13 Best Supportive Shoes For Swollen Feet During Pregnancy – 2024 Buying Guide

Swollen feet during pregnancy are a common problem. You need to take care of your feet because your feet are not only carrying your own weight but also the weight of another whole body inside you, as it puts extra stress on your feet.

Make sure you are wearing most comfortable shoes during pregnancy especially during the latter half of your pregnancy.  You deserve more, that is why we’re calling out the best supportive shoes for swollen feet during pregnancy that provide support and lessen the stress on your feet. Having the best comfortable shoes during pregnancy can also ease your discomfort caused by swollen feet.

While looking for comfortable shoes during pregnancy, there are some considerations you should keep in mind as the best pregnancy shoes for swollen feet must be flexible to accommodate variation in swelling and designed to take some of the pressure off.

You’ll also need to temporarily give up your heels, no matter how well you’ve mastered walking in them.

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Here, we have got some suggestions for you which will keep your feet happy throughout the day if you are at your work, on a weekend or having fun with your friends or partner. Swelling is not the only thing to be kept in mind while buying pregnancy shoes because your loosen ligaments may cause flat feet so considering this, the best shoes for pregnancy also provide arch support.

Even if you already have nice comfy pair of shoes but still you may need to buy a new pair of most comfortable shoes for pregnancy because your feet may grow quite significantly in size due to swelling during pregnancy.

Are you thinking that most comfortable shoes for pregnancy aren’t fashionable? Think again! We’ve rounded up stylish and best shoes for swollen pregnancy feet that you can easily get.

We considered stability, flexibility, comfort, and durability in recommending the best pregnancy shoes for you

We have listed the best comfortable shoes for pregnancy that you can wear while walking and having light exercise, several for everyday use, and one that can be dressed up. Regardless of what look, you’re going for, we can assure you they’re all comfortable pregnancy shoes for swollen feet.

We expect you to find our suggestions valuable!

Comfy Sandals

1. Crocs Isabella T-strap Sandal


These are comfortable rubber sandals that have all of the support of the original foam clogs. Forget what you’ve been imagining when you hear the name “Crocs.” These are supportive as well as good enough to wear anywhere during the summer.

Community Reviews

“Try these Crocs! I had the same trepidations about Crocs but I desperately needed some comfortable shoes so I took a chance and got these. They are so comfortable and I actually get compliments on them lol. I wear them pretty much every day.”

Light Flats

2. TOMS Women’s Espadrilles

These light flat are the best option for those pregnant women who prefer closed-toed shoes. The popular TOMS flat is the ideal slip-on shoe for you. This nice gingham pattern also gives back — for every pair that’s sold, TOMS will provide a new pair of shoes to a child in need through its One for One initiative.

Community Reviews

“I lived in toms and wide birkenstock-like sandals the last couple of months of my pregnancy. Toms are cut kind of wide and stretch out so they were pretty comfy and were the only shoes that fit when I had major swelling postpartum.”

No-Lace Sneakers

3. Skechers GOWalk4 – Privilege

These No-Lace Sneakers are amazingly comfortable shoes for pregnant women because of their lightweight and they also have a super-supportive sole. Pregnant women during their third trimester would love to wear it as it doesn’t have any shoelaces so it will not bother them at all. It has Smooth woven mesh fabric upper; Smooth faux leather heel overlay panel

Community Reviews

“Sketchers walkers are great. I work on my feet for 9 hour shifts and by the end of the day my feel are killing me and swollen. I started wearing compression socks as well.. I know it’s old lady-ish but it works.”

No-Fuss Sandals

4. Reef Escape Lux Flip Flops

What’s better than a Reef Escape Lux Flip Flops if you are going out for shopping or on a beach to relax and walk? Go back to the basics with a pair of supportive flip flops. These are also an appropriate option for those pregnant ladies who feel that even walking around the house barefoot is putting stress on their back and knees.

Community Reviews

“Reef flip-flops! They’re super squishy and comfy. They’re pretty much all I’ve worn since week 23 or so. I even wear them around the house because otherwise my heels start hurting from all this darned extra weight.”

Trendy Sandals

5. Dr. Scholl’s Scout Sandal

These latest metallic sandals offer your feet a lot of room to breathe especially when your feet become double than their normal size.  Dr. Scholl’s knows how to make your feet feel instantly better.

Community Reviews

“I know this sounds crazy, but Dr. Scholls has a couple of cute comfy options. I can still wear their heels to work (haven’t even sought flat options) and even their tennis shoes are better than my traditional brands (check out the Anna memory foam sneaker).

I own the “Black Beach Bag” color and they look super cute with a gray pair of skinny jeans, basic tee, and accessories. I get complimented on them all the time and people are floored to find out the brand.”

Sturdy Slip-Ons

6. Teva Niyama Slip-On

Thinking about a weekend walk or a trip to the grocery store? These slips are the best comfortable shoes for pregnancy that you can think of. Cushioned soles in these best supportive pregnancy shoes make them super comfortable and soothing on your swollen feet.

The best feature is that they are actually shocked absorbing which makes them protective as well as comfortable.

Supportive Flip Flops

7. Birkenstock Gizeh Birko-Flor

These Birkenstock flip flops are totally for you if want to have a single comfortable pregnancy shoe throughout the summer season. Its special feature is its grooved deep sole which helps in proper blood circulation and thus avoids swelling.

It also has adjustable straps so that you can loosen it if needed in the later pregnancy when your feet tend to swell the most.

Community Reviews

“I had really bad sciatica and swollen feet with my first but my Birkenstocks were heaven sent, they were soooo comfortable! I’ve been hooked on them since.”

Breathable Sneakers

8. Native Jefferson Slip Fashion Sneaker

Comfortable, easily washable, waterproof and odor resistant  —What else do you wish in a shoe? These durable sneakers are so supportive that you can use it for months and if you see any dirt on them a quick easy wash with some detergent will make them look as shiny as a new one

Office-Ready Mules

9. Franco Sarto Women’s Nevan

If you want the look of a loafer then these classic leather mules are the most appropriate for you because it provides you the comfort that you are looking for. It is open from the back, this assures that your heel can breathe.

10. Women’s Travelfit Slide Walking Shoe

These imported Women’s Travelfit Slide Walking Shoes are one of the best shoes for swollen pregnancy feet. It is 100% Textile/Synthetic with a synthetic and flexible sole and breathable mesh upper. It is available in five different colors

11. Aerosoles Women’s Ballet Flat

These Ballet flats are absolutely comfortable as well as trendy and stylish with heels measures approximately 0.75″ and Memory foam footbed. Thereby, its core is so comfy that you will always love to wear it any time.

12. Rothy’s the Sneaker in Red Tiger

13. Clark’s Raisie Eletta Loafers

Clarks are some of the most comfortable shoes for pregnancy because of their wonderful cushioned footbeds. These fashion-forward loafers also have Ortholite insoles, which possess moisture-wicking technology ideal for increased sweatiness (it happens).