15 Best Electric Toothbrush for Toddlers – 2023 Buying Guide

You must have tried conventional toothbrushes for your child’s cleansing; the results must have not been very encouraging due to painful scrubs on the tiny soft little gums. Conventional toothbrushes often come painfully on your babies and toddlers.

Children may not look forward to brushing as this makes the cleansing of mouth and teeth difficult. An active child may use the brush more vigorously than needed resulting in painful gums and in severe cases there may be some amount of bleeding as well.

Due to such a painful ordeal children may avoid brushing their teeth using a normal toothbrush. This is why parents now prefer using an electronic brush instead. As the electronic brushes are different from their manual counterparts, they give your child a very soothing and feel great brushing experience that your kids will love.

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The children will look forward to the easy brushing and cleansing of their mouth and teeth, the electric toothbrushes are designed in such a way as to suit your child’s liking plus it ensures that the mouth is very thoroughly cleaned. Once you start using the electric toothbrush for your child there is no going back from there as it is guaranteed that your kids will love brushing with this toothbrush at its best.

After looking at the different options available in the market and also, on Amazon we have put together a list of 15 best electric toothbrushes to best suit your kids. In this list, we will walk you through different variations of electric toothbrushes.

Selecting the greatest & best toothbrush is very important as it will help build a brushing habit in your kids, also this will definitely encourage your child or toddler to love the great experience of brushing their teeth. It is also going to assist parents a lot in cleansing their toddlers’ mouths and enjoy a great experience while using them. 

Buying the Best Electric Tooth Brushes for Toddlers

It is for sure that the list of electric toothbrushes below will turn out to the best solution for cleansing the gums of your baby or toddler, at the same time it will keep your child attracted to it due to their very soothing feel on the gums and a great experience that will keep them doing it consistently.

1. Otraki Kids  – Overall Best Electric Toddler Toothbrush

Otraki Kids  – Overall Best Electric Toddler Toothbrush


Otraki electric toothbrush is designed in a way that using it is very simple to use, gives a good great feeling to kids as it does not only clean the dirt inside your toddler’s mouth also contains a feature to rotate the brush inside the mouth.

This electric toothbrush along with this feature of rotating in the mouth helps your baby to prevent damage to their mouth. The toothbrush has the capacity of vibrating 16,000 in the mouth per minute as the battery allows it to do, which on a comparative side much better and favorable to do the entire washing and cleaning of the mouth.

It is very simple and convenient to use. The best feature it gives you is a sensor light that helps in checking problems in the mouth of your toddler.

  • Simple & ease to use for little kids & one of the best.
  • Comes with a battery that provides 16,000 vibrations per minute.
  • Comes with a sensory light that checks for problems in your child’s mouth.
  • Recommendable for young toddlers only as hand part is small.

2. FAIRYWILL  – A Toothbrush to enchant your kids

FAIRYWILL  – A Toothbrush to enchant your kids


The FairyWill electric toothbrush is something beyond & best in experiencing it. It does not only serve the purpose of cleansing the gums and mouth, at the same time it keep your baby entertained through playing different English songs while brushing.

The manufacturer of this electric toothbrush has made it very soft and comfy, especially the brush head to give a very soothing feeling to the babies and toddlers while they brush it on their gums and teeth.

Also, it has a built-in timer that goes off when the designated time has reached, letting baby know that their time is up and at the same time-saving battery for future use. Like other electric toothbrushes, it also has an LED light to check for mouth and gum problems.

  • While brushing babies can listen to songs and get themselves entertained.
  • Very soft and comfy brushing mouth for little kids.
  • Built in timer that goes off automatically being its best feature.
  • LED light to check for mouth / gums problems.
  • Can distract child’s gum cleansing due to songs option

3. VITCHELO KIDS – Electric Toothbrush for Toddlers The Vitchelo

VITCHELO KIDS – Electric toothbrush for toddlers The Vitchelo


Toothbrushes are loved by parents and kids as they are specially designed for little kids keeping in mind all the specifications need for the toddler and the baby to definitely enjoy the brushing experience.

The toothbrush is very easy to use and the appliances are good and user friendly. The best thing about this electric toothbrush is that the rotations are just the right amount, as compared to other toothbrushes that rotate quite a lot.

The rapid strokes that this toothbrush makes when washing and cleaning mouth measures up to about 28,000 per minute. Also, the best feature of this toothbrush is that it is rechargeable, the packaging includes a charger to plug in a power socket in case of low battery.

If fully charged the battery best lasts up to about a month of use, it is indeed a good lasting battery. It has different variations and lengths of brushing action included suiting the need of your child.

It is very lightweight and so it is super easy for your little one to hold while brushing and your little kids will definitely enjoy brushing using this brush. It is available on Amazon for you to buy.

  • Provide very gentle stokes to ensure best cleansing of mouth and gums.
  • Rechargeable good battery can last up to about thirty days
  • Have protective covers for brush heads.
  • They have variety of cleaning options included
  • Replacement heads are difficult to find separately

4. BRUSHEEZ JOVIE – Best Electric Toothbrush

BRUSHEEZ JOVIE – Best Electric Toothbrush


Kids just love things that are bright and vibrant; the Brusheez Jovie toothbrush makes brushing more fun and kids will enjoy brushing as well. This is very necessary to encourage the habit of brushing and keeping the mouth clean in younger kids.

Brusheez toothbrush is specially designed to attract little kids towards brushing and making the experience and entreating one. The best & most distinctive feature of this electric toothbrush is that its cover is shaped like a giraffe, to make the toothbrush irresistible to kids.

This brush lasts longer than its counterparts available. The brush comes with a different colorful stand and also a rinse cup that differentiates it from the other electric toothbrushes available on Amazon.

Not only will your child enjoy brushing using the Brusheez toothbrush but he/she will definitely look forward to the exciting experience of brushing and washing with their little giraffe.

  • Comes shaped as a giraffe to make brushing time a fun time for your little kids.
  • On and off buttons are very easy to use for kids.
  • The rinse cup is just the right size to fit in the hands of a toddler
  • It doesn’t come with a return policy.
  • The brush head can get detached while brushing
  • May need constant change of batteries.

5. Brush Buddies Teething Toothbrush – Best Protective Toothbrush

Brush Buddies Teething Toothbrush – Best Protective Toothbrush


The Brush Buddies toothbrush is one of the best electric brushes available on Amazon it is highly recommended by parents. The brush is designed in a way not only to clean but also to protect the mouth of your little one. The small head of the brush is suitable for your small 6-month baby and it can also be used by a toddler.

It is recommended to brush twice for two minutes every day for proper cleaning of the mouth. The handle of the brush is easy to grip for your little one is ensures definitely that the brush does not fall from hand while brushing.

The gentle vibrations are adequate to ensure proper cleaning of the mouth of your kids. Also, the brush has a built-in light in it, this enables you to see easily inside the mouth of your little one. The round head and the gentle vibrations of the brush provide relief to the gums of your babies who are teething. The packaging includes a separate set of batteries as well.

  • The bristles are very super soft, suitable to be used for all ages.
  • Easy grip ensures that the brush doesn’t fall
  • Very soft and gentle vibrations enable the best & proper cleaning inside the mouth.
  • Replacement batteries are also included in the packaging
  • Has a built in light
  • The whole brush vibrates when turned on.
  • The size of the brush head may seems too small to some parents.
  • Replacement heads maybe difficult to find.

6. SEAGO SG958  – Great for all Ages

SEAGO SG958  – Great for all Ages


Sago is one of the popular brands available on Amazon best known for its innovative technological products. The latest sonic technology is used in the Sago electric toothbrush for the rotation of bristles of the brush to enable the best cleansing of teeth and gums.

The Sago electric toothbrush can be used by people of all ages; different heads are available to use according to the age requirements. There are 5 different brushing modes available to suit your every brushing, washing and cleansing need.

Seago electric toothbrush has a long & good battery life with a charging USB cable that is suitable for all power sources. It comes with a 60 days satisfaction money back guarantee.

  • Tooth waved bristles definitely ensures proper & best cleansing of mouth and gums.
  • Can be used for all ages.
  • Seago Sg-958 sonic vibrations and rotations provide best washing and cleansing inside the mouth.
  • Seago Sg-958 toothbrush has 5 different modes of brushing.
  • USB charging option available in the toothbrush.
  • Some people may find the vibrations not great enough for through cleansing.
  • Replacement heads included may not be enough.

7. Rs Electric Toothbrush for Kids Amazon

Rs Electric Toothbrush for Kids Amazon


The RS electric toothbrush for kids is a very popular toothbrush on Amazon because of its distinctive features. This brush is very light in weight, very user-friendly plus this brush is waterproof as well. The RS electric toothbrush is a battery-operated brush.

The electric brush is designed in a way that encourages thorough & best cleaning and washing of the mouth, the vibrations protect enamels and gums. As children may bite down the bristles of the toothbrush the toothbrush comes along with replaceable heads as well.

If you have an active child this toothbrush is just what you need to ensure proper cleansing of the mouth of your baby.

  • Light weight makes it easy for children to hold and brush
  • Includes two replacement heads.
  • The brush is waterproof.
  • Very soft bristles are best & gentle for small kids and good in cleaning
  • The designed toothbrush is very basic.
  • The brush only has one brushing option.

8. Brush Baby Babysonic

Brush Baby Babysonic


One of the best brushes available on Amazon is the Brush-Baby Babysonic electric toothbrush. The reason for its popularity is the amazing brushing capacity and its distinctive vibration motion.

The bristles of this toothbrush are super soft and gentle to ensure the best cleansing of the mouth and gums of your little one. Plus, the brush has a built-in LED light in it to look around the mouth of your kids.

Though it has a lot of great features there are drawbacks of using this toothbrush as well, the major drawback of this toothbrush is that it only has one brush head and if the child damages the brush head of the toothbrush they only option is to get a new toothbrush. This is why if you opt to shop for these toothbrushes please ensure that you are present with your kids at all times.

  • Light weight
  • Have super soft bristles that are suitable for sensitive mouth and gums.
  • Battery operated, with good life.
  • It has a LED light in it
  • Doesn’t have replacement heads included, in case of damage of the brush head new toothbrush needs to be purchased.

9. Liangus Smart Kids Sonic – Great Color and Appearance

Liangus Smart Kids Sonic – Great Color and Appearance


Proper cleansing is what you expect from a great electric toothbrush. Liangus Smart Kids Sonic on our list must be one of the best you are looking for with this trait. With the fact that it is made from dupont bristle material which gives perfect cleansing of gums and teeth, so cleaning is made easy using this electric toothbrush.

Toothbrush rotates easily in the mouth and makes it quite convenient to remove debris and dirt from the mouth.

This electric toothbrush is available in basic and simple colors that become lovable and attractive for children. Your toddler will get in love with it.

  • Bristles of the brush are made from a special dupont material.
  • The toothbrush is available in different colors.
  • There is a built in light inside the toothbrush.
  • Some parents may find this brush too small for their children.

10. Seago Sg910 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Seago Sg910 Sonic Electric Toothbrush


The Seago Electric Toothbrush is also one of the best, very popular and a great product manufactured by SEAGO. The SG910 model of the electric toothbrush is a very simple weightless yet elegant outlook and the body of the toothbrush is waterproof.

The toothbrush cleanses the mouth and gums really well and the strokes of the toothbrush can measure up to 40,000 per minute. A large number of strokes provide the best cleaning of gums. The rotating bristles of the brush ensure proper removal of the plague and remain in the teeth. Overall this electric toothbrush gives a very thorough cleaning very easily.

  • Simple, yet best elegantly designed
  • Body of the brush is waterproof
  • Speed of SG910 electric tooth brush can be adjusted accordingly
  • Colors may not be vibrant enough to attract kids.




The AIYABRUSH ZR101 model comes with a dual wash feature making it a popular choice of a toothbrush for parents. Not only is it suitable for normal cleaning but bristles are suitable for the best cleaning of sensitive teeth and gums, as it provides a painless comfortable experience.

The toothbrush is very easy to use and is very light in weight. The toothbrush is available in fun colors suited according to your child’s liking. Brushing teeth may not seem daunting while using this toothbrush.

  • Comes with a dual brushing feature which makes it unique.
  • Available in different fun colors
  • Batteries are rechargeable with good life.
  • Some children may find the bristles to be bit hard
  • Size is not suitable for small kids and toddlers

12. SEAGO SG-997  – Best Childish Toothbrush

SEAGO SG-997  – Best childish Toothbrush


Seago is one of the best & most popular brands that manufacture electric toothbrushes. The SEAGO SG-997 toothbrush for kids a very vibrant colorful toothbrush that your kid will fall in love with as soon as he/she sees it, children will look forward to brushing.

This helps in the early development of brushing habit that helps the basic hygiene of your child. The distinctive feature of this electric toothbrush is that it has a built-in timer that regulates brushing with a pause in between to switch the area of brushing. This toothbrush has a colorful built-in light inside it. The toothbrush is best suited for kids ages 3 and up.

  • Fun colors making brushing pleasing for your little one
  • Built in led light makes it easy to look around the gums of your little one.
  • The timer gives cleaning as perfect as a dentist.
  • Not suitable for kids under 3.
  • Bristles maybe hard for some kids

13. Seago Sg-513 Electric Toothbrush – Best for Lasting Period

Seago Sg-513 Electric Toothbrush – Best for Lasting Period


SEAGO is one of the best manufactures of toothbrushes in the market; they are known to make the most practice and reliable electric toothbrushes. The battery of SEAGO SG-513 electric toothbrush is good & lasts up to about 120days.

The toothbrush has a built-in light to engage your little one. This toothbrush grows with your baby as it comes along two brush heads suitable for babies and also for toddlers. The two-minute timer definitely ensures proper cleaning of teeth and gums.

  • The battery of the brush is very long lasting as compared to its other counterparts, which becomes a good comparing feature.
  • Seago Sg-513 has a light inside the brush to engage baby in brushing
  • Comes with two brush heads suitable according to the age of your little one
  • The brush heads may get worn off quickly for some kids

14. Oral-b Pro-health Jr. Rechargeable Toothbrush – Best for Better Oral Care

Oral-b Pro-health Jr. Rechargeable Toothbrush – Best for Better Oral Care


The Oral-B Pro health junior has a unique brushing head that does the cleansing of each tooth. It comes with 2 sensitive brush heads. The best thing about it is that it comes with a waterproof handle which makes sure that it does proper cleaning of the remains in your toddler’s mouth.

It has a sensitive head for gentle cleaning of the gums and teeth of your baby/toddler.  You can use it with the Disney magic timer app, which will surely let your child get along with their favorite Disney characters.

  • Comes with 2 sensitive brush heads.
  • Waterproof handle.
  • Sensitive head for gentle cleansing.
  • Consist of Disney magic timer app to keep your child amused while brushing.
  • Some parents complains about replacing brush heads quite often

15. Nuby Vibrating Toothbrush

Nuby Vibrating Toothbrush


The Nuby vibrating electric toothbrush has two levels, the first level is used to cater to your baby’s early requirement of cleaning the gums, and however, the second stage has nylon bristles which cater to the beginning teeth best suited for a toddler.

You can also consult your dentist when to switch on to stage 2.   The vibrating bristles of this electric toothbrush allow maximum cleaning by keeping it in a gentle way.

It can also play music for 2 minutes, ample time for toddlers to finish their brushing and keeping themselves entertained while brushing.  Recommended for babies of 3 plus months and above.

  • Battery included which has good life
  • Includes two brushing heads, stage 1 & stage 2.
  • Plays music to make brushing a fun.
  • Perfectly sized for your little one.
  • Some parents find it very delicate for toddlers to handle, it breaks easily.


Brushing teeth can be troublesome for babies especially when they are about to experience their first brushing. To make it a fun-filled experience, there is a need for electric toothbrushes for the toddlers and babies.

Parents are advised to look for the ones better suited for their babies and toddlers and according to their ages. If you are looking for teething toys here is the complete information regarding this product with the best customer review models.

The most important thing is to make sure when buying vibrating electric toothbrushes, is to see whether it serves the purpose of cleaning too. As toddlers, they often look for fun rather than cleaning but as a parent, you should go for the ones that give proper cleaning along with the fun-filled experience.