10 Best Nursing Covers for Breastfeeding Privacy – 2023 Reviews

Newborns need to get breast milk or formula milk at the interval of a regular time period. It is crucial to ensure they get the proper nutrition required for their growth, muscle mass growth and development as a whole.

In the starting months of life, babies depend entirely on breastmilk or formula milk. They fulfill their nutritional needs from milk in order to gain body mass.

Well, most mothers think they need to stay at home all the time to fulfill their needs. But, it won’t be healthy at all for both the mother and a baby to confine them inside the home.

It is because babies need fresh air and sunshine to grow in a healthy way.

Moreover, they also need to get exposed to the public slowly. It is important to make them get used to noise, scent, and different people.

Besides, doctors have also proved that exposing babies as old as 8 weeks old to the public will help in strengthening their immune system.   

How many Types of Nursing Covers are there?

In this section, you will get to know about the types of nursing covers available out there. It will assist you in making an informed decision. So, keep reading.

Udder Covers

Though there are varieties of nursing covers available, the Udder covers are most popular among all. They are famous particularly because of their thick yet breathable material. Moreover, they are also available in a wide variety of colors and various unique patterns.

These nursing covers come with a specially designed neckline. It allows your baby to see you during breastfeeding and vice versa. Moreover, it contains soft and modifiable straps.   

Well, that’s not all that this udder cover has to offer you. These one of the best nursing covers are easy to maintain as well. They are machine washable and drier safe too.

So, you would not need to worry about losing the original colors or material quality of these covers. They wouldn’t get shrink by washing or drying.

Besides all these benefits, many parents have also used these covers on the top of the strollers. It helps in blocking out the sun rays while they are walking outside with their babies.

San Digo Nursing Pillow covers

However, Udder Covers are not the only type of nursing covers that are famous all around the world. There are San Diego Baby Nursing Pillows too. They are a great option for mothers who want breastfeeding pillows along with nursing covers.

This pillow plus cover product will give comfort along with privacy. Besides, these nursing covers are detachable too. So, whenever you need to go out, you can take the cover outside while leaving the pillow behind.

What’s more of these San Diego Nursing Kit’s pillows? They are made in the United States. Why does it matter?

It gives the surety of the product being made under strict quality control. These pillow+covers are made using completely safe materials. They don’t even contain any traces of toxins like mercury or lead.

Moreover, these pillows are eco-friendly. You can recycle them once you are done using it as a nursing cover.

Nursing Scarfs

These days, numerous mothers also choose the Nursing Scarfs too. They are beneficial in multiple ways. Mommy can wear them like an accessory as they are available in beautiful patterns and vibrant colors too.

They serve as a functional scarf that mothers can wear around their necks. However, they can convert them into nursing covers when it is time for breastfeeding.

Once done with the feeding session, they can convert them back into a good looking scarf. Doesn’t it sound simple and relieving?

The manufacturing materials of these scarfs are jersey knit blended with cotton. The combination of these two materials makes them highly comfortable. Moreover, you can also wash them conveniently in a washing machine.

Breastfeeding canopy

Besides these nursing covers, few practical mothers also prefer old breastfeeding canopy. What’s the reason behind their choice? These canopies are made up of 100% flannel fabric. Furthermore, they offer quick and easy to use solution.

How? These breastfeeding canopies fasten at the neck. They come with several adjustable straps. You can use them to regulate the canopy.

What can you do if you have very little space in a diaper bag? Well, in that case, you can consider purchasing breastfeeding straps. These straps are adjustable and contain a clip on each side.

You can use them to fasten the strap on your shirt, burp cloth, or a baby blanket. These bands will keep the blanket or cloth strictly in its place. In this way, you become able to enjoy privacy without wasting any space on separate nursing covers.

How to prevent your baby choking in his sleeping crib?

This is probably the biggest fear of mothers that what if their baby got choked while sleeping. There are few things that mothers can take care of to prevent their babies from choking.

Firstly, it is important to learn that, a newborn should never be placed on his back right after feeding. No matter, if it is mid-night, you should never put him back in the crib immediately. It could cause a serious threat of choking.

You must wait till the baby gives a burp. Otherwise, a newborn can choke on his burp. Though many parents believe it as correct, babies shouldn’t be placed on their sides too.

It should be practiced till the time your baby learns to roll on his own. Kids usually achieve this milestone around the time period of 4-6 months.

It is also important to instruct your whole family about how to feed the baby. It is also crucial to tell everyone (around the baby) about how to handle him after feeding.

The basic rule of preventing a baby from choking is holding him at a vertical position and wait for the burp. Once the baby is done with burping, it greatly reduces the chance of getting choked.

1. Kids N’ Such Gray Canopy Nursing Cover

Kids N’ Such Gray Canopy Nursing Cover


This adorable looking nursing cover can wrap you completely while you feed your baby. It has a beautiful pattern to not make you feel annoyed while wearing it.

However, it offers great ease in a way it can be converted into a burp cloth. Once you are done with feeding, you can double it to use it for burping.

Safe materialDurability

In order to ensure your and the baby’s safety, these covers are made using safe cotton material. Moreover, the fabric is dyed using chemical-free dyes at the local plants of the US.

Its cotton material is imported through the fair-trade program. So, these covers feel very soft and comfortable for your baby. Moreover, they are not transparent to not fulfill their functional requirements.

These covers are drier safe too. Thus, no matter if they face hot water or a drier, they are going to retain their shape and colors. Moreover, it won’t thin or wear out even after long usage.

  • It is made up of organic cotton
  • It gets doubles to serve as a burping cloth
  • It is soft and comfortable for your baby
  • It is a washing machine and drier safe
  • Its brand has a good reputation
  • It comes in a neutral color tone.
  • It has limited color options.
  • It doesn’t have great customer support.
  • Its price might feel high.
  • It might take long for this cover to get shipped.

2. Pobiby Premium Soft and Stretchable Floral Pattern Nursing Cover

Pobiby Premium Soft and Stretchable Floral Pattern Nursing Cover


If you are looking for some remarkably good-looking nursing covers, this Pobibly could be the best option. Here are a few of its remarkable features:


The floral pattern and color selection are something that can appeal to many mothers. It looks unique. This cover won’t make you feel bad about covering your baby, as it will give bright effects.

However, few mothers might consider it a problem to have a light color cover. Why? It would become seriously hard to remove stubborn stains out of this beautiful cover.

If this is the case, you can soak it in white vinegar for around 30 minutes. You can do it before washing it in a regular way. 

This cover is made up of organic cotton. It means this cover is safe and very comfortable to be around your baby.

Moreover, this material makes it completely safe for the washing machine. However, you should set it on a normal cycle.

  • This cover won’t irritate your baby, as it has breathable fabric.
  • Its design is beautiful and appealing, especially for girls.
  • It is very simple to clean
  • It won’t’ get shrink in a drier.s
  • The color might not feel suitable for boys.

3. Kids N’ Such Patented Extra Large Apron Nursing Cover

Kids N’ Such Patented Extra Large Apron Nursing Cover


Kids N’ Apron is another great nursing cover option. It comes with the following features:

VersatilityMaximum privacy

The amazing thing about this nursing cover is its versatility. Firstly, it has a neutral color tone. It means, it is suitable for both girls and boys.

Moreover, many parents have reported using it as a burp cloth too. Well, that’s not all.

As this cover is made up of considerably thick material, it can also be used as a baby blanket. Its thick fabric will appropriately cover your baby. However, it won’t make your baby feel hot because of its breathability.

Besides, this nursing cover is available in four different colors. You can also purchase a burp cloth with a similar pattern.

Another worth mentioning trait of this cover is its size. It is quite big and capable of covering you properly.

Its extra-large size can give you maximum privacy benefits. Moreover, it has a strap around its neck. It will prevent accidental slippage of the cover.

  • This apron cover has neat stitching.
  • It is made up of good quality material
  • It has a classic design
  • It doesn’t shrink
  • It is available in different patterns
  • It might be hard to take stains out of this fabric.
  • Its cloth is thick.
  • You might face a problem of poor customer support.

4. Kids N’ Such Blue Canopy Nursing Cover

Kids N’ Such Blue Canopy Nursing Cover


Kids N’ Such Blue Cover is one of the most popular nursing covers around the world. Do you want to know the reason? Here are a few of them:

Safe materialHigh absorbencyEasy maintenance

The thing best about this canopy cover is its material. It is manufactured using organic cotton. It is sourced using the fair-trade program.

Moreover, this cover doesn’t contain any chemicals. It is free of lead, BPA’S, phthalates, and latex. So, parents can use it conveniently without getting worried about the safety of their kids.

This nursing cover is made thick. The purpose behind this is to make them absorbent. So, it can absorb any milk spillage and other similar accidents.

The thick material of this award-winning cover also makes it durable. Thus, it won’t get thin or wear out soon.

Another remarkable trait of this nursing cover is its easy maintenance. It is a high-quality product. You can put it in a washing machine and drier.

  • It is made up of durable fabric.
  • It has pretty design and pattern
  • It offers great absorbency
  • It performs well over a long time period.
  • Its color pattern might not appeal to girls.
  • It might take a long for shipping.

5. Kids N’ Such Floral Pattern Breathable Nursing Cover

Kids N’ Such Floral Pattern Breathable Nursing Cover


Kids N’ nursing cover is another great addition to our list. It comes with the following remarkable features:

Thick materialVersatilityEasy maintenance

This nursing cover is made up of thick material that is soft too. So, it fulfills the requirements of both the baby and the mommy. Thus, this cover could be the best option for mothers who need to feed their babies frequently in public.

Besides, you can also use this cover as a burp cloth. It has the capacity to wipe a large amount of milk after every feeding session.

Though these covers are not very large, they fulfill their purpose with its thick and breathable fabric.

This cover has an adorable floral pattern with a neutral color tone. So, this thing makes it suitable for both girls and boys.

Moreover, this print on the cover is made using the latest technology in the industry. So, they might bleed or fade.

These nursing covers are very easy to wash. Moreover, they won’t fade its color even after ironing. This feature could be great for those mothers who prefer to iron baby stuff in order to disinfect them.

  • It has 100% toxin-free material.
  • Its material is thick and soft cotton.
  • It has a beautiful pattern.
  • It doesn’t shrink or fade.
  • It comes in one pattern only.
  • The company sometimes fails to provide proper customer support.

6. Pura Vida Cotton Baby Nursing Cover and Sling

Pura Vida Cotton Baby Nursing Cover and Sling


This Pura Vida Baby Nursing Cover can be used for multiple uses. Here are some of its distinguishing attributes:

Multiple usesChemical-free materialDurability

The most appealing trait of this cover is its ability to serve different purposes. Firstly, it can be doubled in size. So, mothers can use it easily as a baby sling.

Besides, it can also serve as a burp cloth and drooling napkins. The thing that makes it suitable for all these functions is its suitable size.

Its size is medium. Thus, it won’t take a lot of space in your baby bag.

This nursing cover is made up of thick cotton. It is warm and breathable at the same time.

Besides, this cover is made using chemical-free material. It is colored lightly using toxin-free fabric colorants.

The manufacturing cotton material of this cloth is imported using the fair-trade program. Moreover, its material is highly absorbent to be served as a good burp cloth.

It feels very soft too, in order to protect your baby’s skin from irritation.

These nursing covers retain their original shape even after a long time of use. It can even endure ironing and washing without fading.

  • It is made up of organic material
  • This cover doesn’t shrink in the washing machine or a drier.
  • It feels very soft and comfortable to baby
  • It has neutral colors
  • It comes with limited color options.

7. Babe Au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover

Babe Au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover


Babe Au Lait product is also one of the best covers for breastfeeding privacy. What makes it reach that level? Read about its remarkable features to know about it:

Right thicknessMaintenance

Firstly, these baby nursing covers are manufactured using plush cotton fabric. So, the material itself brings multiple benefits to it.

Besides, this cover possesses optimal thickness. It is not too thin to become visible, or not very thick to make the baby uncomfortable.

Its right thickness offers breathability to a baby while providing adequate privacy. Moreover, this cover also comes equipped with different elegant prints.

It always feels great to have beautiful stuff around when the job is related to your baby. 

The cotton fabric and optimal thickness make it able to be machine washed safely. However, if you would put it in a drier, it might bleed or shrink.

Furthermore, it won’t be suitable to iron this nursing cover or bleach it with ammonia. The soft fabric could possibly start tearing up with bleach.

  • This nursing cover comes in adorable prints.
  • It comes with just the right amount of thickness.
  • Its fabric is breathable.
  • This nursing cover is not very pricey.
  • The colors of this nursing cover can bleed.
  • It is available in limited color options.
  • It would shrink on ironing.
  • It comes in a small size.

8. Hicoco Winter Fleece Nursing and Stroller Cover

Hicoco Winter Fleece Nursing and Stroller Cover


If you are looking for some multi-purpose item, this Hicoco Winter Fleece cover could be the best option. What makes it good enough to exist on our list? Here are its competing features:

Multiple usesEasy maintenance

Mothers know the struggle it involves keeping kids appropriately warm in colder months. It seems Hicoco understands mothers’ concerns. This baby nursing cover depicts it all.

Thus, this Fleece nursing cover is particularly suitable for winter months. Moreover, as it has a gray color tone, it can go well with both boys and girls.

However, this item is not meant to be used as a nursing cover only. It can also cover a baby stroller properly.

Furthermore, the size of this cover can be doubled. It means you can also use it as a baby blanket if needed. This product can also serve as a burp cloth.

This cover is very comfortable for babies and mothers both as it is breathable and elastic.

Usually, mothers feel it very hard to keep the baby’s stuff properly clean. Luckily, it is very simple to keep this nursing cover clean. All you would need to do is to put this cover in a machine with a normal cycle.

However, in case you feel the cover is very soiled, there is a tip to handle the situation. You can pre-treat this nursing cover with a baking soda before starting the actual washing process.

  • Its fabric is breathable.
  • It is very simple to clean.
  • It has a charming pattern.
  • It won’t get shrink on washing.
  • You might not like its satin thread trimming.
  • It might get shrink in drier.

9. Nursing Cover with Sewn-in Burp Cloth

Nursing Cover with Sewn-in Burp Cloth


This nursing cover is another award-winner product on our list. It comes with the following attributes:

Easy maintenanceMultiple benefits

Cleanliness becomes extremely important when it involves your baby’s belongings. Mothers just don’t get satisfied with nominal cleaning. This nursing cover is very easy for mothers in this regard.

It is completely safe for washing machine and a drier. So, you can put it in machines without worrying about its getting shrink or fade.

This baby nursing cover is also great in regard you can use it for various functioning. It is a high-quality white muslin cover.

Besides using it as a cover, you can use it as a car seat too if needed. Moreover, as its fabric is absorbent and right-sized, it could be a great choice to be used as a burp cloth. However, it has sewn burp cloth too.

The strap around the neck makes it stay secure in its place. So, you won’t feel anxious about dropping the nursing cover.

  • It is machine washable and drier safe too.
  • Its fabric is quite absorbent.
  • You can even iron this nursing cover.
  • It is made up of good-quality cotton.
  • It is available in a variety of sizes.
  • Its color might bleed if washed in a hot machine setting.
  • You might face poor customer support.

10. Kids N’ Such Floral Pattern Canopy Cover

Kids N’ Such Floral Pattern Canopy Cover


This Kids N’ Such Floral Pattern Cover is another remarkable product in our list. It comes with the following remarkable features:

Beautiful patternDurability

The thing we adore the most about this product is its charming appearance. Its light-colored background with vibrant floral patterns can mesmerize anyone.

Besides its nice appearance, this nursing cover is durable too. It can endure long use without getting thin or fade.

Furthermore, it doesn’t serve the purpose of nursing cloth only. You can use it to cover a stroller as well. As the fabric of this nursing cover is highly absorbent, it could be a great option for a burp cloth.

Thus, this single award-winning item can be enough to perform multiple functions when needed.

  • It contains a beautiful pattern.
  • It is made up of durable fabric.
  • Its good absorbency makes it suitable for wiping milk.
  • It doesn’t get thin or tear with the time passage.
  • This cover doesn’t fade or shrink.
  • Its color pattern might not feel appropriate for boys.
  • It might take a long for shipping.
  • Its price might feel high.s

Final Thoughts

All parents become extremely conscious when they have to buy any item for their newborns. The same might happen, when it comes to purchasing a baby nursing cover for breastfeeding privacy. Undoubtedly, you would need the best item in all aspects. We have also the best baby wraps for you to carry your baby easily during your daily routine works.

In this article, we have reviewed a few best nursing covers. We hope, it might help you in choosing the most appropriate option for your delicate baby.

However, there are a few things you might need to consider before buying them. It is very important to inspect the nursing cover before buying. There should be any hard stitches that can possibly hurt your baby’s soft skin.

Moreover, you should also avoid buying synthetic nursing covers for the baby. They can irritate the baby’s skin. Also, it is better to avoid using harsh detergents or bleach on the baby’s stuff. They might leave their toxic smell that can later irritate the baby’s lungs or nose.