Exclusive Pumping 2022 Guide – Schedule, Tools, Tips

Exclusive pumping often referred to as Eping can be really stressful for you as a new pumper but as you step ahead in your motherhood journey, it becomes a daily routine.

What is exclusive pumping (Eping)?

Eping is a perfect alternative solution for breastfeeding. It’s a method used by mothers who have difficulty breastfeeding due to several reasons I’ll highlight in this post.

Exclusive pumping promises that the child will get nothing less than the full nutrients breastfeeding will give.

Although, health care organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and Healthy children recommend breastfeeding only for the first year of a child’s development.

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6 Best Breast Pump For Exclusive Pumping – 2022 Buying Guide

Probably you are a first-time parent or not; it is crucial to learn so much about exclusive pumping and the best pumping tools. So in this guide, I have decided to review the best breast pump for exclusive pumping.

Eping is an alternative to formula feeding. It is almost the same as breastfeeding because you’re still giving your little one breast milk but from a different channel.

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6 Best Manual And Electric Breast Pump For New Moms in 2022

Making baby decisions isn’t an easy task. There are several considerations to make of which reaching individual choices can be right or wrong. For moms who are still breastfeeding their babies, the issue of demand and supply comes to play.

Moms must keep up with the milk supply to meet the request of the child. In this case, what a mother need is a breast pump. In this article, we shall be reviewing the best breast pump for new moms.

A breast pump can either be an electrical or manually operated device that extracts milk from a lactating mother or allows mothers to express milk for storage purposes. The extracted milk can be refrigerated to be fed to the baby via a bottle at a later time as long as the breast milk doesn’t exceed the two days maximum.

When you are not available to breastfeed your baby, your partner, a relative or a caregiver can administer the refrigerated breast milk to the baby whenever the need arises. With several breast pumps available in the market, it is increasingly difficult to choose as to which one is the best or better than the other.

That is because you are continually looking for the one that will be a perfect fit for your breast. Choosing the right one is a plus, ideal and can serve you for a lifetime. Breast pumping allows moms to keep up with the milk supply even when the mother isn’t available or separated from the baby to breastfeed.

Pumps collect breast milk and freezes or store it for future purposes. So whether you are late for home or traveling or have busy schedules, breast pumps will always make sure breast milk is available for the baby.

The trouble associated with the choice of breast pumps is that not all of them is right for a lactating mother even if it’s the perfect fit for another lactating mother. So a friend or a neighbor might recommend a capable breast pump she uses or used but might turn out to be not so good for you.

If you are in the market for a breast pump, decide the volume of milk you want to be pumping, how adjustable the suction is and how portable it is if you are the type that would like to take it to work. Breastfeeding your baby exclusively isn’t enough; you need a breast pump to stand for you in times when you are caught up in an emergency.

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How to Stop Silent Reflux in Babies 2022 Guide – 10 Natural Remedies

Raising a baby is always tricky. Part of the difficulty is determining when the baby is sick or not. Somehow, as a mother, you can tell if something is wrong with the baby or not. But what if you are not entirely sure of what is wrong with him/her or you misdiagnose his illness for another?

Sometimes, your baby is finding it difficult to sleep, finding it difficult to breastfeed, and when he is overfed, he throws up. That’s reflux at work. In this article, we shall be discussing what reflux is and silent reflux baby natural remedies.

Silent reflux is a type of reflux where stomach contents flow backward into the nasal passages, voice box or throat. The stomach contents don’t get expelled from the mouth; it stays in the stomach and flows back to the back of the throat where it causes the baby distress. Hence, the reason why it is called silent.

Silent reflux creates a burning sensation around the throat area. Since food contents are in the stomach, the food mixes with the acid produced by the stomach and flows back to the throat. When this acid comes in contact with the throat, voice box, or nasal passages, it irritates them, and the baby will always feel like something is obstructing his throat. Hence, the frequent clearing.

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