Best Stainless Steel Baby Bottles – 2023 Buying Guide

Do you want to know about the baby’s bottles, and do you want to know what are the best stainless steel bottles?

There are a lot of factors involved to select a bottle for your baby because you would never want to put your baby’s health on stake for anything. If you don’t want a plastic bottle for your baby, as many specialists don’t recommend that so you need to find the alternatives.

Other than plastic there are 2 other options available. Glass bottles and stainless steel bottles. Plastic-free bottles are a priority for many parents that’s why they consider alternatives that could meet their needs for a child’s hygiene and safety.

If you are interested to know more about the stainless steel bottles then you are at the right place because this article contains enough information for the parents (especially for the new parents).

By checking different options here you would be able to decide the best bottle for your little one and that would be hygienic and appropriate according to your budget and handling routines. You need to consider a bottle warmer when you are checking baby bottles.

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Best Stainless Steel Baby Bottles Reviews

1. Kid Kanteen – Klean Kanteen

Kid Kanteen – Klean Kanteen


The Kid Kanteen has to be our most favorite and well known easy to use bottle. The bottle is polished inside and made with food-grade stainless steel, therefore, your milk will not begin to distaste or the bottle will not hold the smell of the milk either. But they do not turn into a sippy cup when your baby will grow up.

You can find this bottle in 2 sizes; 4 ounces and 6 ounces. These are curved and wide enough to fill the little tummy of your baby. It prevents bacteria to come because the edges of the bottle are very hard to reach. However, you cannot interchange it with other bottles brands because the nipples will not fit in.

  • Bottles are made with stainless steel and BPA-free completely
  • There is no plastic lining and any threads
  • built is 100% stainless steel
  • Three styles are available in these bottles
  • 100% reuse and recyclable
  • There will be no wired scents or bad odor in your bottle
  • Easy to fill
  • You can’t drink while walking
  • Icy liquids leave moisture on the outer surface
  • Bit expensive bottles
  • Washing is difficult sometimes

2. Pura Kiki

Pura Kiki


If you want something extensive for your little one, then you should surely get your hands on the Pura Kiki. These bottles can be used for newborn babies and then can be changed into a sippy cup or even a food container later on. It is available in the market in many different colors. The collars of the bottles are what you will fall in love with!

The nipples are pretty wide and nicely made but we see that the milk might run a bit too fast into your baby’s mouth. However, you have the option of changing the nipples with the Born Free, Dr. Browns and Think Baby.

  • Bottles are light weight and these are very easy to grip
  • Holds well the drops and slips and constructed with solid quality
  • Makes finds it easy to grip due to the silicon grip for handling well
  • There are no plastic parts at all
  • You can use other nipples on the bottle if they are designed for the wide mouth bottle
  • For easy cleaning, you can remove the silicone sleeves and reassemble them back on the bottle
  • You can change the bottle form newborn to the toddlers by simply changing the nipples
  • If you need additional parts then it’s very easy to find
  • Nipples collapse sometimes
  • Also, some parents have a complaint about the leakage issue
  • There will be dripping
  • If you will invert the bottle (Upside down)
  • The bottle is available in only 2 sizes
  • It doesn’t hold 8-ounce water but it advertised with 11-ounce water

3. Pacific Baby 3 in 1 Bottle

Pacific Baby 3 in 1 Bottle


Looking for an insulated baby stainless bottle? Then here is the Pacific Baby 3 in one bottle for you. This is our top pick because it can hold at least 7 oz of fluids, be it hot or cold. The bottle is highly durable which has different funky patterns as well.

The bottle is imprinted with a measurement scale on the outside which helps you check the ounces of fluid in it. This bottle is dishwasher friendly, so now you do not have to worry about your baby being exposed to germs.

  • The liquid remains warm for a very long period of time
  • The color prints of the bottle are very cute
  • The top easily converts for you to put in a straw or make a sippy cup
  • The insulation becomes debited
  • Like other stainless steel bottles, this one takes a lot time to reheat (almost the double)

4. Thinkbaby of Steel

Thinkbaby of Steel


Thinkbaby has focused a lot on the safe toxin-free alternative it can have. Stainless steel baby bottle is a great option. This bottle scores high on the budget with a third of the price as compared to other bottles listed.

You can take it along with yourself while traveling as well. It will not spill the fluids because it has a strong grip. But you need to keep a check on the handles because that is what makes it leak. However, you do have the option of converting the bottles above.

  • There is a plastic collar that knows how to seal itself nicely onto the bottle
  • There are vented nipples
  • This bottle is dishwasher safe unlike other bottles
  • You can easily put a brush inside to wash it
  • The nipples do not leak
  • Vents to prevent gas very nicely
  • It is free from BPA
  • It is worth $13 (a little expensive)
  • The bottle tends to condensate with a cold beverage
  • No silicon sleeve on the outside
  • Without the silicone sleeve, the stainless steel bottle warmer gets way too hot
  • It is then not comfortable to handle
  • It is made of plastic, so might be injurious to health

5. Organickidz Grows Up

Organickidz Grows Up


Looking for something that is affordable yet having all the features? Here comes the Baby Grow Up stainless steel bottle from Organickidz. It has three different nipples, a sippy spout, handle collar, sealing disk and stainless steel lid.

The airflow of the peristaltic nipples redirects the flow of the bottle and it might result in causing a gassy stomach to your baby. If you dislike the nipples, then you have the option of changing it with other brands such as Avent, Mam, Nubby Non-drip, Dr. Brown’s, etc.

  • The bottle’s weight is very light
  • It is shatterproof
  • Keeps it safe in a dishwasher
  • It can keep it cold or hot, whatever way you want, thus, you do not have to worry about touching it because it’s neither hot or cold
  • The lid holder of the bottle is a 2 in 1 kind of thing which helps you hold your snacks as well
  • It is available in the market for $8 so now you do not have to wait for shipping of it with other “specialty” bottles
  • Other brands with wider mouth opening have compatibility with this nipple opening
  • The handles and top cup of sippy can be transformed into an older kid’s cup to
  • The stainless steel used to make it is not transparent, hence, you might have a problem checking the ounces
  • The measurement gauge is present inside the bottle, therefore, you need to remove the top for checking
  • The liquid can be warmed without putting it inside the bottle. I have kept the expressed milk which causes no problems.
  • Although the bottle is not so heavy on your pocket, getting the handles of worth another $8 and the sippy tops for $5 can make it seem a little more expensive than it really is

Stainless Steel Bottle Basics

Parents should consider seriously to use stainless steel bottles, stainless steel bottles are often passed by the glass and plastic bottles. But these stainless steel bottles are the solution to all the problems of parents which are caused by plastic and glass bottles, e.g. Bad odor, Poor handling, lack of durability, change in the taste of water and milk. So read carefully if you want to know why you should select the stainless steel bottle.

Advantages of Using a Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

Chemical FreeSafeDurableHygienicRecyclableTemperature Control

There are a lot of toxins in plastic bottles that could be hazardous for a child’s health. But you can get rid of these toxins by using stainless steel bottles because the baby’s health always comes first and on top of everything new parents can understand this. These bottles are made up of ultra-polished metals, so the milk will never give smell in the bottle because these bottles don’t leech any chemical by getting hot from inside the bottle.

Stainless steel bottles are safe and sturdy instead of glass bottles, the stainless steel bottle will not break if it falls down on the ground. Babies like to throw bottles around so there will be no effects on the bottle. This is an important feature of the bottle because it will reduce the cost of the bottle because you don’t have to buy a bottle again and again. Many specialists don’t recommend glass bottles for safety purposes. Babies can get hurt with glass bottles. That’s why parents should not hesitate to spend money on the stainless steel bottles.

Do you know steel is difficult to scratch or dent? We have already discussed the breakability as compared to the glass bottle but steel is a hard material and it is difficult to bend or scratch. This makes it to last longer and you would not consider replacing it as it is very durable and hygienic. It very common for the household to use a single stainless steel bottle for many kids, you just have to change the nipples. Stainless steel bottles give you the opportunity to invest in the right thing, it is actually saving instead of spending.

Due to composition of the stainless steel bottles, bacteria cannot grow in it that is the reason the catering business uses stainless steel utensils. This doesn’t allow bacteria to grow inside the bottles and utensils especially bacteria cannot grow in the hidden parts of the bottle. The design of the stainless steel bottles plays an important role in keeping the hygiene of the bottle, it is properly curved so you can clean it easily. If the bottle is the plan then you can clean it easily with the dishwasher without wasting any time. You can select the stainless steel bottle for your baby because it is safe for the little ones’ health.

You can recycle the stainless steel, there are many chances that the bottle which you are getting for your baby, that is made up of recycled steel. Parents should try to follow the Eco- friendly habits to give a good role model for babies. You need to go for the stainless steel bottles. Rather than purchasing the plastic or the glass bottles. Parents always love to spend more money on baby’s products but they should spend on the right thing which should be durable, hygienic and recyclable.

Many parents have concerns about the stainless steel bottles that they will have hot water for the baby. But this is the safest bottle for the baby because the temperature will be the same inside and outside the bottle. This is the safety feature of this bottle for the kids. If you cannot touch the bottle because it is hot then it means the milk is hot for the baby. You cannot heat the steal in the microwave so it prevents any caregiver from getting inside your baby’s stomach. And you can save your baby’s mouth from any kind of harm.

Disadvantages of Using a Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

VisibilityExpensiveHeavierNot Freezer Friendly

Stainless steel bottles are not transparent due to its built and the material so you cannot see how much liquid is left inside the bottle so every time you have to remove the nipple for check the liquid levels. It makes a little bit of trouble for parents but some stainless steel bottles have internal markings to gauge the liquid and it makes it handy for looking out if the baby needs more liquid in the bottle then you can pour it easily.

If you are looking for a better alternative against the plastic or glass bottle then you need to pay some more bugs because stainless steel bottles are premium bottles and are very good quality for better performance so that why these bottles are expensive then the regular plastic or glass bottles. You can get an average bottle of around $10 – $30. It might sound a bit expensive but you won’t regret spending your money on the right thing.

Stainless Steel bottles are a lot heavier than the plastic and glass bottles babies might feel it difficult to hold and carry the stainless steel bottles. But you can increase the grip of the bottle by applying the silicon or neoprene sleeves on the bottles so the little one can grip it easily. So it doesn’t matter if the bottle is heavy.

Specialists don’t recommend the mother to use the stainless steel bottles to freeze the breast milk because its material will deform the milk due to the chemical composition of the stainless steel bottles. If your bottle has a warranty, that would be void if you will use it in the freezer. If you need a stainless steel bottle for a longer period of time to give the best result then try to avoid it from the freezer.

Using Stainless Steel Bottles


The material of stainless steel bottle heats up quickly even the hot tap and even a jug of hot water is enough to heat up the bottle. The stainless steel bottles are also safe to use as an alternative to the electric bottle warmers you can get both benefits from the bottle.

Never heat your stainless steel bottle in the microwave because the bottle will break the microwave. Just use this bottle for the storage and for feeding your little baby. Heating and cooling should be done separately from the bottle.

You can check the temperature of the liquid/ milk by touch and feel for example you can touch the bottle from outside the bottle to check if the milk is ok, for the baby to drink. Before giving a bottle to the baby wait until the bottle is not so hot nor cold. You can check many articles on baby bottle warmers to get more information about the warming the milk for babies it is important for new parents to know what is the right temperature for kids to drink the warm milk.

Washing is exactly the same as you wash the plastic and glass bottles, so you don’t need to worry about that and the stainless steel bottle doesn’t provide favorable conditions to the bacteria for growth. After washing ensure that there is no milk residue is left inside the bottle and wash it with hot soapy water and use a brush for the thorough cleaning from inside the bottle.

Proper hand wash will increase the longevity of the bottle.

But if you don’t wash your bottle with hands you can place it in the dishwasher but it would be better if you will place the bottle in the rack.

For sterilizing you can use various methods for your bottle to keep it clean for example sterilization with cold water, boiling or an electric stream are the few methods to clean your bottle. But using a microwave cleaner is the worst idea because it will destroy the bottle and the microwave. Keep your bottle clean for the good hygiene of the baby but always keep in mind to select the most relevant process for cleaning your bottle.