23 Best Batman Toys 2023: LEGO, Mask, Costume for Kids – 2023 Review

Batman, the most popular among all superheroes. He is considered to be the favorite of many people. In fact, many people used to look up to him in their childhood. The reason why most of the people still like him is that even though he has no superpower like other DC characters, he is still a superpower. His ability is most realistic of all.

Every kid likes to own some kind of toy which is popular or well-known among kids. Batman toys are those amounts that every child loves to play with. Exclusively the ones that are their favorite cartoon or movie characters or superheroes.

Therefore, we have compiled the best Batman toys for children that are reviewed by us. This is the most authentic review which will help you decide what toy is best for your kid.

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Just to note that these Batman toys are specifically made for older kids so if your child is younger, you have to until he/she is of appropriate age. You can give dinosaur toys and collectibles to a child who is aged between 4 to 5 years. This review is suitable for kids that are 4 years or older.

Where to Buy Batman Toys?

Their many stores that sell the Batman toys some are written in the following list:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Toy store near you

Buying Guide The Best Batman Toy

There are various kinds in this type of toy so we have compiled the most popular or trendy toy gadgets that you can buy for your kid. This list will help you in to decide which one to buy for your little one. Although the preference of your little one may vary, these are the most trendy ones so it is possible that he/she might like one of the action figures.

BatarangsGrappleMaskCapeUtility Belt

These are the type of toys that require physical movement. They are sharp weapons that are made in a Frisby style of the famous batman sign. This is the gadget that Batman throws at his enemies.

As we all know, Batman is not able to fly but he uses different gadgets to move from one building to another quickly. This is with the help of a grapple gun; he can fly high up in the building easily.

Some Superheroes wear masks to hide due to some reason, batman is also counted among those who wear masks. Therefore, it is important that Batman has a mask on to make it look real.

It is important for the Batman figurine to have a cape on because the cape contains his signature sign with a batman suit that makes people recognize who he is. There is some type of toys that don’t come with a cape because they are either made as a robot or futuristic Batman.

The highlight of the outfit, this the place where Batman keeps all his gadgets so when he fighting his enemies he can take them out in an instant.

Top 23 Best Batman Toys

Now that you know all the essentials that should be included in the Batman toy then let us start the review!

1. Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batcave

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batcave


This product is a playset that is in the form of a large three-story Batcave manufactured by Mattel and Imaginext. This product is recommended for a kid who is three years or older.

Your little one can use his creativity and create a storyline or play with Batman and his enemies in this three-story cave.

This product makes your little one stay so inclusive while playing due to its design. He can play with it all day and still not be bored with it. The first power pad opens up to show three-story that is divided into three stages.

The first one is its highlight is the batwings with a bat pc, the next one is the power pad that triggers the garage of Batman and the future reveals a place where dummy Ninja training is done.

The big Batwings are very attractive for the little one, the emblem of the Batman at the top also shines. It is very easy to operate as well, the children load the projectile launcher to resist the Joker and other Batman’s enemies.

He/she can use the Batcomputer and the elevator which is used to transport Joker and other enemies from the jail cell to other parts. Joker and Batman come with the set. But other characters are to be bought individually.

  • Helps in developing listening and communication skills
  • Brings confidence
  • He/she is able to learn self-expression
  • It helps fostering imagination and creativity
  • Only for children who are older than 3 years

2. LEGO Juniors Batman vs. Mr. Freeze 10737 Superhero Toy

LEGO Juniors Batman vs. Mr. Freeze 10737 Superhero Toy


As the name suggests, LEGO is a famous company that is on a very high level. It will take your kid into a new universe of Batman. It is an action-filled most exciting set that your kid will love to own. It is quite simple to play too.

 Your kid can easily construct the floating Batboat which comes with an opening cockpit and bat-disk shot. Furthermore, this product also contains Mr. Freeze’s ice hockey speeder and suspend weapon which is made up of ice crystal clear and an ice prison along with an ice crystal.

The age limit is written at the box which is appropriate for the children who are ages between 4-7 years.

  • Teaches kid to fit pieces together
  • Easy to assemble
  • Helps in developing the motor skills
  • LEGO sets cost a lot
  • Might lose the pieces
  • Hurt to step on

3. 3-4 Years Boys Batman Costume With Armour

3-4 Years Boys Batman Costume With Armour


When children grow up, they tend to copy the superheroes a lot. This costume is the best one for this purpose. The Rubie’s Official Batman Fancy Dress Costume. Rubie’s one those manufacturers that produces the most realistic and believable costumes from several comic books and film characters.

Similarly, their Batman costume is also one of a kind. It is quite similar to the costume that Batman wears in the movie.

Rubie’s costume feature is the muscled torso plate which is made up of hard wire. It comes with a yellow belt and a grey cape. The costume’s sleeves consist of black cloth gauntlets.

This product comes with an attached mask in which bat ears are also included, just like in the movie. Furthermore, there are lights on the emblem of the Batman on the front which makes it look more realistic and feel super.

Your kid will love this costume because it looks realistic with its standing out Batman emblem.

This costume is ideal for Halloween parties as well!

  • Expands creativity
  • Looks realistic
  • Size issues

4. Batman Dark Knight Child Batman Mask

Batman Dark Knight Child Batman Mask


A mask is the most important essential for a superhero because he/she needs to keep his identity a secret and this is the fun of it. They need masks to protect the ones who need them and love.

The most genius superhero among all DC universe superheroes, Batman also wears the mask for this very purpose. He hides in the streets of Gotham to save the world wearing his mask.

The mask is what your little ones won’t, that is their demand and this product will fulfill that demand. They want to feel like a superhero, protecting you from all kinds of dangers while wearing a mask that to conceal their identity.

Just buy them this Affordable Batman Mask, they will love it and feel as if they are superhero themselves, ready to save the world!

  • Unique mask
  • Easy to put on
  • Very comfortable
  • Size can be an issue

5. Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots: Batman v Superman

Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots: Batman v Superman


The movie, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was an epic success that your little ones loved to watch. If your little one is a big fan of this movie, then this product is the best option for him/her. They will love the design of this Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots: Batman v Superman.

If you have two little ones and wish to give them together with a gift, then you can buy this. It is ideal for two-player, one as Superman and the other as Batman.

Your children can create a story and battle it out just like in the movie!

This is a very easy game than can distract your children for hours and you can relax while watching them play. Furthermore, you can play with it as well! You can battle with your child, in this way, you will be able to spend some time with your little one and see him/her smile.

Functioning is also easy, use your own horn to fight. To fight with an ideal hook, press the right button. To punch the other character, press the left button. The battle is exciting with realistic sound effects added to it. The winner is the one who wins, either Batman or Superman.

  • Two players
  • Spend time with your kid
  • Unique
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of plastic
  • Small punches

6. Batman M14196 DC Comics Tri Scooter

Batman M14196 DC Comics Tri Scooter


An item that can force your kid to outdoor and ride it. 6. Batman M14196 is an ideal scooter for them to out and play. They can race down to the street with their friends. This scooter is made for children who are aged 3 to 4 years old. They come with three wheels so that any beginner can ride it easily without losing balance.

There is a Batman emblem at the front of the yellow-painted handlebars which represents Batman’s ride can be seen from afar. Your little one will act as if he or she is Bat Girl or Boy, they can show off in front of their friends.

The curved footplate at the back also has a Batman image attached to which makes it stand out among all scooters. In fact, the whole plate contains images of Batman’s sign which gives a realistic vibe.

  • Unique
  • Has Batman emblem on it
  • Tri-scooter is best for beginners
  • Easy to assemble
  • Front handle can get loose
  • Size issues

7. Batman Missions Batman Voice Changer Helmet

Batman Missions Batman Voice Changer Helmet


Got a Halloween party coming for your little one? Need a mask that looks realistic and unique among all? Well, this mask is the most realistic mask that you will ever find in the market.

The mask includes natural sounds, there is also a voice changer attached to this mask. So when your little one says something, he/she will sound like Batman. Furthermore, there is also a re-breather oxygen room to look more realistic.

You can hear the fighting sounds like a hydraulic punch while fighting with your enemy. Grenade explosion to blow up and his signature cap with the swish sound! To get more feeling of being in the character you can buy a gauntlet to protect as well.

  • Looks realistic
  • Unique
  • Voice changer
  • 30+ battle sounds
  • Size issues

8. Arkham City Harley Quinn, Batman, Nightwing, & Robin Action

Arkham City Harley Quinn, Batman, Nightwing, & Robin Action


Gotham city is a very big city that contains other prominent characters as well, other than Batman in the movie The Dark Knight. If your little one is a Gotham city fanatic then he would want other character’s toys as well. The Arkham City Action Figure 4 Package is the one that you need to buy.

This set contains four characters: Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Robin and Batman. They are designed based on the movie and have a very detailed figurine. They look realistic.

Your kid will love this set!

  • Detailed and realistic look
  • Accessories
  • Costly
  • Not suitable for younger child

9. DC Justice League Stealth Suit Batman Figure

DC Justice League Stealth Suit Batman Figure


The superhero action figure toys are really popular. Despite all those toys, owning a Batman Figure is a must for every little one. This figure is designed based on the film Justice League in which he wears a Stealth Suit. This product is 12 inches long which makes it stand out among all other figurines. The outfit is an upgraded Power suit.

This figure also has a feature of distinct positions that can be used to fight against the enemies or other characters’ figurines. He can have combat and act out the scene with certain hand moves.

Even though this item is not quite flashy in terms of lighting and buttons but the design and detail are enough for the kid to love it. This item can become his/her favorite among all! Action figures are quite fun to collect and keep them for a long time.

This product enables the little one to use his imagination, create a new storyline with other characters and play it out!

  • Unique in design
  • Details are good
  • Looks realistic
  • Improves imagination and creativity
  • Distinct moves
  • Good quality
  • Hard
  • Not suitable for little kids

10. LEGO, DC Superheroes, Batman: The Penguin Face Off

LEGO, DC Superheroes, Batman: The Penguin Face Off


This set has a storyline. The penguin has stolen a beautiful pearl, this pearl is guarded by two robot penguins that are very hard to fight. The Assist Scuba Batman is the one that will ride it on his quick scuba vehicle to fight against those evil penguins. He will fight them and get the pearl from their grasp in an instant. The Penguin can strike and fight back with his mad duck boat.

This a very exciting storyline that will interest your kid. The vehicles are trendy that have two movie missiles attached to it. So that when the enemy strikes, the Batman can take a quick turn and firepower at the enemy to defeat it.

This LEGO set contains Scuba Batman and The Penguin figures with action weapons and more accessories that are needed for the fight.

  • Teaches kid to fit pieces together
  • Easy to assemble
  • Helps in developing the motor skills
  • LEGO sets cost a lot
  • Might lose the pieces
  • Hurt to step on

11. Batman The Dark Knight Rises The Bat Vehicle

Batman The Dark Knight Rises The Bat Vehicle


This set consists of two things, one is the Batman figure and the other is his automobile which he uses to reach the enemy on time. Just like in the movie, the automobile contains all the details. If the Bat Vehicle is not needed, Batman can come out and fight against the enemy. This set is designed based on the movie The Dark Knight.

The Batmobile is the latest one so far that contains more features. Furthermore, it has a good grip so that the kid can hold it up and fly it around. It opens the projectiles and lets the kid shoot out Batman from the Vehicle in an instant to fight against the enemies.

Your kid will love this toy for his birthday. He can use his imagination to create a story plot to fight against the enemies.

  • Easy handle grip
  • Launch projectile
  • Improves imagination and creativity
  • This item is made of plastic
  • Not suitable for little kid because of hard material

12. LEGO BATMAN MOVIE DC The Bat-Space Shuttle

LEGO BATMAN MOVIE DC The Bat-Space Shuttle


Ready for the space adventure? This set is made for the sake of space travel which is similar to the space mission from the Batcave in THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE. This LEGO set contains a space shuttle that a triple booster pack that can be detached easily.

Furthermore, there are four stud shooters and an opening back compartment to which Bat-Moon Buggy is attached to the LEGO figures to drive.

The Batcave has a dock to the shuttle where you can place it, this is another important Bat automobile that your kid would love to own. The BatKayak has a rotatable screen stand with a weapon stand as well. Furthermore, there is a costume place where you can take out and put in the costume pf Minifigures of LEGO.

There are 6 LEGO figures that are included in the set. They have their own weapons so that they can act. Your little one can plan a role-play for these figures. Imagine and Create a new storyline. This set is guaranteed to excite your kid.

  • Teaches them on how to fit pieces together
  • Easy to assemble
  • Helps in developing the motor skills
  • LEGO set can be costly
  • Might lose the pieces
  • Hurts if stepped on

13. Batman Dark Knight Rises Child’s Batman Costume with Mask and Cape

Batman Dark Knight Rises Child’s Batman Costume with Mask and Cape


Batman is one of the kids’ favorite superheroes. Would it not be a great surprise for your little one to see a gift that he/she loves? Rubie’s Costume Company is a wonderful choice to get fun costumes for your little ones. This company makes costumes from excellent quality materials that can be used for years to come.

Hence, it is very durable. Moreover, this company is quite well known for cosplay, Halloween costumes and other products for decoration.

Another great thing is that Rubie’s does not sacrifice the quality of their products over cost. Thus, you can rest assured that the costume you receive would be of the best quality.

  • Unique design
  • Excellent quality
  • Costumes are very durable
  • Well known for costumes and decorations
  • Affordable
  • Size issues

14. Rubie’s Costume Co – Batman Full Mask

Rubie’s Costume Co – Batman Full Mask


Is your child a huge fan of superheroes? Does he pretend to be a superhero himself? If so, then the Rubie’s Batman Full Mask must be your number one choice. This mask is made from an excellent latex quality that can be worn over the head.

Thus, your child’s identity would be completely transformed from an ordinary kid to that of a superhero. We are sure that your child would love this mask that will make him feel as if he is a real superhero. Moreover, this mask is available in one size that fits all. In addition to this, this mask is an officially licensed Batman The Dark Knight Rises product.

  • Realistic looking mask
  • One size can fit everyone
  • Excellent latex quality
  • Great for events like Halloween
  • Officially licensed batman product
  • Some may find it expensive

15. LEGO BATMAN MOVIE DC The Joker Manor



Whether it is your child’s birthday or Christmas, or any other event, giving your kid a gift can be a huge task. Wouldn’t it be great to give him something that he loves and which also improves how his mind works? LEGOs are an excellent option in this case.

With this LEGO BATMAN, DC Joker Manor set, your kid can play with Batman, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth and Nightwing. We assure you that your kid would have a wonderful time with this large jokerized Wayne Manor.

This Manor is equipped with excellent details in the film and cooling functions. It also comes with a couple of other interesting things like a rollercoaster track that surrounds the entire building, a huge buildable The Joker head with a trapdoor and a side. Moreover, it also includes punching gloves for boxing, a rocking The Joker sign and a rotating ‘big eye’ tower.

Furthermore, the interior of the manor also includes a cinema room with a romantic DVD element, a kitchen with a buildable microwave together with a toaster and lemon-slice decorated tile components.

Also included inside the manor is a living room with a buildable grand piano, fireplace and float, pool space and even a music studio along with a guitar element and buildable mixing desks and loudspeakers. Thus, with all these features available, your child gets a complete package and will have a ball playing with this manor.

  • Comes with some great features
  • Great as a gift
  • LEGO sets are known to help in your children’s brain development
  • Improves your children’s coordination skills
  • Your child may lose some LEGO pieces
  • Hurts a lot if stepped on
  • LEGO sets are not excellent for toddlers as they can swallow the smaller pieces

16. Rubie’s The Dark Knight Rises Batman Child Costume Kit

Rubie’s The Dark Knight Rises Batman Child Costume Kit


Is your child obsessed with Batman? If this is the case, then we guarantee you that purchasing this Dark Knight Rises Batman Child Costume Kit would be an excellent option for your kid. Imagine how excited your children would be if you get them this batman costume.

This is easy to wear a costume that your little one can don at any time and be prepared to fight crime! This costume comes with a dark cape and a black confront mask. Moreover, it is available in a standard size that can fit all children. In addition to this, this mask is an officially accredited Dark Knight Batman product.

  • Officially accredited batman product
  • Excellent quality
  • Standard size that can fit everyone
  • Costly

17. Power Wheels Power Wheels Batman Lil’ Quad

Power Wheels Power Wheels Batman Lil’ Quad


What better toy to purchase than a four-wheeler that your child can even sit on? We assure you that this toy is a great item to give as a gift. Moreover, it is extremely fun and your children will have a great time. This is an extremely long-lasting and excellent ride.

This wonderful ATV by Fisher-Price is introduced under the electricity wheels and works in a great manner too. Moreover, your little superhero can easily sit on it considering the low-rider base. In addition to this, there are footrests on both sides of the ride so that your child’s legs do not feel sore.

With this toy, you child will constantly move around in the playground. Thus, we advise you to keep an eye on your children while they are playing with this toy as it tends to move away easily.

  • Great gifting option
  • Excellent quality
  • Excellent ride
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Has a low rider base
  • Also has footrests
  • You have to keep a constant eye on your kids so that the vehicle does not run away

18. Batman Masks

Batman Masks


Whether it is Halloween or a costume party, masks can never go out of style. You can never go wrong with masks, and if it is a batman mask, then it is all the more better. If you are looking for a batman mask for your children to wear at a party, then you have come to the right place.

We know jus the best option for you. This mask is very realistic and is printed to look just like Batman’s iconic apparel. Moreover, these masks are extremely fun to use and easy to wear. An elastic band is attached to the mask to make sure it stays put.

It is not just great for parties; you can even put them in the children’s goodie bags to take home and have fun.

  • Realistic looking
  • Fun to use
  • Easy to wear
  • Elastic band secures the makes properly around your head
  • Can even be placed inside goodie bags for children
  • Costly

19. LEGO DC Super Heroes App-controlled Batmobile 76112 Remote Control (RC) Batman Car

LEGO DC Super Heroes App-controlled Batmobile 76112 Remote Control (RC) Batman Car


Children just love to play with cars. The more cars they have, the better. Moreover, it adds to their toy collection and ensures that they have a perfect childhood. With this motorized LEGO DC Super Heroes 76112 app-controlled Batmobile, children can instantly be transported to a Gotham City crime scene.

This new and fun automobile comes with two motors to operate the toy. These motors are powered by a Bluetooth controlled battery hub, an opening Minifigure cockpit, a four-wheel driveway and two double stud shooters.

All you have to do is download the app to control the car from your smartphone. In addition to this, this car also comes with a Batman Minifigure which makes it an all-time favorite gift for boys and girls alike.

  • Can be controlled by an app
  • If any technological issue occurs, it won’t be able to operate

20. Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Child’s Costume

Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Child’s Costume


Imagine how excited your child would be if he dresses up as batman one day. The Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Child’s Costume for Toddlers is an excellent option for your children. It comes with a jumpsuit, headpiece, cape, and belt.

It also includes a wrap and a built together with a muscle torso that is built into a jumpsuit. Imagine how strong your child would feel after wearing this costume; just like a superhero ready to save the day.

  • Comes with a lot of features
  • Excellent quality
  • You get your money’s worth
  • Size issues may occur

21. LEGO Super Heroes Batman Classic TV Series Batcave

LEGO Super Heroes Batman Classic TV Series Batcave


As inspired by the classic 1960s Batman series, this toy takes you straight to the Batcave. Most of the components included in this amazing set are exactly the same as were seen in the series.

These include items such as the response emergency calls on the Bat telephone in Bruce Wayne’s private study. There are not many toys that cater to such minute details. Hence, to purchase one that has authentic stuff is pretty amazing.

Upon pressing the button below the bust of Shakespeare, a false bookcase slides open to allow entry inside the Batcave. Thus, adding to its realistic and great features. With this toy, you can even shield the Bat lab’s bat PC from the TNT attacks by The Joker.

You can also test Catgirl with the lie detector machine that it comes with. In addition to this, the set also comes with the Bat-copter which you can fly with Robin and set fire to the movie missiles. Furthermore, your child can also drive the bat phone or bat cycle to stop the villains from escaping using the bat cave secrets.

  • Excellent toy to give
  • Very realistic
  • Comes with a lot of features
  • Costly

22. Batman Dark Knight Rises Child’s Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Costume with Mask

Batman Dark Knight Rises Child’s Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Costume with Mask


Rubie’s Costume Company is pretty famous and well known for the costumes they make. They do not sacrifice the quality and give you some of the best products available on the market. The costumes made are not only of excellent quality but are also extremely fun to use.

Moreover, they are also quite durable. Thus, will last you for a long time. Rubie’s Costume Company is famous for designing costumes for cosplay, Halloween and other decoration products. In addition to this, the company does not sacrifice its quality for cost.

Thus, you are assured that the product you purchase would be of excellent quality.

  • Excellent quality
  • No compromise over quality regardless of the price
  • Excellent for events like birthdays and Halloween
  • Size issues may occur

23. LEGO Batman Movie The Scuttler

LEGO Batman Movie The Scuttler


This is an excellent toy for your little one to play with. We assure you that with the help of this toy, your children will have a wonderful time. Your child or children can even ride the scuttler using Batman to save some hostages by The Joker in Commissioner Gordon’s retirement celebration.

All of this is present in the new set from THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE. The scuttle also comes with a web shot, six stud shooters, extendable arms, an opening Minifigure cockpit, and a concealed jetpack to get Batman. Your child can also use the Batarang to help Batman carry on The Joker, Poison Ivy, and her blossom monster.

  • Great toy to have fun
  • Great quality
  • Costly


Out of all the batman unlimited toys options we have got available in the market, the Lego Batman toys with the Batcave experience is what we loved the most. It is fun to struggle with the Penguin. Also, there are many accessories to keep the kids busy for hours. They spend time accessorizing the characters and figuring out how things work.

The other toys are equally fun and interesting to play with too but that is dependent on the amount time of your children play with these toys. If he or she grows older, the collectibles will probably be much more valuable and enjoyable than playing around.