision for your child.