7 Best Baby Walking Shoes Infants Toddlers – 2023 Buying Guide

When babies walk for the first time is a heart touching feeling for parents, it is and a great milestone achievement for the kids. You don’t realize how fast kids grow and parents always love to see their kids walking for the first time. So its parent’s duty to make babies first walk comfortably and they need to be encouraged to walk more, to boost their confidence level.

Sometimes parents make big mistakes to find a good pair of shoes for their new walking camp. Finding the right shoe pair for a baby is not an easy job yet it is very important to help them walk easily.

For new parents, it’s a difficult task to arrange everything for kids but having the second baby gives you a chance for less repetition of mistakes and the second kid can have a nice pair of shoes for their first walk.

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Parents face a lot for problems when they try to find shoes for their babies but here are a few suggestions for new parents to learn while shopping comfortable footwear for baby’s first walk.

Size does matter

Know the right size is very important before launching online order for your kid and it would help you to proceed further. Pro-tip is to visit an actual shoe store for kids because there you will get a chance to check different sizes in little one’s feet and you can find a specialist there to measure the actual size for your babies little tootsies. 

Always remember the right measurement of the curved shoes and don’t forget to try shoes with a sock because many parents make that mistake. Know exact size also includes the width of the baby’s feet because few kids have wide feet so getting the right size is important for their first walk.

As we are talking about the good fit shoes, let’s explore what is a good fit in terms of baby’s shoes for their first walk. So the first thing you need to check there should be enough room for the free movement of the big toe there should be a half-inch space from the tip of the shoes to avoid pinching from the tip or heel side.

Pay attention if your kid starts to scream then the shoe pair is not the right option. But sometimes kids just need a nap time that why he screams that’s why paying closer attention is important and if that the case, “kid is not crying due to the shoes”, then you can buy that shoes after confirming the style and color and you can go home peacefully to enjoy your glass of wine!

One Size fits today

While you are standing in the store you will get the strong temptation of buying bigger shoes for next month but never do that, because your little baby would never feel comfortable while walking in a loose pair of shoes.

Bigger size shoes make it very difficult to walk and it can cause falling and tripping. According to Ross Taubman, DPM, a podiatrist in Clarksville, Maryland, “Right shoes are important when baby starts to learn walking otherwise there are chances for the baby to get stumble and he/she will take longer time to develop skills.

Kids feet can vary in size even their both feet could be different, kids feet needs to be check every month because it grows like a weed you have to check that if the size of the shoe is still right for you baby otherwise he/she will face hard times in walking their first steps.

Some of the reputed companies also give scales of how often kids’ feet grow initially so you can get an idea that when you have to check the shoe size of your baby.

If you are looking online shoes for your kids then do check and like Squatchi, there are many options for kids but keep in mind some companies are not accurate about their sizes so it’s always good to check actual stores to get a better idea of the needs of your little one especially if you are a new parent.

Bend it like Beckham New vs. UsedHold off on the cowboy boots
For the first walk of your toddler they need the shoes that can bent in your hands easily, beware of hard plastic soles and the kind of shoes which can’t be bent, your little one can get injured with hard sole shoes. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that toddlers should always wear soft and flexible shoes for getting natural support during the walk and it would help them to walk with confidence and they will learn walk quickly on their own. While buying shoes for little baby, make sure the material is made up of mesh or leather and sole is made from soft rubber to get a breathable and flexible pair of shoes. These pro tips would help new parents to learn a lot while buying shoes for their babies.
There are chances that you will find used shoes in very good condition with accurate size for you little one in consignment stores but specialists don’t recommend you to get used shoes for the little babies because there any other issues involved in it. So kid’s shoes has to be “Single- user” item. Parent has noticed the cheaper shoes don’t last for longer like the shoes comes from Target and Payless, those shoes have very short span of life and they get to the trash soon after falling apart. But good quality shoes lasts longer even to the second child. So the point is you will get the quality against what you have paid.
Bare foot is best for toddlers to learn walking but when it is out door there is not point to take risk of little feet. That’s why toddler’s shoes are there to provide stability and support. And same applicable for leopard- skin pointy or hipster motorcycle shoes you always pic your shoes according as per your support and comfort.

Best Baby “First Walking Shoes”

You can find all the sturdy and durable shoes in the list provided below there is no hierarchy or order all the shoes are good and provide support in walking to you baby during their first walk so you can choose according to your requirements.

1. See Kai Run

See Kai Run


After moving for Seattle kai’s mother wasn’t able to find good fit shoes for his son to help him walking initially. It was very important for him to have the shoes which can provide him enough support and comfort but kai’s mother was unable to find a good option in terms of size and sturdiness.

So Kai’s mother decided to design the shoes by keeping in mind that comfort and stability is very important for little baby when he is outside the house.

By keeping all these things in mind she designed the shoes which were providing healthy support to the feet moreover those shoes were adorable and having amazing colors for little one, many adults wish that they can get “See Kai Run’s” shoes in their size well due to sturdiness, Comfort and beautiful design.

Many new mothers think of buying stuff for their kids even during pregnancy. So they can think of creating something on their own.

  • Two adjustable hooks and loop closures are included in it for easy on and off
  • Made with durable material to ensure the comfort of baby
  • For more comfort padded tongue and collar is add in it
  • Shoes are light weigh for giving natural walking experience
  • Available colors to attract toddlers
  • Easily usable in summers and winters
  • Doesn’t give free return and exchange policy
  • There is not free shipping from See Kai Run
  • Shoes are expensive

2. Pediped



These shoes were also designed by a mother as Pediped was founded in 2005 by a mom. She designed shoes for kids to walk freely outside the house. These shoes are sturdy and protective for your kids during the summers and in winters as well.

Many new mothers think of buying stuff for their kids even during pregnancy. So they can think of creating something on their own to provide customized comfort to the kids’ right from the beginning. Now Pediped has more than 120 styles available in the market.

These are comfortable and supportive shoes for the baby’s first walk. Parents should always keep in mind the need for baby’s comfort before buying any footwear for them for easy and comfortable walks. That why Pediped is the right option to choose.

Every summer there are sales of Perdiped and where you can find a complete guide about the right kind of footwear along with the guidance about the size increase of your baby down the road. Now day moms love Pedipeds for their kids during the postpartum because these shoes are best for baby’s walking.

  • Available in many sizes according to length and width of baby
  • These are perfect sneakers for baby to wear for support and comfort
  • Accents are synthetic but the upper is made up of leather
  • Pedipeds have secured a seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Shoes are light weight and flexible
  • Perfect for new walker outside the house
  • Shoes are only weigh as single item
  • Sometime lose then the actual size

3. Stride Rite

Stride Rite


These are the old shoes maybe you grow up in these shoes because the quality shoes for kids are trademark of Stride Rite since 1919 and their tradition is to make sturdy shoes along with class and best footwear for kids because kids’ first walk is always important as they achieve the important milestone from crawling to walking.

Babies need enough attention and parents love to give that priority to kids as they start walking at that time investing in the right thing is essential & Stride Rite clearly understands that and takes the responsibility for giving flexibility and comfort to kids in that age.

Stride Rite helps kids to explore more with confident steps and sturdy support on the ground. These shoes have rounded edges to reduce the striking of feet and save kids from falling on the ground. Moreover, shoes are built with breathable leather and synthetic mesh.

Few mothers make their list of your product during the pregnancy so their stress level decrease during the postpartum time, they can check and pre-book the footwear for the little ones.

  • Suitable for summers and winters
  • Hooks and loops are added for easy off and on
  • Synthetic mesh and leather is used along with rubber sole
  • Flexible yet sturdy shoes for toddlers
  • Imported
  • Light in weight but still durable and sturdy shoes
  • Sometimes very tight with the socks
  • Its weight is based on single item
  • Measurement may vary by size and design

4. Tsukihoshi



For making the most comfortable and safe shoes this Japanese company is working with orthopedic experts since 1985 but their custom and tradition is not limited here, because they are working to make comfortable shoes since 1873. Their top priority is to make comfortable shoes for little feet especially during outdoor. These comfortable shoes are lightweight and flexible due to the material quality,

synthetic mesh and leather are used for breathable walking experience for the new walkers and the rubber sole is for an easy and sturdy grip on hard ground. Few mothers make their list of your product during the pregnancy so their stress level decrease during the postpartum time, they can check and pre-book the footwear for the little ones.

The style statement is defined for classy looks and these are easily washable in the machine. Due to ultralightweight, kids walk naturally during the first steps. You can find many collections of these shoes on Zappos.com.

  • Its upper is nylon mesh and these shoes are machine washable due to synthetic leather
  • Stylish design and breathable textile
  • Rubber featured “Flex joined Outsole” for better grip and easy walking experience for the little one
  • These are wider than the normal shoes
  • Not exchange or money back

5. Livie & Luca

Livie & Luca


If you are looking wide shoes for your toddler then you should defiantly get these shoes for your kids. Parents would love these stylish shoes when your kids walk around the house. These shoes give a natural walking experience to little babies.

These are closets footwear for the baby and best for first walking. Few mothers make their list of your product during the pregnancy so their stress level decrease during the postpartum time, they can check and pre-book the footwear for the little ones. Its sole is durable, sturdy and made up of synthetic rubber.

  • Hooks and loops are added for easy closure and secure adjustable fit
  • Durable and sturdy sole
  • Complete the time of natural walking with care
  • For comfortable heal padded collars are attached
  • Imported
  • Sizes are limited
  • Not suitable for narrow feet

6. Carter’s Every Step

Carter’s Every Step


These shoes are a good fit for the children’s age (6-18 months). Parents can find a large variety of shoes for different stages of their toddlers. 1st when the toddlers start to crawl Every Step TM provides essential support, after that when the kid starts trying to stand he/she gets support and confidence while wearing these shoes. And finally, when kids start walking, parents don’t worry about the twisting and falling of kids outside the house. 

Each shoe gets on and off easily because the self-adjusting elastic is attached to it. Design is beautiful and attractive for kids. There are charts in stores and out let’s give an idea to new parents about what should they buy for little ones as per their growing requirement.

These are closets footwear for the baby and best for first walking. Few mothers make their list of your product during the pregnancy so their stress level decrease during the postpartum time, they can check and pre-book the footwear for the little ones.

  • Size chart is included in it for parents’ guide to buy perfect shoes
  • Stylish and comfortable shoes
  • Available in various colors
  • Imported
  • Durable sole with rubber
  • Sometimes chart doesn’t include the accurate information
  • Weight of shoes is based on single item

7. Ikiki Shoes

Ikiki Shoes


Physical therapists always recommend Ikiki shoes for toddlers when they start to walk initially because getting the right type for shoes is important for kids. The Ikiki shoes have the expertise to reinforce good walking habits.

These shoes provide better comfort and support to tone your kid’s feet from heel to toes. Each sole is consist of beautiful colors along with the different attractive styles for toddlers.

These are closets footwear for the baby and best for first walking. Few mothers made their list of your product during the pregnancy so their stress level decrease during the postpartum time, they can check and pre-book the footwear for the little ones. These shoes include squeakers to entertain kids and parents don’t have to worry about that because the squeaker can be turned off.

  • Built with fiber and synthetic mesh
  • Squeakers are included in the shoes to entertain kids
  • Shoes are soft and breathable
  • Provide support, heel to toe for proving support to little feet
  • Squeakers are annoying sometime
  • Finding right size for the little one is difficult sometimes.


Parents love to see their children walking for the first time so it’s very important for parents to encourage them while walking in the house bare-foot and even outside the house. It’s important to get kids water shoes that tone baby’s feet with comfort and support.

Little baby’s shoes should be breathable and need to be built with synthetic material and supportive leather. It would boost the confidence level of your kid and will encourage your kid to learn walking very quickly.