10 Best Baby Teething Toys – 2023 Buying Guide & Reviews

Of all the many things you get for your baby Teething toys are the most essential of all. The teething phase is the most difficult phase for a baby but it’s inevitable. Normally babies start their teething phase around 5 months; the age range may vary for different babies.

Around the time the teething starts taking effect and babies experience pain and discomfort due to it. No parent can see their baby in pain and not do anything to ease the pain. Because of teething, babies get fussy and cranky this causes distress for the parents as well as for the baby, as you may spend many nights soothing your upset baby.

Though as painful it may be the teething phase is a very important milestone in the life of your child. But not to worry as there is a perfect solution to give relief to your baby in pain.    

A Teething toy helps your baby to get through the teething phase, not only does a teether provides relief to the baby but a teething toy is also a source of pleasure and enjoyment for the baby. It helps the baby in the development of their cognitive and psychomotor skills.

As the teething toys are available at very affordable prices you can always keep a bunch of them around. There are different types and brands of teethers available on Amazon to help parents to compare and choose the best Teethers for the baby in the best price range. In this article, we will guide you to make the best choice of a teether for your baby.

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We have listed down some of the best Teether available on Amazon. Our list of teether toys will help and guide you to pick the perfect teether toy for your child. There are many types of designs of teethers available like teethers shaped like a banana or a teether that vibrates or a teether ring or toys that your little one will love to chomp on, we will help you pick the just perfect teether.

By going through numerous reviews given by parents, reading the safety instructions, guides, warnings and user report present on the internet we have put together a set of different teething toys that are the best most cost-effective, completely safe and reliable teething toys available on Amazon.

The wellbeing of the baby is our prime focus; to save the time of parents we have carried out detailed and extensive research ourselves to put forward the best teething toys. No parent can bear to see their child suffer in pain while they stand helpless during the teething phase.

This list will enlighten the parents to help give something to take away the discomfort of their children and provide relief in a difficult time in the life of their child.

Best Baby Teething Toys At a Glance

Now that you are more familiar with the ins and outs of the chewing industry, it’s time to familiarize yourself with some of the best teething toys out there. In an ideal world, we would get all of these. But that’s not a viable option for the parental budget.

Therefore, we’ve provided you with a neat summary of all the greatest & best teethers, so you can pick and choose the right ones easily.

1. Teether Rings

Teether Rings


Teether rings are great one of the best baby teethers available on Amazon. Their basic uncomplicated design makes them super entertaining and pleasing for your baby.  Cleaning is super easy and the teethers also help in the development of your baby’s brain.

The ring design of the teether makes it easy for your child to wear it like an accessory on their hands in this way the teether remains safe and cannot be lost. These teether rings come along with a manual with guidelines of how to provide relief in pain to your baby while they go through the difficult phase of teething.

This teether is basic to be used in the initial months of a baby yet practical makes it one of the greatest & best teether toys out there. For the latest price check and availability you can shop this teether on Amazon.

  • The basic and uncomplicated ring design of the Teether makes it the greatest & best choice for parents who are looking for a very straightforward yet effective teething toy for babies. The teethers are made of nontoxic and super safe plastic material, plus they are designed in such a way to avoid any kind of choking hazard in babies. The ring have different textures that allows the baby immediate relief, when babies are chewing ring not only this but the design encourages simulation of brain and development of the senses in your child as well as their motor skills. The impeccable design of the teether is made after intensive research and there is also a 60 days money back satisfaction guarantee for parents. The instruction manual that comes along with the teether costs around $10 if bought separately. Not only is the ring teether entertaining it provides relief in pain to your child at the same time. All these things make it a top choice for the parents. So what are you waiting for just login to Amazon and get one for your child.
  • The teether is made of food grade silicon that is nontoxic and 100% safe for the baby chewing & putting in mouth.
  • Good to use in the initial months.
  • Comes with a free instruction manual that has additional helpful Advices and advice to provide relief to your baby in pain.
  • The rings are available in bright attractive vibrant colors to grab the attention of your child.
  • Different textures of the ring help in early brain simulation and development of psychomotor skills
  • The ring design is super easy for the babies in gripping, chewing and playing with.
  • It comes with a 60 days satisfaction money back guarantee.
  • Supported with intensive research.
  • These teethers are great the best ones available in the market, their only drawback is that they only come in one basic ring design. That can be boring for babies after some time. If they came in different shapes they would be more attractive and stimulating for the children
  • These teethers are only available in one basic ring design.
  • Babies may eventually get bored by the ring design. The Bad
Expert AdviceFinal Verdict

The Teether ring toys are available in different vibrant and bright colors, that are suitable for little boys or girls whichever that you little ones find more pleasing.  The greatest & the best thing is that colors are not limited to either a boy or girl.

The teething rings are simple basic and non-complicated. They are available at a very affordable price. Because of their affordable price they provide the best value, in providing relief and entertainment at the same time making the painful teething phase a learning and fun phase instead. Due to this the teethers are the greatest & best to get for your little one.

2. RaZbaby RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether

RaZbaby RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether


Razbaby silicone teether is shaped exactly like a raspberry. As well as being pleasing to the eye the silicone-filled plastic material of this teething is 100% safe for the baby to put in his/her mouth and start chewing it, in order to provide relief to their painful gums.

The berry has textured bumps on it resembling a real raspberry these bumps soothes the painful gums of your little one. The design of this teether resembles a pacifier; you can just put it in the mouth of your little one for chewing and sucking it on without the hassle of holding it and the teether falling.

Good for using this teether in the initial months of a baby and can be used at a later stage also. Not only the amazing berry design of the teether is attractive for the babies but the textures on the berry provide the right simulation just what your little one needs. These teethers are easily available on Amazon.

  • This teething toy is not only popular for its cool and stimulating design, it’s very safe and comfortable, and can be frozen to provide extra soothing relief. The silicon filled plastic material is 100% safe and non-toxic, and the raspberry bumps are going to help soothe the pain while stimulating tongue activity and sensory systems. Good for using in the initial months of a baby’s development and can be used at a later stage also.
  • Stimulating, soothing design
  • Can be frozen
  • Easy to clean
  • Good to use in the initial months and later
  • 100% safe, food grade silicone teether which babies can put into their mouths
  • Hands-free, pacifier-like design
  • Designed for small hands
  • One problem with this is that the handle may be ripped off, and so supervision is a must. It is also slightly big, and more appropriate for larger babies, although the manufacturer recommends this teething toy for 3 month olds.
  • Handle may get ripped off
  • May be too big for little babies
Expert AdviceFinal Verdict

It looks like a pacifier and it’s designed in a way to serve the baby’s teething requirements. There is a clip you can use it to attach great and perfect for babies who like to throw their toys on the floor. 

The final thought can be it’s a great toy for chewing purposes, something great to add to your list of the soothing toys. Its frozen feature makes it perfect for babies for painful and swollen gums, considered to be the great & best remedy for soothing gums.

Best for babies who are pacifier lovers, as it serves the great alternative as well as comfort the crying babies and getting them relaxed. Also recommendable for toddlers who use pacifiers, as the size of it gets fixed in their mouth.

3. Nuby Wacky Teething Ring

Nuby Wacky Teething Ring


Nuby teething ring is a cool and great teether toy and best to buy among others as the company has used parts that can serve to different baby stages. The parts have different textures for different stages of gum development in babies.

There are three stages; silicon soft gel for the front teeth, a bit firmer parts for the middle teeth & firm parts for back teeth to absorb the greatest pressure. Good for using in initial months of a child/baby and at a later stage also.

To amuse the child every time and allow him to giggle there are bunny ears at the top that sounds crunchy when baby bites them. Babies are attracted to sounds and they will definitely be attracted towards this toy, along with this it provides great stimulation and soothing relief on gums for longer hours to the babies. For getting the latest price, you can shop this amazing toy teether from Amazon.

  • It is a great buy at the best price.
  • It has every feature to calm the baby.
  • The parts are safe and made from nontoxic plastic material.
  • Good to use in the initial months and later
  • Textures can serve as recognizing and feeling about how each feels is different from others.
  • Helps develop your baby’s sensory and motor skills.
  • Help stimulates all portions of the gums, the front, the middle and the back.
  • Attract babies due to its different colors, textures and sensations.
  • Perfectly sized to allow for baby for a better grip.
  • Trusted by pediatricians.
  • Cleaning is an issue, as can’t be submerged into water and textured fabrics are hard to keep clean.
  • It is non-freezable teether.
Expert AdviceFinal Verdict

The price is reasonable enough to buy two in half the price of one. Can be the greatest & best for giving it as a gift for baby showers.

It is a great and one of the best teething rings that have everything to calm your baby. It provides a soothing sensation to your baby’s gum while in pain also serves as the best playing teething toy your baby gets attracted to. It is safe, trusted & recommended by most pediatricians. If the criteria of evaluation are price, then it is the best & greatest among others in the list.

4. Bright Starts Lots of Links Accessory Toy

Bright Starts Lots of Links Accessory Toy


Bright starts wonderful links teether are the best & the greatest in versatility & yet they look so simple in their presentation. They are very cheap to buy these 24 links pack and your baby will love to take it anywhere and everywhere he/ she feels like.

They are very safe and possess stimulating textures that will keep your baby amused every time they use them. For getting the latest price check and availability you can shop them at Amazon.

  • Extraordinarily cheap, very safe, the greatest, the best fun to give your baby.
  • They come in a package of 24 links that can be attached to carriers, strollers and anything of what so nature.
  • Different colors and textures attracts your baby’s attention.
  • Good to use in initial months and later also
  • Stimulates & provides soothing relief effect on the gums of babies.
  • Cent percent safe & are nontoxic.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Very durable.
  • Serves as a versatile toy for your baby.
  • They are thinner.
  • Gaps are large and sometimes gets a bit uneasy for the babies.
  • Gets easily pulled apart
Expert AdviceFinal Verdict

They usually come in bundle offers and you can get them at a very low price.

If price and versatility are the basis of selection, then of course one of the greatest options to buy from. They serve as a great teething toy for babies and on the whole best teethers to must buy.

5. Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Carry Teethe Purse

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Carry Teethe Purse


Bright Starts carry teethe purse teether is cute in presentation and it is soft as it is filled with water. It acts as a perfect teether in soothing baby’s gums, with the best shape that creates a lot of interest in babies to bite them and feel the sensation.

As per our evaluation criteria, it is the greatest chewing toy teether for your child and he/she will really love to have this one. For the latest price and availability, you can shop this cute purse shaped teether from Amazon.

  • Filled with water that helps in soothing painful gums, makes it easy for the baby in chewing.
  • Shaped like a purse, one of its cutest features.
  • Good for using in initial months of a baby and later too.
  • Bright and interesting colors with textures to attract babies.
  • Its BPA free, so cent percent safe plastic material
  • It has a cheap price that will definitely not divert your buying decision
  • Can also be frozen for long soothing sensation to your baby’s gums.
  • Due to its heavy weight, some babies may not like it.
Expert AdviceFinal Verdict

They come in options where you can get in combination with other rattle toys, that can make it a perfect gift to give to in baby showers or as occasional presents.

In this price it is a perfect and of the greatest toy teethers you can get without anything to lose, in fact is a gain bargain that you must go for.

6. Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys


Nuby teether can be a great baby teether for your baby, it contains baby keys designed specially to provide a soothing & cooling sensation to the gums of baby when chilled in the fridge for some time.

It has bright colors & textures that not only keep the baby attracted towards it, also provides a soothing feeling in the development of motor skills through sensations. Cleaning is not cumbersome and it is easy to wash and keep it clean. For the best price & availability, you can check on Amazon.

  • Serves the greatest as the cooling & soothing effect for your child
  • Good to use in initial months and later on.
  • It’s safe and secure for your baby as it is made from BPA free plastic material
  • Helps in building coordination in babies.
  • Helps in developing motor skills; the hands, tongue & mouth.
  • Different textures to serves different sections of gums that require a soothing sensation
  • Cleaning the teether is easy.
  • Size is a little big for babies to take into his/her mouth.
  • A little heavy some babies may find and may not like it.
  • Can melt when exposed to high temperatures.
Expert AdviceFinal Verdict

Recommend not to freeze this toy/teether, as it becomes dangerous for a child and can result in injuries.  The gel is specially meant for a fridge and can conserve the coolness for a longer hours.

Nuby teethers are considered to be great on the basis of safety and the quality it provides. It will be wrong not to mention that it is one of the best from the list of teethers and a perfect toy for your child & babies. It serves as the greatest remedy for soothing your baby’s gum and provide them with a cool feeling. It is considerably cheap and does not let you hesitate to buy because of it.

7. Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether


Comotomo teether is a slick-looking simply and elegantly designed to attract your baby’s eyes. The design and smart and trendy yet it is the most durable one on the list of teethers.

The best part is; it allows your child to easy-grip from anywhere he /she feels right to grab it and let your baby’s soft gums to allow chewing and feeling a soothing sensation. For the latest price and availability, you can shop this amazing teething toy from Amazon.

  • Soft silicone gel inside to sooth your baby.
  • It’s hygienic and safe for baby to put into his mouth.
  • Good to use in initial months of a baby
  • Cleaning is very easy.
  • Size is perfect for a baby in holding and chewing in an easy way.
  • Edges are rigged for soothing your baby’s gums.
  • Finger designed like teether, attracts the babies chewing on it.
  • Designed in a way that it is safe for your baby, you can microwave or boil it for sterilizing it.
  • Due to its very soft nature it may not be very good in soothing your baby’s gums.
  • It is very simple and plain, might not attract your child or babies.
Expert AdviceFinal Verdict

It is also available in red color, but the blue one is cheaper than the red.

It is a great baby teething toy which is specially designed to provide a soothing sensation to your baby’s gums. It is very easy to grip and the cleaning is quite simple and easy. Some babies may find too plain and non-attractive, at the same time it is though not a bad investment at all. It is liked by all.

8. Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether


Why a baby would won’t like a baby-shaped teether? One of its prominent features is that it has a soft brush on it, which definitely helps train your baby brushing their teeth as well while enjoying the soothing sensation through this easy amazing teether.

It is awesomely cute, and a useful toy cum teether. You can shop this amazingly designed teether and also can get the latest price check on Amazon.

  • Baby banana teether with a brush helps train your baby about future brushing habits. Brushing made easy!
  • Good to use in initial months of a baby and at a later stage.
  • It is soothing on your baby’s sore gums.
  • Cleaning is very easy.
  • Safe from dangerous chemicals, made 100 percent from food-grade silicon.
  • Easy for your baby to grip and it is safe as does not cause choking hazards.
  • Helps in developing hand-eye coordination.
  • Can’t be used in removing plague as a conventional toothbrush as bristles are very soft.
  • Due to its shiny color and texture, dirt settles on it easily.
Expert AdviceFinal Verdict

Pink is the cheapest among all the colors.

Among all the fruit teethers, this one is definitely the best and perfect for your child or baby. It is of great assistance in developing necessary hand-eye coordination. It is definitely the best choice for soothing the gums of your baby and of course keeping their mouth clean.

9. The First Years John Deere Massaging Corn Teether

The First Years John Deere Massaging Corn Teether


What about a teether that can soothe your baby’s gums through vibrations? The first years massaging corn teether serves your baby as a perfectly soothing and teething toy. Nothing can beat this one!

The corn shaped teether provides gentle vibrations on your baby’s gums, giving a perfect and the world’s best feeling of relieving gum pain and soothing them to feel better. For the latest price check and availability, you can shop this unique corn shaped teether from Amazon. 

  • One of the best features that a baby can enjoy in the world of teethers can’t beat this vibrating massage teether. This is surely the features that differentiates this teether from all the others available in the market and that makes it an exceptional one.
  • Comes with a vibrator that helps in soothing your baby’s gums in an effective manner.
  • Good to use in a later stage of a baby but can be used in initial months too with a little safety.
  • Cute, cool and beautifully designed corn shaped teether attract baby’s attention the most.
  • Plastic material it is made from is perfectly safe for the babies.
  • Due to its adequate size, does not pose choking hazards.
  • Some babies may find corn teether hard to fit in their mouth.
  • Vibration can sometimes feel more intense.
Expert AdviceFinal Verdict

Buy two for the price of one and may give the additional one as a gift to the loved one.

It is though very learning kind of teether due to it is perfectly shaped like corn among all the fruit teethers; however, we recommend this for older babies to serve its right purpose.

10. Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether

Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether


Among the last on our list but not the least, Twisty figure 8 teether is designed in the shape of 8 and it attracts most of the babies due to its design and combinations of colors. The design is cool, trendy and perfect as a chewing plastic material; also its shape provides your child/ baby with the firm grip that babies usually lack in other teethers. 

It is soothing on your baby’s gums that makes them attracted to use it often and feel the comfort when they are in pain.

You can shop this amazingly 8 shaped teether and get the latest price check on Amazon. For developing motor skills & cognitive skills, this one is the best and perfect choice. Its twisty look let your baby spins and turns and grab from the place they feel firm to hold on to chew and get a soothing feeling out of it.

Different textures on it assist / help or baby to satisfy their need of chewing even when they apply and exert pressure on it. On top of that, it produces a rattling sound when it is shaken. So overall quite a lot for babies to get themselves busy for long hours.

  • Combination of four different textures.
  • Bright colors with a cool shape to attract babies.
  • Good to use in initial months and on a later stage too.
  • In developing motor skills & cognitive skills it turn out to be one of the greatest.
  • Does not pose any choking hazards, and also made from plastic material that is safe for your baby or toddler.
  • Rattling sound is a plus for babies to get attracted to it for longer hours.
  • It is really hard to clean this rattle due to its twisty shape; the textures get the dirt easily trapped into it and hard to clean it away.
  • As it is a little thick, some babies may find it hard to hold and grip it and may turn out to dislike it.
  • It is big in size, may be displeasing for babies due to its size and they may choose others when giving options to them.
Expert AdviceFinal Verdict

It is designed in a way that can stay in the fridge all the time to give your baby a cooling and soothing sensation.

On the whole, it is a great toy cum teether that can provide hours of fun and education to your child or baby. You can keep it clean by boiling it or sterilizing it in the sterilizer. Apart from the large size that makes it ignoring options for some of the babies, it is an awesomely designed teether with the best options that are beneficial for the babies. It’s amazing shape attracts babies the most and other than presentational display it serves as a perfect soothing device for your toddler and babies.

Baby Teething Toys Buying Guide 2023

A number of points should be examined before making the final choice of teething toys for your baby is chewing on. The following points will help you in finding the perfect toy for your child.

This article will serve as a guide to help you make the best decision, we hope you will definitely get convinced in finding the right teether for your baby keeping in mind it is safe and it will not be painful and soothing for your babies.

There are instructions below for your convenience in choosing the best for your baby; it will be great if you follow all the instructions before making a move to buy one for your baby, as it will assure your baby is safe while using the toy teether.

There are instructions below for your convenience in choosing the best for your baby; it will be great if you follow all the instructions before making a move to buy one for your baby, as it will assure your baby is safe while using the toy teether.

  1. Chemicals banned by the FDA and should be avoided at all costs include; BPA, PVC and Phthalates. These chemicals can cause a risk to your baby if not avoided, as they are mostly found in all plastic materials. You need to be sure that whatever toy your baby is taking in his mouth is free from the chemicals mentioned here. Also, this is not a necessity to look for as most toy companies are well aware of these chemicals and they assemble toys free from three chemicals, still, as a matter of precaution, we wanted to let you know so as to avoid any unfavorable situation that you might get into. You will find all the safe toys on our list, so if you just follow our list you don’t have to go for extra precaution in order to keep your baby safe.
  2. You need to get plenty of chewing toys as early as it is possible. Comparatively, they are cheaper than the other items on the baby’s list and will save a lot of your time. Also, it is advisable to get different kinds of chewing toys and give your baby options to select from them as he/she may not like some of them. Getting a variety and giving your baby a change is also important in developing his/her psychomotor skills; tongue, cognition and in the development of speech and sensing skills. You need to keep in mind that the teething toys do help in relieving your baby’s pain and keep him/her off from crying, but at the same time, it also helps in your baby’s development. It is also the reason why teething toys are available with a lot of variation in the market.
  3. Tablets of teething available in the market are harmful and should be ignored completely.
  4. Always keep your baby’s toys clean. Wash them often with soap and water and wash off the soap thoroughly and let them dry so it becomes completely hygienic for your baby to use. In case you are on a trip or outside where you cannot wash then, use the wet wipes as they serve as a disinfectant in cleaning your baby’s toys. Your baby’s hands are full of germs too; keep washing them often in order to avoid germs transmitting to other objects and things.
  5. Supervision is the necessary thing required from the parents when their babies are playing with toys/ teether; make sure the teether is of the right size. In case he/she puts in their mouth it will not cause them to choke.
  6. Always see the box of toys whether they are meant for chewing or not, in case they are not, don’t buy them as it can create serious risks for your baby, especially if it has small parts/pieces.
  7. There are some toys that can be frozen to provide relief in pain of gums due to inflammation and provide a soothing feeling to your baby. Be careful that the toys don’t get over frozen as they can cause a problem for your baby and can be a very painful experience for him.
  8. IF you find any slight damage to the toy/ teether, discard it immediately as there are chances that your baby can tear it into pieces and become exposed to choking, so intensive supervision is required from the parents.
  9. There are teething necklaces available in the market, our recommendation is to ignore such necklaces as they are unnecessary and do not serve the right purpose of teething. Also, we haven’t found one that is fully safe for your baby and that is the reason we have not kept it on your list too. Keep your baby away from them to avoid choking hazards.

The Bottom Line

Though baby teething toys may seem not that important but yet they hold immense importance. The best thing about teething toys is that they are not that expensive and easily available on Amazon for you to shop and browse different options.

It is advisable to have a few handfuls of baby teething toys stored around. As a parent, you never really know when the teething phase starts resulting in a fussy cranky screaming baby. In some babies, teething starts early as three to five months of age.

Instead of the child putting his/her fists and hands in their mouth the better option available for the parents to give to their child is teething toys. The different textures, sizes and designs help soothe the painful swollen gums of your little one.

As the teething toys go in your little ones’ mouth you need to be mindful of a few things before making the final choice of a teething toy. It is advisable to check the safety precautions and also keep in mind that the toys should be made of high-quality non-toxic plastic material.

This helps the parents to be stress-free when the baby chew on the teething toy. No matter how safe the toys is parents should always be aware and mindful whenever they give a toy to their little ones to play with.

In this article, we have put forward intensive analysis to provide ample guidance and help you understand the need for a teething toy for your little one. Also, we have listed down different types, materials and designs of teething toys available on Amazon.

Though the research may seem to be quite long but enables you in making the best-educated decision of buying just the perfect teething toys for your little one. A teething toy that is 100% safe, made from the best plastic material and also while soothing provides a learning experience to your little one.

This list puts forward the stacking toys available in the market. Our major concern when compiling this list was to provide you ample research so you can make a timely and educated decision at the right moment for your child.

Because a happy and calm baby is just what every parent needs. Teething toys make the journey of those cute pearly whites an easy and smooth one. So you can enjoy those cute baby teething toys as much as your baby.