5 Foods to Eat During Pregnancy to Have A Smart Baby – 2024 Guide

Every parent wants their baby to be smart and intelligent.What parents don’t understand is that there are certain things to ensure that your baby is smart. It will not only help him or her fit in this modern and fast moving world but he or she will also thank you for it.

Today at the baby side we are going to talk about the various foods that can help you get a smart baby. The logic here is that, as mart baby is the one that is fully developed during pregnancy. Babies that do not get the enough vitamins and nutrients while in the womb suffer from various physical and nervous problems.

The only way you can ensure that your baby doesn’t suffer from any of the mental issues is to make sure that you eat properly during the nine month pregnancy period. The more vitamins, protein and mineral you pro videto your baby the, the healthier your baby is going to be. And a healthy baby is a smart baby.

Foods that you can eat to have a smart baby

Have you ever wondered by doctors recommended you to in take more and more of folic acid and Vitamin D during the pregnancy? The reason is that folic acid and iron supplements help the right amount of oxygen reach the baby. Vitamin D and C are the vitamins that help your baby grow and develop inside the womb. All these supplements affect how your baby’s cognitive development takes place.

There are certain foods that you can consume in order to intake such vitamins and mineral naturally instead of going for the chemically induced supplements that might be harmful for you baby. So see below to find out the foods that will help you have a smart and intelligent baby.

1. Fatty Fish

Fatty fishes contain iodine and Omega 3 Fatty acids which are vital for the development of your baby’s brain. Pregnant women with low iodine levels should intake oysters that are rich in iodine to maintain their iodine level because the decrease in the Fatty acids and Iodine can affect the brain development of the child.

2. Green Leafy Vegetables

green leafy vegetables during pregnancy

Green leafy vegetables are the best way to make sure that you baby’s brain development isn’t affected. Taking in the right amount of spinach, lentils and other folic acid rich vegetables and fruits will help you protect your baby’s brain from tissue damage. Folic acid helps produce red blood cells in the body which help provide the right amount of oxygen to the baby.

Not only do leafy vegetables and fruits help reduce the risk of neural tube defects but also eliminate the cleft lip and various other heart problems in babies. So it is vital for you to intake the necessary amount of folic acid.

3. Milk

how much milk should a pregnant woman drink a day

Lack of iron is the worst thing that a pregnant mom wants to hear because iron deficiency can affect the physical and the cognitive development of your yet to be born baby. Iron deficiency can cause mental growth retardation which is the opposite of having a smart baby.

Milk is the best organic and natural supplement that can help you as a mother to maintain your iron level during your pregnancy so that you can give birth to ha healthy and smart baby. Milk will help provide the iron that is essential for your baby’s cognitive development.

4. Eggs

eating eggs during pregnancy third trimester

Protein is very essential for the growth of your baby. Eggs are enriched with proteins, amino acids choline which aids in brain development in babies. It also enhances the memory of your yet to be born baby so that at the end you get a healthy and smart baby.

5. Almonds

You want to provide your baby with healthy fats, magnesium,Vitamin E, and proteins. The best way to provide all these vitamins and minerals to your baby is to increase the level of almonds that you consume on daily basis. Almonds also contain Omega 3s fatty acids which are known to be helpful in cognitive development.

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The conclusion here is that what you eat affects the development of your baby. So it is important that you precisely measure everything that you eat during your pregnancy. Make sure that you in take natural and organic foods during the period of nine months to have a smart baby.

The cognitive development of your baby is very important which is why you must take in all the fruits and vegetables that you can find that help you maintain levels of certain mineral and vitamins that help in cognitive development.

Supplements should be your last choice and only if you can maintain your level of Vitamin D or Folic acid with the help of the natural foods. Always consult a doctor before taking any artificial supplements.