7 Best and Easy ways to clean your Baby Tongue – 2024 Guide

A healthy child is a happy child!

Good health is the prime reason to keep a baby thriving. And taking care of a child’s health is the prime responsibility of parents.

When it comes to a healthy development of a child, oral health care can never be ignored. Many people perceive brushing teeth twice a day is enough for oral care. Cleaning baby’s tongue is equally important and integral part of oral health.

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Why is Cleaning a Baby’s Tongue so Important?

Negligence from cleaning a baby’s tongue usually result into a number of oral infections that may deteriorate overall health of a child. Cleaning the tongue twice daily helps in keeping a baby safe from a number of bacterial and fungal infections.

If the tongue cleaning is ignored, it accumulates food particles, which ultimately cause bad breath, dental and gum problems. Brushing and flossing are not just enough to ensure a thorough oral hygiene. When these activities are accompanied with tongue cleaning, oral health is then maintained only.

Why does a Baby get a White Tongue?

Have you ever noticed a white coating on your toddler’s tongue?

Usually all babies have such a white coating on their tongue. It starts to develop on a baby’s tongue after just a few days of birth. Try to remove this white coating with your clean finger. If the coating is easily removed, it may just be the milk residue over the baby’s tongue.

In case this white coating is hard to be removed, it may indicate an Oral Thrush. Also known as oral candidiasis, it is a condition where a fungus accumulates on tongue or inner cheeks. This fungus then produce creamy white patches which may spread to the roof of mouth, gums and even towards throat.

Though oral thrush is uncommon to healthier kids and adults, but it may occur in people with weak immunity. In such a case, it is advisable to see a doctor immediately.

What causes thrush in a baby’s mouth?

There can be several reasons for a baby to develop oral thrush.

The natural immunity system works to combat the bad germs that attack our body. It lets the good microorganism to stay inside but removes out the bad microbes.

When the immunity system is weaken, the likelihood for bad microbes to attack our body increases. This allows the candida fungus to grow inside mouth and result into Candidiasis.

Also the babies who are solely on mother’s feed get thrush often. It is because the babies are only fed on milk and they don’t take water for first 4 to 5 months.

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