Glass vs Plastic Baby Bottles – Which is Better (2024 Guide)

Glass vs Plastic baby bottles has been the long-drawn battle that has been on for a long time. What we fail to realize is that excessive use of either of them is harmful to your baby.

The plastic bottles, with its adverse impact on the environment and growing awareness among the millennial mothers about the health effects of plastic, have to lead them to shun plastic in baby bottles. On the other hand, the use of glass in baby bottles is far more alarming. Have you ever imagined the scenario wherein the glass breaks and your baby is not even aware of it and chews it!

Alarming isn’t it! Let us look at the snapshot of the demerits of both of them. So here we will let you know the Best Bottle For Breastfed Baby

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Plastic Baby Bottles

The biggest harm that can happen to your baby is due to the chemical compound named BPA. It is present in the plastic in baby bottles. It was banned by the American way back in the 2000-2010 time frame when it was discovered that it caused a harmful effect on the health.

The plastic in the baby bottles starts to etch when it meets the warm fluid which is present in the bottle. This, in turn, results in the fluid being contaminated by the BPA, which gets consumed by the baby.

Little dosage of BPA goes inside your baby every day, from the baby bottles if he consumes from the bottle, day in day out! So, do you want your baby to be consuming BPA regularly along with his food?

Maybe you still do! But, if you read ahead, you would opt for an alternative:

Experiments in various lab rats have gone ahead to show that BPA which is present in the plastic in baby bottles has reduced the metabolic activity of the endocrine system. The hormone, estrogen becomes subdued due to the minimal quantity of BPA in the blood.

Estrogen is responsible for the overall development of your child’s reproductive, metabolic and growth-related functions. Excess of BPA in the blood reduces the secretion of the estrogen, which affects all the above functions in the body.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Glass Baby Bottles

So, is a glass-based bottle an alternative? Taking our Glass vs Plastic baby bottles discussion forward, let us have a look at the drawbacks of having the glass baby bottle. Glass baby bottles, one of the closest an alternative to the plastic counterparts, are heavier in weight. Babies are weaker as well as lighter in weight.

So, if you expect your baby to carry the heavy glass bottle and not break it, it will be an unrealistic expectation. The glass bottles when break, result in severe accidents in different forms. Cases of babies chewing the glasses have been listed too.

The glass feeding bottles hit the big time in your pocket. You don’t even realize that the cost incurred by the glass bottle is twice or thrice the cost incurred by the plastic feeding bottles.

The material used in the preparation of the glass bottles are more expensive, as well as the work behind the glass bottle is more polished, unlike the plastic counterpart.

The ease (read as difficulty) of availability of the glass bottles make them a rare form of bottles. The importance, as well as the price for the glass bottles, are driven by this lack of availability. It, in-turn results in making the glass feeding bottles forms of artifacts, which are difficult to obtain and too precious to be thrown away.

However hard you try and train your baby to use the glass bottle carefully, you can never partake the fact that when he doesn’t like the taste of bitter pomegranate juice, he is going to throw away the bottle far from your reach. This is where you would wish you had the plastic bottles instead of the glass counterpart.

Final Words

Glass vs Plastic baby bottles, a debate that most of the parents still hold in their office hours or the mothers in the kitty parties. Thought the counterparts have been read, a new form of glass bottles, made from borosilicate glass, is really helpful and is different from both the glasses and the plastic ones.

It is sure, that it will give a rest to the argument of Glass vs Plastic baby bottles since it has the combination of features of both the products, which makes it extremely wonderful. It is plastic-free, yet it is unbreakable!