14 Best Pack ‘n’ Plays – 2023 Buzing Guide With Full Reviews

Since there are so many baby brands available on the market offering pack n play for babies and each individual product comes with a modern touch, it is practically very difficult for new moms to carry out research to find the most reliable among all. It is equally hard for even experienced mothers to pick out the best pack n play in the town, having more goods than bad.

If you are not one of them to search the market for a single product and rely mostly on reviews, we are here to help. The award for the best one goes to Joovy Room 2. Why? Because it is simple to use, has no unnecessary frills, and is comparatively double in size than other available options. The amazing part is that all these advantages come at a reasonable price, which makes it an attractive choice.

Be it a playpen, pack n play, or a playard, we have got everything covered on our list. We have stated the good and bad of each individual product to free you from the hassle of going here and there.

Top 14 Pack ‘n’ Plays and Playards

1. Graco Pack ‘n’ Play Newborn Napper DLX Playard

Graco Pack ‘n' Play Newborn Napper DLX Playard


Graco is a name associated with making the best and useful baby products and their playards are definitely the best. Among a wide variety of playards, their Graco Pack ‘n’ Play Sheets Napper DLX Playard sports some amazing features.

Furniture specially designed for babies tend to last for a couple of years, but this playard by Graco will last longer, depending on its usage.


The most amazing feature in the Graco playard is the changing table. The playard also features storage space to keep other baby-related stuff, including diapers, wipes, and rash cream.  Moreover, there is a comfortable changing space along with a napping place for newborns.

Last but not least, Graco Pack n Play Mattress also transforms into a playard. The best part is that it also sports a little sound system and even vibrates to comfort the baby while sleeping.

  • The above-mentioned amazing features make it a product with great value that too at reasonable rates. Let’s look over a brief overview of some amazing features. Despite a changing table, the unit sports a napping station for newborn babies. The napper also sports an overhead toy. In case you take out the napper and changing table, you will find the napper also taking the playard up. What does that mean? It means that you can also take it out to put it in your bedroom if you don’t want the baby to be sleeping alone. However, one important thing to remember here is that do not let the baby sleep in it once they are able to sit on their own.
  • When it is used for newborns, you can see the mesh zips on one of the sides. You can zip it down to store blankets, clothes and other baby-related stuff. Once your baby is not newborn any more, you can transform the unit into a playard and zip up. The unit also has more storage for diapers and wipes. Moreover, there is also some space for ventilation on both sides of the playpen. Also, it gives you the option to fold the pen down with just a button.
  • With good comes bad too. The unit is not as useful as it is marketed. There is no real structure, and the napper insert can’t be considered a safe place to keep the baby. The add-ons are individual components that you will need to store afterwards. Also, if you already own a bassinet or a changing table, these components will just add up to your space, making them totally unnecessary. However, if you experience frequent travelling and like to remain in a budget, this could serve you as a one-stop solution. While it has extra components that apparently feel like a great value at a reasonable price, they are a real challenge to set up and put all together as one unit.

2. Cosco Funsport Play Yard

Cosco Funsport Play Yard


If you prefer a place to put your baby, this playard is the best solution. It is a Play Yard for those who would rather prefer a simple unit than any other product with storage areas and add-ons. It is simply a budget-friendly playpen to keep your baby among toys. Also, it gives you an option to select a pattern of your choice from13 different ones.


The best thing about this unit is that it doesn’t have any unnecessary elements. It is just a playard to keep your baby in a safe place and position. You can keep it in a bedroom or a living, wherever you like.

New moms are usually given the gift of extra components, like a bassinet or a changing table, and other baby-related stuff. And if you are having your second baby, you would probably have all the related furniture.

  • You must be thinking what is so good in such a basic and simple playpen? Well, yes it has several pros due to lack of add-ons. First, it is light-weight hence, easy to move. Graco claims its playpen is easy to set up, but many moms would relate to the fact that how big of a challenge it is to set up a Graco playard. On the other hand, this Cosco playpen is actually really easy to set up. Plus, the matte-finish wheel makes it easier to move the unit around across different rooms. The unit does sport a storage container bag in case you are travelling. Also, there is a ventilating mesh around the pen.
  • There are a few customers who complained about the discomforting playpen mat. Also, there are several complaints of a weird chemical-like smell when the unit is brand new. So it is better to let the air out before actually making the use of it, and do not spray it with anything.

3. Delta Square Play Yard

Delta Square Play Yard


With a square design, the Delta Play Yard is decorated with lots of colorful animals to keep your baby entertained. The truth is that it will only attract your little one for a few moments. However, if have an up-and-running daycare center at your home, or if you want to keep the baby in a particular room, you should opt for this one.


Many playards on the market are rectangular, which are ideal for sleeping, not for playing though. But this 36×36 square-shaped Delta play yard is definitely big enough to fit in even two babies with toys. Last but not least, this playard also has colorful animals on the mesh, which is unlikely to be found on other units on the market.


      4. Joovy New Room2 Portable Playard

      Joovy New Room2 Portable Playard


      When searching for square-shaped playpens, do consider this Joovy New Room2 Portable Playard. It costs a little higher than the above mentioned Delta one, but it sports lots of other useful features. While regular playpens are tiny in space, this Room2 Playard is spacious and can even fit in your second baby.


      Besides its convenience to move around, the main feature to appreciate is its size. Unlike typically confined playpens, this one has a lot of room for your baby to move around and play. Also, you can keep a check on your baby, as it lets you have a 360-degree view.

      • The Joovy playard is comparatively 50% larger, offering 10 feet space for the baby to sleep and play. Many babies like to take a lot of space than you expect, and this playpen is definitely ideal for such babies. Also, it sports space big enough to hold two little munchkins.
      • In case you have been blessed with twins, you have the options to add little upgrades to this playpen. You can add Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery Centre, which offers napping station for twins to sleep next to each other and a changing table. There is also an option to get Joovy Room2 Waterproof Fitted Sheet to prevent leaks and spills from ruining your investment.
      • Moreover, the included padded mattress is strong enough, with a low centre of gravity to hold babies up to 35 inches. The unit also sports a soft cotton fitted mattress and a storage bag.
      • The main issue with this playpen is the difficulty to lock the sidebars in the vertical position. There are a few complaints of a plastic-like smell from a brand new unit. Also, few reported that the play n pack was lumpy enough to make it difficult for the babies to move around.

      5. Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard

      Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard


      If you prefer a portable playard, don’t forget to check out Summer Infant’s Pop N’ Play Portable Playard. The unit sports a unique hexagon structure, which allows you to fold it up faster kudos to the clips and clever positioning of poles.

      This would be the ideal choice if you plan to take it along with you on the beach or even spend some time in your garden while keeping a watch on your baby. If you are planning to spend a day under the sun, you can get either half or full canopy to protect the baby from the sun. Also, if you have twins or have your baby’s friends over, this playpen is of ideal size to hold two friends in it.


      The Summer Infant sports a crisscross metal bar frame, which provides moms with the convenience to easily set up or fold it. The unique hexagon structure is definitely a special feature of this unit, which will make it easier for parents to take it along on trips. Unlike Joovy’s 10 feet space, this offers even more – it has 14 sq. ft. of space.

      • We will mention it once again that its size and unique structure have made this unit one of the most portable playpens with the easiest setup process. Another great thing about it is that it already comes all assembled, so you won’t have to worry about it. Another reason for its weight being super light is the mesh that surrounds the entire playpen. The Summer Infant playpen also sports canvas bottoms, so your investment won’t go down the drain even if mistakenly taken out in the rain.
      • While it has a lot of space for the baby to move around and play, it can easily take up a lot of space in homes with limited areas. It is basically meant for outside use. Another main thing to note here is that the unit doesn’t boast any padding or mattress to keep it light and portable. After a couple of hours, even less than that, the baby won’t like the hard surface and would probably like to come out. Moreover, the manufacturers have kept the length of the unit short. What does that mean? It means that your baby will probably crawl the playpen out a lot sooner than expected.

      6. Baby Trend Lil Snooze Deluxe 2 Nursery Center

      Baby Trend Lil Snooze Deluxe 2 Nursery Center


      If the Graco Napper was your type but you want something similar at an affordable price, the Baby Trend Lil Snooze Deluxe 2 Nursery Centre could serve you as a better alternative. This playard has several similarities with the Graco one but with a budget-friendly price tag.

      First, the Baby Trend playpen has the ability to serve you with a lot of add-ons, like changing and napping spaces, and the ability to serve you as a bedside co-sleeper.


      While it shares a lot of similarities with the Graco playpen, the changing table that comes with it folds down when not in use.

      • First thing you will love about it is that the playpen has a lot of beautiful patterns to choose from. The Lil Snoozer playpen also sports a storage space to keep diapers and wipes. Not to mention that the napper and changing table won’t be of any use once the baby grows older than 3 months. For that, you have an option to detach the napper. Once you think your baby is old enough to play around, you can also move the mattress pad at the bottom to let your baby move around and play.
      • Other features that made this playpen to get featured on our list are the following:
      • – Mesh that surrounds the pen from each side
      • – The playpen is able to fold down completely
      • – It comes with a storage bag
      • – It also boasts wheels and brakes to ensure extra safety
      • – It is deeper unlike other typical playpens
      • Like with the most playpens, this one is also a bit difficult to set up. To make the process a little easier, first push in the smaller sides then the larger ones. Other than that, there are no other issues reported. However, if you are looking for the sound system and soft vibration stuff, unfortunately, this unit doesn’t have any.

      7. 4moms Breeze GO Portable Travel Playard

      4moms Breeze GO Portable Travel Playard


      The company, 4 moms, which was established to transform baby-specific furniture has definitely reached its ultimate goal. With their 4moms breeze Go portable travel playard, the manufacturers have provided moms around the world with the convenience to fold in and out.

      We can say that this playpen is one of the best playpens when it comes to the easiest folding and unfolding units. Basically, the company has three categories of playard: Breeze Go, Breeze Classic, and Breeze Plus. If you are in search of a pen with an included bassinet, go for the Classic one.

      If you are in search of a pen with a bassinet and a changing table, go for the Plus version. There is one left that we will discuss today: Breeze Go.


      The one special feature of this playpen is that it is easy to open and close. For those who will encounter playpens for the very first time in their lives, let us explain the process a little bit. You are first required to remove the playmat, or if the mat is velcroed into place, you have to reach at the bottom to remove it.

      The next step is pushing the middle stabilizer in the upward direction. This specifically makes the pen unsteady and makes the sidebars come downwards.

      Now begins the real challenge: Sidebars. Give the unstable playpen a bit of support with your legs. Now, look for the push or release function and then push it up and down afterward. In case it reacts, repeat the same on the other side. Now comes larger sides. It may not work on both sides. There is a chance that one of either side may have a weird nature. The legs of the unit may leave scratches on the floor or chip up your toenail.

      The struggle doesn’t end here. Now, comes the part where you have to balance the folded playard against the body while also wrapping up the playmat and fastening up Velcro to keep it in its place.

      • Now that you know that opening and closing is a real challenging task, let me tell you again: This playard opens/close with just a push. The sides are visible to let the baby know what is actually happening around, and it is also convenient for moms to keep an eye on them.
      • The unit sports a mattress and the pack n play yard is comparatively larger than other regular units but not larger than Joovy. You also have an option to get extra sheets. Also, its simple and elegant design will complement any décor.
      • One thing you may worry about is the sharp points. But since they are in the corner and rounded off, they won’t be of any harm to your little one. Another issue is that the unit doesn’t boast any wheels, which makes it difficult to move the pen around. Also, the price could be another issue for some.

      8. Disney Baby Sweet Wonder Play Yard with 3 Tiers of Storage

      Disney Baby Sweet Wonder Play Yard with 3 Tiers of Storage


      If you were a Mickey and Minnie fan in your childhood, your child will probably be the same. So why not compliment their room décor with a Disney playard? We have just got the perfect fit for Disney lovers – the Disney Baby Sweet Wonder Play Yard with 3 Tiers of Storage.

      This won’t only be entertained but also a one-stop solution for all new moms. This playard sports several features that will help you with the first three months of your little munchkin. The features include a diaper changing and napping station, and it also provides safety and protection to the baby from all possible dangers in your house.


      Perhaps the most amazing feature of this playard is that it is a perfect fit for die-hard Disney fans. The unit comes in several beautiful, colorful patterns to complement a Disney décor. The playmat features a bigger Mickey and Minnie pattern. Also, there are six options to choose from.

      • All the included features are undoubtedly amazing. It has all the features from the Graco napper except the napper and the storage space. The pen boasts a strong changing table, a transformable napper, and a removable overhead toy bar. The best part of it is the external storage space. It is large enough to hold diapers, clothes, wipes, creams, and other baby-related stuff. Other than that, there are wheels on the side for easy movability. Last but not least, the playpen has the capability to fold up, and it also includes a bag for storage.
      • Unlike other models, this unit is comparatively heavier. Few people reported difficulty in folding the unit. Moreover, the storage space is not strong enough to hold heavy stuff.

      9. Chicco Lullaby Dream Playard

      Chicco Lullaby Dream Playard


      If you are looking for something luxurious, Chicco’s Lullaby Dream Playard will definitely serve that purpose. It is also your one-stop solution to help you with everything you need for your baby’s first three months. And then you can transform it into a pack n play once your baby gets a bit older.

      It is another playpen that shares similarities with the Graco Napper, but the Lullaby Dream Playard definitely boasts better functionality. However, if your baby has gone through the first three months of his/her life, it wouldn’t be wise to spend on a playpen with extra components.


      The most amazing part of this playard has to be the electronic toy bar. It not only boasts calming music but also a nightlight. How cool is that! This is definitely a rare feature, as most models haven’t included this yet.

      Moreover, the electronic toy has some calming nature sounds and a detachable toy mobile. Last but not least, the playard has the capability to turn into a bouncy seat so that your baby enjoys at the same time.

      • First, the changing table features a support board that is zipped in. The fabric is detachable and you can also zip it off for washing. The unit also sports external storage space to keep diapers and wipes. Like other playpens, you can push the mattress pad a little upwards until the baby sits can on his/her own. There are two wheels for easier movability. The playpen also comes with a storage bag to pack it up when not in use or while travelling. Lastly, the sides are completely covered with mesh for air ventilation and a fantastic view.
      • The Chicco’s playard is ten pounds heavier than other usual models on the market. The reason behind its heaviness is the included board support. For the electronic toy to function, you will need to have three AA batteries. As with the other pack n plays, this one has also been found difficult to set up. Lastly, the included planks do contribute to making the unit stable, but it definitely makes the mattress uncomfortable to sleep on. For that purpose, you may need to get a mattress pad.

      10. Lotus Travel Crib

      Lotus Travel Crib


      If you are a frequent traveler, you may want to get your hands on the Lotus Travel Crib. Traveling with a baby in tow is a real task, and people, who have traveled with a baby, definitely knows the struggle. But with this Lotus Travel Crib, traveling and making memories with your little one is not a challenge anymore, as it allows you packing all baby-related stuff and voila!


      Specifically-designed for traveling, this crib is a light-weight unit, weighing only 13 pounds. The best part is that you can fold it all up into a case with shoulder straps.  Moreover, unlike other usual units, this one takes just about 15 seconds to set up.

      Second, if you are more of a health-conscious parent, you would be happy to know it is the only playard that is GreenGuard Gold non-toxic certified. There is also a quiet zipper on the side that will help you reach the baby to either cuddle, nurse, or even sleep next to him/her.

      • The frame of the playpen is made with strong yet light aluminium. For easy washing, the fabric and mesh can zip off. The mesh surrounds the playard for air ventilation and a fantastic view. You can use the frame for both the bassinet and a playard. Finally, the playpen sports a comfy mattress to provide your little one with a night of good sleep.
      • The zipper could be a little problem for some, and to make it function properly, you may need to spray WD40. Also, the manufacturer has let go of a thicker mattress for travel purposes. Finally, some may find the price a little bit higher.

      11. Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

      Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center


      If you have been blessed with twins, go for Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center. The playard itself is not large enough but has enough space to hold two small babies. Just imagine the amount of money you could save by investing in an all-in-one playpen rather than searching markets for two bassinets and other baby-related stuff.

      The actual issue arises when it is realized that space is actually not big enough. For that, go for Joovy Room2, as it can fit in two older babies who are able to sit up on their own. This Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center will serve fabulously in the first three months and even until the period your babies get old enough.


      This playard sports two detachable rock-a-bye bassinets. What’s even better is that they both have the capability to transform into stand-alone rockers. Unlike any other ordinary bassinet, they are more like soft, comfy plush bassinets that come with a canopy.

      It also features mesh sides for better air ventilation. Other added features that make it a special playard include an electronic music system, nightlight, and vibration to soothe the baby.

      • Besides appealing bassinets, the playard also features a fold-down changing table. Unlike other models that require you to detach a bassinet to use a changing table, this one won’t make you go through the hassle. It also sports a larger portion of space to hold more diapers and wipes. The internal mattress pad can go all way the up at the halfway mark for those babies who are not able to sit on their own yet. One side of the unit contains wheels for moving easily. Last but not least, the actual playard has the capability to fold down for you to easily store it in a storage container. However, the other piece won’t fit in the container with the playpen.
      • Once you take the bassinets out, there is not enough space left for two babies. Once your babies are old enough to move around and play, you may want to get another playard or a bigger one to adjust both babies. If you are planning to buy another playard and want something similar in terms of colour and pattern, it might be a challenge to find one. Another thing to note here is that bassinets will be useful until the babies reach 15 pounds.

      12. EvenFlo Versatile Play Space

      EvenFlo Versatile Play Space


      If you are in search of something non-traditional and unique, consider Evenflo Versatile Play Space. It is ideal to keep both inside and outside, without compromising on your child’s safety. It does have the capability to fold up, but it is entirely different from what we have discussed above.

      It is neither a rectangular nor a square-shaped play yard. It is rather a fence-like play space to keep your baby in a limited area to sit, move around, and even play.


      Let’s face it – it’s not a playard but serves the same purpose. You can leave your baby practically anywhere in the house, without any need to set up a playard. You can literally set the fence-like play space wherever you want to, or if you want, you could use padding to make the babysit on the floor.

      You also have an option to set up an additional fence to make the bounded space a little bigger. For outdoor use, the connectors at the bottom include an ejectable stake for a secure setup.

      • Apart from the ejectable stakes, this play space also features floor pads to use it inside homes. This is definitely one of the most spacious playard, with 18.5 sq. ft. along with further expanding abilities. However, the most important thing to note here is that this playset is for babies who are 6 months or older. The recommended age for babies is 6-24 months.
      • Another great feature is that its assembly doesn’t require you to toss and turn a toolbox. The reason behind is the hinge design. The play set has the capability to fold down to store it into a storage container. All panels feature three handles for the purpose of repositioning. All you want to do is connect the sides after setting up. Lastly, you have the option to pick from a variety of colours.
      • The picture attached above is enough to make you understand that this playset won’t be of any use when your baby is older enough to climb over. Also, it can be pushed by little ones, so for better, make sure the playset is placed in a safe area.

      13. Big Oshi Portable Playard Deluxe Bundle

      Big Oshi Portable Playard Deluxe Bundle


      This has to be one of the most luxurious playards ever! The Big Oshi playard features a canopy, ruffles, bows, and whatnot. It may not suit everyone’s taste but it definitely comes with a lot of features.


      Apart from decorations, there are actually a few things that are indeed amazing. The curtains are made up of net, which makes it a perfect playard to keep it outside. The canopy on the top will serve as protection from the direct sunlight over your baby.

      Its distinctive feature is definitely the design. You also have an option to choose from a variety of colors, including pastel pink, polka dot, purple, light blue, and navy blue. Each playard comes with a matching pattern, embellished in ruffles, bows, edging, trim, and underskirts.

      • First, this playard comes at a budget-friendly price. This unit also features a criss-cross mobile with plush toys. You can use the newborn inset until your baby is old enough to sit on their own, and then you can push the bar to convert it into a playard. Though it is a fancy one, it does have all the standard features. It can fold up to be stored in a storage container. The unit also has wheels on one side in order to reposition it easily. One side also features storage spaces to keep in diapers and wipes. Lastly, the unit is covered by mesh for air ventilation and 360-degree sightings.
      • There were no complaints except a few about receiving a defective product.

      14. Halo DreamNest Open Air Sleep System

      Halo DreamNest Open Air Sleep System


      At first glance, this probably doesn’t look like a very fancy pack n play. But the Halo DreamNest Open Air Sleep System has more going for it as a travel sleeper than most other options on this list. 

      If safe and comfortable sleep for your baby is the primary use of a pack n play for you, then this is the best option for your family. But it can serve other uses, like a diaper changing center and a playard, too.

      The EasySway rocking system goes on the bottom and lets you, rock baby, to sleep if they are in the bassinet. The rockers are removable to keep older babies and toddlers from tipping over.

      • The bassinet is the first mode for the DreamNest.
      • The mesh is cotton muslin, so it’s still comfortable for baby to lay against.
      • The bassinet is for babies 15 pounds or smaller.
      • It doesn’t offer very firm support for heavy babies.
      • it almost acts more like a hammock than a solid mattress.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Q. Is there a difference between a playard and a pack n play?
      • We know it gets confusing to use different terms for the same thing. The following are a few different words for the same pack n play.
      • Pack n play
      • Pack and play
      • Play pen
      • Playard
      • Nursery center
      • Portable crib
      • Travel crib
      • Play center

      And, sometimes, bassinet refers to the bassinet insert on many pack n plays.

      Q. What is an ideal age for a child to use a pack n play?
      • You can make use of the pack n play as soon as the little one comes to life. Many units now include a newborn insert to lay your baby down in a regular playpen. However, playpens may not be as convenient, as bending over to reach the baby might be a little difficult. That is why keeping the baby a little higher will help. Playards are usable until the baby either reaches 30/35 pounds or is old enough to climb over.
      Q. How do I get to know about recalled playards?

      All you have to do is signup on the CPSC website to get emails.

      Q. Are pack n plays really safe?

      A. Yes. Pack n plays are safe if they meet safety standards. These standards are regulated by CPSC, and if you wish to see safety guidelines before getting one, you can visit the website for more information.

      Q. Is it safe to use sheets in a playpen?

      Yes, it is safe, but you have to make sure that the sheets fit well enough. Otherwise, they can put the baby’s safety at stake or cause suffocation.

      Q. Can a baby sleep in a pack n play?

      Yes, you can utilize the pack n play to make your baby sleep in it. However, it is advised to keep out all the loose stuff while your baby is sleeping. These can prove to be a great sleeping area for your babies, and you can also keep them closer to you. Also, these are portable so you can carry one along when traveling.


      After analysis, we do think that Joovy Room2 could be the first choice of most of the moms reading this, as it has everything that is considered essential. However, since it has a larger space, you may want to check if you have enough area to own one.